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The Alice Smith School is one of the oldest and most prestigious British international schools in Asia. We have an established reputation for excellence, and as a not-for-profit educational foundation, all the school’s resources are focused on the development and well-being of our students. We educate our students to be well-rounded individuals prepared to shape a better world. We strive to be consistently outstanding with a supportive programme of pastoral care, diverse and rich extracurricular activities and exceptional academic standards.


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The school was started by Mrs Alice Smith at her home in Jalan Eaton, Kuala Lumpur, in 1946. At the end of the Second World War, Mrs Smith started teaching her own daughter and soon attracted a loyal following of other expatriate children. When she left Malaya for Australia in 1950, the parents of children attending the school formally incorporated the Alice Smith Schools Association. In this remarkable not-for-profit association, the student body comprised the founder nations of Britain, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia and later children of all nationalities. In 1952, the school moved to its current Primary Campus premises in Jalan Bellamy to accommodate the increasing number of students. The school grew steadily over the years and HRH Prince Edward opened the Secondary Campus at Equine Park in 1997. After almost 70 years, the Alice Smith School has a rich web of alumni stretched across the globe. Today, each one of our 1,600 students is educated with the same level of personal dedication, inspiration and student focused learning as Mrs Smith had for her first class in 1946.

School dismissal 1951

Teaching Staff 1957


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Class of 1958

“Alice Smith, which was then run under a formidable Headmistress, Mrs Muir, provided with great enthusiasm a rigorous, focused and happy primary education, particularly concentrating on English and maths, as well as extramural activities, including Rugby and Cubs, which provided me with an idyllic childhood and a strong foundation for later life. It could not have been bettered.� RODERICK NOBLE Barrister, London Alice Smith School Student (1955-1959)

Alice Smith Visits, 1981 Mrs Smith, Mrs Lee and Mr Hartley

Home of the original Alice Smith School on Jalan Eaton, Kuala Lumpur


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Collaborative Learning


e cellence

The Alice Smith School has a strong reputation for academic excellence. We follow the English National Curriculum and are accredited as a British School Overseas by the Department for Education in London. We are also members of FOBISIA, COBIS and CIS. At the Primary Campus, children follow a dynamic and wide-ranging curriculum which develops their all-round understanding, focusing on the core subjects of English, mathematics and science. Within our multicultural and international environment, children build firm foundations as they progress through their respective Key Stages. At the Secondary Campus, the curriculum encompasses English, mathematics, science and technology alongside sports, languages, music, and the expressive and creative arts. Reflecting the very best of UK practice, students are encouraged and nurtured to become independent and enquiring learners. At the upper end of the school, students take GCSE, followed by A Level examinations and the AQA Baccalaureate. Our value-added data, a measure of the effectiveness of our teaching and learning, ranks our A Level attainment with the very best international schools worldwide. As a result, our students have a high acceptance rate into the world’s top 100 universities. Across both campuses, the curriculum stimulates each child to acquire knowledge and cultivate skills in problem solving, communication and resilience. Our Gifted and Talented programme nurtures the development of our more exceptional students. 4

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Within our international setting, Alice Smith students gain an exceptional understanding of both British and global citizenship. We have a fun and stimulating range of extracurricular activities at all Key Stages of the school. From sports, arts, languages and IT to community service and expeditions, students develop leadership, interpersonal skills and responsibility. Our students are involved regularly in sports, maths and performing arts events around the region. Students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh, residential trips, fundraising for charities, the Year 6 Challenge Award, Model United Nations, drama and musical productions and our tour choir has sung in Washington DC, London, Vienna and Russia. In addition to FOBISIA, we are members of SEASAC and ISTA. The diversity of nationalities at the school gives students an appreciation for different cultures, beliefs and religions. We celebrate Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, Chinese New Year and Deepavali and this level of cultural integration and acceptance helps create a platform for a successful international future. In order to strengthen our whole school community, we have an active Parent Teacher Association. It welcomes new parents and builds on existing relationships through a range of family-oriented events like the Spring Fair, Christmas Bazaar and Newcomers’ Coffee Mornings.


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“The broad curriculum offers outstanding opportunities to grow and mature in academic work. There is excellent provision for enrichment activities, ranging from sporting activities to whole-school projects, productions and overseas visits.� SHEILA NOLAN Lead Inspector British School Overseas Inspection, Tribal Education (2011)


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The Primary Campus at Jalan Bellamy

The Secondary Campus at Equine Park



At the Alice Smith School, we pride ourselves on providing a learning environment that is second to none. We work with leading educational designers to continually improve our facilities in line with the best practice worldwide. Since its construction in 1952, the Primary Campus has been extended and refurbished as a specialist facility. There are separate buildings for each Key Stage, with interactive whiteboards in every classroom, ICT suites, libraries, music and dance rooms, and multi-purpose activity rooms. A double storey gymnasium complements the playgrounds, sports field and swimming pool. The Secondary Campus opened in 1997. Its evolving design provides teaching and learning areas based on the concept of open, student-centred learning. This translates into bright open spaces with shared resources and facilities which are at the core of 21st century education. The Steve Warry Centre, opened in 2011, provides flexible teaching spaces, a Media Studies Suite, an ICT Support Centre and a Careers and University Guidance Office. It also houses a unified whole school Administration Suite and a Parents Room. The dedicated Sixth Form Centre for Learning was re-modelled in 2009 and provides an excellent environment which encourages senior students to develop as independent learners, and prepare for university life. The Secondary Campus has a range of specialist faculty areas including new science laboratories, music suites, an Art and Design Centre and a Design and Technology Centre. It also has excellent sporting facilities including a ten lane olympic-sized swimming pool, a large Sports Hall, expansive football and rugby pitches and a covered basketball court.


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Primary Campus

The Primary Campus at Jalan Bellamy is adjacent to the former Royal Palace, within easy reach of most expatriate neighbourhoods and Kuala Lumpur’s city centre. The campus caters for over 800 children from Pre-school to Year 6 (ages 3 to 11) in a friendly, dynamic and nurturing environment. • • •

In the Foundation Stage (Pre-school and Reception), children are taught the basics of literacy and numeracy. The warm, stimulating setting balances adult-led and child-initiated play. In Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2), children develop their knowledge and confidence in literacy, numeracy and science. The topic-based framework motivates and encourages meaningful learning. Children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) intensify learning and make significant academic and personal progress, preparing them for life in the Secondary Campus.

Those at the start of their educational journey learn through play, experimentation and visual and tactile stimuli. As children progress through the Key Stages, they move towards a more structured curriculum, enabling them to become confident, independent learners ready for the more formal nature of the Secondary Campus.


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The teaching staff at the Primary Campus are predominately qualified in Britain with some from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Our stringent recruitment procedure and extensive professional development programme ensures a high standard of teaching and learning within the English National Curriculum. In addition to classroom teachers, specialists are recruited in the fields of languages, art, music, drama, physical education and learning support. Each year, the Primary Campus has an Activity Week, when it moves off-curriculum to explore a particular theme such as Going Green or Amazing Asia. The Year Six Challenge also expands the horizons of students in their final year on the campus. To bring out the best in every child, we place great value on the partnership between parents and the school. We have regular talks on educational subjects and encourage participation in activities and trips. Through our parent portal, parents are kept informed on all aspects of school life. A new dining hall facility that includes a one-stop centre for parents provides a wonderful resource for the school community, as a venue for parents to socialise and for new families to integrate into the school.


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“From the moment each of my children started at the Alice Smith School, I felt reassured that their education was in the best possible hands. I found the environment to be focused on achieving high standards in all areas of the curriculum whilst also providing a child-centred, nurturing and fun atmosphere for learning. The facilities and provision are excellent. The dedication and professionalism of the teachers are truly exceptional. I feel my children were privileged to attend the Alice Smith School and I hope our lives will bring us back to Kuala Lumpur as I would love for them to also attend the Secondary Campus. I miss the school community which is so welcoming to parents and have every confidence in the school and its current leadership.” DEBORAH WILLSHER Dubai, United Arab Emirates Alice Smith School Parent - Primary Campus (2008-2011)

“Our daughter has taken part in the Gifted and Talented programme since Reception. The extra challenges with regard to literacy and maths, combined with the fact that she could stay in her peer group, have been a fantastic way for Charlotte to develop, learn and play. We really appreciate the programme and all the teachers who make this work.” ROSALIE CERUTTI Wassenaar, The Netherlands Alice Smith School Parent - Primary Campus (2009-2011)

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The Design and Technology Department is equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities


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Secondary Campus

The Secondary Campus at Equine Park is a beautiful purpose-built campus, situated on 25 acres of land with spacious playing fields and a 50 metre swimming pool. Our highly qualified specialists teach students from Year 7 to the Sixth Form (ages 11 to 18) in excellent facilities. • In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9), students build on knowledge gained during their early education whilst extending their linguistic capabilities with a range of languages on offer. • In Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11), students choose from a wide range of subject options with clear learning outcomes, culminating in GCSE examinations. • For Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form) students, Alice Smith offers the AQA Baccalaureate in addition to A Levels across a wide range of science and arts subjects. The AQA Baccalaureate allows for a similar academic breadth to the International Baccalaureate whilst maintaining the academic depth of A Levels.


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“Alice Smith was a fine place to grow up as a balanced individual, academic excellence tempered by humility, fair play and a slew of extracurricular activities.” TUNKU ‘ABIDIN MUHRIZ Research Fellow/Columnist, Kuala Lumpur Alice Smith School Student (1988-1995)

“My sons, Oliver and Benjamin have been students at the school for over 10 years. Alice Smith has provided a nurturing and strong foundation for their future. They have experienced diverse education and opportunities which extends beyond the classroom, thus giving them opportunities to excel, particularly in their chosen sport. Benjamin now having won the swimming scholarship at Plymouth College would not have gotten this far without the support and dedication from the swimming coaches and his team. He will be attempting to qualify for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. As a parent, the school has been extremely supportive throughout my 16 years of involvement. Strong friendships are forged over the years, which is often difficult in transitional expatriate lifestyle. My sons have both left with many warm memories of their years at Alice Smith, which they will carry with them throughout their adult life.” SALLY PROUD Alice Smith School Parent (1997-2011)


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The Secondary Campus achieved a Grade 1 (excellent) for educational provision in our 2011 British Schools Overseas Inspection. This grading is the result of outstanding opportunities to grow and mature in academic work, excellent opportunities for enrichment activities and good provision for students’ welfare. Teaching staff at the Secondary Campus are highly-qualified specialists in their fields of expertise, who enable students to fulfil their academic potential through excellent teaching and rigorous assessment. In the tradition of an outstanding British education, our teachers are dedicated to the development of our students in a way that opens them to a world of opportunity.

The dedicated Sixth Form Centre for Learning

Tour choir perform in Russia

Our extracurricular activities are organised around the core principles of personal development, community and charitable service and work-related learning. These activities include a wide range of sporting endeavours, a wealth of school clubs and international expeditions. Residential experiences can include locations such as China, Switzerland, New York, Spain, Italy and India. Rewarding and challenging initiatives have included the World Book Project, STEM week, Sixth Form charity dinner and the International Week cultural awareness programme. Our highly talented choir has made summer tours, performing at the White House in Washington DC, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Russia.


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The Alice Smith School offers an environment where students thrive, are treated as individuals, and are motivated to excel. The school is anchored in the English National Curriculum, extended to reflect its international student body, and delivers the highest standards of academic excellence. It is a caring, student-centred environment, with a rich and diverse array of extracurricular activities, good facilities and strong pastoral care, on par with excellent independent British Schools in the UK and overseas.


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Sic Itur Ad Astra In this way you shall reach the stars

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The Alice Smith School Prospectus