The Man Who Came to Dinner

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International Thespian Society Troupe 213 Presents

Co-Director/Projections Pete Gambino

Produced & Directed By Tom Weaver

Co-Director Sandi Makofsky

Hair/Makeup Design Debra Faye

Costume Designer Noel Davis

Mirror Editor Rick Friedman

Sound Advisor Marc Warfel

Costume Design Assistant Bethany Campbell

Set/Lighting Designer Tom Weaver

Showcase Photographer Bill Kovnat

Technical Assistant Tom Balderstone

Properties Manager Heather Vaughn

Box Office Manager Amy Breslow

Student Vocal Director Jack Granite

House Manager Dawn Zaleski

Production Stage Manager Taryn Rumell

Please turn off all cell phones. Video recording and flash attachments to cameras are strictly prohibited in consideration with the safety of the actors. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. The Man Who Came to Dinner is produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service Inc.

Welcome to the theater. I am often asked why did I choose this play? For starters I love, as do so many other theater goers, the genius of Moss Hart and George Kaufman. Their humor is second to none. They were to the early part of the twentieth century what Neil Simon was to the second half of the twentieth century. I am also a sucker for a good period play that takes us back in time as there is always so much to enjoy from many decades ago. It also doesn’t hurt that there are over 40 parts for our young creative artists to portray. Building period sets and costumes is also a fun but challenging adventure that we so enjoy here at East High School. In this day and age of instant communication through social media it becomes even more fun to visit an age where people had to talk with each other to get things done. I think Kaufman and Hart had the same idea when they wrote The Man Who Came to Dinner. Life back in the 1930s seemed so simple compared to how our busy “rat race” life style is today that a trip back in time may remind us to stop and smell the roses once in a while. The reoccurring visits of the character Harriett Stanley or the simplicity of our good Dr. Bradley go a long way to remind us of life’s simpler pleasures. My guess is we have all met a Sheridan Whiteside somewhere along the line and were completely bewildered by this obnoxious, outgoing personality. Is there someone like this in your family, or in your workplace? If so you can look forward, with laughter, to how the many characters in this story deal with him. It also doesn’t hurt that this very funny comedy takes place during the holiday season and therefore I hope it will lift your spirits as you enjoy the show tonight. I would also like to say thank you to our production staff, my friends and colleagues who have done so much to bring Cherry Hill East this top notch theater program. It is one thing for me as a director to have a vision of what the play should look like but without the help of our very talented production staff, parent boosters, and finally the very talented student actors and technicians the vision and good theater you are seeing tonight would not be possible. Simply said, thank you to everyone for making this a memorable final fall production for me as I get ready to retire at the end of this school year. I have nothing but fond memories of everyone I’ve worked with and all the shows we were able to produce. Please enjoy tonight’s production of The Man Who Came to Dinner.

Ethel Barrymore “The First Lady of the American Theater” William Beebe Famous deep sea diver and prolific scientific writer Admiral Richard E. Byrd Eminent American naval officer and polar explorer Dr. Alexis Carrel French surgeon, biologist, and Noble Prize Winner Hattie Carnegie Hungarian fashion entrepreneur Katharine Cornell Prominent American stage actress Joan Crawford Influential dancer, stage showgirl, and Hollywood actress Salvador Dali Popular Spanish surrealist painter Elsie Dinsmore Fictitious children’s book character Anthony Eden British Foreign Secretary and Conservative politician Dorothy di Frasso Hollywood personality with numerous flings Cary Grant English-American Hollywood actor Jascha Heifitz Greatest violinist of all time Howard Hughes One of the most successful individuals in the world Hedy Lamarr Austrian-born American film actress and inventor John L. Lewis American leader of labor organizers Alfred Lunt An influential stage director and actor Harry Montross A famous American painter William Lyon Phelps American author critic and scholar Zazu Pitts Popular American silent film actress Ginger Rogers RKO musical film, stage, radio, and television performer Billy Rose Renowned American impresario, showman, and lyricist Lillian Russell Actress and singer known for her beauty and style Haile Selassie Emperor of Ethiopia

Schiaparelli Prominent Italian fashion designer Arturo Toscanini Italian conductor and acclaimed musician Ethel Waters American jazz singer and actress Margaret Bourke White Notorious war time photographer William Allen White American Progressive leader and newspaper editor Jock Whitney U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Darryl Zanuck American film producer and studio executive

A Note From the Dramaturge By: Jayson Borenstein George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart’s play, The Man Who Came to Dinner opened at the Music Box Theatre on October 16, 1939 and closed in 1941 after an astonishing 739 performances. Monty Woolley originated the role of the quick-witted and obnoxious, Sheridan Whiteside. However, few people know of the real-life inspiration for Whiteside. Alexander Humphreys Woollcott was born on January 19, 1887 in Colts Neck Township, New Jersey and went on to become an influential critic and commentator for The New Yorker. Woollcott served in World War I and worked with several other writers to create the Stars and Stripes newspaper which worked to boost troop morale. It was not until after he returned home from The War that Woollcott had his greatest success. He became one of the most prolific drama critics in New York City. His reviews were so influential that his review of the Marx Brothers’ I’ll Say She Is, is actually what jump-started their career. Despite all of his positive influence on the theatre industry, Alexander Woollcott was perhaps better known for his personality. Woollcott was known for his harsh words, brutal honesty, and eccentric judgement. Frequently, Woollcott greeted his friends by calling them “Repulsive” and always came up with a clever quip when someone annoyed him. Woollcott once invited himself into Moss Hart’s Bucks County home for a night. However, in the course of that one evening, Woollcott completely dominated the home. He took over Hart’s master bedroom, made demands of his servants, ordered that the heat in the house be turned off, and drank milkshakes. In Hart’s guest book, Woollcott wrote, “This is to certify that I had one of the most unpleasant times I ever spent”. When Moss Hart was telling his good friend George Kaufman about Woollcott’s time at his home, Hart wondered what would have happened if Woollcott had broken his leg and never left. Kaufman and Hart looked at each other and the idea for The Man Who Came to Dinner was born. Sheridan Whiteside was not the only character in The Man Who Came to Dinner that was based off of a real person. Lorraine Sheldon, the famous actress who enters the play in Act II is based off of Gertrude Lawrence. Lawrence was a well known English actress, singer, dancer, and musical theater performer. She was especially well known for her performances alongside Noël Coward. Coward, who is portrayed in the play through the character of Beverly Carlton, was a famous English playwright, composer, director, actor, and singer. He was famously known for his flamboyance and wit and also to be well put together in public. Banjo is based off of comedy legend, Harpo Marx, one of the greatest physical comedians of all time and clearly translates into Banjo’s character. Kaufman and Hart even took the time to base minor characters such as Professor Metz on real people. Metz is based off of Dr. Gustav Eckstein, a medical doctor, writer, teacher, and philosopher. He was an intense and eccentric man and primarily studied animal behaviors which is seen in the play through Metz’s gift of cockroaches to Whiteside. Many famous actors have taken on its iconic characters. With regards to the starring role of Sheridan Whiteside, former Yale professor, Monty Woolley originated the role. Broadway legend, Nathan Lane played the part in the 2001 revival. Alexander Woollcott, himself also took on the very role that parodied him in a West Coast version of the play. Finally, in what one could only imagine as an amazing production, George S. Kaufman played Sheridan Whiteside, Moss Hart played Beverly Carlton, and Harpo Marx played Banjo, the very role that was based on him. With distinct and memorable characters, an abundance of comedy, and a rich, detailed plot, it is no wonder that The Man Who Came to Dinner has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most popular American plays.

SCENE: The home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, in a small town in Ohio. Act I Scene 1: A December morning. Scene 2: About a week later. Act II Another week has passed. Christmas Eve. Act III Christmas Morning.

There will be two 10 minute intermissions.

The Director Would Like to Thank: The Board of Education, Central Administration, Dr. Dennis Perry, Mr. Aaron Edwards, Mr. Ted Beatty, Dr. Matthew Covington, Ms. Rebecca Metzger, Mr. Lou Papa, Mr. CJ Davis, and staff for supporting the Performing Arts. The Maintenance Staff: Joe Sutton and John Doyle. Secretaries: Cecilia Eiola, Jane Abo, Debbie Jastrow, and Johanna Scott. The Director is personally grateful to all the parents who were gracious enough in so many ways. They have assisted in costumes, props, cooking meals for the cast and crew, giving dozens of rides to their kids and friends, so on and so forth. Special thanks to Marc Warfel for his help with sound and to Tom Balderstone for help with sets and props. A heartfelt thank you the talented production staff, who have shown so much patience in teaching over 75 student actors and technicians the “Art� of good theatre. Thank you to Mainstage Center for the Arts, Voorhees Theatre Company, and Haddonfield High School for lending us props. Many thanks to Greg Gagliardi for his voiceover news reports. A very special thank you to Peter Cuddihy and the Theater Boosters for dinners, refreshments, flowers, souvenir sales, and the box office. Please Patronize Advertisers: When and wherever you shop, please consider these local merchants first. Their support of young people make these things possible.

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2nd Place winner Jayson Borenstein

Thank you so much!!

Red Cast Morgan Pierce Cameron Orefice Lewis Levy Leah Levin Kevin Naddeo Lauren Meyer Niyah Worthy Grace Breslow Daniel Pipersburgh Alicia Cosenza Seth Treiman Jayson Borenstein Nala Jackson Jackson Feudtner Seth Hornstein Matt McNulty Alex Barkhamer Dominic Scott Marco Veneziano Dylan Schwartz Charlie Bove John Schultz Cate Harding Thomas Zieger Marco Porras Brynn Wilson Grace Pierlott Izzy Ortiz Alex Barkhamer Hailee Connors

White Cast ..……….Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley………… ……..……………Miss Preen…………………. ..…………….Richard Stanley……………… ..….……………June Stanley………………… .…...…………………John………………………. ..…………………….Sarah……………………… ..….…………….Mrs. Dexter………………… .....………..Mrs. McCutcheon……………. ..…...…….…….Mr. Stanley………………... …....………….Maggie Cutler……………….. …...…………….Dr. Bradley…………………. ......……….Sheridan Whiteside……………. ..….………….Harriet Stanley………………. …….…………..Bert Jefferson………………… .........……….Professor Metz.……………... ..……….……….Michaelson…………………. .…..…………Luncheon Guests………………

Elise Baratta Cassie Cuddihy Pete Cuddihy Caitlin Cepeda Jackson Feudtner Carlee Bystrycki Haley Lopez Claire Coen Peter Slattery Amanda Kahn Thomas Zieger Jack Granite Cameron Orefice Kevin Naddeo Jake Hoffman Kyle Edens Tre Spier Ryan Munn

…..………………Mr. Baker………………….. ....…………….Expressman 1……………….. …..…………….Expressman 2………………… ..….…………Lorraine Sheldon……………… .…..………………..Sandy…………………….. .…...…………Beverly Carlton………………. ..…....……………Westcott…………………… ..…..……….Radio Technicians……………..

Dylan Schwartz Charlie Bove John Schultz Jackie Cotter Justin Walker Vincent Velasco Alex Barkhamer Hailee Connors Abigail Peters Brynn Wilson Grace Pierlott Izzy Ortiz Claire Coen Paige Noble Kyle Edens Ryan Munn Abigail Peters


Talena Searles-Dowdy

Niyah Worthy Grace Breslow Matt McNulty Marco Veneziano Dominic Scott Justin Walker Jake Hoffman John Schultz Dylan Schwartz

.…...………………..Banjo………………………. ..…...……………..Deputies……………………. ..………….A Plainclothes Man……………

Spencer Levy Seth Hornstein Charlie Bove Dylan Schwartz

Production Stage Manager


Taryn Rumell

Assistant Stage Managers


Erin Butler, Jane Lipsett

Apprentice Stage Manager


Leo Granite

Student Technical Directors


Ryan O’Donnell, Sammie Schottenfeld, Eli Vaupen

Assistant Student Technical Director


Lee Kotzen

Scenic Artists


Shani Hemo, Vrinda Vinod

Master Carpenter


Giana Boyer

Master Electrician


Tori Zubrzycki

Sound Engineer


Jacob Bloom

Wardrobe Manager


Erin Hurley

Properties Managers


Jayson Borenstein, Jack Granite, Kevin Naddeo

Makeup Coordinators


Elise Baratta, Maia Venuti



Jayson Borenstein

Assistant Scenic Artist


Ilana Arougheti, Maia Venuti

Assistant Lighting Technicians


Penina Oanona, Ji Shin, Nicole Wolf

Assistant Sound Engineers


Ali Armendinger, Josie Morgan

Paint Charge


Caitlin Cepeda, Lewis Levy

Student Vocal Director


Jack Granite

Showcase Designer


Carlee Bystrycki, Taryn Rumell

Publicity Director


Cassie Cuddihy

Company Managers


Jackie Cotter, Cassie Cuddihy, Amanda Kahn , Spencer Levy, Cameron Orefice, Vincent Velasco



Dominic Scott

Publicity Crew: Jackie Cotter, Jackson Feudtner, Matt McNulty, Melissa Oberstaedt, Cameron Orefice, Daniel Pipersburgh, Dylan Schwartz

Costume Crew: Grace Breslow, Hailee Connors, Evelyn Hong, Jessica Lam, Grayson Leslie, Paige Noble, Henry Nolan, Izzy Ortiz, Grace Pierlott, Liam Reilly, Melissa Shapiro, Tre Spier, Hannah Sullivan, Gia Wizeman

General Crew: Nancy Atkinson, Lizzie Armstrong, Elise Baratta, Hemma Boggi, Angela Bruno, Dylan Butler, Brendan Casuscelli, Caitlin Cepeda, Jackie Cotter, Garrett Denney, Carina Dillulo, Jackson Feudtner, Debbie Goldberg, Franklin Kisn, Hannah Lee, Lewis Levy, Dominque Liautaud, Isabella Mattews, Lauren Meyer, Aiden O’Donnell, Abigail Peters, Lucas Botelho Pettersen, Joey Perez, Kaitlyn Perez, Daniel Pipersburgh, Madeline Reynolds, Tori Ruth, Jillian Schaeffer, Joseph Timpanelli, Meghan Varverice, Niyah Worthy, Thomas Zieger,

Jayson Borenstein (Sheridan Whiteside-Red, Dramaturge, Playbill Assistant) A senior. Jayson is ecstatic to be in his seventh Mainstage at East. Recent credits include: The Music Man (Mayor Shinn), It’s a Wonderful Life (Mr. Potter), and Grease (Eugene Florczyck). He was the proud director of Cocoanut Soup at the Palace and is a member of Thespian Society, PAVAS, and East Singers. Jack Granite (Sheridan Whiteside-White, Properties Manager & Student Vocal Director) A senior. Jack is very excited to be taking on the role of Sheridan Whiteside for his final fall play at Cherry Hill East. Past credits include The Addams Family (Uncle Fester), The Music Man (Marcellus Washburn), and It’s a Wonderful Life (Uncle Billy). He is the co-president of East Singers, Voce officer, and in the 2018 NJMEA All State Mixed Choir. Alicia Cosenza (Maggie Cutler-Red) A junior. Alicia is thankful for the opportunity to do what she loves with the people she loves in her fourth Mainstage at East! Recent credits include: The Addams Family (Wednesday Addams), The Music Man (Marian Paroo), and It’s A Wonderful Life (Frankie). Special thanks to her acting coach, Erica Harr for her help and support. She can’t wait to see what the future holds. Amanda Kahn (Maggie Cutler-White) A senior. Amanda is excited to be in her seventh Mainstage at East. Recent credits include: Dog Sees God (Marcy), The Music Man (Mrs. Squires), It’s A Wonderful Life (Cousin Eustace). Along with Assistant Stage-Managing Lab Theatre the past two years and holding the position of Co-Vice President of Thespian Society, she is in East Singers, Chansons, and the Belles of East. Jackson Feudtner (Bert Jefferson-Red, John-White) A junior. Jackson is thrilled to be performing in his fifth Mainstage at East. Recent credits include: The Addams Family (Lucas Beineke), The Music Man (Tommy Djilas), and It’s a Wonderful Life (Jo/Sam Wainwright). He is also a proud member of East Singers, Stay Tuned, and the Cherry Hill East Mime Company. Kevin Naddeo (Bert Jefferson-White, John-Red, Properties Manager) A senior. Kevin is very excited to perform in his 6th main stage at East! Recent credits include: The Addams Family (Gomez Addams), The Music Man (Harold Hill), It’s a Wonderful Life (George Bailey), and Ragtime (Father). Kevin is a proud member of East Singers and Stay Tuned. He is also President of the Thespian Society. Cate Harding (Lorraine Sheldon-Red) A junior. Cate is thrilled to be participating in her fifth Mainstage at East. She has most recently performed in: Bang, Bang, You’re Dead (Emily), The Music Man (Alma Hix), and It’s a Wonderful Life (Violet Bick). She is also a proud member of East Singers and Stay Tuned. Jackie Cotter (Lorraine Sheldon-White) A senior. Jackie is thrilled to be playing this fantastic role. Recent credits include: The Music Man (Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn), It's A Wonderful Life, Ragtime, and The Miracle Worker. Jackie is also a member of Stage Crew, Belles of East (Officer), Thespian Society (Co-Vice President) and the Cherry Hill East Mime Company (Company Manager). Vincent Velasco (Beverly Carlton-White) A senior. Vincent is very excited for his final Fall Show at Cherry Hill East. Vincent has previously performed in The Music Man (Conductor), It’s a Wonderful Life (Jo), and Ragtime (Booker T. Washington). He is also a member of the Thespian Society and President of Concert Choir in the Music Department. Justin Walker (Banjo-Red, Sandy-White) A sophomore. Justin is excited to be in this production of The Man Who Came to Dinner, and has the highest of hopes for it. Recent credits include: The Music Man (Ewart Dunlop), The Little Mermaid (Prince Eric), and Newsies (Davey Jacobs). He hopes to do even more shows with East and wishes everyone the best of luck. Spencer Levy (Banjo-White) A senior. Spencer is excited to be in his seventh Mainstage production at East. Past credits include: The Music Man (Jacey Squires), It’s A Wonderful Life (Ernie Bishop), Ragtime (Little Boy), and The Miracle Worker (Jimmie Sullivan). He is an active member of Thespian Society, Mime Company, East Singers, and Voce. He would like to thank his friends and family for their support.

Daniel Pipersburgh (Mr. Ernest W. Stanley-Red) A sophomore. Daniel is very excited to be performing in his first Fall Show at East! Recent credits include: Booby Trap (Major Harris), The Music Man (Ewart Dunlop), and Aladdin JR. (Aladdin). He would like to dedicate his performance to his family for their support. He is in Concert Choir and can’t wait for the shows to come and many memories be made. Peter Slattery (Mr. Ernest W. Stanley-White) A sophomore. Peter is excited to be in his second Mainstage at East. Past credits include: The Addams Family (Lurch), The Music Man (Olin Britt), and Aladdin JR. (Jafar). He is a member of Voce, the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale and All South Jersey Chorus. He wants to say thank you to everyone for their support, and “break a leg” to the cast and crew. Morgan Pierce (Mrs. Daisy Stanley-Red) A junior. Morgan is excited to be in her fifth Mainstage at East. Past credits include: The Music Man (Wells Fargo Soloist) and It’s a Wonderful Life (Ensemble). Morgan is also a proud member of Thespian Society Troupe 213, Chansons, and The Cherry Hill East Mime Company. Elise Baratta (Mrs. Daisy Stanley-White, Makeup Coordinator) A senior. Elise is extremely excited to be playing Mrs. Stanley in her sixth Mainstage at East. Recent credits include: The Music Man (Mrs. Paroo), It’s A Wonderful Life (Mrs. Bailey/Mrs. Partridge), The Lion King (Hyena/Featured Vocal), Ragtime (Houdini’s Mother/Featured Vocal). She is also a member of the Mime Company and Thespian Society Troupe 213. Cameron Orefice (Miss Preen-Red, Harriet Stanley-White) A senior. Cameron is thrilled to play two hilarious women in her last Fall Show at East. Recent credits include: The Music Man (Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn) and It’s A Wonderful Life (Mrs. Bailey), as well as roles in The Miracle Worker, Ragtime, and Beauty and the Beast. She is also a member of East Singers, Voce, PAVAS, and Thespian Society.

Cassie Cuddihy (Miss Preen-White, Publicity Director) A senior. Cassie is thrilled to be performing in her seventh Mainstage at East! Recent credits include: The Music Man (Zaneeta Shinn), It's A Wonderful Life (Mary Hatch Bailey), and Ragtime (Brigit). Cassie is also a member of East Singers, Voce, Mime Company, and Thespian Society. She would like to thank her family for all their love and support. Seth Treiman (Dr. Bradley-Red) A senior. Seth is thrilled for his seventh Mainstage at East. Recent credits include: The Music Man (Marcellus Washburn), It’s a Wonderful Life (Pop, Nick), Ragtime (Henry Ford) and The Miracle Worker (A Doctor). Along with stage managing this year’s Crimson Theatre production, Seth is a proud member of East Singers, Voce and Thespian Society. Thomas Zieger (Dr. Bradley-White, Sandy-Red) A junior. Thomas is very excited to be in the cast of East’s fall production of The Man Who Came to Dinner. Recent credits include: Cocoanut Soup at the Palace (Chico Marx), The Music Man (Constable Locke), and It’s A Wonderful Life (Clarence). He is also a proud member of East Singers and Stay Tuned. Lewis Levy (Richard Stanley-Red) A sophomore. Lewis is ecstatic to be performing in his 4th Mainstage at East. Recent credits include: Re-Deranged -- A Night of Poe (Fortunato), The Music Man (Featured Dancer/ Soloist), It’s a Wonderful Life (Mickey/Watchman). He is also a proud member of Vocal Workshop and Mime Company. He would like to thank his friends and family for all of their support. Pete Cuddihy (Richard Stanley-White) A sophomore. Pete is jazzed to be performing in his third Mainstage at Cherry Hill East. Recent credits include: Re-Deranged -- A Night of Poe (Hop Frog), Tender (Jamie), The Music Man (Tommy Djilas), and It’s a Wonderful Life (Young George Bailey, Pete Bailey). Pete is also involved with Voce, Concert Choir, SGA, and the Mime company. Leah Levin (June Stanley-Red) A senior. Leah is excited to be in her final Fall Play at East. Past Credits include: The Music Man (Alma Hix), It’s a Wonderful Life (Mrs. Hatch), Ragtime (Little Girl), The Miracle Worker (Helen Keller), and Beauty and the Beast (Chip). Leah is also a proud member of The Belles of East, Thespian Society, and East Singers.

Caitlin Cepeda (June Stanley-White) A sophomore. Credits include: Re-Deranged -- A Night of Poe (Genevieve), The Music Man (Gracie Shinn), It’s a Wonderful Life (Young Violet). Caitlin is a proud member of Stay Tuned and All-State Mixed Choir. She would like to thank the cast and crew for their incredible work on this production. Seth Hornstein (Professor Metz/Deputy-Red) A sophomore. Seth is excited to be in his third Mainstage production at East. Recent credits include Hairspray (I.Q.), The Music Man (Featured Dancer), and It's A Wonderful Life (Mr. Carter). He would also like to wish everyone good luck and thank his friends and family for their support. Jake Hoffman (Professor Metz/Deputy-White) A senior. Jake is excited about his final Fall Show at East. Recent Credits include: The Music Man (Mayor Shinn), It's a Wonderful Life (Bert), and Ragtime (JP Morgan). Jake is also a proud member of Thespian Society and Concert Choir. Lauren Meyer (Sarah-Red) A sophomore. Lauren is thrilled to be a part of this production. Recent credits include: Re-Deranged -- A Night of Poe (Madam Price), Hairspray (Ensemble), The Music Man (Ensemble), and It’s a Wonderful Life (Ensemble). She is also a proud member of Chansons. Carlee Bystrycki (Sarah-White) A sophomore. Carlee is jazzed to be in her second Mainstage production at East. Previous credits include: Re-Deranged — A Night of Poe (Madam Montresor), A Chorus Line (Val Clark), Bang, Bang, You’re Dead (The Shadow), and Freaky Friday (Ellie Blake). She is also a proud member of Concert Choir and Mime Company. Niyah Worthy (Mrs. Dexter/Choir-Red) A sophomore. Niyah is thrilled to be performing as Mrs. Dexter in her third Mainstage at East. Recent credits include: Re-Deranged -- A Night of Poe (Madam Malliard), The Music Man (Featured Dancer), and It’s a Wonderful Life (Flo). Niyah is also a member of Stay Tuned and Chansons. Grace Breslow (Mrs. McCutcheon/Choir-Red) A sophomore. Grace is excited to be a part of her third Mainstage at East! Recent credits include: Re-Deranged -- A Night of Poe (Nurse) and Bang, Bang, You’re Dead (Actor 3). She wishes good luck to the entire cast and crew! Claire Coen (Mrs. McCutcheon/Choir-White) A sophomore. Claire is thrilled to be in her third Mainstage here at East! Previous credits include: Re-Deranged -- A Night of Poe (Madeline Usher) and The Addams Family (Ancestor). Dylan Schwartz (Mr. Baker/A Plainclothes Man) A sophomore. Dylan is excited for this fall performance at East. Recent productions include: The Remarkable Incident of Carson Corners (Joey Rogers), It’s a Wonderful Life (Townsperson), The Music Man (Adult Ensemble), Re-Deranged -- A Night of Poe (Servant), and many more. John Schultz (Expressman 2, Deputy-White) A junior. This aspiring paleontologist is excited to participate at his third Fall Play at East. Past shows include: The Music Man, It’s a Wonderful Life, Ragtime, and The Miracle Worker! Abigail Peters (Radio Technician/Choir-White) A sophomore. Abigail is thrilled to be a part of her second Mainstage production at East! Her previous credits include: Sister Act, The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners, The Music Man, One Act Plays, and Hairspray.

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Jane Lipsett (Assistant Stage Manager) A junior. Jane is thrilled to be helping with The Man Who Came to Dinner at East! Past credits include: Assistant Stage Manager for It's A Wonderful Life and The Music Man, Paint Charge for The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners, and General Crew for The Miracle Worker and Ragtime. Jane would like to congratulate the cast and crew for producing an amazing show! Eli Vaupen (Student Technical Director) A senior. Eli is excited to be working on The Man Who Came to Dinner. He has been a member of Stage Crew since his freshman year. Recent credits include: The Music Man (Master Carpenter and Grip Crew), It’s A Wonderful Life (Assistant Master Carpenter and Grip Crew), Ragtime, The Miracle Worker, and Beauty and the Beast (Grip Crew).

Tom Weaver (Director, Light and Set Designer) is in his 42nd year at Cherry Hill East HS. Mr. Weaver has designed and /or technically directed every Mainstage show since 1977. He has also enjoyed directing a number of productions: Death of a Salesman. M*A*S*H*, Inherit the Wind, You Can’t Take It With You, The Man Who Came to Dinner, To See The Stars, Romeo and Juliet, The Crucible, Fiddler On the Roof, A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, Man of La Mancha, Pippin, A Christmas Carol, Singin’ In the Rain, The Skin Of Our Teeth, Peter Pan Flowers For Algernon, Aida, Out Town, Anything Goes, The Tempest, Beauty and the Beast, The Miracle Worker, Ragtime, and Music Man. Mr. Weaver also created our East Lab Theater program in 1984. Other duties include producing the East Film and One Act Play festival where the East Theater program has enjoyed “Best Play” honors many times in the tristate festivals and also enjoys directing the East Mime Company now in its 41st year. He is adviser of the East Thespian Society Troupe 213. Outside of East Mr. Weaver’s directing or set designing work can be seen at Mainstage Center for the Arts. He has also enjoyed designing many shows for Voorhees Theater Company and Glassboro High School. He has also been nominated for Best Set and Lighting Design by Paper Mill’s Rising Star Award Program for his work here at East and Glassboro High School. Most recently, the fall production of The Tempest won “Best Overall Production in the State of New Jersey” at the 20152016 Fox Awards. Mr. Weaver is a graduate of Rowan University (Glassboro State) with a BA Degree in Speech and Theatre. He would like to say, with much love, thank you to his wife for supporting his love of theatre. Also a big hug to his children, Tom Jr., Erin and Aaron, Robert and Christine, and Caitlin. He is also the proud grandfather of Lilly, Maisie, Christopher, Charles Thomas, and Lylah.

Sandi Makofski (Co-Director/Choreographer) has been working in theater for as long as she can remember. While studying to be a performer she found that her true love was on the other side of the casting table. She has worked as a clown, a waitress, a telephone surveyor, a price checker, a preschool teacher, a dance teacher, a caterer, owned a performing arts studio, owned a dessert catering business and has choreographed and directed shows from professional children’s theater to industry films and everything in between. She is the Drama Director at Carusi Middle School and the Resident Director at Voorhees Theatre Company but working alongside Tom Weaver and Pete Gambino and all the amazingly talented and wonderful students at East, is one of her greatest joys!

Noel Davis (Costume Designer) This is Noel’s 14th year as costume designer for Cherry Hill High School East. Noel has also designed costumes for regional theaters and community theaters in the South Jersey area. Noel holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a New Jersey School Nurse Certificate. She holds a full time position as a school nurse for YALE Schools. Noel would like to thank her co-designer Bethany Campbell for all she does. As always, Noel would like to thank all the parent volunteers for their assistance with the big endeavor of creating costumes for Music Man. She would also like to thank her husband, Don, for his love and patience while she pursues her passion of costuming. Noel also would like to give a big thank you to the cast and crew for taking such good care of my furry companion Hans. He is honored to be the Costume Crew Mascot!

Debra M. Faye (Make-Up Designer and Coordinator) has a B.A. in theatre from the University of Maine and a M.A. in theatre from the University of Connecticut. A theatre generalist with more than 25 years experience, Debra has worked as a theatre teacher, designer, director, actor, and make-up artist. Her teaching credentials include The Taft School in Watertown, CT; Westtown School in Westtown, PA, and the University of Connecticut at Storrs. In addition to her work on various productions here at EAST over the last five years, Debra also is the Make up Designer and Coordinator for Mainstage Center for the Arts. She has worked for various professional, regional, community, and educational theatres in the area, including the Ritz Theatre in Oakland, the Adrienne, and Walnut Street Theatres (Studio) in Philadelphia. In addition to her commercial and film work, Debra teaches workshops in stage make up for various high schools throughout the tri-state area. One of her latest projects was partnering with BRUCE PRODUCTIONS and the American Cancer Society to create zombie make up for THE ZOM PROM in Wilmington, DE.

Pete Gambino (Assistant Director/Projection Director) works as a writer and filmmaker. He received his Creative Writing MFA from Rutgers, Camden. Other recent credits include directing 2017's Fall Show, It's a Wonderful Life, and writing and directing Re-Deranged: A Night of Poe for 2018's Crimson Theater. He would like to thank his family and friends for their continued support. Special thanks to Tom and Sandy for imparting their wisdom, displaying their patience and offering their encouragement.

Bethany Campbell (Assistant Costume Designer) This is Bethany's fourth year with the CHE theater program. She has been working as a costume designer for the past eleven years with Mainstage Center for the Arts in Camden County, and has costumed dozens of shows for children, adults and professional actors. Bethany received her Bachelor's degree in Health Science/ English and Master's Degree in School Health Education with an emphasis in Counseling from Central Michigan University. She has worked in University Administration and Adult Continuing Education, but Bethany particularly enjoys the creative challenges theatrical costuming provides. Bethany has had a wonderful costuming experience here at CHE and loves working with Noel, the student costumers, parent volunteers, and the entire production staff/cast. She would like to thank the CHE theater family for their continued support of her involvement with your program.

The Conservatory of Musical Arts Organico Pizza—Marlton

Tom Balderstone (Technical Assistant) 35 years ago Tom walked the halls of Cherry Hill East and he hasn't gotten the hint, it is time to go. A regular on stage at the East One Acts, in 1987. Tom graduated where he played roles like King Henry the VIII in Anne of a Thousand Days and Pseudolus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum at Drexel University. After college Tom toured in greater Philadelphia area doing Childrens's Theater with Duet Productions and the Childrens Classic Theater. You could hear the roars of laughter in every Cafetorium. Directing credits include Little Shop of Horrors, Romeo and Juliet, Moon over the Brewery and Adaptations. Tom cam back to cougar country in 2003 where he worked on scenery for epic shows like Titanic, One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest and Fiddler on the Roof. His role as Oscar Madison in the Odd Couple at Main Stage was a golden time of laughter with his Director and Mentor, Tom Weaver. To get a break for 10 years of parenting, Tom has returned to help to a part of the production staff in this magical and inspiring theater program at Cheery Hill East. A place that for many years was his second home.

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On the role of Maggie, we are so proud of you! We love you! Love, Mom, Dad, Sarah, David, Lauren, Grandmom & Grandpop


Spencer, Break a leg… and Bring some rye bread! Love, M&D Spencer, We are so proud of you! Break a leg! Love, G and G Have a great fall show, Spencer! Break a leg! Love, Emerson Break a leg Abigail! We’re so proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad Break a leg Abigail! Love, Aud, Brandon, Sam, Bert & Amanda Way to go Abigail! Love, Nana Congratulations Claire! You’ll Be an amazing Mrs. McCutcheon! Break a leg Seth H! Congrats on your first show Ryan! Congrats Tre! Carlee-Congratulations! I am so proud of you! Love Mom Carlee-Break a leg! -Kevin

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Notes & Autographs

Cherry Hill East’s production of GYPSY in March of 1978 marked the inception of “The Thespian Mirror” as the program magazine for productions at Cherry Hill School East produced by the International Thespian Society. The name is borrowed from the historical document discovered while researching in Theatre History classes. First published in 1805, the original was a critical journal by a young aspiring actor, John Howard Payne, who from the age of 14 and or the next 20 years became well known as a performer, playwright, and critic. He wrote 50-60 plays during his career. Of these, the best known include BRUTUS (1818) and CHARLES II (1824). He holds the prestigious position in history as America’s first internationally successful dramatist. Our program title seems fitting then as young aspiring actors before you tonight strive for the success which Payne proved possible even as a child prodigy and since we subscribe to Aristotle’s philosophy that good theatre must truly “mirror” our existence. We proudly celebrate 39 years of MIRROR as the program magazine for our mainstage productions. We thank our advertisers for making this what it is today!

I have been working for the Cherry Hill School District for 15 years and enjoy every second. I am the technology coordinator for Cherry Hill East H.S. I manage the servers and computers in the entire school. Also, I interact with the teachers, staff and students on a daily basis. I am always trying to determine a more proactive way to use technology more efficiently in the school. I am so excited that this is my 25th playbill being produced! It is true that time flies when you’re having fun! Working with Tom Weaver, the cast and the crew is such a blast as well as a huge learning experience. WHAT AN AMAZING TEAM! To my wife, Jaime of 28 years (whom I can’t thank enough for filling in at home for me while I’m creating the Mirror), sons Jordan-22, Hunter19 & Jake-19 really enjoy attending each show. I am dedicating this Mirror to the cast & crew, you are the best! I am still blown away each and every time I watch these shows. Your dedication and determination from the cast & crew is unmatched 365 days a year! Mr. Weaver, it is truly a pleasure to work side by side with you and the students year after year! Thank you for your friendship and mentoring all these years! What a legacy your leaving behind, East’s AWESOME Thespian Society!

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