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Newintage project was first built as a workshop of Tomas Bata University in Zlin, in cooperation with the civic association Czechdesign. It laid the foundations of a new lifestyle brand that connects the work of students from diverse artistic disciplines. The first collection reflects the theme of the dream, traveling and ZlĂ­n in 1920s and 1930s.

_jewel #01

the collection of jewels for NEWINTAGE

The creation of these jewelry was inspired by lace, a significant element of fashion at the time. Lace is also a symbol of folklore, contrariety to ZlĂ­n as a city of progress and mass production. These two different worlds come together in the lace shaped into right angles and geometrical look of ZlĂ­n architecture. Same pattern is applied to both necklaces and also to clothing.

_jewel #011

the collection of jewels for NEWINTAGE

The main goal of this project was to create toys from recycled materials that would be able to compete with expensive toys manufactured from plastic. Dog’s chewing toy is a product primarily intended for being destroyed, and that’s why producing it from plastic is absolutely inappropriate for ecological reasons. Dog is attracted by the toy mainly thanks to the motion ensured by its construction (load at the bottom). Treats placed inside are irritating his nose at the same time.

Kinetic Chewing Toy for Dogs made of recycled materials

Bicycle Stand for Prague inspired by the map of Prague cycling paths

The object contains two elements of street furniture - works as a foothold for placing and locking the bicycle, also as a protective tree grille in urbanistically solved environment. Shape of the rack uses maps of Prague bike paths and transforms this man-created network into several unusual natural structures. There are two purposefully selected and combined types of steel used for the production - stainless steel and highly weather-resistant Corten steel, featuring a typical rusting patina.

My goal was to create a set of furniture made of the same material. It must be playful and must offer many possibilities of use. Children’s furniture must be safe in any situation, lightweight, easily producible, and of course cheap and environmentally friendly, because nothing gets as old as products for children whose owners are growing so fast. That’s why I chose paper tube material.

Rocking Animal

children’s furniture made of paper tubes


children’s furniture made of paper tubes

This product is designed to save the space in children’s room. With few movements, we can transform this object into several pieces of furniture, according to our actual needs. Simple construction made of two pieces of paper tube and three fabric strips allows turning or reversing the object into a table, chair, or a storage for toys. Lock placed between two wooden plates in the back of the chair fixates the furniture in the required position. By selecting different fabric pattern we can adapt furniture to fit into the desired interior.


children’s furniture made of paper tubes

Rising Chair

children’s furniture made of paper tubes

A child of any age, with respect of his size, needs to sit on a chair with different seat height. This problem was the main motivation for designing increasing stool, which allows seat height adjustment with the simple slide of the feet placed on the round cardboard tube.


furniture made of paper tubes

Paper tube is a material with high ecological potential, but also with high carrying capacity and with many different processing possibilitioes - surface treatment etc. During the searching for utilisation of this material I created this chair. It consists of two pieces of paper tubes and wooden seat. Its design ensures easy production and stackability.

The inspiration for this table was a tablecloth, an immortal and indispensable element in the history of dining and table decoration. Elements of the tablecloth are reflected in both, forming legs and the milled patterns on the table. However, the function of each part are totally different, intentionally reversed. There are legs, supporting the weight of the table board, placed in the space where tablecloth tails are commonly hanging freely down. Pattern, table cloth would be normally decorated with, is placed on the board itself in this case.

A Bentwood Table

combined with Hi-macs material

A Bentwood Tabouret

combined with Hi-macs material

Stool is composed of three identical pieces made of beech bentwood. These created spirals form legs while carrying a sitting part made of material HI-MACS. Thanks to their characteristics, those materials can be used for shaping both, seats and legs of the stool.

Coat Hanger Visí bunda na věšáku, koupil jsem ji na blešáku.

This rack is designed to be maximally functional and to avoid any deficiencies common to floor and wall hangers. To occupy as little space in the interior as possible, to prevent it from tipping over due to the load, to release the area below for the location of other objects or for cleaning etc. Hung from the ceiling in free space, it also prevents chafing of the walls. Coat hanger can be made of wood or metalic material.


The construction of this stand, especially removable paper sleeve, makes it easy to change its appearance according to the current marketing event. Special hooks which are inserted into the perforated metal casing allow variable placement of sweets on the surface of the stand.

P.O.P. Stand for JOJO sweets

Exhibition System for Footwear stand for one shoe

Simple, functional, mobile and flexible system for footwear with almost no emergence of waste materials during production. It is created by cutting and folding honeycomb panels. Also serves as a storage for boxes with shoes.

Stand for One Shoe

215 391

1600 1160



dimensions / a way of cutting material for its production

290 600

235 391

330 600

Exhibition System for Footwear stand for two shoes

Stand for Two Shoes

215 235 391

350 1200





dimensions / a way of cutting material for its production

Exhibition System for Footwear bench

The same way of cutting and folding material is used for creating this bench. Bench is an essential element of the exhibition system in case the customer wants to try the shoes.





dimensions / a way of cutting material for its production

400 500 530


900 1200

Exhibition System for Footwear combinations of elements

Exhibition System for Footwear combinations of elements


Tradiční hořické trubičky

packaging for traditional czech sweets

Packaging for this traditional rolled wafers was created for the occasion of the 15th International Competition of Packaging Design - Young Package 2010, where it won the Special Jury Prize. The packaging has the shape of an endless belt of two bonded layers of paper. Thanks to the perforations any number of wafers can be separated. Graphic design of this packaging is the same for all kinds of wafers. Flavour is marked by stamping a point on the label.


packaging for national product

The main idea was to create an universal, easy manufacturable and functional packing for selected KOH-I-NOOR products. Herewith create an edition, which could be extended at any time according to the needs and requirements of other products of this brand. The body of this package creates a strip-cut of pre-bent paper, its completation requires no glue. Packaging is suitable for covering tens of products made by the company. Not only pencils, but also various kinds of pens, brushes, shapers, rulers etc.

Becherovka LEMOND giftpack

This gift pack is designed to evoke growing lemon fruit, but printing itself is created of the images of illuminated ice cubes, which refers to a gift wrapped inside. Inside of the packaging is made of paper honeycomb, which is lightweight but strong material with hexagonal structure. So the content is well protected and fixed.

Packaging that can be simply transformed into the cone filled with your favorite sweets. It is designed for minimal material consumption during the production process and to produce almost no waste material. It is made of one strip of paper and its completation requires no glue. The way of folding paper ensures visibility of the content.


packaging for nuts

Packaging for Footwear boxes for EliĹĄka KuchtovĂĄ

The shape of this box is designed to achieve higher resistance together with an elegant look. Both goals are achieved by sunken sides of the box. The box is made from a single piece of cardboard without using adhesives or other fasteners.

Packaging for Footwear boxes for EliĹĄka KuchtovĂĄ

Assembling of the box is made by simple pressing its two ends toward each other and shifting the flaps together. The box is manufactured in three versions for three different shoe collections. Each version is differentiated by the shape of its flap, which follows the shape of shoe soles packed inside.

Packaging for Footwear boxes for EliĹĄka KuchtovĂĄ

Additional handle makes package easier to carry. By placing shoes in the box is reached its fixation in the folded shape. After removing all of the content off, the box is going to decompose itself into a flat state.

A Box for Projects Documentation for mmcitĂŠ company

BOX two round holes for easy opening box top

cutout / handles on both sides of the box

double side walls providing a higher carrying capacity, offering application of the design by cutting it off the outer layer

strengthened bottom for higher carrying capacity

closing of the box top

triplication of material in the handle area for a comfortable grip

no used glue for fixing materials

A Bag for Projects Documentation for mmcitĂŠ company

BAG duplication of material on each side of the bag allows the creation of design and increase of carrying capacity

the same design as for the box is used for the bag

side welds / seams guarantee simple production of bags

bag is spacious enough to contain completely filled boards with documents turned-in bottom of the bag allows the extension of its volume at filling

Alice Endrychová - portfolio (en)  
Alice Endrychová - portfolio (en)