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How does Rankin promote himself? I think Rankin over the years has promoted himself in many different ways. Rankin is a British photographer. He is very well known for his self-obsession and arrogance which means promoting himself is quite easy for him. Dazed and confused is a magazine which Rankin runs himself with a friend. It is a series of magazines 9which he shot the covers for) and video campaigns. This is a great way for him to promote himself as a photographer; it is also a platform for other emerging stylists, models, designers and photographers. However in many ways although this is a good way for the emerging new talents to be noticed it is still a big way for Rankin to promote himself creating relationships with soon to be stars through his own corporations. The dazed and confused magazine has really captured the ‘now’ style, he has adopted a really current style to his magazines. Very similar to the ‘zeitgeist movement' The up and coming photographers who have worked on dazed and confused in a way have adopted Rankin’s technique to the way he created the dazed and confused magazine into their own work, when their own work is viewed critics will pick up on Rankin’s style within the other photographers work. In many ways this is a subtle way of Rankin promoting his style. Hunger TV is similar with this. In terms of Rankin’s individual promotion, he has participated in many fashion campaigns such as Martini, French Connection, GHD, Phillips; this is a really good way for him to promote himself further to other audiences. Not only does he get paid to take the photos for the campaigns and adverts he promotes himself to other audiences through campaign work. His body of work features in some of the most celebrated publications brands and charities such as Nike, Dove, Pantene, Diageo and Woman’s aid and break through breast cancer, charities are a great way to promote yourself, because charity campaigns and advertisements are everywhere. It is also a nice thing to do as it can help with your publicity and image is a photographer from the public eye. The difference between individual promotion and corporate promotion is the fact a corporation has a much vaster budget and access to more equipment and more people involved. However sometimes in corporate promotion it loses individuality due to the amount of people involved. In individual promotion the person wishing to promote themselves gets full control and gets exactly what they want to achieve even with a smaller budget. Although Rankin has used corporate promotion to get where he is today he uses practically all selfpromotion now. Some of the main ways he promotes himself today is through books and photo books. He has published over 30 books which are regularly exhibited around the world as well as in his own gallery in London. Exhibitions his exhibition ‘show off’ opened at NRW Dusseldorf in September 2012 which got around 30, 00 visitors a month Fashion

campaigns, He has photographed everyone from the queen and politicians to Cara Delavigne and Lady Gaga. He has also photographed for many magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone GQ and Esquire. Which is great publicity from the fashion industry and all magazine readers And social networks, Rankin is constantly tweeting short and witty tweets. Many of his tweets are previews for upcoming shoots and magazine issues. So he can keep all fans updated of future work. Retweets help for publicity. Being a fan of Rankin myself I tend to ‘retweet’ many of his tweets which ensures my followers and friends can also view what he is up to, Rankin has over 60,000 followers on twitter. Instagram is also a great way to promote, especially as a celebrity you can post photos which people have the option to ‘love’. If enough people ‘love’ the photo it then will become visible on instagram home page as a ‘popular image of the day’ this basically ensures the whole world of instagram will become aware of this photograph which is clearly a great way for publicity. Rankin posts on instagram using ‘hunger magazine’ account so his magazine can receive publicity via instagram. Rankin also has a Facebook page. He also has shot music videos for some of the big mainstream music artists again this will get publicity from all the music channels and critics. He has worked for various artists from Kelly Furtado to Cheryl Cole. In terms of unconventional promotion Rankin doesn’t really need to think outside the box due to his huge success and following, however in 2009 he undertook the biggest project of his career. ‘Rankin Live’ a huge interactive exhibition. It was a demonstration of the speed of modern day photography, for 7 weeks he photographed random people off the street every 15 minutes, retouching, printing and hanging the photos within half an hour of the shutter being fired. He photographed over 1600 Londoners. Rankin Live has been on tour in Mexico and New York also. To promote this show he tweeted displayed ion his website and used billboards around London, the billboards said simply ‘Fancy a quick rank?’ it is very simple comical phrase arrogance in a funny way. It is clever in many ways it is very witty and including his name. The rank part is also a play on his name and masturbation in a sense suggesting that the public will be aroused by the work. Overall I think personally that best way to advertise and promote you is through the social media especially as a photographer using twitter instagram and Facebook. Due to the amount of online users that log on to each of the sites a day and also the fact it costs nothing to promote yourself, you don’t have to pay for a domain or anything so is really useful. However you do have to be careful when it comes to copyright excreta some social sites can gain rights to photographs. Is easily the cheapest and quickest way to gain publicity.