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Alice HUMBERT - Internship 20 years old Adress : 17 rue de la Font aux Moines 23300 La Souterraine FRANCE Tel : 06 95 48 36 10 Email adress : Driving Licence

Student in a National Diploma of the Crafts and Design mention materials, specialty textile ethics, I realize sensitive creations to current social and environmental issues for already some years. Extremely sensitive, I pull my inspiration and begin each of my works by discovering all kinds of materials through experimentation. Learning traditional skills allows me to innovate, while keeping a familiar creation in order to convey messages and raise awareness of issues that are important to me. So I invite you to discover a part of my universe, which is being built and is gradually turning towards the fashion accessory and the object of interior decoration...

Space Separator - 2016 (School Project) Creation of a space separator using basketry techniques. Experiments about transparency, opacity, openers, superposition to answer to the problem ÂŤsee without being seenÂť.

Triang the cu

gular final modules assembled according to ustomer’s wishes. (Raffia, wool and mastic)

TVNI,Vegetable Textures Not Identified 2017 (Student project) Creation of an experimental volume. Experiments on maximizing and minimizing vegetable textures to represent the feelings of the visionaries and the blind. Collage of textures on a volume of ash wood made with a carpenter.





Vegetable textures- 2017 (Student project) Creation of embroidered textile samples. Graphic work of placed motifs and motifs in all-over by linocut and direct printing. Expression of different culinary notions (spicy, sticky, acid) by the textile.

Watercolour plant print.

Prints by linocut

All-over pattern on photoshop from a linocut.

At ground level- 2018 (Student project) Creation of textile samples from landscape photos. Pixelation and faceting of photos with photoshop, to highlight each mineral. Re-use of knitting and weaving techniques.

Hand made wool knit and clay overlay.

Knit from silk.

Knit from wool and concrete covering.

In between - 2018 (Student project) Design of a modular accessory to communicate the five main emotions (sadness, fear, anger, joy, disgust) through touch, sight and smell. This object can facilitate dialogue between two people regardless of language, age, gender, possible disabilities... Primary use of knitting technology across multiple materials.

Knit and crochet wire, rope, wool, fabric strips. Embellishment with beads and cannetille.

Disgust from sticky texture and smell unpleasant from gelatin.

Sensory Ambulation - 2019 (Student Project) Reconsideration of funeral rituals through the creation of memory sanctuary that suggest the absence of a deceased close relation. Using the weaving technique to translate a tiny and delicate presence to keep the place of recollection secret.

Inlay of plant and minerals materials (branches, leaves, lava stones, semi-precious stones).

Circular weaving by mixing synthetic, natural and water-soluble materials. The progressive degradation of the sanctuary object accompanies the process of mourning.

RAW - 2019 (Student Project) Like the sound of a cry, that word with a wild connotation, allowed me to work and exploit various raw materials and then mix them with nobler materials such as silk to denounce feminine oppression and the words of distress too often ignored.

Molding of various oral expressions with red clay. Addition of silk, gelatine beads, glue strips... Creation of a manifest object destroyed during a liberating performance.

Inlay of rice grain, goji berries in the earthenware.

Savage reminiscence - 2019 (Student project) Creation of a custom shoe pair and a modular accessory communicating with the shoe. Project realized in one week with artisans ClĂŠmence Nerbusson and JoĂŤl Petier.

Red and grey cow leather. Hand-made cuts then burnt edges to give a random appearance to the shoe.

Assembly of leather parts, velvet and embroidered fabrics. A mold pattern that invades the body.

Deadly Nature- 2015 (Personal Initiative) Creation of weaving samples from photos of the Danakil desert. Transposition of samples on drawings of living models, (by illustrator) in order to make fabrics.

Contribution of a dangerous beauty in everyday life human thanks to the textile.

Regardes-toi, tu plaie - 2018 (Initiative personnelle) Production for european days of art crafts by exploiting the theme ÂŤFrida Kahlo, duality between pain and beautyÂť Creation of embroidered photos. Frida Kahlo has hidden her difference, her pains, her scars during a long time, before assuming them with dignity. Liberate the women complex, the obscure thoughts and the contemptuous looks making this breach a real asset, a unique feature and magnificent was the objective of this series.

Mexican inspiration through the study of traditional textile patterns.

Use of various materials such as silk, raffia, cannetille, glass beads or plastic.

Marine Jewellery - 2018 (Personal Initiative) Creation of a fully embroidered dickey for the Rochefort Marine Museum. Exploitation of metallic embroidery (gold, silver, colorful), characteristic of Rochefort and colors blue/white/red symbols of the Navy. Jewel made in 75h of work and presented at the Prix Avenir des MÊtiers d’Art.

I thank you for having consulted these few works and I remain at your disposal for any discussion you may grant me.

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