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List of available rights - New titles Bologna 2018

Our collections : 1/ Loupiot : Small books in a square format that will entertain the youngest (18-36 months).

2/ Albums : From 3 to 8, children laugh, dream and learn with our various illustrated books.

3/ Primo : Short novels for ďŹ rst readers that develop the taste for reading with colored illustrations, an airy layout and short chapters.

4/ Deuzio : A collection for conďŹ rmed readers, from 10 to 13 years old.

5/ Tertio : Strong topics for teenagers.

6/ Chapelier Fou : A grown ups collection that gets off the beaten track and offers profound and intense narratives.

7/ SF / Fantasy : Teenagers and young adults will appreciate the highly imaginative worlds and rich mysteries of our SF and fantasy series.


d 3 - 8 years ol

Coming soon

The little mist spinner

Valeria Docampo & Agnès de Lestrade

Album 3 - 8 years old



Let’s move !

Andrea Alemanno

32 pages 25 x 22 cm Age group : 4 and + Topics covered : House moving, family Rights available : World « Let’s move ! » said mom and dad. Our house is still cozy and pretty, with its multicolored floor, but it could be bigger. Somewhere is our dream house. We just have to find it ! The family start looking for the perfect home, but the first one they visit is too small, the next one is too modern... None of them really satisfy our heroes. Except maybe... this one ! It does look quite familiar though...

By the same illustrator The crown

Topics covered : Difference, tolerance, red hair Rights available : World


Lou has always been proud of her beautiful and uncommon red hair, marveled at by all her family. But, as she grows up, she discovers that many don’t share that opinion. Inquisitive looks, mockeries, depreciative or pitying comments... « Poor girl », she can hear while walking. The reflection sent back by the others’ look drives her slowly but surely ashamed of her hair, and finally leads her to cut them off.

Album 3 - 8 years old


Lemanja, the goddess of the oceans Sabina Alvarez Schürmann

32 pages 22 x 22 cm Age group : 3 and + Topics covered : Sea, legend, respect Rights available : World By the colorful houses of the fishermen lives the untamed Lemanja, mother of the sea. Every day at dawn, the fishermen take their boats to her waters to fill their nets. Never thanking her generosity, they offended Lemanja. So one day, she turns her back on them. And the nets begin to return empty. A brave young boy decides to go talk to Lemanja. He sails far, farther than any man has ever gone. Furious of being disturbed, the Goddess unlashes the fury of the ocean on the poor boy, sending him in a deep sleep down the bottom of the sea. While he sinks, Lemanja cannot but remember that men were once sons of the sea. She sings a salty song that brings life back to the shore. Finally, the inhabitants can see the real gifts of Mother Nature.

Album 3 - 8 years old



The hair

Julien Perrin & Fred.L

48 pages 25 x 18 cm Age group : 4 and + Topics covered : Animals, hairstyle Rights available : World After two aborted attempts, the most unfortunate crocodile of Africa has a new victim: a porcupine, a creative hairdresser... But the small animal refuses to be impressed and knows how to defend itself.

In the same serie The tooth Topics covered: Animals, investigation Rights sold : Chinese (China), Danish


Who crunched the baboon? Topics covered: Animals, investigation Rights sold : Chinese (China), Danish

Album 3 - 8 years old


And if the sky wasn’t round? Muka

48 pages 22 x 29 cm Age group : 4 and + Topic covered : Initiatory journey Rights available : World A small frog lives in a magniďŹ cent valley in the hollow of a volcano. As all other frogs, she never went out of it. It seems dangerous... Nevertheless, she dreams to see something else. One day, a swallow falls inside the valley. She is going to make friends with the small frog and is going to tell her about the outside world.

By the same author Let me in Topics covered : Friendship, difference, winter

Rights sold : Italian

Album 3 - 8 years old



The butterfly

Ian De Haes & Christian Merveille

32 pages 23 x 28 cm Age group : 3 and + Topics covered : Time, life, discoveries Rights available : World Option : Taiwan A little butterfly is born this morning. All the friends he meets talk to him about time and use words he doesn’t understand : yesterday, tomorrow, weeks, months, years, centuries... But the butterfly doesn’t have time. He has so many things to do, so many things to discover. Today, he wants to live everything... Butterflies know that time is a present.

By the same illustrator Simon’s anger

Topics covered : Anger crisis, animals

The little old lady on the ground floor

Topic covered : Solidarity

Rights sold : Arabic, Castilian & Rights sold : Chinese (China, Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), English Taiwan), Italian, Korean, (USA), Italian, Korean, Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil) (Brazil)

8 8

Album 23 -- 88 years years old old Album


St Nicholas, who’s that ? Ian De Haes & Charlotte Bellière

32 pages 21 x 29 cm Age group : 4 and + Topics covered : St Nicholas, holidays, behavior Rights available : World Anthony had never heard of St Nicholas before seeing him at the toy store. Probably because he is not the best-behaved little boy ! Standing no chance of getting a present this year from the old Saint, Anthony decides to help himself in the huge pile of toys. But suddenly, a gloved hand stops him. Maybe this behaviour is not a proof that he is a good boy, but what about all the kind attentions Anthony showed last month ? Our best-seller illustrator Ian De Haes’ new album promises to put stars in every children’s eyes.

By the same authors I lost my slipper Topic covered : Adventure

Rights sold : Arabic


Imagine Topic covered : Imagination Rights sold : Castilian & Catalan, Chinese (China, Taiwan), Italian, Korean, Turkish

Album Album 23 -- 88 years years old old



The story of the wolf Seblight

40 pages 13 x 20 cm Age group : 3 and + Topics covered : Tale, friendship Rights available : World This is the story of the Wolf (and of the Little Red Riding Hood too). This time, the Wolf can’t eat the child he craves so much for, for a simple reason : his teeth are not sharp enough. They only tickle. In this revisited tale, the grandmother doesn’t lend her bed to the wolf but her set of false teeth. All the better to eat the little girl with ! But what will happen if he swallows the one who seems to be his only friend ?


Album Album 23 -- 88 years years old old



Antoine Déprez & Clémentine Beauvais 48 pages 23 x 29 cm Age group : 6 and + Topics covered : Legend, death, music Rights available : World Option : Taiwan, Italian

Ameline lived with her grandfather before he died. He always told her the same story, the one about a rat and a flute. After this tragic loss, the little girl travels to an unknown village, where her new host family is waiting for her. On her way, she runs into three strange looking children. After The she-wolf, great laureate of the 2016 Prix des Incorruptibles, Antoine Déprez and Clémentine Beauvais come back with a new illustrated book, inspired by the Grimm brothers’ legend. A fantastic story, that makes us shiver with every page.

By the same illustrator The she-wolf

Antoine Déprez & Clémentine Beauvais Topic covered : Tale

Rights sold : Arabic, Chinese (Taiwan), Italian, Korean Prix des Incorruptibles 2015-2016 Prix Gayant Lecture 2015

Album 3 - 8 years old

Mario’s astonishing story Antoine Déprez & Simone Balestra

Topics covered : Initiation, life, adulthood Rights sold : Arabic, Chinese (China, Taiwan), Danish



The petty thief

Anne-Soline Sintes & Caroline Hurtut

32 pages 19 x 25 cm Age group : 4 and + Topics covered : Memories, personal belongings Rights available : World You can’t find your sock, your keys or your favourite book ? Even after searching everywhere ? Don’t bother ! The petty thief took it. When we don’t look around or go grocery shopping, the petty thief steals our messy belongings, to give them back to us years later. Why’s that ? Just for the memories, of course !

By the same author The secret

Stéphanie Augusseau & Caroline Hurtut Topic covered : Secrets

Rights sold : Chinese (China, Taiwan), Korean


Joachim the rabbit is woken up by his friend Callisto. She came to share a very big secret with him, but she first made him promise not to tell anyone ! Obviously, it’s very hard for Joachim not to talk about the secret. Therefore, he decides to stay home until Callisto relieves him from his promise.

Album 3 - 8 years old


The Roiseau’s reception

Fabien öckto Lambert & Jérémy Semet 40 pages 20 x 25 cm Age group : 4 and + Topics covered : Etiquette, respect Rights sold : Korean

Today is the great Roiseau’s reception ! Darling, a sweet and fluffy kitten, would love to go. But she is not aware of the etiquette that such an event implies: bringing a present, being on time, having an invitation... Her friends the snails, Mister Chanterelle and Froggy are here to remind her what to expect. Behind those innocent illustrations is hidden a much deeper message. Quickly, a gap appears between the persistent little kitty and the arrogant Roiseau. A story to remind us that courtesy is better when shared.


Album Album 32 -- 88 years years old old



Bagdad mysteries Amélie Callot & Christos

48 pages 22 x 28 cm Age group : 5 and + Topics covered : Investigation, animals Rights available : World With this new investigation, the famous detective Voltaire and his legendary flair arrive in Bagdad to discover the Caliph’s daughters secret. They refuse to get married to princely cats, but why ? They probably have good reasons... Voltaire has to find out !

By the same illustrator The Happy souls

Rights available : World


The most beautiful gift

Rights sold : Chinese (Taiwan)

Mister Shush

Rights sold : Chinese (Taiwan)

Album 2 3 - 8 years old

Ten little rascals

Rights sold : Arabic, Chinese (China, Taiwan), Korean


Paulette + Johnny

Paulette + Johnny

Annelise Heurtier & Marie Desbons

Marie Desbon & Annelise Heurtier

Annelise Heurtier & Marie Desbons

32 pages 20 x 20 cm Age group : 4 and + Topics covered : Love, beauty, self-estime, sixties Rights sold : Italian When Paulette sees Johnny for the first time, it’s Love at first sight ! Her only concern now is to become the prettiest hen of the Universe to please her Johnny lover. The problem is that she has no idea how to succeed, so she goes to see the goose, the pig, the peacock, the cow... to get their beauty advice. But even with all these efforts, Johnny doesn’t even look at her ! Until... In a turn of events, Paulette shows him her natural beauty.

By the same author The crown

Topics covered : Difference, tolerance, red hair Rights available : World

Lou has always been proud of her beautiful and uncommon red hair, marveled at by all her family. But, as she grows up, she discovers that many don’t share that opinion. Inquisitive looks, mockeries, depreciative or pitying comments... « Poor girl », she can hear while walking. The reflection sent back by the others’ look drives her slowly but surely ashamed of her hair, and finally leads her to cut them off.

Album 3 - 8 years old



Isidore’s pursuit of happiness Virginie Pfeiffer

40 pages 11 x 15 cm Age group : 5 and + Topics covered : Pursuit of happiness, nature, journey Rights available : World Isidore has not been feeling well lately : all forms of joy have vanished from his life. This is enough ! He decides to go on a big journey, in order to find his smile back. Mother Nature tries her best to help the little guy in his quest, but in vain. And if happiness was closer and deeper inside us than we thought ?

By the same illustrator And Humans laugh ! Virginie Pfeiffer

Topics covered : Puns, bestiary Rights sold : Chinese (China)

The beasties

Virginie Pfeiffer & Isabelle Flas

Topics covered : Environment, ecology, animals Rights sold : Dutch

Prix de l’Illustration 2015 ville de Rueil-Malmaison


Album 3 - 8 years old


Fifine and her cousin

Michel Rodrigues & Emmanuel Veillet 48 pages 24 x 24 cm Age group : 4 and + Topics covered : Difference, freedom Rights available : World

It’s a big day for Fifine : her cousin is arriving all the way from the zoo to visit her ! She’s so excited to show her around the savannah, and to let her discover the lifestyle of the wild. Fifine will also learn a lot about the peaceful and comfy life of the zoo. But is she really willing to give up her freedom for this?

In the same serie Fifine and her friends Topics covered : Difference, humor

Rights sold : Arabic, Chinese (China, Taiwan), Italian, Korean


Fifine the giraffe has a neck three times longer than her friends, which is very useful when there’s an approaching danger. But when the other giraffes find out that the monkey can do better by climbing up very tall trees, they abandon their friend.

Album 23 -- 88 years years old old Album



Eliott and Chloe Agnès de Ryckel

32 pages 25 x 25 cm Age group : 4 and + Topics covered : Difference, friendship, high potential Rights available : World Eliott is a sweet little boy, very quiet and calm. Chloe is the complete opposite: she’s a bubbly little girl, always full of energy. Yet, they both have something in common : they hate school ! Eliott is anxious of failing, and Chloe has some troubles with rules and boundaries.

By the same author My Grandma

My Grandpa

Topics covered : Tenderness, grandparents

Topics covered : Tenderness, grandparents

Agnès de Ryckel

Agnès de Ryckel

Rights available : World

Rights available : World

Select. Les incontournables 2007-2008

All readers, children and grown-ups alike, will for sure recognise their beloved Grandma - who always buys at discount; takes a remote control for a cell phone, and viceversa; who always declares : « Don’t throw that away, it could come in handy some day ! »...


Fairness to both genders : we couldn’t honour grandmothers without paying a tribute to grandfathers as well, could we ? Witty or grumpy, resourceful or absent-minded, tender hearted or teasing, my Grandpa is a bit of all that at the same time.

Album 3 - 8 years old


old 7 - 10 yeas


The day of the first times / serie 3. Croquettes & co Marie Colot & Florence Weiser

96 pages Topics covered : Animals, friendship, illness Rights available : World When Savannah arrives at school, she is really sad because her dog, Beasty, is very sick. The doctor said it had only a few weeks left. Once again, Miss Hill has a genious idea to regain the smile of her pupils: Beasty will spend its last days with them in the classroom. Quickly, everybody’s pets show up, under the eyes of a stunned Miss Hill, and the classroom becomes a real menagerie ! All together, they decide to make Beasty’s last days the best ever.


By the same author

1. Seagulls & co

96 pages Topics covered : Field trip, school, beach Rights available: World

2. Salads & co

96 pages Topics covered: Organic food, gardening Rights available: World

Primo 7 - 10 years old

When gold fishes can fly Marie Colot & Philippe de Kemmeter 96 pages Topics covered: Multiculturalism, homosexuality Rights available : World



10 - 13 year s old


The salsa turns sour Florence Jenner-Metz

128 pages Topics covered : Investigation, magic, cooking Rights available : World Quentin’s school organizes a cooking competition. With a friend of his parents who is second-in-command at Les Saveurs du Palais, a very highly-rated restaurant, the young boy is going to spend his holidays training. Quentin thought it would be boring, but strange things take place in this kitchen. The new head pastry chef, Amédée, turns out to be a genius. His desserts are adulated. The customers cannot refrain from complimenting him. Now, how come the same customers are hospitalized the next day? Maybe is it because Amédée seems to pull his recipes from an old grimoire ? And what about the rumor saying that he obtained his place after the accident of the previous head pastry chef... Quentin and his new friend Clémence decide to lead the investigation…

By the same author 1. Forbidden!

96 pages Topics covered : Internet, social networks Rights sold : Korean

2. The last world

96 pages Topics covered : Internet, social networks Rights sold : Korean

3. The summer of challenges

158 pages Topics covered : Internet, social networks Rights sold : Korean


Sandrine Beau

264 pages Topics covered : Thriller, chasing, sisterhood Rights available : World Mom had everything ready : the travel bag, the itinerary… In case she didn’t come back. I never thought it would happen. Until today. Here I am, alone with my younger sister. Both of us on the road, hoping to find mom back, with a killer stalking us… Sandrine Beau has a talent for mixing suspense and humor. It’s impossible to close this book before the last page. Each line carries its lot of suspense and thrills. We shiver with these two hunted kids; we marvel at their resourcefulness and we are moved by their sisterhood...


Deuzio 10 - 13 years old


13 - 16 year s old

The wait

Aurélia Demarlier

376 pages Topics covered : Self-image, love Rights available : World Nell, bundled up in her evening dress, waits... She waits for Ryan who should have arrived a long time ago. They should already be on the track. But Ryan went to the prom with someone else. How can she recover from such an insult? How can she return to the high school on Monday under the pitying or derisive looks? How can she support the sight of her parents so disappointed to have a girl abandonned the very evening of the bal. And wthat shall she do when she meets Ryan?

By the same author The blue boy

Aurélia Demarlier

288 pages Topics covered : Suicide, lie Rights available : World

« There was this boy. Blue. Blue was his soul. Blue was his heart. » When he arrived in highschool, “ the new one ”, became the center of all attentions because he just came out of a six month coma during which he says he journeyed in a world where everything was blue.

Jusqu’ici tout va bien Marie Colot

264 pages Topics covered : Crime, love Rights available : World Jozef lives a thug life : snatching, drug dealing. He is ready for anything in order to get his life together and to get out of the social misery in wich his parents, honest workers, raised him. For that, he doesn’t spare the risks, invading the territory of the local dealer for instance. But, for now, he has more urgent issues. A new gem from Marie Colot. A breathtaking novel, in which the reader will spend twenty four hours in the head of a young delinquent. Of course this proximity creates bonds… compelling the reader to hover from compassion to outrage, from outrage to compassion.

By the same author In big trouble

Marie Colot

128 pages Topics covered : Bullying, social networks Rights available : World

Jade, 16, posted a picture on her Facebook profile of Rodolphe, her Stepfather’s son, asleep. To be more popular at school, she makes everybody believe that this handsome young man in his twenties is her boyfriend. This is enough for the vicious circle of lies to start...

tertio 13 - 16 years old


u Chapeli+er fo 16

Emma’s sixteenth candle Anne Loyer

72 pages Topics covered : Self-image, love Rights available : World

It’s Emma’s birthday. Her sixteenth. She’s looking for it impatiently. She knows a great surprise will awaits her for sure. She observes her parents fuss around. She watches the guests arrival. First her eccentric grandmother and her much younger partner looking like an Hollywood star; then her best friend Vera; and so on... eight other guests arrive by ten o’clock and invade Emma’s house, in a strangely muffled atmosphere. The presents are wonderful, original, and very personal. Her dad sings for her, Vera delivers a speech in her honor. Surely this is by far the best birthday ever...

I don’t know Marie Colot

80 pages Topic covered : Psychology Rights available : World

« There is blood three levels below. It seems it is my fault. Well, at least partly so.» A horrible story just happened. It is thirty-two past midnight and the police officer desperately tries to have Clara talking. « I don’t know ». Three very simple words that she would like to utter out. But, even these, she can’t get them out. Marie Colot gives us here a psychological and very tense thriller, in which we go from the outburst of questions from Clara’s mother to understand her daughter’s stubborn muteness, and Clara’s inner self speech thanks through which the reader understands slowly why the young girl didn’t find the courage to act when a prostitute was being wildly beaten up under her room’s window. But, for Clara, it is more complicated… Memories surge back from childhood as we advance in the interrogation and we feel the grip that was tightening around Clara as years passed in resignation and loneliness in front of a rigid and egocentric mother.

I am the Earth #attacks Gwladys Constant

112 pages Topics covered : Terrorism, ecology Rights available : World

Lucy is a young philosophy student, with no apparent problems. Until the day her face covers the front page of the media. She just committed a terrorist attack. Throughout her diary and the police investigation, the reader tries to understand how and why she could commit such and act. One lead: her involvement in a radical ecologist group. A book that, under a different approach, tries to shed some light on the reasons why some people are ready to commit an irreparable act in the name of an ideology or another.

By the same author The comings and goings of a fountain pen 80 pages Rights available : World


Chapelier Fou 16+

Melissa is soon to pass her high school degree. Her father is so proud of her that he decides to offer her a foutain pen. She will use it on a regular basis until the day it gets stolen from her. The thief will loose the pen, that, in turn, will be found by an old man...


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Rights catalogue Bologna 2018 New titles  
Rights catalogue Bologna 2018 New titles