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Mini pendulum hammer 1.Brief introduction Mini pendulum hammer is a kind of large scale amusement facilities. The equipment is modeling beautiful .When the guest seat in high speed rotary pendulum swings, they will be in reciprocating, dazzing, thrilling feeling. Tourists often can't help out with laughter exclaimed, which greatly improve the playground atmosphere, Many tourists linger here and don't want to leave. Sitting on the pendulum, the tourists have a strong centrifugal feeling. During the equipment’s operation, the visitors can experience 1~2 seconds weightlessness, just like astronauts in Space. 2.Technical data:

Description Type Voltage Power Diameter Height Capacity Area

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Mini pendulum Amusement park rides 380V 2.2Kw/3Kw 6m 5.5m 12p 8*8m

Mini Pendulum Hammer