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Self Promotion: Development

Previous Logo:

Experiments: My first step was to find a font I liked, my previous design was soft and rounded, for my new design I wanted to use a simple font, to create a more sophisticated and timeless logo. After a lot of deliberation, I settled on Baskerville Old Face as it has a simple yet elegant appearance. I originally wanted to design a logo that looked like the letters were running into each other and created a document to use as a guideline when painting my experiements.


5. There was elements of the design that I wanted to keep; the water colour effect for example. I am very hands on in my working method, I like to draw everything out so I can work from my ideas visually and watercolour is a method I use frequently.




This term, I decided to start from scratch with my self promotion. My previous branding featured a pink and blue logo. Although at the time I was happy with what I had produced, I felt after that the design was not an accurate representation of myself, my style or my work.







B 7.


AB AB 2.


My first experiments although rough were successful. I found that using a single letter was more effective as the dripping effect didn’t work well using two letters as it was too hard to control and execute. I then decided to experiment only using the letter A.

After struggling to get any accuracy with the methods I was using, I created a stencil of the letter in my chosen font, I dripped watercolour paint around the stencil. During the process the paint bled but I liked the result. After scanning the design in, I tidied up the shape and edited the colour to create a bolder result. I decided at this point that I wanted to include a graphic element to the design, and experimented with different styles.

Final Logo:

Business Cards:

Logo In Context:

I have created a variety of business cards designs, from which I had a selection printed. I have also included an example of how my logo would look in the context of branding multiple items. I am happy with the outcome, I feel that I have produced a logo and branding that truly represents my character and style.

Self promo development