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OLD SCHOOL This is where the hipster’s been lingering. You’ll know the type. Plaguing the streets on his fixie, and flaunting his manly chest hair. He’s vegan, he’s freelance and his tache is totally ironic.

NEW ERA This is the next wave of hipsters. You probably know one, you might even be one. He’s less interested in herbal highs, and more interested in pinging pills. He loves a triangle, and he listens to underground beats you’d never understand... His street name’s Helvetica.

less indie - more skater less herbal - more hardcore less weed - more mandy less folk music - more house/dnb less organic - more futuristic less beanie - more snapback

llustrated by John Bell

Illustrated by Maxine Abbott

HOW TO GET A HIPSTER Want to know how to bad a totally individual hipster? Here are the ways to go about it. STEP ONE: Be where the hipsters roam. Find a quiet space in a cafe, order a mocha latte and surf your Mac/ipad for hours on end. Think independent art galleries, movie houses and gigs. Do not forget your glasses – this is a vital accessory that WILL get you noticed.

STEP TWO: If you see a bearded beauty that takes your fancy don’t forget to openly display your love on anything indie, independent art, culturally-exposing literature, philosophy and superior cultural awareness. An intelligent sounding book in hand is always helpful. STEP THREE: Wear the right uniform. Where possible, avoid buying anything labelled, especially from the stores run by the label itself (so not niche consumerism). Instead, look for independent retailers because supporting obscure and little known retailers is #totesindie. If in doubt always opt for the classic ‘skinny jean’ – the tighter the better. Alternatively, high waisted pants, leggings/ jeggings are acceptable. STEP FOUR: Don’t stress about how your hair looks, for once the messy look is so totally right. Rock the ‘just rolled out of bed look’ for instant attraction.

STEP FIVE: Make sure to give off the vibe that you’re too cool and elite for a lot of things.

STEP SIX: Show an interest in eco, natural disasters and charities. A line that might come in handy; “I donated to Haiti‌. before the disasterâ€?.

STEP SEVEN: Hone your humour. A hipster is generally known for their sense of irony and sarcasm so if you want to give the impression that you’re so totally made for each other take this on board. STEP EIGHT: Finally, grow your own food and learn to cook. Hipsters are massive ‘foodies’ and love making gourmet meals to make sure you collect a few good cookbooks. Try to cut out meat if possible – most of these hipster types are either veggies or vegans.

Illustrated by Hannah Hillam

Hipstr Zine.