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To enhance my knowledge in fashion, I enrolled in FIT Summer Business Program during the summer of 2018. During my time at FIT, I’ve learned many valuable knowledge regarding advertising, promotion and fashion styling. In one of the course project, we founded a fashion agency to promote a product and invited a professional photographer to assist us with our photo shooting. This course not only the course cultivated my fashion and business knowledge but also broadened my worldview through the friendships I established with individuals I met from around the world. We learned how to cooperate with others and solved the conflict during our meeting and finally came up a solution we all agree. I think the most important part is that we discuss our problem a lot, this is really different from eastern education. I like the way we encourage each other and compiling our ideas together and turn them into new one is the most precious experience I ever had.



Promoting policy

In this generation, Instagram influencers has a great impact on social media and fashion industry. Different type of influencers has different type of fans and followers. We will cooperate with specific influencers to promote our lifestyle. Also, to have a best use on Instagram or other social media, we realize that “hashtag� is really important. We will create our own hashtag to let target market find us easily. By sharing our post or create their own post with our product, more people will notice us and we can have huge benefit from them.


Inspired by JK Rowling’s novel “The Tales of Beedle the Bard”, Perssie the Bard was founded. We call our agency “Bardcaster”, is a combination of the bard with podcasts. By telling the story in the form of broadcast, we post a story every night with a message we want to convey. Our main purpose is to express ourselves in a story. Furthermore, we found out that there’s always a song inside a story, we hope that the stories and songs can touched our audience’s heart string. I was a creative director in our project, I have to came up with a story or a weekly theme that fit our posts. I was also a visual art director, producing pictures and video every day every week. To me, it was a priceless experience I had ever had. The main purpose is not about the school work, it’s about ourselves. We spent our free time producing a story and promote our media. Moreover, we receive a lot of feedback and attention. Although we stay up late a lot and sometimes arguing with each other, the results of our media is successful and the experience of this is precious.

Profolio picture and Banner 1

The Design is to emphasize the broadcasting way. I use triangle music speaker to present the “play� botton. In our banner, inspired by video recording scene, I use on air instead of record. The icon on the left is also different. Each present multiple things we will do. Lastly, at the buttom of the right hand side we will change the weather every day and the mood of every story.

Bardcaster 2.0

After 10 weeks producing Bardcaster 1, we were considering moving on to Bardcaster 2.0. That is because we thought audience might lost their interest if we keep doing the same thing. Therefor, we started to created our own font and more focus on our crew member. Also, we tried to put our radio recording process on multiple media. Bardcaster 2.0 is a podcast channel on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. We use different app to connect our Bardcaster together. You can see multiple version of Perssie the Bard on many apps.


@Perssie the Bard

@Perssie the Bard


This is one of my school project, we have to think of a design that can benefit our daily life. After negotiate with teammates, we came up with an idea of WATER REEMINDER, a bottle mention you to intake water. Based on LED-highlight-screen on the bottom, the bottle will notice you time to drink water by flashing the light. Besides, the screen also contains temperature analyzation   and time display. Users can use mobile APP, which we created to afford the bottle, to trace the consumption and set ingestion of water. We discuss everything together and combine each others ideas. One of us make 3D modeling and I was the one responsible for final layout and website design. It’s the project that I know we have to cooperate with each other and also we can’t procrastination. That is because once we were delay, we would influenced to others work. Luckily, my teammates were all hardworking that we had a great teamworks and brilliant final layout.


Woodboard is a keyboard made by three different type of woods. Hipster is now a popular style in Taiwan. Inspired by the hipster style, I think wood can present the high-quality texture. With its colors and tree lines, keyboard will be very elegant.


People nowadays love using smartphone to do a lot of things. One of the most popular activities is taking beautiful photo. However, it’s hard for a phone lens to have different function. PhotoCase is a better solution for people to take photos with different type of camera lens. By switching the lens, photographer can easily take beautiful photos when they using their smartphone.


I was once receive an order to help design Hackathon’s VI Design. These are the related poster I designed and the news reported at that time.


This is a competition hold by ASUS to design a theme wallpaper for their users. The design is inspired by the howl of a wolf. It’s personality need to be brave and strong that a wolf can be the king of the forest and the lord of the night. ASUS Zenfone’s elegant appearance and metal texture make it look like a leader wolf in the dark.











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My personal portfolio showed what I did in my 4 years of college. I had a lot of opportunities to do multiple things, such as industrial des...

Personal Portfolio  

My personal portfolio showed what I did in my 4 years of college. I had a lot of opportunities to do multiple things, such as industrial des...

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