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Story of a Rebel If you above all have a deep passion for the music, success is not always enough to keep the wheels turning. Outlandish realized that fact last summer, when the hit-making Danish hip-hop group was on the edge of a break-up. After three years of intensive tour-activity in USA, Middle-east and Europe, Isam Bachiri, Lenny Martinez and Waqas Ali Qadri had such a poor communication that they no longer found inspiration in each other, but was working separately, trying of solo projects and ran out of ideas and enthusiasm. “Fortunately we got a wakeup-call and talked things over before it was too late. On the new record we reconnected with each other and with the love for life that drove us forward to begin with,” tells Lenny Martinez from the bands rehearsing-studio in Copenhagen, where the trio is preparing for the summer concerts and the presentation of their fourth album, Sound of a Rebel. Outlandish decided to start fresh and dumped one and a half years work including 25 tracks. It hurt, but the members all agreed that it was a necessary step to take. “In reality there was nothing wrong with the tracks, but something felt wrong inside of us and that reflected somehow in the music,” they all agree. To sacrifice such a major work effort and start all over takes self confidence, but the band with the biggest international hits of this decade and the most award winning Danish music name, does not have any regrets. In six months they wrote, rapped, sampled and co-produced Sound of a Rebel, which is the trios most energetic and united album to date. More mature and delicate in the sound than the group’s first two releases, Outland’s Official and Bread & Barrels of Water, and more out averted than the previous. “We are very satisfied with our previous releases that have brought a lot of good things our way, and still make sure that we are much requested internationally. But this is without doubt our most homogenous record and it is deep felt,” Waqas declares.

This time Outlandish teams up with super producers Frederik TAO (eight numbers), Bichi from Blue Foundation, Troo.L.S. and Louis Winding. That has created a collection of tight tracks full of life. The inspirations are hip hop, soul and world music, and the catching chorus is lined up as it is their custom, so nothing new in that matter. In the first single Rock All Day, Outlandish puts the worries aside and gets the party started – or the title track which is about breaking the routines that the group found itself in, between hectically tour activity and professionalization of friendships. “In many ways that particular track says it all. It wouldn’t have been an honest album if we’d continued on as before. If we don’t feel the music then we are not doing well, and that is exactly where we would have ended up otherwise,” Isam determines. Waqas agrees and explains that the lyrics this time focuses on life seen through the sunglasses of the three Copenhageners, who have all started their own families now. There is less religion and politics, and more observations from the near world: “Our lyrics are always as taken straight out of a diary. Everything we tell is something we’ve experienced or can relate to.” Among the topics, there is also room for telling stories about being turned into a “price wog” in the media - or spokesmen for terror and other absurdities, they do not stand for. There are also stories about missing the lady at home, or seeing old friends from Brøndby Strand end up struggling in life. In this way Someday deals with the ongoing gang war that takes place in the streets of Copenhagen: “It is the story about the fact that things can start of as innocent pranks, but then you meet the wrong people and maybe try to get some attention from home, because something isn’t as it should be in the family. We’ve seen it so many times,” says Lenny. It is certain, that Outlandish’ own little family has sorted things out. Actually the members are so eager to exploit their rediscovered joy of playing, that it beats everything else in the 12-year long career of the trio. As Waqas describes the time after the completion of Sound of a Rebel: “After we’ve recorded an album I am usually so beat-up that I almost need a month’s vacation. This time I just feel like getting out there and show people what we are doing here.”


People of the world / Yeah ah ah eyy / This goes out Outland moros my baby

[Waqas] This ain’t average / Born and raised Outlandish that / We came down from ‘nother planet / God dammit / These boys are standing like Ibrahim for that / Long overdue / Our time to shine will come / And we shine for real / Stinking rock all day / Cause it makes us feel good / Like soul food we so hood / Join us if you could / What could you lose / If the beats so sick and carried out by this hook [Isam] Now big boy open his mouth and say / Ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ooh / I ain’t got nobody in all this world / All I got is me, myself and I / Ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ooh / Well watch me put my troubles and my lovers and my numbers on the line [Chorus] Rock all day it makes me feel good (repeat) [Lenny] Hey hey hey / Tú sabes quién es éste / Que escribe con tinta sabor a Caribe / Que siempre te da y que nunca recibe / Que siempre va tumbando y la fama no le pesa / Música viva se levanta con la mano / Éste es mi día / Ésta es mi comida / Éste es mi momento / Mi simple juramento / O triunfo o me muero en el intento [Isam] Now big boy opened his mouth again / Ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ooh / The truth of the matter is he got the blue / He got the blue / See if he had a head and used his mind / Ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ooh / Well he could have you he could have you / He could have you with him all the time [Chorus] [Isam] Where do we go from here my baby? / Underground or crossover maybe / Left, right, left / My way or the highway / Better yet let’s not worry about it / Where do we go from here my baby / Underground or crossover maybe / Left, right, left / My way or the highway / Better yet whatever makes me feel good [Chorus]


[Waqas] Under snow full of ash / Draw to you like the five draws / Cold hands like doing crash / Wanna say I love you sometimes, but it ain’t happenin’ / Other times I’m back in the cold, frost appears not in the winter only / It gets so cold, still we keep comin’ out for more / We just let it pourin’ right / See the more we hide behind slammin’ doors tomorrow surely we’ll die / I can’t believe they would flee so easily we ain’t love deprived / Girl we just make somethin’ divine, less perfect, more human with time / Until then I try so go ahead now

[Isam] You may shoot, you may cut , you may kill me girl / Your words, your eyes, in and out of this crazy world / And still I rise, like it I rise / She was stuck between a rock and a hard hard place / Came home, runin’ wild, in and out of emptiness / And still you rise, like it you rise [Chorus] I wanna tell you sometimes, it feels like we’ve killed the world / Don’t wanna leave you like no mercy left at all / Then I don’t know where the love, will come back into our lives / It feels like saving the world, saving the world / You and I [Lenny] Me matan / Estos momentos me matan / Me ponen al borde / De un grito me sacan / De quicio ni locura ni la droga me la cura / Y aunque el cielo para me juran / Se lo soy lo que soy / Soy el que duda / Se me quiebra la calma / Y ahora siento que sigo / Esta flecha se armuelle / Al final del camino / Y al final no me sofoco / El aire puro respiro / Al sentir tu aroma, / Despertar contigo [Isam] A thousand roses isolated and everybody knows / We cry, we try, try to get it together for sure / And still we’ll rise, like it we’ll rise / Suga’ suga’, I was dreamin’ last night about you / Wrapped up in real talk I will not lose / And still we’ll rise, and still we’ll rise / Like it we’ll rise [Chorus] [Isam] We saved the world, we killed the world / We saved the world, we killed the world / We saved the world, tonight / We saved the world, we killed the world / We saved the world, we killed the world / We saved the world, tonight / Yeah [Chorus] [Lenny] Me matan / Me matan / Me matan

[Intro] Levanta, Levanta [Yadam] Once giving is always God you know / Once hit here was how we know / Homie I ain’t even concerned for sure / Foundation solid rock hey yo / Hit ‘em with moros across the globe / Prayers flow we got sold out shows / Ain’t even released there yet / Now down low so now what the heck / Only specimen left to resist here / In a crowd we’ve grown so clear / We resist and perform like this / This is as real as it gets / Same recipe as the dime we baby / Used on US streets so crazy / God bless us / Must put my code to the test / And Yes I too run out of breath so I breath again / I got many sins / Lord know where I been / But I don’t rap for friends / I’ll sign your boot like Outland city / Can I get a hand in the air, then too [Chorus ] Levanta que no es tarde y no es semana / Levanta la manana con tus manos/ Y va naciendo, Y va creciendo un sol dentro de ti (de mi) / Levanta si tu piel se esta cayendo / Levanta y todos se van repitiendo / Y va naciendo, Y va creciendo un sol dentro de ti (de mi) [Mala] No hay tiemp que perder / Planta esa semillita para poder verla crecer / Atiendeme, se me caigo levanta otra vez / Porque el acostrumbarme a tener que dejarme vencer / (Ah) Que estamos esperando, (ah) pa volver a empezar (ah) / (Ah) Ya Dios me lo dio todo, (ah) y no fue corazal [Chorus] Levanta que no es tarde y no es semana / Levanta la manana con tus manos / Y va naciendo, Y va creciendo un sol dentro de ti (de mi) [Isam] Hits / They may bring changes / Some say el moro come into like Napoleon / I’m a shiner, starter, dreamer / How you going to keep with a box of believers / One dream away from changing the world / Scares the hell out of some / Doesn’t know how to wake up / What a flow what a line what a tone / Been around the world from the meat to the bone / Why you all up in my grill / Thinkin I got a meal when I don’t know where I feel / Llike a billion more like a trillion / All I got is a diamond / All I hear is give me some / Music is whatever you want it to be / Don’t want to doubt you / Big of you / That’s so fool / Out of you / Number true yes sir, yes sir / I too run out of breath / I got many sins / Lord know where I been / But I don’t rap for friends / Yes I’ll sign your boot like Outland city / Can I get a hand in the air, hand in the air [Chorus] [Outro] Levanta, Levanta / Y va naciendo, Y va creciendo



[Ihab] Tetraga feya / Tebkey 3aleyya / Mish moumkin youm / Ha’dar asaamah [Chorus] Keep the record on play yeah yeah / No matter, no matter what they say yeah / I got the remedy for you / Everybody turn the radio up

[Waqas] Okay, okay haters here to front / They say, they say / See that boy he went from rags to raja / Fresh out the slum / Straight out the recordbooth to the streets, to the souk / I am what I can’t complain, so yeah I screwed up / No matter how, they would try to hold me down / But I hit back / I stopped being a slumdog long ago / Get those twenty-four inch rims on rickshaws / It ain’t all out sourced so we hustle hard [Chorus] [Isam] Hey it doesn’t matter your situation / Cause it’s time to celebrate / Let it all go, while the record play / It’s okay, all I need is your cooperation / Scream it out on the count of three / Everybody one, two, three ayo ayo [Lenny] Oye flaca eres ese disco que yo pongo para cualquier ocasión / Lunes martes temprano y por la tarde / Miércoles y jueves te pongo en toda buena te pongo cuando llueve / Viernes pones el ambiente a mi cena te oigo en estéreo te cojo por antena / El sábado eres apagosa / Te escucho el domingo todo el día para descansar [Chorus] [Lenny] Ayo ayo y todos aquí / Ayo ayo ay canten así / Ayo ayo ay griten así / Ayo ayo ayo ayo [Chorus] [Ihab] Tetraga feya / Tebkey 3aleyya / Mish moumkin youm / Ha’dar asaamah [3x]

[Isam] I don’t know how, I don’t know where to start / I got the call / She know it’s time to part / Before I leave I tuck my little one to sleep / Then I kiss her lips so gently and say / It’s okay [Waqas] Hey yo / We sound so delicious they should give us michelin stars / El moro for you and yours and your grandpapa with / I visited thugs on my donkey cheet aa with / Walked through your hood so holla at a playa / Need to go back to my love but this is pulling so hard / Had to seek guidance above to find a safe path home / Love, kiss, hug, make up, spend time in the morn / But always remember my love [Pre-Chorus] As I travel ‘round the world / There’s one thing that I’ll be leaving / That’s my heart, my girl is yours / So don’t forget [Chorus] Always remember (siempre recuerda) / Rest assured my love is yours / Always remember (‘til the sun gon’ rise) / I’ll be back in no time / Baby always remember / Throw your hands in the sky if you feel the vibe / Oh oh oh oh / Now put your hands in the sky and wave them side to side / Oh oh oh oh [Isam] It’s so true there’s no place like home / You feel it most, when your love is gone / Ooh can you relate, can you imagine being far away, can you / Never thought I’d feel this way / It’s okay [Waqas] To say it ain’t easy to be so far away / I hear her teardrop and feel the earth shake / So here’s a flying kiss / I send it by the wind / Through SMS and MSN all the way to her chin / So whether I’m rocking the stage in Cairo / Chilling in Karachi now I’m coming in to Chicago / I know that she knows that me no evil / I keep her in mind and heart wherever I go [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Lenny] Siempre recuerdo como va como va lo que da como está / Niña ten en cuenta que yo siempre de mi cena / Yo regreso a tu presente y que siempre siento fuerte / Lo que sientes soy creyente transparente transparente


[Isam] Home is where I’m loved (da la vuelta da la vuelta así me dijo) (repeat) / da la vuelta da la vuelta [Chorus] [Isam] Now I’m home, did you miss me baby / As I unpack I’m just so happy to be back and see your face

[Lenny] Ey, ey, ey, ey, ey, ey, chicle (repeat)


[Isam] She’s dying / On the radio playing the same song / We’re up on the same gun / One day our producer walked by / That track don’t fly / Only the chosen ones can hear it / The real ones can feel it / A strong hit / I’m talking bush / That lasts longer than bubble gum / She bought it wholesale / Forget about platinum gold / She gave him all her money / He said he’d be working everyday / Producing the tracks / And everytime he’d say [Isam] I make it real hot / I make it real hot / This is the real shhhh / I make it real hot / Sounds like everything else / She couldn’t feel squat / She can’t go back / This is all she got [Lenny] Ey, ey, ey, ey, ey, ey, chicle (repeat) [Waqas] Time flew by / Don’t ask why / Thinkin’, imagine if I’m not that fly / Not that real / Know that street/ Gotta keep cool let ‘em think I’m that deep / On the day that the trap was done / She couldn’t hear a thing and her heart was numb / He was a hustler and he made her come front / The innver voice hum / She fell in love with it / And she took it to the world / Boys and girls, CEOs, radios / Looky looky here and the hype was whoa / But then a little boy got up and said yo [Isam] It ain’t real hot / It ain’t real hot / This ain’t real shit / It ain’t real hot / Sounds like everything else / I can’t feel squat / Do you don’t feel squat / Do you feel squat / Sounds like everything else / We can’t feel squat / Sounds like everything else / We can’t feel squat / She can’t go back this is all she got / She can’t go back this is all she got [Isam] The emperor’rs got a brand new beat / Hey yeah / The emperor’s got a brand new beat / Oh (sounds like everything else we can’t feel squat) (repeat)


[Intro] Yeah, I like this / I like the sound of this / El Moro you never heard this before y’all [Waqas] Whether you work in a store / Or sick and tired of thugish drugs and lords / All feel the urge to explode / Sometimes keepin the call me / In the blood now / So we must bust within the limits

[Waqas] Call me i’ll be online / Say it’s gonna be fine / Don’t you worry ‘bout life / Listen baby I’m gone for tonight / Say I’m back in new times / Cause I gots to provide [Chorus] I’m gonna let off some steam / I’m gonna let off some steam / If you know what I mean / Gonna let off some steam / If your back’s against the wall / And you got no one to call / Just let off some steam / Go ahead and left off some steam [Lenny] Ni ya cuando no puedas más / Ni tengas tiempo de reír ni de pensar / Y el peso del mundo esté en contra tuya / Y un grito dale bulla / Esta es Carnaval / No puedas más / Ni tengas tiempo de reír ni de pensar / Y el peso del mundo esté en contra tuya / Y un grito dale bulla / Esta es Carnaval [Waqas] If we didn’t get along / Would we try to be strong / Or would we say so long / But hey could we try to find a way / Try to find some sole on this cloudy day [Chorus] [Isam] Said I am / Said I am a lion about to get away / About to get away / Said I can / Said I can / So don’t you worry about a thing / Don’t worry about a thing / Yeah / [Isam] Yo the world is my house and everything in it / See don’t worry about me no complex / I will win and Lord willing / No matter what they say / That will never ever break me / No matter what I proceed (repeat) [Chorus] [Lenny] Esto es lo que hay / Esto es lo que viene / Esto es lo que va / Esto es lo que da / Esta es mi verdad / Esto es lo que hay / Esto es lo que viene / Esta es mi verdad / Pueda ser la tuya / Y sé que de los dos / Dale bulla / Dale bulla / Ya tú sabes


[Isam] Eyes on the trophy, aim all u want kid / But if you don´t put your heart into it, You won’t see / Somebody said it’s not that eyes can’t see / If the heart in the chest is so damn blind / You wanted to bring life to me / I wanted to bring life to you / Who wanted to bring life to us

[Isam] We gone ride or die / Til we hit the spot / Knowledge is king right / We want a soul ma / Hustling and racing is worrying / I’m rumbling for the crossover / Troubling try to take over / Give me peace of mind / Just enough to pay the rent / I’m out of control baby / But don’t wanna bring the pain / You wanted to bring life to me / I wanted to bring life to you / Who wanted to bring life to us [Chorus] Everybody say amen, amen, amen / Does anybody know what I mean (ay), na mean (ay), na mean (ay) / Can I get an amen (amen) amen (amen) amen (amen) / Does anybody know what I mean (ay), na mean (ay), na mean (ay) / Can I get an amen [Lenny] De lo curo por la cruz / La Virgen y lo santo / Ya tocado al fondo de este lodo me levanto / Con pensamiento alimentado por Sandino por Martín / Esta en la presencia de un mañillo / Venga a lo mi quingos / Venga a lo que atrocho de esta presiona por la frente con un beso te despacho / Con tanta frase que te quema que te pesa / Y aunque lo que escucha tú no sabes lo que presa [Isam] We gon’ ride or die / ‘til we hit the spot, / Knowledge is king right / We want soul ma / Woke up this mornin’ / ’Bout half-past three / Screaming everything’s a dream / Do I need to feel this? / My time is over / My enemies, my friends / Mama telling me is real / And it worries me like hell / You wanted to bring life to me / I wanted to bring life to you / Who wanted to bring life to us [Chorus] [Waqas] Get a little money get a little fame watch it / I crumble from your crib to your name / What I’m about to say is / You ain’t building no wall / Homeboy we makin’ a brick / And yall keep coming back cause / Innovative rhymes addict / What sent them back today / No more raps sounds all the same / Like Andre ‘I don’t feel theres more to say’ / The sound is game man, this is wordplay / We got layers, got layers got layers that amazes / Like Jesus, walk with us talk with us / And if you back your business / Then bare witness and crown with us / Hot to death spittin’ / Can I get a witness / In this Beverly truly / Now breathe in now breathe out [Chorus] [Isam] We gon ride or die / ‘til we hit the spot, / Knowledge is king right / We want soul ma / Now let us be alive! X4 (hey) / no matter how / No matter when / No matter what / I try to fly away / We gon ride or die / ‘til we hit the spot, / Knowledge is king right / we want soul ma / Now let us be alive! X4 (hey) / no matter how / No matter when / I gotta get away


[Isam] They were the youth, a faith who didn’t pray / Young ones from the hood came back another day / Told the old ones you’re wasting you time / “Time, what you know ‘bout that?” the old ones replied / Life’s like a parking lot, products don’t help a lot / Hoping they listen and wise up before they drop / Prayed for them to mend their brains / For the twig and the sky and every grain / For the hood grown soon, the streets to look too / Oughta to be cool, oughta to be true / Occasionally there would be one who come through / Fused to the sky and became one so

[Waqas] So, so, so, so, so, so, fresh / Half the youth won’t settle for less / Wait slow down you pace for a minute / Life ain’t even started you already up in it / Ain’t worth to giving in parts in it / Stuck in the brain, stuck in the fame / Stuck in the mind frame stuck in the paradigm / No changing lanes, hear me / Can I get a witness? Lord I’m in the midst of shit / And I know its getting too much / Ain’t filling the cup, cause I’ve had enough / And I fear for my son these streets stay tough / Once in a while there will be one who comes through / And I hope that its you, you, you, you [Chorus] I know it seems / Like just a dream / I try to reach but someone’s got to believe / Sometimes it seems / So hard to see / I know, I know someday we’ll all be free [Lenny] Qué, qué, qué, qué, qué, qué miedo / Perder este fuego de fuego / Sentir el dolor que me niego / Nunca saber lo que entrego / Tambaleo buscando salida / Pero mi sombra pesa, mi sombra carga / Mi alma herida, so la mano que me mata / So la mano que me falta

[Isam] They became men, of good, good men / Who been gangsters so long they walk like kings / Under the streetlights, they raise their arms / Hear us, too much pain on earth / No place to store with, we drown or burning / Six by ten prison cells we’ve earned / Occasionally there would be one who come through / Fused to the sky and became one so true [Chorus] [Lenny] Ser libre, libre, de todo lo que no sere (Someday we’ll all be free) / Ser libre, libre, de todo lo que me a da / A veces el mundo me mata [Isam] Like you wanted to bring life to me / My dead life like dead soil you bring water to / Busy watching DVD’s 24/7 / Ain’t even time for the D.A.D.’s going to heaven / There was the method of dealing / A fine method if you lived in the hood / Was done with smooth measure / On the corner everybody was, hustling / Worrying about the cause, trembling / So much that wanted the angels to stop crying / Keep struggling we’ll support you / You’re gonna make mistakes still support you / When you make mistakes we’ll be there for you / Occasionally there would be one who come through / Fused to the sky and became one so true [Chorus] [Lenny] Ser libre, libre / Someday / Ser libre, libre / Someday


[Lenny] Voy pa’l este / Que todos me sigan / Voy pa’l este / Que todos se miran / Con la medida mas alta que existe / Con esta verdad es que nadie resiste

[Waqas] Frankly speaking, we are eager / To be bumpin’ this out your speakers / So plently of chance if you are not in / And there’s no offense so come again / Now watch us, we vow we’re out of control / You let el moro so therefore hit with it numerous shouts with flow / Brrrrrrrrrr / There you go [Lenny] Ahora te cambio yo el flow / Yo tengo este don de hacer sobre el pita lo que quiera / Le pego, la muerdo, la trago, la cuido, porque yo soy la fiera [Chorus] Dale duro / Dale duro duro / Asi que dale duro, dale duro, duro (x2) / Asi que / Some strugles and troubles / I’m begging they hustle, not moving their muscles / So come n’ get me / Dale duro / Dale duro, duro / Asi que dale duro, dale duro, duro (x3) / There we go / They’re gonna be brave / And you’ll be amazed / Don’t live in a haze, so hit hard [Isam] No matter how pop / When haters don’t stand a chance / No matter who, why, where, can’t deny who I am / Wanna tell me how to live / Tell me how to think right / Think you got me figured out / Cause you believe though a hype [Waqas] I don’t care if you Trump / One day you gon’ be low on cash / I don’t care how you attack / Imma keep coming back / Wanna know where I stay / Get your front page / Tell you: what? I ain’t mad, Imma shine away your hate!

[Isam] Yeah I was born in the west/ Went to school in the west / Learned to walk in the west / Maybe die in the west / I am universal, got reasons, got blames / Feel flexible and simple / So fresh, so clean / Try to outcast my demons / Start fresh, new season / Till we change what is in ourselves / Go break your ego! [Chorus] [Lenny] Un moro, dos moros, tres moros que / Ponen en fuego los titulares / Pero en la caye tienen fe / Tres moros, dos moros, un moro mas (like this, life music) / esto es mas, que mas? [Isam] I said sister, whatch’ you crying about? / (I don’t know) / You’re just a little bit of woman / But you sound like a crowd / With the sound like a crowd [Lucy Love] So what? I’m half your size / I’m like a house of bricks / I’ve got that extra spice / Yes, I’m just full of tricks / My webs are made of kevlar / To resist a million kicks / Yes I’m a rolling stone / To me, nothing sticks / I’m going higher, even though I have withdrawn since 96 [Chorus]


Yeah / You know these people they think we got the solution for everything out there / Like we can walk on water / We’re just human man

[Waqas] You are now / Officially turned into the critically acclaimed / So expect the unexpected / Or watch your dreams come down / To crash and burn / Cause when they’re not for free / You only feel let down, let down / So don’t you make a sound / Cause then they make you accountable / For every word that you utter from the gutter / Like the priceless Outland / Hold a crown / “But Akhi, you know music is the devil’s work” / “Plus when Lenny gonna convert?“ / “How do you make it work?“ / “Two Muslims, one Christian?“ / “And why don’t you put ‘em all work Fi Sabeel Allah?“ / Damn, I am not the way I’m often spoken about / So don’t you dare try to put words in my mouth / Just like you’re putting selfmade artificial facts about me in your head / See I never said that I care, was that prepared / See all I did was to spit my heart out / Remember that next time you try to make me a part of your world / Cause then your dreams come down crach n’ burn [Chorus] Do you wanna know a thing or two of how, of how to frame a young hustler like me / As we talkin’ before a while / You can call me this, you call me that, you call me this, you call me that / You can call me whatever / Is it ok if I do it myself [Lenny] Quémate / Choca / Cállate la boca / Como que mi victoria / Te sabia te derrota / Vaya / Toma / Dos puntos es sensuales que defina mi persona punto uno / Soy un tipo tranquilo pero mato la jugada / Sin resto lo que quiero no es lo que obligada / Soy un proteo tipo de que está equivocándose mi nene / De esta personaje que tengo los extremas un punto dos / También soy un cabrón / Y qué quieres todo bien claro / Yo no soy tu hermano porque me des la mano / No soy tu hermano porque somos judíos, musulmanes, o cristianos / Somos broa que estamos a la misma frecuencia espíritu a la frecuencia celebrar su gloria y trabajo porque estamos al que arriba sin que nadie aplastado [Chorus] [Isam] Ain’t no Islamist or date merchant / Don’t try to hate on me for soul searching / Even though I’m not from China I’m a go do my thing / Study the shaolin screaming free to death high [? ] / Don’t live in a tent n keep my wife in it all day / For the record, knew who she was before we got married Ok? / In my closet I have more than just robes and sandals / Never ever rode a camel / Exceptt when I went to the pilgrim / And I got hustle / Ate a “Falafel” I crumbled / Damn food, what a gamble / No I don’t think you’re an infidel / You should know that by now / I ain’t gonna tell shhhhshh cause there is nothing to tell / Mid-terms comin’ up I look out the window like Malcolm / Tell the Feds stop tappin’ my phone son / Give me some peace of mind and I’ll go back to my country / The only problem is that I’m already in it, G! [Chorus]

[Isam] I wanna live, I wanna give / I been a miner for a heart of gold / It’s these expressions I never ever give / I’ve been around the world searching for that peace / In the country / But all I had to do was look at the mirror / Tonight my armor became my prayers and each word / Contained the universe changing my baby’s diaper / For a heart of gold I would cross the ocean low / On and on I go without a simple glass of water no / The wrinkles on my face carrying my every case / On my shoulder blades now lets go [Chorus] Sound Of A Rebel! All I hear is the / Sound Of A Rebel! Never miss a beat with the / Sound Of A Rebel! He he ha ha / Sound Of A Rebel! Move alone / Sound Of A Rebel! I want to live [x4] [Waqas] I wanna know, I wanna show / Wanna go places I’ve never gone before / Not talking physically but mentally / Hypothetically speaking I’m just / Hungry and seeking how to reach for preachers / I got soul but no control out on parole / Someone bail me out, wasn’t ready not steady / Ain’t nothing pretty in my part of the city / Got plenty of reasons to turn greedy / Ain’t easy to keep your cool on a floor, so greezy / In my neck of the woods it gets pitch black / So never go again, back off, prat [Chorus] [Isam] City in a cell with an open door accept it looking at the freedom go / It’s my heart that keeps me stuck in here fear of everything from change too old [Lenny] Lo que fue ya no es y no será no / Ya cada paso que yo tomo voy buscando / Esta sombra en el espejo que perdido / Esa voz on el espejo que me dijo / Te sientes muerto, hoy te revive / Hoy te levanto, how te define / Y con solo mi apellido cruzo el mundo / Hoy no se lo que pretend / Ni por donde ni porque yo voy / Con el corazón del oro, de plata / Con este pequeño corazón de lata [Chorus]


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Outlandish CD Cover  
Outlandish CD Cover  

Assignment: Design a CD cover for the band of my choice. Created: Design Studio, Spring 2010