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Based on a classic novel, Silas Marner by George Eliot

Contents one Life in England two Vampires three A New Beginning four The Unraveling of the Truth five The Gift of Lightning six Happily Ever After

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one Life in England Once upon a time, in a mysterious land called Everland, there was an elderly man named Sampson. Very few villagers knew where Sampson came from or who he really was. The only people who knew him personally were Pan and a magical fairy named Donella.

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30 years ago, Sampson lived in a strange place called England. He had a merry life there in the beginning, being a successful store owner of a antique shop, had nice friends, and was engaged to Clara. 2 Â

He and Clara were inseparable since kids, and wanted to get married.Included in their close relationship was Sampson’s best friend, Winifred. All three of them grew up together, and they thought their lives were perfect.

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two Vampires But, at the ages of 20, an epidemic, or a spread of a disease, occurred in England. All over, people were suddenly staying out of the sun and there were mysterious deaths. Rumors flew around about vampires and fantasy creatures. Sampson didn’t know his best friend was a vampire.

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Sampson was busy worrying about Winifred’s unusual behavior, but he failed to protect his wife.

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One day when Sampson returned from work, he found that Winifred had bitten his soon to be wife, Clara. Clara started to morph into a vampire, becoming dangerous.

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Sampson was very upset and tried to take back Clara. But, Winifred was not going to let Clara go. He put a curse upon Sampson, and ran away with Clara into the countryside.

Sampson’s sadness turned into furious anger, and he became so angry that he transformed into a wild beast. He no longer cared about people around him or loved anyone, like he used to. 7 Â

Unable to take seeing his wife with his best friend, and fed up from his ugly appearance, Â he packed his belongings and went in search of a new, better life.

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three A New Beginning Sampson, after traveling of months, found a hidden and mysterious land called Everland. He saw this land as a fresh start, where maybe he could be happy again.

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He searched the land in hopes of finding a village, and crossed the gigantic, rocky mountain named Tip Top Mountain. He came to a small village, inhabited by tipper topper people. He found out that Gavin was the richest tipper topper in town.

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At the time, Sampson did not know this, but Gavin had a secret relationship with Kathleen, an average villager. However, he was in love with Eleanor, another rich tipper topper, and wished to marry her. Since Gavin was rich, he had a stable full of unicorns, and gave one to Kathleen in order to keep her quiet about their relationship as a peace offering. As Sampson walked past Gavin’s house, he noticed the unicorn stable.

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Sampson continued strolling through the town. The women rushed their children inside the huts, scared of this foreign beast. Sampson was shocked at how they were afraid of him, and once again found himself alone.

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As he exited the town, he found a dark and secluded cave, where he could live by himself. Out of his misery, Sampson began to steal the town’s livestock and keep them in his cave for company. He became obsessed with the animals, stealing them only during the night.

Poor Sampson lived in that lonely cave for 10 years, keeping a huge secret- Sampson was actually a thief.

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four The Unraveling of the Truth

Meanwhile, Finch, Gavin’s irresponsible brother, caught on to Sampson’s secret. One stormy night Finch decided to follow Sampson home to his cave.


On the night that Finch followed Sampson home, during the raging storm, Finch had taken some of Gavin’s money and was on his way to Sampsons cave. He scouted the cave and heard animal sounds from the cave. He wandered into Sampson’s cave, saw all of the stolen animals, and decided to take them. Finch, in fear of being caught by Gavin and Sampson, packed his things and ran to Tip Top Mountain, where no one had ever dared to venture.


On the opposite side of town, Kathleen was slowly making her way towards Gavin’s house with his white unicorn, named Lightning. She had just heard about Gavin’s marriage to Eleanor, and was devastated. She had decided to return his unicorn.


However, the weather was becoming increasingly dangerous. Kathleen was riding the unicorn and lost control. She fell from the high cliff into the Mermaid Ocean, never to be seen again. The unicorn however, survives, and wanders around in the heavy rains, frightened by the loud thunder.

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five The Gift of Lightning Sampson ran outside of his cave to find whomever set the animals free. He wandered around, and came across the magical and mystical field of fairies. He encountered a small, pink fairy named Donella. Donella the Fairy took one look at his face and saw his misery. She decided would be his fairy godmother, and watch over him.


Sampson found an injured unicorn. He just realized that the unicorn was lonely like him and felt sympathetic towards it. He decided to take care of the unicorn and built it a stable, naming it Lightning. Donella assisted him in grooming the unicorn and he put all his effort into tending for it.

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He took Lightning for rides, and one particularly sunny afternoon he came across a Lost Boy named Pan. He saw that the boy was  all alone and immediately took a liking to the unicorn. 20  

Gavin found out that Kathleen died and that his most prized possession, his white unicorn, was now in the hands of a poor old man and a little boy, but did not ever attempt to claim it as it his own. The guilt he felt due to Kathleen’s death made him decide that he did not want the unicorn.

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six Happily Ever After Sampson’s life had dramatically turned around, and happiness had found him again. It was his fate to come to Everland, find an equally lonely being, and feel complete again. And now, Sampson saw that it was this boy, Pan, who needed the unicorn more than he did.

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Sampson handed over the reigns to Pan, and Sampson’s fairy godmother poofed on his shoulder. Although he was going to greatly miss his companion, Lightning, he had a smile on his face. Donella saw how Sampson had changed for the better, and found it in her heart to grant him one wish.

23 Â

With a swish of her sparkling wand, Sampson wished to be a normal human again. Magical dust flowed from her wand to Sampson, transforming his beastly figure into a human.

24 Â

Even the villagers, seeing how unselfish Sampson was, realized that he was no longer a beast. They opened their hearts to this newly changed man. Sampson was grateful to be accepted, and was so ecstatic that he formed friendships with the tipper toppers. They even built him a hut in honor of his good deed.

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Sampson, and all of his friends, lived in peace in the small village. The land of Everland was finally set right, and the townsfolk lived happily ever after.

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The Beastly Side  

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