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SP Video Phase II Cable Access Exam: 650-325 Demo Edition



QUESTION: 1 At a Hub site, what is the primary reason for converting the downstream optical signals to electrical (RF) form, and then back to optical?

A. It allows the signal quality to be improved by regeneration B. It is less expensive than optical amplification C. It permits the addition of Narrowcast traffic, generated in the Hub D. It an industry-accepted procedure

Answer: C

QUESTION: 2 In general, which technique is less expensive when Automatic Protection Switching is required to improve reliability in an optical link between a Headend and a Hub?

A. Wavelength switching under ROSA control B. Patch panel C. RF switching D. Optical switching

Answer: D

QUESTION: 3 How can you increase the bandwidth that is effectively available in the upstream signal path to each subscriber?

A. using node segmentation B. install more cable modems C. increase the logical size of each node D. increasing the upper frequency limit of the HFC plant

Answer: A


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