The Tempest

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International Thespian Society Troupe 213 Presents

By William Shakespeare

Produced & Directed by:

Tom Weaver Projection & Film Director

Costume Designer

Peter Gambino

Noel Davis

Script Editor/ Consultant

Set/Lighting Designer

Mirror Editor

Thomas Weaver

Rick Friedman

Technical Assistant

Hair / Make-up Design

Business Manager

Peter Gambino

Debra Faye

Bob Hulm

Box Office Manager


Administrative Assistants

Selena Accardi

Lisa Simon

Bernie O’Connor/ John Burns

Student Musical Director

Showcase/Program Photographer

Matt Carr

Yael Kortsarz

Bill Kovnat

Co-Director/ Choreographer

Sandi Makofsky

House Manager

Dawn Zaleski

Please turn off all cell phones. Flash attachments to cameras are strictly prohibited in consideration with the safety of the actors. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Coulter Construction Concepts, LLC Congratulates Jack Granite and the entire Cast and Crew of The Tempest. From carpentry, to painting, to lighting, to acting, you have all shown exceptional commitment towards your final project! Great Job! David Coulter, Owner/Proprietor with over 25 years of design and building experience 856-981-1752

Sound Check, Check

By design we can hear you through

Everything is crystal clear. Congratulations to:

Hunter Berkowitz-Sound Designer & The entire cast & crew of

With love and admiration, Mom & Dad

CONGRATULATIONS Jacob, Glad to see your finally in a comedy role! -Your Fans Congrats to the cast and crew! -The deBlecourt family Jacob– Great job! Break a leg! Love, Joanie Jacob– You are a sensation! Xoxo, Jaob SPENCER– BREAK A LEG! LOVE YOU, SIS! Can’t wait to see the show, Spencer! Love, Marlene Have a great time, Spence, as Francisca! Love, Grandma & Jim Congratulations to the cast & crew of “The Tempest”! -Ben Levy

To Our Grandson

Ben Levy and The cast and Support of

“The Tempest” Fabulous

Bubbie Fran and Pop Pop Leon Levy

Act 1 Scene 1: On board a ship carrying Queen Alonsa of Naples and her entourage, a boatswain directs the crew to fight a great storm, but the ship appears destined to sink.

Act 1 Scene 2: Prospera, the former duchess of Milan, who has been stranded on a barren island for twelve years with her daughter, Miranda, explains to her that she used her magic to raise the storm and that she ensured that no one on the ship was harmed. She then tells her how, twelve years before, her brother Antonio conspired with Alonsa, queen of Naples, to usurp Prospera’s dukedom and put her to sea with Miranda, where they happened upon the barren island that is now their home. Having placed a charm on Miranda to fall asleep, Prospera summons the spirit Ariel, hears Ariel’s report of the tempest, and gives her further orders. Prospera wakes Miranda, and they visit Caliban, whom Prospera threatens with torture if he will not continue his labors. Ariel, invisible, entices Ferdinand, son and heir to Alonsa, into the presence of Prospera and Miranda. Prospera, delighted that Ferdinand and Miranda fall instantly in love, put false obstacles in their way by accusing Ferdinand of treason and by using charms to enslave him.

Act 2 Scene 1: Queen Alonsa and her entourage wander the island in search of Ferdinand. Gonzalo/ Gonzala try unsuccessfully to encourage hope in Alonsa of Ferdinand’s survival. Then Ariel, invisible, charms the courtier to sleep except for Antonio and Sebastian. Antonio seizes the occasion to persuade Sebastian to kill Queen Alonsa and Gonzalo/Ganzala and take the throne of Naples. Ariel, invisible, returns to wake Gonzalo/Gonzala, who wakes the rest. They continue their search.

Act 2 Scene 2: Having escaped the apparently sinking ship, Trinculo finds Caliban hiding under a cloak, under which Trinculo also crawls under to take shelter from the storm. Stephano, drunk, finds them both and shares his bottle with them. In return, Caliban abandons Prospera’s service and swears to be Stephano’s subject.

Act 3 Scene 1: Ferdinand is visited by Miranda. Prospera observes them unseen as they exchange marriage vows and clasp hands.

Act 3 Scene 2: Trinculo and Caliban quarrel, and Stephano takes Caliban’s side. Ariel, invisible, imitates Trinculo’s voice and accuses Caliban of lying, causing further trouble among the three. Caliban calls Prospera a tyrant and urges Stephano to kill Prospera and take Miranda as his consort. Stephano and Trinculo join Caliban in following the music that Ariel plays to lead them out of their way.

Act 3 Scene 3: Queen Alonsa and his party, weary with searching, are visited by “strange shapes” bringing in a banquet, while Prospera, unseen, observes them. But when Alonsa and his party take up the shapes’ invitation to eat and drink, Ariel appears as a Harpy and makes the food and drink vanish. The Harpy accuses Alonsa, Sebastian, and Antonio of usurping Prospera’s dukedom and threatens them with worse than death. The three “men of sin” leave in a desperate shape. ******THERE WILL BE A 15 MINUTE INTERMISSION******

Act 4 Scene 1: Prospera releases Ferdinand and gives him Miranda as his bride-to-be. To celebrate the prospect of their union, Prospera instructs Ariel to have the spirits, under Prospera’s control perform a masque. During the masque, Prospera remembers the threat posed by Caliban and stops the masque. He joins Ariel in driving off Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo with spirits in the guise of dogs.

Act 5 Scene 1: Prospera releases Alonsa and the court party from their charmed state and renounces the further use of his magic. Alonsa restores Prospera to the dukedom of Milan, and, in return, Prospera reunites her with Ferdinand. Ariel arrives with the ship’s master and boatswain, and all are soon joined by Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo, whom Prospera sends off to decorate his cell. As they prepare to set sail for Naples, Prospera gives Ariel her freedom.

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White Cast

Red Cast

Jackie Orlando Sarah Gagarin …...….Prospera…..….. Bethelly Jean Louis Samantha Mautner …..…..Miranda…..….. Cedric Middleton Cedric Middleton …..…..Caliban…..….. Allison Shapiro Katie Aylesworth …..…..Ariel…..….. Katie Aylesworth Allison Shapiro …..…..Ariel…..….. Danya Trommer Natalie Chadwell …..…..Trinculo…..….. Jacob deBlecourt Eric Zavadsky …..…..Stephano…..….. Harrison Smith Ezra Nugiel …..…..Ferdinand…..….. Ben Levy …..…..Gonzalo/Gonzala…..….. Ashley Cooper Jacob Ropka Avi Natan …..…..Antonio…..….. Jack Breslow Yoav Varadi …..…..Sebastian…..….. Katherine Trauger Ruby Goldstein …..…..Alonsa…..….. Shelby Robbins Yael Kortsarz …..…..Adrian…..….. Spencer Lincoln Alexis Rebock …..…..Francesca…..….. Stephen Hoffman Stephen Hoffman …..…..Boatswain…..….. Jonathan Wallace Jonathan Wallace …..…..Master…..….. Kathryn Quay Kathryn Quay …..…..Juno…..….. Jamie Ackerman Jamie Ackerman …..…..Ceres…..….. Annie Lipsett Annie Lipsett …..…..Iris…..….. Jonathan Wallace Jonathan Wallace …..…..Lorenzo…..….. Stephen Hoffman Stephen Hoffman …..…..Vincenzio…..….. Shapes/Dogs: Vincent Velasco, Seth Treiman, Jake Hoffman, Jack Granite Reapers: Melissa Oberstadt, Sasha Shukeylo, Sung Kwang Oh, Spencer Levy, Jayson Borenstein Nymphs/Spirits: Allison Donahue, Courtney Bird, Amanda Kahn, Cassie Cuddihy, Jessica Haya Mariners: Vincent Velasco, Seth Treiman, Jake Hoffman, Jack Granite, Melissa Oberstadt, Sasha Shukeylo, Sung Kwang Oh, Spencer Levy, Jayson Borenstein, Allison Donahue, Courtney Bird, Amanda Kahn, Cassie Cuddihy, Jessica Haya Cherry Hill High School East Administration Principal: Dr. Lawyer Chapman Vice Principal: Dr. John Burns Vice Principal: Mr. Bob Hulme Vice Principal: Ms. Donean Chinn-Parker Vice Principal: Mr. Bernie O’Connor Supervisor of Business: Mr. Chuck Coligan Supervisor of English, Biology, and Science: Ms. Marsha Pecker Director of Guidance: Mr. Jim Riordan Cherry Hill Public Schools Administration Superintendent: Joseph Meloche Business Administration: James Deveraux Director of Pupil Services: LaCoyya Weathington Director of Human Resources: Nancy Adrian Director of Support Operations: Don Bart Public Information Officer: Barbara Wilson District Affirmation Action Officer: Lacoyya Weathington Title IX/Chief Equity Compliance Officer: Dr. Farrah Mahan Section 504 Compliance Coordinator: Rebecca Metzger

Board of Education – Board Members President: Carol Matlack Vice President: Elliot Roth Lisa Conn J. Barry Dickinson Eric Goodwin Colleen Horiates Kathy Judge Steven Robbins Lisa Saidel

Stage Manager.………….…………………………………………….…………Rachel Ackerman Assistant Stage Managers…………………………Hannah Yankowitz, Jamie Gottlieb Apprentice Stage Manager…………………….…………………………….Allison Donahue Student Technical Directors…..Chris Nothnagel, Gabby Goldman, Ben Vaupen Scenic Artists………………….….…..Alison Mautner, Ruby Goldstein, Sam Brenner Assistant Scenic Artist………………….…………………………………………..Alyssa Bohem Sound Designer…………………………….…………………………………...Hunter Berkowitz Sound Engineers………………………….……………...Ian McClellan, Hunter Berkowitz Student Projection Designers …………...Courtney Finnegan, Hannah Yankowitz Master Carpenters…………………………………………………...Ethan Arcaroli, Jeff Haaz Master Electrician………………………….………….……………………………..Naomi Burton Properties Managers……....Jacob deBlacourt, Danya Trommer, Danny Naddeo Assistant Master Carpenters……………..……..……..Adam Kreisman, Zachary King Assistant Lighting Technicians…………..……..…………….Erin Quay, Julia Holtzman Costume/Wardrobe Managers………....……..Amelia Zaleski, Hannah Yankowitz Show Case Designer……………………………………………..……………..Natalie Chadwell Show Case Crew…………..….….…Yael Kortsarz, Emma Thurman, Allison Shapiro Seamstresses…………………..…….Gabriela Stahl, Sadie Donahue, Maya Williams Assistant Sound Engineer…….……………………………….…………..……….Lucas Warfel Company Managers………………Sarah Gagarin, Ruby Goldstein, Shelby Robbins Film Crew………….…… Courtney Finnegan, Hannah Yankowitz, Adam Kriesman, Annie Lipsett, Allison Donahue Public Relations Crew……………….….Yoav Varadi, Ezra Nugiel, Danya Trommer, Adiel Davis, Cassie Cuddihy, Hannah Kim, Jenny Seon General Crew……………………………………………….Justin Accardi, Brian Aylesworth, Hannah Kim, Maya Jacoby, Victoria Zubrzycki, Rory Newman, George Aeillo, Luke Shin, Eli Vaupen, Jack Granite, Jon Wallace, Aviva Lerman, Liz Hallinan, Sarah Vetesi, Leon Pintel, Timothy Hunter, Illana Aroughetti, Shani Hemo, Lucy Wahurton, Jessica Schwartzman, Shina Park, Emily Hulet, Jenny Seon, Taryn Rumell, Ben Schottenfeld, Hunter Hilario, Kevin Stankowitz.

The director would like to thank, The Board of Education, Central Administration, Dr. Lawyer Chapman, Mr Bob Hulme, Mr. Bernie O’Connor, Dr. John Burns, Ms. Donean Chinn-Parker, Mr. C.J. Davis, Mrs. Marsha Pecker, and staff for supporting the Performing Arts. The Maintenance Staff: Joe Sutton, John Doyle, Anthony Lindor, the A/V Department: Mrs. Louise Head. Secretaries: Mrs. Cecilia Eiola, Jane Abo, and Johanna Scott. Noel Davis and Tom Weaver would like to personally thank Jodi Gorenberg for her help in the building The Tempest costumes and Mainstage Center for the Arts. Ed Keith for his help with lighting. The Director is personally grateful to all the parents who were gracious enough in so many ways. They have assisted in costumes, props, cooking meals for the cast and crew, giving dozens of rides to their kids and friends, so on and so forth. A heartfelt thank you to the talented production staff, who have shown so much patience in teaching over 100 student actors and technicians the “Art” of good theatre. A special thank you to Matt Carr, Sandi Makofsky, and Pete Gambino for helping me in so many ways to direct this wonderful Shakespeare play. The production value is so much better because of you. Noel Davis, your costumes are once again, brilliant. Rick Friedman, as always the MIRROR continues to be the best program in High School Theatre. Deb Faye, your make-up and hair designs are so believable. And Bill Kovnat, your showcase pictures make us all look good. A very special thank you to Lisa Simon and Simon Relations Group for much advertising, Amy Breslow and the Theatre Boosters for dinners, refreshments, flowers, souvenir sales, and box office.

PLEASE PATRONIZE ADVERTISERS: When and wherever you shop, please consider these local merchants first. Their support of our young people made these things possible.

The Red Cast Biographies Bethelly Jean-Louis(Miranda-Red) A junior, Bethelly is very excited to be in her 4th Mainstage production at East! Past Credits include One Acts (This Is A Test, A Moment in Time), Our Town, Aida (Woman of the Palace), Flowers for Algernon (Doris), and part of the directing staff for Lab Theater '15. Bethelly is a member of Chansons. She would like to thank her father, mother, brother, and friends for their support. Break a leg to the cast and crew. Jack Granite(Mariner, Shape, Dog) A freshman. Jack is excited for his first fall show at Cherry Hill East! Past Credits include Seussical Jr., The Little Mermaid Jr., Guys and Dolls Jr., and Fiddler on The Roof Jr. Allison Shapiro (Ariel- Red) A junior. Allison is beyond excited to be a part of Cherry Hill East's production of The Tempest! Recent credits include: Anything Goes (Virtue), Our Town, and Aida as well as Mainstage's Wizard of Oz (Glinda) and Mainstage's Wonderland (Tweedle Dum). She is a member of the Belles of East, East Singers, and the Thespian Society. Allison would like to thank her family and friends for all their support! Cedric Middleton (Caliban) A junior. Cedric is so excited to be in his fifth Mainstage at East. Past credits include Our Town (Constable Warren), Anything Goes (Purser) Aida (Mereb), and Goldilocks: On Trial (Judge). Cedric is also an active member of East Singers, Casual Harmony, Marching Band, Film Club and Mime Company. Cedric would like to thank and congratulate wish everyone in the cast and crew for a spectacular fall show. Jacob deBlecourt (Stephano-Red/Prop Master) A senior. Jacob is delighted to return to the East stage for his final fall show production. Past credits include: M. Thenardier in Les Miserables and Moonface Martin in Anything Goes. Jacob also interns for a Salem County Surrogate candidate. Shelby Robbins (Adrian-Red) A senior. Shelby is nostalgic about her last fall play at East. Past credits include Our Town (Professor Willard) Anything Goes (Patience) Aida and Peter Pan. Shelby is also an active member of East Singers, Mime Company and Thespian Society. She would like to thank her friends, her boyfriend Matt, her family, and kitty cat Mr. Polo for all of their love and support. Sasha Shukeylo (Mariner, Reaper) A freshman. Sasha is excited for her first fall show with East. Her most recent show is Sussical Jr. (Gertrude McFuzz). She would like to thank all her cast “mates� and directors for an amazing experience Harrison Smith (Ferdinand-Red) A sophomore. Harrison is very excited about his first fall show at East. Past credits include Mary Poppins (Bert), Beauty and the Beast (Lumiere), and Anything Goes. Harrison is also an active member of East Singers, Voce and the Dance Arts Company. He would like to thank his friends, family, and all his past teachers/directors for teaching him so much. Danya Trommer (Trinculo-Red/Prop Master) A junior. She is involved in chansons and is copropmaster for this production. Former roles include Goldilocks (Goldilocks on trial), Fern (Anything Goes), and The master thief (Story Theater). This is Danya's 9th production at East. She is very excited to be playing Trinculo. She thanks her family and friends for all of their love and support. Katherine Trauger (Alansa-Red) A junior. Recent Credits include: Mary Poppins (Mrs. Banks), Anything Goes (Charity) and Our Town (Mrs. Webb). Katherine is also a member of Thespian Society, Symphony Orchestra, East Singers, The Belles of East and All State Mixed Choir 2015. Ashley Cooper (Gonzala-Red) A junior. Ashley is so excited to be performing in her second fall play at East! She is also a member of Stay Tuned, Key of She and East Singers. Recent Credits Include: This is a Test (Teacher), Anything Goes (Temperance), Story Theatre (Foxy Woxy/Judge), Grease, Jr. (Miss Lynch), Aida (Nehebka).

The Red Cast Biographies Annie Lipsett (Iris /Film Consultant) A junior. Annie is very excited to be a part of such a unique theater experience! Recent Credits include: Lab Theater 2015 (Director), One Acts 2015 (Leisel Meyer), Anything Goes (Reporter #1), Our Town, (Josephine Stoddard), Super Pickle (Bubbles), and Flowers for Algernon (Mrs. Mooney). Annie has participated and won numerous awards at the Annual Moose One Act Film Festival. She would again like to dedicate this performance to her beloved grandmother, Judie. Jack Breslow (Sebastian-Red) A junior. Jack is excited to be playing Sebastian in his first Shakespeare production. This is his fifth mainstage here at East. He is also involved at Mainstage Center For The Arts. Previous credits include: Mary Poppins (Michael Banks), Anything Goes (Sailor), Our Town (Wally). He wishes luck to the cast and crew! Jacob Ropka (Antonio-Red) Jacob is very excited to be playing Antonio in his first Shakespearian production. Jacob is a Junior, this is his second main stage at East. Previous credits include, Our Town(Stew) and Mary Poppins(Von Hussler). He wishes luck to everyone in the cast and crew! Seth Treiman (Mariner,Shape,Dog) A Freshman, Seth is very excited to be in his 1st mainstage production at East. Past credits include Lab Theatre ‘15 and Alice in Wonderland Jackie Orlando (Prospera-Red) A junior. Past credits include The Fourth Wish (Loretta), Anything Goes (Chastity), Our Town (Mrs. Webb), The Nutcracker (Spanish Lead). She recently co-directed the 2015 Lab Theatre production of Sometimes I Wake Up in the Middle of the Night. Jackie would like to thank everyone involved in this year’s production of The Tempest. Spencer Lincoln (Francesca-Red) a junior. Her most recent shows include Anything Goes (Reno Sweeney), Mary Poppins (Ensemble) and a director in Lab Theatre here at East. She is a part of the Thespian Society and Mime Company. Jayson Borenstein (Mariner/Reaper) A freshman. Jayson is excited to be in his first fall play. Recent credits include Lab Theatre ’15 (Eugene, Actor 2, Boy) and Bugsy Malone (Bugsy Malone). Spencer Levy (mariner, reaper) A Freshman. Spencer is thrilled to be a part of his first Mainstage at East. Past credits include: Lab Theater, Alice in Wonderland, Schoolhouse Rock, and Fame. Jamie Ackerman (Ceres) a senior. Jamie is thrilled to be performing in her last fall play. Her past credits include Fourth Wish, Our Town and Flowers for Algernon. Jamie was also a director in Lab Theatre '15. She wants to thank her family for all their love and support. Vincent Velasco (Mariner, Shape, Dog) a freshman. Vincent is thrilled to be doing his first Mainstage at East. Past credits include: Sometimes I Wake Up in the Middle of the Night, Beauty and the Beast, and Suessical.

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The White Cast Biographies Samantha Mautner(Miranda-White) A senior, Recent credits include: Mary Poppins(Mary Poppins), Anything Goes(Hope Harcourt), One Acts 2015(Julianne-Best Supporting Actress), Les Misérables(Old Woman, Ensemble), and Aida(Ensemble). She is also a member of East Singers, Voce, and Chansons. She is thrilled to be a part of this wonderful production! Ruby Goldstein (Scenic Artist, Alonsa-White) A senior, Ruby is excited to be a part of her last Fall Show at East. Recent credits include: Anything Goes (Erma), Our Town (Mrs.Gibbs). Ruby is also a member of Mime Company, Stage Crew, East Singers, is a Company Manager, and is makeup liaison for Thespian Troupe 213. She would like to thank her family for their support. Eric Zavadsky (Stephano-White Cast) A senior, Eric is elated to be part of his last Fall Play at East. In the past, he played Little Charlie (Flowers for Algernon), Wally Web (Our Town), and Luke (Anything goes). Eric is also a proud member and Company Manager of the CHE Mime Company. Sarah Gagarin (Prospera-White Cast/Costumer) A senior, Sarah is ecstatic to be a part of this amazing production! Recent credits include: Mrs. Harcourt (Anything Goes), Woman 2/Actor 3 (And the Giants Fell). She is also a member of East Singers, Chansons, and the Mime Company. She would like to thank her friends and family for all their amazing support. Avi Natan (Antonio-White Cast) A senior, Credits include: One Acts 2015 (“Carnage by Choice”), Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (Anything Goes), and Dr. Gibbs (Our Town). He is also a member of Casual Harmony, East Singers, and Voce. Avi is excited to be a part of such an outstanding production. Yael Kortsarz (Adrian-White Cast/Vocal Assistant) A senior, Yael is so excited for her last fall show at east! Recent credits include: Anything goes (Featured dancer/Vocal assistant) and One Acts Play and Film Festival 2015 (Stage Manager). She is a member of East Singers, Belles of East, and Stay Tuned. She would like to thank her family and friends. Stephen Hoffman (Boatswain) A senior, Stephen is very excited to be acting in his last fall show. Recent credits include: Director-Lab Theatre, Sailor-Anything Goes, and Si Crowell-Our Town. Alexis Rebock (Francesca- White) A senior, Alexis is ecstatic to be in her seventh mainstage at East! Recent credits include: This is a Test (Best Play and Best Director) Anything Goes and Our Town.Alexis is co-company manager of Mime Company, and a member of Thespian Society and Chansons. She thanks her family for their support! Natalie Chadwell (Trinculo-White Cast/Showcase Designer) A senior, Natalie feels bittersweet that this is her last fall show at East. Recent credits include: One Acts 2015: Wanted One Groom (Kayla), Our Town (Rebecca). She is a member of the Mime Company and is President of the Thespian Society. She would like to thank her family and friends for their support. Yoav Varadi (Sebastian-White Cast) A senior, Yoav is thrilled to be performing in this year’s fall play. Recent credits include: Our Town (Howie Newsome), Aida (Soldier), and Flowers for Algernon (Peter). Yoav is Publicity Manager of Thespian Society Troupe #213. He thanks his family and friends for all their support. Katie Aylesworth (Ariel-White Cast) A senior, Katie is super excited to be in her 3rd and final Fall Play at East! Recent credits include Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow), A Moment in Time (Katherine), and Anything Goes (Hope Harcourt). Katie is also very active in the Vocal Department. Break a leg, everyone! Ezra Nugiel (Ferdinand - White) A junior, Ezra is thrilled to be participating in his 5th fall play at East and his first ever Shakespeare production. Recent credits include: Our Town (George Gibbs), Anything Goes (Dancing Sailor), The Mikado (Katisha), and Lab Theatre '15 (Director). Ezra is also a member of the mime company. He would like to thank his friends and family for their support! Brett Fox (Mariner) A sophomore, Brett is ecstatic to be performing in his third mainstage. Recent credits include: (Sailor 2) Anything Goes, (Joe Crowell) Our Town, and (Actor) Sometime I Wake Up in the Middle of the Night.

The White Cast Biographies Ben Levy (Gonzalo-White) A senior, recent credits include Lab Theatre ’15 (Director), Anything Goes (Eli Whitney), Our Town (Simon Stimson), Aida, and Flowers For Algernon. He is a member of the Mime Company and Thespian Society. He would like to dedicate his performance to his family for all of their love and support.

The Crew Biographies Amelia Zaleski ( Wardrobe Manager) A senior. Amelia was delighted to work on The Tempest along side with Noel Davis and Hannah Yankowitz. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her. Recent credits include A moment in time (Alice), The Fourth Wish (Candice). She is Historian Liaison for Thespian Society Troupe 213. Hunter Berkowitz (Sound Designer/ Sound Engineer) Hunter is a junior at Cherry Hill East. He has been on stage crew since freshman years on show's such as Aida, Our Town and Anything Goes. He looks forward to his future in East's stage crew Chris Nothnagel ( Student technical Director) A junior. Chris is thrilled to be working on The Tempest this fall. Recent credits include: Lab Theaters, One Acts, Our Town, Anything Goes, Flowers For Algernon, Aidia. He is extremely excited to be Student Technical Director for The Tempest. Ben Vaupen (Technical Director) A Junior, Ben is thrilled to be working his first main stage as a TD and looks forward to many more. He has previously worked on Aida, Our Town, and Anything Goes, and is serving a Stage Crew Liaison for 2015-2016 year. Rachel Ackerman (Stage Manager) A senior, Rachel is thrilled to be in her final Fall Play. Recent credits at East include The Fourth Wish (Director), Anything Goes (Assistant Stage Manager), Our Town (Assistant Stage Manager), and Aida (Assistant Stage Manager). Rachel is currently Vice President of the Thespian Society, and would like to thank her parents for always supporting her dreams, and teaching her to reach for the stars. Jamie Gottlieb (Assistant Stage Manager) Jamie Is so excited to be participating in her last fall show here at Cherry Hill East. Her recent credits include A voice within the Grey (stage manager), and Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night (stage manager). Jamie is also a proud member of East Singers and Chanson. Sam Brenner (Scenic Artist, junior) Sam is thrilled to be working with the scenic art department again for his third year. His past credits include: Flowers for Algernon, Aida, Anything Goes, and other non main stage productions. This is his first year as part of the international thespian society troop 213. Alison Mautner (Scenic Artist) a Senior. Alison is thrilled to be a part of her 7th MainStage at East. Recent credits include: Lab Theatre ’13, ’14, ’15, The Skin of Our Teeth, Peter Pan, Flower for Algernon, Aida, Our Town, Anything Goes, and The Tempest! She is very excited to work on future productions as part of the paint crew during her last year at East. Hannah Yankowitz (Assistant Stage Manager/Wardrobe Manager) A Senior. She was delighted to help edit the film with Mr.Gambino. Recent Credit include:One Acts 2016 Wanted One Groom (Mother), Our Town (Mrs.Ellis). She is delights to have worked alongside everyone and would like to thank her family. She is a member of the Mime Company, Thespian Society Troupe 213, and is Historian on the Thespian Board. Gabby Goldman (Student Technical Director) A senior, Gabby is excited to be working on this fabulous Shakespeare classic. Favorite credits include "Peter Pan" and One Acts 2015. Gabby would like to thank her friends and family for keeping her sane for the last four years!

The Magic Behind the Scenes...

Who’s Who on the Staff Tom Weaver (Director, Producer, Set/Lighting Designer) is in his 39th year at East. Mr. Weaver has designed and/or technically directed every Mainstage show since 1977. He has also enjoyed directing a number of productions: Death of a Salesman, M*A*S*H*, Inherit the Wind, You Can’t Take It With You, The Man Who Came To Dinner, To See The Stars, Romeo and Juliet, The Crucible, Fiddler on the Roof, A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, Man of La Mancha, Pippin, A Christmas Carol, Singin’ In the Rain, The Skin Of Our Teeth, Peter Pan, Flowers for Algernon , Aida, Our Town and Anything Goes.. Mr. Weaver also created our East Lab Theater Program in 1984. Other duties include producing the East One Act Play Festival where the East Theater program has enjoyed “Best Play” honors in the tri-state festivals five of the last seven years and also enjoys directing the East Mime Company, now in its 38th year. He is the advisor of our East Thespian Society Troupe 213. Mr. Weaver also directs the Studio II plays. He enjoys keeping the rich theatre tradition here at East. Outside of East Mr. Weaver’s directing or set design work can be seen at Mainstage Center for the Arts, where he just recently directed Marry Poppins this past summer. He also has enjoyed designing many shows for Voorhees Theatre Company and Glassboro High School. Mr. Weaver is well known throughout the Delaware Valley where he has designed and directed for many other Community Theatre groups. In all, he has designed and/or directed over 400 productions. He has also been nominated for Best Set and Lighting Design by Paper Mill’s Rising Star award program for his work here at East and Glassboro High School where his wife AnneMarie is the Theatre Director. Mr. Weaver is a graduate of Rowan University (Glassboro State) with a BA degree in Speech and Theatre. He would like to say, with much love, thank you to his wife for supporting his love for theatre. Also a big hug to his children, Tom Jr., Erin and Aaron, Robert and Christine, and Caitlin. He is also the proud grandfather of Lilly, Maisie, Christopher, and Charles Thomas.

Sandi Makofski (Co-Director) Sandi’s love for theater and dance began when her grandfather, a Vaudevillian performer, taught her the soft shoe at age 3. She began her career as a performer and earned a BA in Speech and Theater with a minor in Dance at Montclair State University. Working her way through college as a choreographer, she found that working on the other side of the audition table was what she loved best. Choreography soon evolved into directing and she has been working as a freelance artist ever since. She has worked in just about every imaginable theater venue from elementary school through college, professional, regional, community, corporate and film. She is presently working on a revival of the urban musical “Inner City” in NYC. Cherry Hill East remains one of her favorite places to work. She considers herself most fortunate to be creating theater here with Tom Weaver and the wonderfully talented students and staff. Thank you all!!

Who’s Who on the Staff Noel Davis (Costume Designer) This is Noel’s 11th year as costume designer for Cherry Hill High School East. Noel has also designed costumes for regional theaters and community theaters in the South Jersey area. Noel was a Papermill Play House Rising Star nominee in 2003 for Les Miserables. Noel is thrilled to be working with the students of Cherry Hill East. She is delighted to see students acquiring costuming and sewing skills that will be useful to them throughout their lives. Noel holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a New Jersey School Nurse Certificate. She holds a full time position as a school nurse for YALE Schools. As always, Noel would like to thank all the parent volunteers for their assistance with the big endeavor of creating costumes for The Tempest.

Debra M. Faye (Make-Up Designer and Coordinator) has a B.A. in theatre from the University of Maine and a M.A. in theatre from the University of Connecticut. A theatre generalist with more than 25 years experience, Debra has worked as a theatre teacher, designer, director, actor, and make-up artist. Her teaching credentials include The Taft School in Watertown, CT; Westtown School in Westtown, PA, and the University of Connecticut at Storrs. In addition to her work on various productions here at EAST over the last five years, Debra also is the Make up Designer and Coordinator for Mainstage Center for the Arts. She has worked for various professional, regional, community, and educational theatres in the area, including the Ritz Theatre in Oakland, the Adrienne, and Walnut Street Theatres (Studio) in Philadelphia. In addition to her commercial and film work, Debra teaches workshops in stage make up for various high schools throughout the tri-state area. One of her latest projects was partnering with BRUCE PRODUCTIONS and the American Cancer Society to create zombie make up for THE ZOM PROM in Wilmington, DE.

Peter Gambino (Technical Assistant) has worked as a writer, filmmaker, graphic artist and technical assistant. In 2011 he earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers University, Camden. Since then, he's taught screenwriting and video production at Rutgers and become involved with its theatre program. His first novel is actively seeking publication, and he owns an impressive collection of Bill Murray DVDs.

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Cherry Hill East’s production of GYPSY in March of 1978 marked the inception of “The Thespian Mirror” as the program magazine for productions at Cherry Hill School East produced by the International Thespian Society. The name is borrowed from the historical document discovered while researching in Theatre History classes. First published in 1805, the original was a critical journal by a young aspiring actor, John Howard Payne, who from the age of 14 and or the next 20 years became well known as a performer, playwright, and critic. He wrote 50-60 plays during his career. Of these, the best known include BRUTUS (1818) and CHARLES II (1824). He holds the prestigious position in history as America’s first internationally successful dramatist. Our program title seems fitting then as young aspiring actors before you tonight strive for the success which Payne proved possible even as a child prodigy and since we subscribe to Aristotle’s philosophy that good theatre must truly “mirror” our existence. We proudly celebrate 39 years of MIRROR as the program magazine for our mainstage productions. We thank our advertisers for making this what it is today!

Has been working for the Cherry Hill School District for 12 years and has loved every second of it. He is the technology coordinator for Cherry Hill East H.S. He manages the servers, computers and interacts with the teachers and staff on a daily basis. He is always trying to come up with a more proactive way to use technology more efficiently in the schools. “I can not believe this is the 17th playbill I have been asked to do! It is true that time does fly when your having fun! Working with Tom Weaver, the cast & the crew is such a blast as well as a huge learning experience. WHAT A TEAM! My wife Jaime of 25 years (whom I can’t thank enough for filling in at home for me), sons Jordan-19, Hunter-16 & Jake-16 really enjoy going to each and every show. To all the graduating students, I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors in life! Stop back and say hi . Mr. Weaver, it is truly a pleasure to work side by side with you and the students! I look forward in many more years working with East’s AWESOME Theatre group!: