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Weekly Message from the Director of School | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:39 PM

Weekly Message from the Director of School 14th February 2014 Cro ss Camp u s

Direc to r o f Sc h o o l

Dear Parents, Just a short note from me this week to remind you all of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Alice Smith Schools Association (ASSA). All parents and guardians of children enrolled at the Alice Smith School are members of ASSA and are entitled to attend and to participate in the election of Ordinary (parent) governors. A formal reminder from the Chair of Governors, Ms Lorien Holland has also been sent home today to all parents. If you would like to raise a question at the AGM please email it in advance to before Thursday 20th February, even if you are unable to make the meeting in

person. The AGM will take place in the hall at the Primary Campus on Thursday 27th February at 7.30pm. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Finally, I leave you with yet another festive greeting this week - Happy Valentine's Day!

Best regards

Val Thomas-Peter Director of School

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Parent Presentation by Joe Dale | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:37 PM

Parent Presentation by Joe Dale 14th February 2014 Cro ss Camp u s

Even ts

Joe Dale will be visiting the Primary Campus for 2 days next week to advise and train on the effective use of Ipads to support learning within our school. Kindly click here for Joe’s biographical information and to get an idea of some of Joe’s work. One of the main events during Joe’s visit will be a one hour parent presentation on Friday, 21st February from 8.30am - 9.30am at the Primary Campus, Foundation & Key Stage 1 Library. During this presentation, Joe will discuss the importance and effectiveness of iPads as a teaching and learning tool. We look forward to welcoming as many parents to the presentation next Friday.

Edward Pearce Assitant Principle - Primary Campus

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Term 2 Primary Campus Music Concert Invitation | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:48 PM

Term 2 Primary Campus Music Concert Invitation 12th February 2014 Primary

Even ts

The Primary Campus Music Department would like to warmly invite the Alice Smith Community to attend the Term 2 Music Concert for a night of entertainment!

WHEN: 19th March 2014 @ 6.00pm WHERE: Primary Campus School Hall See our Music Clubs and Activities in performance including, the Senior, Junior and Chamber Choirs, the Senior and Junior Strings, FOBISIA Group, Wind Ensemble, solo performances and much, much more. We hope to see you all there! Music Department

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Weekly Message from the Primary Campus Principal | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 7:17 PM

Weekly Message from the Primary Campus Principal 14th February 2014 Primary

Prin c ip al' s Message

A word of thanks Thank you to all of you who take the time to let us know when we are doing something right, have made a positive change or are moving in the right direction. As teachers, we are all guilty of focusing on our flaws a disproportionate amount and are constantly reminding ourselves and each other to practice what we preach. As educators we know that focusing on a child’s strengths as vehicles to support them to develop in areas that needs improvement is one of the most effective ways to ensure that they improve in all aspects. We also know (as mentioned last week) that focusing on the effort put in and the progress made is often more important than just the end goal. We are not, however, always good at heading this advice when looking at our own efforts or progress as adults. This week there was a presentation by Anna White here at the Primary Campus on the new Parent Portal. A very recent new addition to this wonderful resource is the ‘Notes of thanks’ section, below ‘Notices’, on the front page just after the ‘Letters Home’ and ‘Academic Calendar’ tabs. This section is going to be a receptacle area for some feedback from the emails, letters and cards that we receive on a regular basis praising the efforts and progress made towards our mission and vision to be a consistently outstanding school. We felt it was such a shame that the wonderful comments made about our staff and students did not have a wider audience. As such please feel free to take a look and share the praise given to our wonderful Alice Smith students and staff members; everyone needs a good news story sometimes!

If you would like to share a positive note, enjoyable experience or successful moment please drop me an email, card or letter so that we can reflect on the areas that we do well as well as the areas we are striving to improve.

Kate Fuller Principal Primary Campus

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Author Sally Heinrich's Visit | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:39 PM

Author Sally Heinrich's Visit 14th February 2014 Primary

Even ts

We have been extremely fortunate to have Sally Heinrich visiting us this week as our Author / Illustrator-in-Residence. Sally has had classes with all the students from Pre-School to Year 4 and held art workshops with individual Year 3 classes. Sally lived in Malaysia and Singapore for some years and several of her books are about Asian Festivals and have strong local influences. Most children surprised themselves by drawing some wonderful Chinese Dragons, while Year 3 produced beautiful lanterns that they proudly displayed in assembly on Friday.

Sally is the artist responsible for the jungle theme in the KS1 library and we were delighted to show her how special her paintings had made the Foundation Stage and KS1 library. Year 6 are now looking forward to the arrival of author, Morris Gleitzman on Friday 14th March. Many of his titles are available at MPH & Borders. As Morris is a very popular author, we would like to invite interested parents to Morris' presentation; please submit your RSVP at this link. Click here to view more photos. Barb Reid Teacher Librarian

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KLASS v GIS Athletics Meet | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:39 PM

KLASS v GIS Athletics Meet 14th February 2014 Primary

KLASS Times Sp o rts Ed itio n

Earlier this week a team of 35 Primary Campus runners went to Garden International School for a friendly athletics track meet. The athletes from the U9 and U11 (A and B) age groups warmed up and took to the track, confidently led by Kieran Sargeant and Mia Campbell. It was an exciting afternoon of track running as we demonstrated a number of exceptional performances over 60m, 200m, 400m, and 800m distances as well as the concluding, and rather exciting, mixed team 4 x 200m relay events. The event has given all participants a huge motivation and confidence boost in the run up to the ISAC Athletics Championships due to be hosted by Alice Smith School on Saturday 1st March 2014. Congratulations to everyone who took part. Click

hereto view more photos.

Miss Victoria Cropper Head of Sport and Extra Curricular Activities Coordinator - Primary Campus PE Teacher

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MFL Breakfast | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:47 PM

MFL Breakfast 12th February 2014 Primary

Even ts

On Thursday 6th February, our Year 6 students attended the long-awaited MFL breakfast. They were all very excited about the event, which included different food-tastings but also competitions in French, Mandarin and Bahasa. The event started at 9.45am, when our 20 guests from Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Bellamy (SKJB, the school next door) arrived and were paired up with 20 of our Year 6 Bahasa students. Everybody then met for a food-tasting session where we all tried some delicious Malaysian nasi lemak, Chinese pau , French croissants and pains au chocolat. After introducing themselves, our guests from SKJB then performed a lovely traditional Malaysian dance for us. The competitions then began with an MFL quiz that included questions in French, Mandarin and Bahasa. After that, the children had to demonstrate their creativity as they followed instructions in the three languages to make and decorate a plate of spring rolls. Finally, after more food-tasting, the children took part in a sing-and-dance-along competition, which 6S won. The whole morning was a very valuable experience for our Year 6 students who mixed with their new peers in a friendly and supportive way. Some excellent teamwork was displayed, as well as a real appreciation of different cultures, and of course a tremendous use of French, Mandarin and Bahasa was demonstrated when the children took part in the different activities. A very successful morning for our linguists! Please click

here to view more pictures.

Joanna Asse Drouet Head of Subject Team MFL

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Primary Campus Library Audiobooks | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 7:37 PM

Primary Campus Library Audiobooks 14th February 2014 Primary

Even ts

The Primary Library is pleased to announce that we are beginning to loan audiobooks to patrons. This service is in its early stages so we do not have too many titles yet but, here’s the

link to the childrens’ books we have so far

and these are the adult books we have. Please feel free to make suggestions for additional children’s titles.

This is how the borrowing scheme works:

We have 3 copies of each title available for loan. We have 10 iPod touches that we can loan if necessary (I would prefer to keep these for people who genuinely do not have their own device), Anyone with an iPod, iPhone or iPad can download the free Audible App (Android users

here ) and bring their device to us to allow us to add the book to their library.

The book is loaned for two weeks then you must bring your device to the library to enable us to return the book.

Unfortunately returns do not happen automatically, but hopefully, you will love it so much that you will want another one straight away! Please do not hesitate to ask if you need any assistance with this and please suggest titles that may be suitable for purchase. Barb Reid Teacher Librarian

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Ready, Steady, Bake! | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:47 PM

Ready, Steady, Bake! 12th February 2014 Primary

Even ts

During recent weeks, the Year 4 classes have been busily tasting, designing and baking a brand new type of bread, fit for a Pharaoh. The ACCESSfm design specification detailed the guidelines which must be followed for a successful bake; aesthetics, cost, client, environment, safety, size, function and materials. It was of great importance that careful consideration was given to the choice of ingredients which would best impress our Pharaoh at his banquet table. Having carried out product research, we successfully baked our first batch of bread in the DT room and created a lovely mess of flour and other ingredients! After an eager tasting session, it was back to the drawing board for the necessary evaluation process. How could we improve our designs? Could we improve flavours? We look forward to completing a final bake this week and reviewing the process. And the Star Baker award goes to...Year 4! Katie Montgomery Assistant Key Stage Leader - Year 4

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Support Super Spelling Session for Parents | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:46 PM

Support Super Spelling Session for Parents 12th February 2014 Primary

Even ts

We look forward to welcoming parents to our spelling information meeting next Wednesday 19th February.

‘Support Super Spelling’ is an information session designed to help parents understand strategies that can be used to help children learn to spell. The meeting starts at 8.30am and will take place in the Primary Campus School Hall. If you cannot join us on the day, the presentation and resources will be available on the Parent Portal. Sarah Shine Head of Curriculum Team - Languages

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Weekly Message from the Secondary Campus Principal | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:42 PM

Weekly Message from the Secondary Campus Principal 14th February 2014 Sec o n d ary

Prin c ip al' s Message

Dear Parents and Students On Thursday afternoon after school I had the opportunity to speak to our Sixth Form student leaders, who had gathered to discuss and review their roles and responsibilities as prefects for our school. It can be difficult to find time to meet and talk with students as much as I might like to, as meetings and other school related matters take up so much time during school hours. In what has been a very busy and challenging week, Thursday proved to be a highlight for me. I was able to visit several classrooms, watch the house sports competition and spend some time with a terrific group of young people who wanted to understand more about the challenges of leadership. It reinforced for me what a great school we have and how much we should be proud of our students and our staff. I look forward to seeing our athletes compete at the annual ISAC Athletics event on Saturday 1st March. Congratulations to Scott who were narrow winners over Muir on Thursday, closely followed by Fleming and Fairfield. There is so much more to look forward to this term. The Sixth Form charity dinner is on 28th March and always proves to be a wonderful evening of entertainment. With young leaders of the calibre I spent time with this week, I have no doubt that it will be a great success once again. With PR#3 soon to be issued and Year 10 GCSE and Year 12 A level subject options to be confirmed, we know we are heading into the later stages of another school year. It was good to see a number of parents at the Parent Portal presentation at the Primary Campus on Friday morning. The new website, with the recent addition of the portal, has significantly enhanced the quality of our communication to the community and beyond and I commend the excellent work done by all of the staff involved, particularly Anna White. The Secondary Campus class photographs are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and our international week is the week commencing Monday 3rd March.

Kind regards,

Roger Schultz Principal Secondary Campus

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Wider Learning Day 3 | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:40 PM

Wider Learning Day 3 14th February 2014 Sec o n d ary

Even ts

The day is brought to life

here in our photo gallery.

Year 7 - PSHE Wednesday 29th January was an absolute delight as we saw Year 7 students immerse themselves in a variety of exercises to test and extend their thinking, communication and collaboration skills. Nearly 120 students participated in all of the following:

The Human Knot

An activity which encouraged problem solving and communication. Students literally tied themselves in knots and had to untangle themselves.

Back to Back

Students honed their communication skills by describing simple images to a partner who has to recreate the image in its entirety, as accurately as possible.

Who Am I?

A classic party game where students were given names of famous stars - real and imaginary - and, through asking yes or no questions, they have to determine who they are.


Based on a famous TV show (anyone remember Catchphrase… “say what you see”?) where students worked individually and collaboratively to solve cryptic image problems.

Freeze Frame

Students have to mime a given scene testing their ability to collaborate and to offer creative and flexible ideas.

Body Parts

Again working individually and in pairs, students had to solve cryptic puzzles and work out which part of the human body was being described.

Have a go at the following if you want to test your own skills:


Body Parts:

1. Pota00000000

6. Treasure box

2. Mail male

7. Large bunny

3. KNOW it NO

8. Personal pronoun


9. Red bean

5. ALLworld

10. Cool

(The answers are below) Students fed back at the end and agreed that the key aims (to think individually, collaborate as part of a team, make decisions, solve problems and be creative) were met in full. Of particular mention are the following students for their outstanding contribution to various sessions during the day:

Brian Tan, 7S

Oscar Hartney 7P

Jenson, 7Q

Cerys Howells 7Q

Ellie Sill, 7P

Adam English 7Q

Ben Minah 7S

Kaerishma Vijayakumar 7T

Lauren Hulme 7S

Ismael Mokrani Pedrayes 7Q

Demeter Kosa 7S

Mya Kelley, 7R

I’d like to thank all my colleagues who took part and also every one of the students who participated with gusto and a smile!


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Wider Learning Day 3 | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:40 PM

1. Potato 2. Postman 3. No two ways about it 4. Excuse me 5. It’s a small world after all 6. Chest 7. Hair 8. Eye 9. Kidney 10. Hip Gavin Lazaro Assistant Principal, Development

Year 8 - Gothic Adventures The Year 8 students had a fantastic and very productive Wider Learning Day. We were lucky enough to have Marcus Sedgewick, the author, visit us for the day. He started the day by giving a presentation to the whole year group about what Gothic means and what ingredients are needed for a gothic fiction. Following this, the year group split off into groups of about twenty where they worked throughout the day preparing an opening scene to a gothic play. What worked particularly well was that students were allowed to use their individual talents and strengths to make their play successful. Some students spent several hours in the art department creating ambitious props such as gravestones, daggers and mirrors. Others spent the morning in music, preparing innovative combinations of music and sound effects to add atmosphere to the play. A few from each group got creative with bin liners and cardboard to create sinister costumes for the actors who spent the morning working with their writers and directors to give shape and style to the piece. The students were incredibly self-motivated and creative, but were also fortunate enough to be supported by staff from various departments across the school. Art, Music, Drama and English departments all worked with students to offer their expertise and, of course, our resident author for the day assisted the writing teams to create the effects they aspired towards. Watching the students work collaboratively and creatively was great in itself, but the pinnacle of the day came with their performances. All the groups performed their plays in front of their peers and teachers. It was very clear how much students had put in to and got out of the day. The performances were all very gothic, built tension and created great atmosphere to show that they really understood what ingredients were needed to make a truly gothic play. All in all, it was an incredibly successful day. Jane Stewart-Williams

Year 9 - Rocket Science The Science and Design Technology Faculty were very excited to be able to offer Year 9 a day of building and testing water rockets. The overall aim of the day was to build a rocket that stayed in the air for the longest length of time - this was no mean feat! To begin, students had to work out the optimal water:air ratio in a normal coke bottle - the photos speak for themselves! Whilst testing was going on outside, others worked on a design to modify the bottle making it more streamlined. Some groups even managed to build in a parachute! Students gained points for presenting scientific data in a suitable way as well as for their initial designs, however buying materials from Mr Cawson’s shop earned negative points! In order to succeed students had to focus on presenting all their findings in a poster as well as subsequent testing outside. Group reflection and evaluation were key - some teams found that trying to streamline their bottle too much resulted in a shorter time up in the air, so further modification was required. In the end one group from each house went head to head…..and the winner? Fleming with a total time in the air of 8.0 seconds - amazing! Many thanks to all staff in the Science & DT Faculty - in particular Mr Maruniak, Mr Cawson and Mr Phillips who spent many hours planning the day. Our technicians were also amazing ensuring that all resources and spaces were ready for learning in - thank you Ellisha, Zaki and Zul. Julia Armstrong Faculty Leader - Science and Design Technology

Year 10 - PSHE “Throughout the day, we had a range of activities from bullying to yoga. We were divided alphabetically into groups and followed different sessions. The diversity of the sessions made it really interesting, enjoyable and at times challenging! Survival skills included lighting fires and pitching tents. In particular, people seemed to enjoy trying to light the fire as it is certainly not something that we get to do every day – not that putting up a tent is either! However, these skills are useful and I think everyone enjoyed the thought that if we ever go camping, we will be able to keep warm, eat and put a roof over our heads! Ethics brought up some interesting discussion points such as whether or not it is moral to kill in order to save more lives and whether or not the death penalty is justifiable. We also got a taste of how different all of our moral values are when we had to arrange different virtues into order of importance. Some things, such as courage, were valued quite highly by most, while things like rationality were often dismissed. It was a challenging task which required us to really think about our own beliefs.

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Wider Learning Day 3 | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:40 PM

Mrs Tam led the Sex Education session and this was a really useful and informative double period. It was great that we were able to talk about issues that concern us in a supportive environment. It is important that we are well informed and this was clearly the aim of the session so that we can all lead healthy and happy lives. Last but not least were the yoga sessions. Some people thought that yoga was not for them, and were rather surprised to find that they enjoyed themselves. One student commented “I liked the yoga, even though I am as inflexible as a stick!” The positions that we were supposed to get into were a source of some difficulty for many of us, particularly those of us who confuse our left and right! The P.S.H.E. themed day served to improve our awareness of the world we live in but also gave us some laughter and entertainment. All the sessions were generally well received and most of us definitely learnt a lot from the day.” Year 10 Student Voice Lotte Frorup

Year 11 - Community and Charity “On Wednesday 24th January, Year 11 students had their first Wider Learning Day of the term, focusing on two very important aspects of the ‘parcel’ of Alice Smith education - charity and community work. Having a sense of responsibility for the community and a strong initiative to help as much as possible in the world and people around us is key to encouraging good citizenship, something which we will always strive to achieve. Thus, it would only seem fitting that a Wider Learning Day would be held to both make students more aware of problematic issues regarding the wider community and definitely to encourage them to be more charitable! To start the day off, the Year 11s had the privilege of being audience to two representatives of WonderWorks, a charity dedicated to ‘empowering women and young girls in Nepal to escape the life of dance bars, dohori and cabin restaurants and lead a life free from violence, exploitation and social stigma’. A very informative, yet incredibly eye opening slideshow put together by the WonderWorks representatives enabled students not only to see things from an outsider’s point of view, but from the perspective of the suffering girls in Nepal themselves. Photos that the young Nepalese women had taken were displayed alongside their deeply personal written thoughts about the lives they lead - although saddening, this motivated many of the students to think about the ways in which action could be taken to help the charity and aid the women in these conditions. Fittingly enough, the representatives of the charity provided a multitude of ways in which the students could begin to raise awareness of the situation in Nepal and assist the charity’s work. Following break time, students brainstormed, planned and prepared ways in which they would raise money on their individual group’s charity day, of which the main events will be held during Induction Week. The majority of this brainstorming time involved group members discussing the best methods of raising funds - naturally, most of the ideas revolved around food! Some of the most popular fundraising techniques groups came up with were bake sales, pizza selling, and sponsored silences. A few of the more interesting ones were half-marathon sponsored runs and the ubiquitous favourite: teacher gunging! To wrap up the day’s work, each group put together a presentation to show the rest of the year group what they would do during Charity Week to raise awareness and funds. Although a little fatigued from the long day, students listened attentively to each other’s proposals for community work and came together to show a new sense of understanding of exactly what charity and community work meant. Year 11 Student Voice

Year 12 - Curriculum work With the examination season around the corner and PSHE delivery done in class time, the Year 12 curriculum focus was for subjects in Blocks A, B and C. Study skills and subject specific teaching was laid on to hone and help build up skills leading to the examination period. This will be repeated for the fourth Wider Learning Day in March, for Blocks C and D, and then some time spent finalising their EPQs. Year 13 - PSHE It was a very busy day for the Year 13 students. Students started the day by completing a mock Critical Thinking exam, not everyone's idea of fun but certainly useful for them to see where they are at in the development of their understanding of Critical Thinking. The students attended a series of workshops designed to help them with their next steps of moving on beyond Alice Smith. The sessions were on dealing with change, ‘third culture kid’ (TCK) issues, how to survive your first year at University and sexual health. There was much talk about issues as students moved between the workshops. For some it was revelatory to understand what the symbols mean on your clothes and how that relates to the washing machine. Hopefully we now have a cohort of students who understand the difference between washing powder, fabric conditioner and the importance of a white wash. For any parents reading this, I think that some trial runs are needed, maybe only on your kitchen towels though! Ashlee Lim commented that the TCK and the sexual health sessions made her realise that there are more to these topics than she has previously thought about and fully enjoyed the opportunity to talk about important issues in greater detail and in smaller groups.

It was a day enjoyed by staff and students. It was good to step away from the classroom and explore simple, practical issues that will or are affecting their lives.

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Wider Learning Day 3 | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:40 PM

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Fleming’s Generous Gunge-Fest | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:45 PM

Fleming’s Generous Gunge-Fest 12th February 2014 Sec o n d ary

Co mmu n ity & Ch arity

Fleming’s chosen charity this year is Acres Animal Concerns Research and Education Society based in Singapore whom we have supported for three years. Last Thursday and Friday at the Secondary Campus saw successful fund raising for this cause. The overall expected amount raised should exceed RM6,500 for the third year running and is testament to the dedicated Fleming students led by Giorgia Katsidonis who always step up and offer their time to help out in the various fund raising events. It is also down to the generosity of you, the school community. The finale to the fund raising activities was the teacher “gunging”. Fifteen Fleming teachers put their names forward for voting and twelve lived to fight another day! We would like to thank Mr Maruniak, Ms Freeman and Ms Whittington for their good spirit before, during and after getting gunged. Click

here to view more photos.

Adam Phillips Head of Department Design & Technology

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Higher Education Workshops for Parents - Update | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:43 PM

Higher Education Workshops for Parents - Update 13th February 2014 Sec o n d ary

Even ts

Over the course of Term 2, the Sixth Form is running a series of Higher Education focused workshops for parents. The aim of these sessions is to provide parents with information regarding the Higher Education application process and to provide further guidance for parents in their support of their child(ren) through this process.

The content of the sessions is based on the material that the students receive during their Higher Education Programme in the Sixth Form, ensuring that all parties are ‘on the same page’ so to speak. As the Sixth Form continues to grow in size, this forum allows us further opportunity to speak directly with parents in preparation of their child’s transition into Higher Education.

The first three sessions were received very positively by the parents who attended and we are looking forward to the remaining three workshops.

The sessions take place in the Sixth Form Learning Centre between 5:00pm - 6:15pm. The remaining sessions offered are: 18th February

Applying to Highly Competitive Universities or Courses (UK)

25th February

Applying to the US: Researching Colleges & What Colleges are Looking For (US)


Applying to the US: The process and applications forms (US)


Pdf copies of each presentation and accompanying resources will be made available to parents and students following each workshop on the FROG homepage > Careers and Higher Ed Guidance section. They will also be available on the Parent Portal on the Useful Links and Docs page. Amanda Poel Head of Higher Education

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Secondary Campus International Food Festival | Alice Smith School

2/14/14 6:45 PM

Secondary Campus International Food Festival 12th February 2014 Sec o n d ary

Even ts

Students are already looking forward to the upcoming International Week on the 3rd -7th March. This is one of the defining events in the school calendar. It is a week filled with many activities and themes that represent our school community and the wider international community in which we live. One of the final events of the week is the International Food Festival. This food tasting has been a tradition for many years at the Secondary Campus and we wish this year to be no exception. Students ‘eat’ their way through the world continents sampling some of the hidden delights of different cuisines. However, this event cannot take place without the aid of parents and students. So, we look to encourage some ‘family culinary practice’ over the next few weeks in preparation for the feast. The students at the Secondary Campus welcome all food donations for the Friday melee and we would like families to help by submitting their dish to the Reception on Friday morning before the start of school. In an attempt to help display the food to a wide audience and any associated food allergies, could we ask that the following guidelines are followed: Any containers should be labelled with your child’s name, form and house (house points will be given too!) If the dish contains nuts, egg or is non-halal, this should be indicated on the label Where appropriate, dishes are pre-sliced Food items should be easily eaten from a napkin Named container boxes will be returned to the Reception area by the end of the day for collection by students. We look forward to celebrating International Week this year and thank you in anticipation for any help that you may offer. If you have any questions or if you would like to help on the day, please contact Melanie Waring at

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