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How to Make a Slideshow for MySpace? "How do I make a Slideshow for MySpace? I have some wedding pictures in my computer, and I wonder if there is a way to put them together into a movie, and I also want to add some background music into it. Any suggestion would be appreciated." MySpace is a social network that allows you to communicate with family and friends all over the world. It includes a large number of features, and uploading slideshows is one that's exciting and enhances the look of your photos. In order to make a slideshow for MySpace, we can use a thirdparty program to help us do the task. With Slideshow Maker's intuitive wizard-style interface, coupled with the library of prebuilt templates and skins let any amateur make a slideshow for MySpace with music in just a couple of minutes without any heavy-lifting! Now you may free download it and follow us to learn how to create slideshow for MySpace. Quick Start: Useful Tool to Make a MySpace Slideshow Step 1. Insert Source Pictures and Videos Simply click on the "Add Files" button to bring up the browse window, then select photos/video files. Transition effects will be inserted between every two photos/videos automatically and randomly when importing them. Step 2. Customize Your Slideshow On the left hand side of the screen, double click on desired menu template to apply. You can then view the menu immediately in the preview window beside. Use the buttons on top to customize your DVD menu or right-click on menu for more options. Step 3. Create MySpace Slideshow When you are satisfied with your menu and slideshows, go to the Create tab window to burn DVD slideshow or output slideshow as videos to watch on Youtube, Mobile Phone, iPhone, PSP, etc. Tips: Make sure the PAL or NTSC TV Standard settings is right. If you don't know which standard is used in your country, you can get help from the "Help" button. The wrong TV standard would cause playback incompatibility problem.

Make a Slideshow for MySpace