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5 Steps to Change the Look of Your Home With Painted Vinyl Shutters Are you fed up with the look and feel of your home furnishings? Ready for a change? With time you become bored at looking at the same dining room suite, the same blinds and the same bedroom furniture. You may be due for some change! Take the plunge and re-energize your home. Perhaps you can begin with giving your vinyl shutters a new lease on life by simply painting them.

You might be thinking of removing your old indoor or outdoor shutters for new ones. Perhaps you should reconsider. Your indoor or outdoor shutters can merely be painted with new colors of your preference to give them a completely new look. It's like getting brand new shutters at cost effective prices!


Painting your vinyl shutters should be done in a cool area. Exposing them directly to sunlight may damage their surface as the paint could dry too quickly, hampering its ability to stick appropriately to the vinyl exterior.

Follow these straightforward step by step ideas to ensure success when painting your vinyl shutters:

1. Remove Your Indoor or Outdoor Shutters

Most shutters are mounted on clips that make it simpler to remove. If the shutter is installed with screws then basically find the screws in between the slats to detach the shutter.

2. Scrub Your Vinyl Shutters

It is important to clean the shutters extremely well, as this allows the paint to distribute smoothly. Use soap, cleaning brushes and sponges to displace the dirt and any stains. Thereafter clean them off with a hose and wait for them to dry completely.

3. Choose the Right Type of Paint

Mixed urethane resins and acrylic are paints that best suited for vinyl shutters. Urethane resins have a sticky characteristic that allows it to adhere to any kind of surface, making it a perfect alternative to employ for your painting activity. You can get these types of paints at nearly all hardware stores.

4. Decide on the Right Shade of Paint

Deciding on which color to use is quite simple. Dark shades are idyllic for shutters that are already dark in color and light colors for light colored shutters. Do not undertake to modify the color from a light shade to a darker one, as vinyl has the tendency to absorb a lot of heat which may well warp the shape of the vinyl shutters.

5. It's Time to Paint the Vinyl Shutters

Set the vinyl shutter in a frame or sawhorse so it doesn't get shifted around or knocked. Spread the paint finely and evenly using a spray painting gun. To paint the plank cavity, position the painting gun at a 45 degree angle, and then start painting. If you wish, you can also use a small sized brush, but just make sure to paint all areas including the sides of the slat and the edges of the shutters. After a couple of coatings, apply a translucent finish to the shutters as a last touch and for protection.

That is it. You are ready to hang your revitalized indoor or outdoor shutters.

You can give your home a new look without needing to spend loads of cash. Give your old vinyl shutters a new lease on life by giving them a fresh coat of paint. It's a magnificent way to cheer up your home with a new design.

Enhance the tranquility and style of your home with a choice of vinyl shutters that will create your ideal haven. Visit us today to indulge your senses. Resource

5 steps to change the look of your home with painted vinyl shutters  

Are you fed up with the look and feel of your home furnishings? Ready for a change? With time you become bored at looking at the same dining...

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