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Who are we? What do we do?

We’re a small group of three that aims to give people a way to celebrate their canine friends, through lovingly handcrafted stuffed toys. We offer a selection of services, including toys based off of photos, an offer for those grieving for a lost pet, or personalised accessories for your pet. Our pups are made with love, with the hope that they represent your pet with enough likeness that you'll have a memory of them to cherish forever.

Theoretically.. we’d like to work close with animal rehoming services and charities. With our current site plan, we already have ideas of donating to Dogs Trust through purchases, allowing us to involve ourselves in animal welfare from the very start of this company. Later, we want to begin expanding and offering our services through Dogs Trust. The links to dog charities and donations being so openly announced is sharing awareness for animal related charities, something so many cities need with such a desperate increase in dogs being left behind in rehoming centres. We want to encourage more people to adopt, and at the same time, give these new owners something to celebrate their new friends with! Obviously, not everyone is in the position to adopt a dog, and with our services we hope to provide a fun alternative people can look to.

Our Website Our website has been designed with the ages 20-30 in mind, including young adults, new and old families and in some cases some elderly who just love their dogs! Looking at other business models and how they operate, a friendly and simple design was made. Perhaps this design could be remade again aimed at older audiences as well but for now, we believe this design aims at those who will be looking towards adopting dogs and also for ages who are more likely to enjoy buying commodities such as soft toys or accessories for their pets. As well as an easy to use and simple site, we have links to our main social media pages such facebook, instagram and twitter for easy to contact customer service and a broader reach for our products! One of our project members is in charge of these and manages our online presence through them, announcing new products and answering queries customers might have that don’t need to go through an email process.

Costs As a small collective, with a small beginning level of products available and customers who will know of us and want to buy our product, our costs are relatively small compared to other projects that might take more to upstart. Our beginning costs are simply paying for the site to run, and paying for materials,, both of which are affordable as a starting project and is easily undertaken alongside other jobs. For our business to become successful, however, we plan to hold a gofundme to get us off the ground. Using the money raised from this, we can get started and focus all our time and efforts on our company. Clearly, materials are not so hard to afford, and with each metre of fabric being an affordable price we are able to stock up on a range of colours and textures for our customers to be happy with their choices to build their pups. Buying these fabrics will be done case by case until we have enough funds to be able to stock up on main colours in one big go.

Kick starters

Time scale/s Building this store will take up a very short amount of time, and the rest is down to promoting ourselves across social media, which will begin to draw in customers. The time scales for this project vary wildly, with our selection of different products being available and most of them being customisable, it’s hard to give an exact time. Instead, we provide an estimate for each one, and in some cases we will give a personal estimate during the ordering stage, where we discuss the products exact features and how long special or extra parts to the toy may take. A fully custom pup, for example, with a breed and markings that are not chosen from our list of pre tested designs, will have a much longer waiting time than a pre-made pup that has been based off of general breeds and tested designs. A custom pup could be prepared to wait up to 6 weeks, depending on the amount of orders currently taking place, and the complexity of the markings, but we aim to deliver the pups in under that time and will work hard to do this. We do, however, provide a limited amount of pre-made pups, which can be bought and delivered within a week, these will lack any real customisation however as they are ready to go, and customising will simply raise the time it takes for them to arrive.

Sewing Two members of our project are sewers, and will be taking on the task of creating these special pups. Each design is made following a similar pattern, giving our dogs a distinctive style to them whilst still allowing us to create them based off of existing markings. Customisation choices are found on our Ordering page, which provides drop down menus with colour choices, marking choices, breed type, size of toy, and a text box for you to enter any special requests. Special requests, such as a specific fur colour not included on the list, may require longer to be accepted, as a member of the team will respond to confirm details. Refunds are unavailable past 3 weeks from ordering a personalised pup Before the 3 week mark 25% of the full price will be put down as a deposit and therefore non refundable from the start, due to time and resource costs. In this sense, our company works on a commission basis, and refunds will be dealt with case by case.

Merchandising The other member of our group will be focusing on merchandise, such as creating buttons, keychains and stickers that will either be sold at discount price to those buying a stuffed animal or can be purchased as a stand alone product. Buttons will be home-made whereas keychains, sticker sets and enamel pins will be have to be outsourced.