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How to Open PDF in AutoCAD? If you have got some PDF documents and want to open PDF in AutoCAD, do you know how to do that in the easiest and simpliest way? Maybe you have search this question on the Internet and someone tell you that you can copy and paste the objective part of PDF file directly, but you know in this way you can only deal with the part as an entirety. The best way to open PDF files in AutoCAD is to convert them to AutoCAD. After converting, you can not only open PDF in AutoCAD, but also copy, edit and print the content of the PDF file as a real AutoCAD document. For opening PDF in AutoCAD in the easiest way, here we strongly recommend the best PDF to DWG Converter to you. With this PDF to AutoCAD software, you can convert PDF to AutoCAD without any problem. This PDF to AutoCAD Converter accepts single page and multi-page PDFs input. Now just download and install this recommended PDF to AutoCAD software, then follow the guide to convert and open PDF files in AutoCAD step by step. Stand-alone Version: (Does NOT require AutoCAD. It's an ideal choice for the AutoCAD LT users and these who do not have AutoCAD) AutoCAD Add-in Version: (An AutoCAD Addin that supports AutoCAD 2011~R14, is the best choice for the AutoCAD users) Guide: How to Convert and Open PDF in AutoCAD? Here is the Stand-alone Version Guide. For AutoCAD Add-in Version, please see How to Convert PDF to DWG. Step 1: Run the PDF to DWG Converter on your computer, then click the first "..." button to add source PDF to the program. Step 2: Choose an proper output folder to save the converted files. You can choose the All pages, Current page or Pages option, if you check the Pages, you can enter the pages in the Pages column or just enter in "2,5-8,23". Step 3: If you want to set more parameters for the output file, click the "Advanced" tab. Regards to the scale of the drawing, the default scale for the conversion is 1:1. You can set to output the PDF files into a single or separately PDF files. Step 4: After all the settings done, select DWG or DXF as the output AutoCAD format. Then press the "Convert" button to start converting PDF to AutoCAD. After that, you will see the "Converting...please wait" screen with a Progress Bar on it. You can view the converting progress from the Progress Bar and you will see the conversion finished very soon. Done! Now you can find the converted files and open PDF in AutoCAD easily! How great it is! Why not get this best PDF to AutoCAD software and enjoy the fast converting right now!

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Would you like to open PDF in AutoCAD but do not know how? then you can follow the step by step guide about how to open PDF files in AutoCAD...

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