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CHARACTER FEATURES TRISTAN : Black hair, good hearted, strong

SIR MARHOLT : Dark face, strong hands

KING MARK : King Of Cornewall

ISOLDE : Long blond hair, blue eyes and lovely smile

TRISTAN & ISOLDE (CH.2 / SUMMARY) Sir Morholt came to the island weeks later. Tristan pushed his boat away from the beach. Morholt told him he will need the boat when he wants to run away from him. Tristan said “I wont run away because am not afraid of you.” Then they started fighting and soon Sir Moholt got tired. Suddenly Sir Morholt wounded Tristan's leg with his big sword. Tristan was very angry and raised his heavy sword. He cut through Sir Morholt's wounded his head. “Tristan must go to Ireland to cure his wound” said and old doctor because he poison comes from there. King Mark said Tristan should go to Ireland immednately. Tristan went to Ireland avessed as a minstrel, he did not want anyone to know that he way Sir Tristan. At Ireland, Tristan was called by King Gurman. This King has the most beautiful daughter in the world called Isolde. The King wanted Isolde to play the harp but there were no good teachers in Ireland. Tristan was requested by the King to teach Isolde how to play the harp. The King said that the queen will cure Tristan's wounds by special herbs and he will live at that castle. Tristan thanked the King and his leg got well slowly. Isolde learned quickly and the king was happy.

TRISTAN : Good-hearted and adventurous. I see so close to me.

FIVE WORDS / SENTENCES -POISON (noun): A substance that can kill you our make you ill. “Snakes are poisonous. Can kill.” -CURE (noun): Make better. “Tristan must go to Ireland to cure his wound.” -RAISED (adjective): Moved it up in the air. “Came to school with raised hair.” -WOUND (noun): Hurt, injured “It does not wound.” -PLEASED (adjective): Happy and satisfied “This work was quite satisfied.”