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A NIGHT TO REMEMBER A Wedding Photojournalism Portfolio By: Ali Barqawi

Photographic Approach and Style Ask any wedding photojournalist, and they will tell you that the very notion of 'making' a moment disqualifies it from actually being a moment. And although we still make sure to cover some of the essential must-haves in a wedding photo collection, the aspiration and devotion , rather, remain focused towards setting the stage for the moment to take place in a natural fashion, rather than staging the moment. Such approach embodies my photographic primary ingredient in capturing a wedding. to me, weddings are real moments and my objective is to play the role of a fly on the wall and tell a story of one special night through capturing those different moments as they, organically, unfold. The bride isn't always perfect, and the groom is not always in his best shape or mood, but the moment is always real. It really did happen. When the bride looks at the pictures, she is not going to notice an imperfection; she's going to remember that moment. There's more of an emotional tie to it. The biggest compliment is when a bride says “That's exactly how I remember my day!�. That is always my goal; to have them remember their day in a way where art and reality coincide.



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Wedding Photography Portfolio  
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