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coffee cup Introduction and operate principle : Rotating coffee cup is a kind of orbits amusement equipment, when the coffee cup happy rotation on the grail, the big pot also dancing in te middle, both exquisite design and various l colors gives you a refreshing sentiment.

Rotating coffee cup have a appealing design,coffee cups revolution and autobiography at the same time , players pleasure of love arises spontaneously, make you feels warm and exciting. Voltage power Cover the area Cups number Capacit y Rotary speed

Coffee cup

3N.AC380V/220V.50HZ 3.5KW

Φ8M 6杯 24人 4 r/min

rotary table diameter


Equipme nt height Operate height

3.2M ----

Operate time Equipme nt weight Package cube

3. Detailed pictures


2T 30M続

Rotating Coffee Cup