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North Las Vegas 2023 State of the City

CITY OF NORTH LAS VEGAS Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown delivered her First State of the City Address at Aliante Casino on March 23, 2023. Showcasing some of the city’s historic firsts, unprecedented economic developments such as the $5 billion Helios Health and Wellness Campus next to the VA hospital. An increasing number of affordable hous-

ing, from 334 multi-units to 1,257 units this year. The expansion of 24 new restaurants that have all opened their doors on “Restaurant Row”. All initiatives to improve the quality of life for NLV residents. NLV is embarking on a new and exciting chapter. There was also mention continues on page 5

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IN MY LAST ARTICLE I told you Janelle Fuhrmann, who has been the Aliante Master Associations Assistant Community Manager for the past ten years, would become our new community manager on March 2,2023. Janelle has hit the ground running and is doing an excellent job.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Liza Chimal on her promotion to our Assistant Community Manager. Liza was the Aliante Master Association’s Community Associate for the past two and a half years. As board president of the Aliante sub association Autumn Ridge/ Springdale, I worked with Liza for six years during the time she was the Community Associate for Autumn Ridge/Springdale. Liza was hesitant to take the new position as she wasn’t sure if she was capable. Janelle and I both knew Liza was more than capable. Liza has done an outstanding job as our new Assistant Community Manager paying attention to detail and being a step ahead by taking initiative.

I have been remiss in publicly welcoming Jessica Acevedo our Lifestyle Coordinator. Jessica joined our team in January. She is primarily responsible for planning our social events and communications such as email blasts and our Newsletter, the Aerial. She came to us from the hotel industry.

Finally, I would like to welcome Reina Tejada who joined our team on April 10, 2023. Reina was previously employed by First Service Residential as an administrative assistant before becoming our Compliance Coordinator.

Homeowners who occasionally need to come into the First Residential Office in Aliante will be pleased to hear that the office is moving to a much more convenient location in Aliante with ample parking. The office will be relocating to the two-story office building next to Carl’s Jr. and Capriotti’s. It will be located on the ground floor of the building closest to the two fast food restaurants. The expected move and opening date is around the end of May and beginning of June. The exact date will be announced when the date is certain.

Important Board Decisions at the February 23 and March 23, 2023, Board Meeting

• The Board approved a proposal from Twilight Designs in the amount of $19,977.30 to renovate the lighting at the Common Loon and Cape Eagle and Valley entrances to La Vella. We also approved a proposal in the amount of $2,136.68 to install new transformers at the same entrances. All components will be new and are expected to wear out at the same rate.

• We approved the social committee request to approve a proposal from Las Vegas Entertainment in the amount of $8,672 for the annual Movie night.

From the President Committe & Board Meetings

continues on page 11

Please scan the QR code for the desired Committee and/or Board meeting you would like to attend. Please note, some committee meetings are not open to homeowners. Only the committees open to all homeowners are provided.

Board of Directors

Michael Breault, President R. Wayne Headrick, Vice President

Cherie White, Secretary Stanley Wright, Treasurer

Heather McAlister, Director Jim Spencer, Director


Aliante Master Association c/o FirstService Residential 2760 Deer Springs Way, Suite 104 North Las Vegas, NV 89084

Phone: (702) 399-7327

Office Staff

Community Manager Janelle Fuhrmann, CM, CMCA®, AMS®

Assistant Community Manager Liza Chimal

Lifestyle Coordinator

Jessica Acevedo

Administrative Compliance Coordinator Reina Tejada

Aliante Master Resident Portal/Website

Management Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Securitas Roving Patrol

Roving Patrol 1: (702) 237-4724

Roving Patrol 2: (702) 237-4723

Cost Center Delegates

La Vella: (vacant) • Pavona: (vacant) Ravenna: (vacant) • Salerno: Joyce Pizzo San Destin: (vacant) • Serenata: (vacant) Vialetto: (vacant)

Sub-Association Delegates

Autumn Ridge/Springdale: Stan Wright

Club Aliante: Fred Wilebski

The Courts at Aliante: Sarah Davi

Cove at Aliante: Jerry Dockens

Estates at Aliante: Janice Bee

Fields: Michael Shappley

Manor at Aliante: (vacant)

Prominence at Aliante: Launa Esparza

Seasons: (vacant)

Seville Etage: Matthew Olden

Terrasini: Sue DeLong

Treviso: (vacant)

Community Hotline

(702) 399-4273

Aliante Master Association, its

2 Aliante Aerial
are not responsible for any services listed or rendered by
through this publication.
Finance Safety Social P & G Board

Upcoming Committee Meetings

All meetings listed below will be held virtually. To receive updated Board meeting information please be sure toregister your email address on the Aliante Master website at

From the Mailbag

Crime & Neighborhood Safety

Committee Members

Architectural Review Committee

Michael Breault (Board Liaison)

Dana Campbell (Chair)

Emilio Brunetti

Joyce Pizzo

Dennis Spoto

Stan Wright

Gene Neal

Liza Chimal (Staff Liaison)

Compliance Committee

Heather McAlister (Board Liaison)

Dennis Spoto (Chair)

Tiana Hudson

Lee Kaainoni

Dana Campbell

Joyce Pizzo

Harold Witherspoon

Liza Chimal (Staff Liaison)

Finance Committee

Stanley Wright (Board Liaison)

Neil Holder (Chair)

Gene Neal

Cherie White

Elie Taylor

Janelle Fuhrmann (Staff Liaison)

Property & Grounds Committee

Jim Spencer (Board Liaison)

Dennis Spoto (Chair)

Wilson Langford

Michael Shappley

Tim Yanchisin

Oscar Mandujano

Janelle Fuhrmann (Staff Liaison)

Publications Committee

R. Wayne Headrick (Board Liaison)

Jessica Acevedo (Staff Liaison)

Safety Committee

Jim Spencer (Board Liaison)

Wilson Langford (Chair)

Bill Foster

Lynn Geils

Michael Shappley

Debbie Wiechecki

Janelle Fuhrmann (Staff Liaison)

Social Committee

Cherie White (Board Liaison)

Elie Taylor (Chair)

Joyce Pizzo

Samesha Ramadan

Sabrina Shappley

Jessica Acevedo (Staff Liaison

Upcoming Board Meetings

Thursday, May 25, 2023

6:00 p.m. Executive session (closed to homeowners)

7:00 p.m. Board of Directors meeting (open to homeowners virtualy and in person)

Thursday, April 27, 2022

6:00 p.m. Executive session (closed to homeowners)

7:00 p.m. Board of Directors meeting (open to homeowners virtualy and in person)

Thursday, July 27, 2023

6:00 p.m. Executive session (closed to homeowners)

7:00 p.m. Board of Directors meeting (open to homeowners virtualy and in person)

All meetings listed above are held at the Aliante FirstService

Residential office, located at 2760 Deer Springs Way, Suite 104

“THE TRUTH IS, crime can make its way to any neighborhood, no matter how “safe” it is. In times of economic distress, people are even more concerned about rising crime in their communities. On the bright side, people can take plenty of preventative measures to protect their homes and neighborhoods. The steps could be as simple as keeping the doors locked or as complex as starting a neighborhood watch program. Even though no place is immune to crime, teamwork with neighbors and family members can make a difference to minimize it. This guide defines burglary, explains in detail the importance of neighborhood safety, provides tips on keeping your kids safe, and outlines how you can be a proactive member in your community to promote safety.”

Aliante Master Association Patrol: 702-237-4724

Neighborhood Safety: A Team Effort

While it’s impossible to ward off crime 100%, just one person can set an excellent example for an entire neighborhood. Educate yourself on the measures you can take to encourage safety in your area. Your neighbors should follow suit and work with you to make the community a better place. Many of these measures are simple but go a long

As a reminder, these two forms of communication are for Non-Emergencies. All emergencies should be directed to 311 or 911

Act Now



3 May-June
Architectural Review Committee As needed Compliance Committee Thursday, May 4, 2023 5:00 p.m. Thursday, June 1, 2023 :00 p.m. Thursday, July, 6, 2023 5:00 p.m. Finance Committee Tuesday, May 23, 2023 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 20, 2023 5:00 p.m. Thursday, July 25, 2023 5:00 p.m. Property and Grounds Committee Tuesday, May 2, 2023 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 6, 2023 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 11, 2023 4:30 p.m. Publications Committee As Needed Safety Committee Wednesday, May 3, 2023 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 7, 2023 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, July 5, 2023 4:00 p.m. Social Committee Monday, May 1, 2023 4:00 p.m. Monday, June 5, 2023 4:00 p.m. Monday, July 10, 2023 4:00 p.m.
second guess yourself
If only I had reported . . .
If only I had called . . .
If only I had done . . .
Something, Say Something provides an easy method for you to act in the best interest of your family, friends, business, neighbors and community

From the Treasurer


Cash in the operating accounts totaled $2,672,317.

Cash in the reserve accounts totaled $1,668,149. Cash in the Legal fund totaled $78,789. The Association is in compliance with paragraph (b) of subsection 2 of NRS116.3115 and that reserve funds have not been used for daily maintenance. According to the 2022 reserve study, the fully funded reserve account balance as of the end of 2023 should be $2,014,291.

Delinquent accounts receivable totaled $1,173,224. Accounts receivable balances include uncollected fines of $1,085,002. Delinquent receivables are being collected in accordance with the Association’s collection policy.

Income & Expense Statement

incurred $263,745 in expenses which included a transfer of $48,000 to the reserve account.

Reserve fund revenue amounted to $3,667 in interest income and $48,000 transfer from the operating fund. Expenses amounted to $259,905.

The Board acknowledges that they have fulfilled their duty to review the financial statements in accordance with NRS 116.31083 subject to any current NRS or NAC required year-end audit or review.


Cash in the operating accounts totaled $2,786,896.

Cash in the reserve accounts totaled $1,713,233.

Cash in the Legal fund totaled $78,839. The Association is in compliance with paragraph (b) of subsection 2 of NRS116.3115 and that reserve funds have not been used for daily maintenance. According to the 2022 reserve study, the fully funded reserve account balance as of the end of 2023 should be $2,014,291.

Delinquent accounts receivable totaled $1,070,743. Accounts receivable balances include uncollected fines of $992,621. Delinquent receivables are being collected in accordance with the Association’s collection policy.

Income & Expense Statement

For the month ending March 31, 2023, Operating Income amounted to $402,544. The Association incurred $290,467 in expenses which included a transfer of $48,000 to the reserve account.

Reserve fund revenue amounted to $3,958 in interest income and $48,000 transfer from the operating fund. Expenses amounted to $6,875.

The Board acknowledges that they have fulfilled their duty to review the financial statements in accordance with NRS 116.31083 subject to any current NRS or NAC required year-end audit or review

The Aliante Master now has the ability to add up to 3 addresses to a homeowner’s account.

The main mailing/billing address or primary address will receive ALL correspondences from the Association. The second (usually a property manager or management company) and third address (home) will receive non-compliance letters only. If you would like to add a third address to your account, please email management at

* Please note the request must be in writing from the deeded owner or their authorized representative.

4 Aliante Aerial

State of the City

continued from cover

of NLV’s very own Downtown area, the NLV Village. The village will provide 200000 square feet of retail, including essential goods and services, 175000 square feet of healthcare and medical office, all Set for completion in 2024.

For medical office or retail leasing inquiries contact, Aaron Lefton Lic.01900389


Aviary Park: Lock On the Fields

AVIARY PARK, part of North Las Vegas’ new Aliante development, offers residents a fully equipped sports and recreation facility. The site features night-lighted baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and basketball courts. In addition, there is a large playground area with a group and individual picnic shelters, public restrooms, and off-street parking. Although the park offers many amenities, we have been notified by Doug Guild, Deputy Director, “The gates to the baseball and soccer fields will remained locked to protect the safety of players. This is standard protocol across the valley. We installed signage. They will be open for practice and games moving forward.” If you are visiting the park for an open field, please use this site for some alternatives.


Lighted baseball diamonds

Lighted soccer fields

Basketball courts

Playground units

Individual & group picnic sites Open play area

Public restrooms

Off-street parking

5 May-June
Photo: view of two baseball diamonds at Aviary Park (looking north).

Maintenance Report:

March 2023

Estimated water saving after turf conversions

 An estimated 137,258 sq. ft. of turf has been removed and converted to Xeriscape. (Xeriscaping is the practice of landscaping with minimal use of water)

 The estimated gallons of water that Aliante HOA will save on the 137,258 sq. ft. of turf that were converted to Xeriscape is 7,549,190.00 gallons of water.

(Note: it takes an estimated 55 gals of water per year to maintain 1 sq. ft. of grass.)

 8,675 plants have been installed in areas where turf has been removed.

 The estimated gallons of water that Aliante HOA will be using to maintain those 8,675 plants that have been recently installed is 130,125.00 gl of water per year.

(Note: it takes an estimated 15 gallons of water per year to maintain one 5 gallon plant)

 7,549,190 gals - 130,125.00 = 7,419,065.00 estimated gals of water saved per year due to xeriscape conversions.

SNWA-Turf Rebate

Jenn Seed From SNWA Expressed that before passing the Turf rebate inspection, Gothic would need to complete the following the removal of the spray heads, grass regrowth, and mulching and schedule a time to check the overspray on grass areas converted. Gothic since then has completed and quoted to have the decorative rock areas done by April 7th. Gothic had a new application submitted for the remaining turf conversions in Aliante HOA. They estimated all turf conversations done by 2023.


• From Wednesday March 1st to Wed. March 8th. maintenance on common areas of Aliante Pkwy N, and also Elkhorn was done.

• From Thursday March 9th to Thur. March 16t. maintenance on common areas of Deer Springs South, Brian Cram, and also Clayton were also serviced.

• From Friday March 17th. To Fri. March 24th maintenance on common areas of Aviary north and south as well as Grand Teton will be serviced.

• Between March 27th and April 3rd we will be servicing Aliante Pkwy South , and also Centennial Pkwy. continues on next page

Aliante Aerial
Photos below and to the right: new plantings and rock after turf removal for water savings and conservation.

Gothic Maintenance Report

Maintenance continued

continued from page 6

• continue to be off for at least the next 7 days. We will notify FSR and the board when the timers are back on.

• Pre Emergent; pre emergent was disperse in these area to reduce the growth of weeds in the warmer months. Although there aren’t many weeds in the Aliante common areas, those weeds that were noticeable were pulled by hand, no chemicals (Round Up) have been used yet. Using Round up is not effective when temperatures are below 85 Fahrenheit or Above 105 F.

• On Tuesday March 28th we removed all the Winter perennial flowers on the pots and prepping the soil for installation of Spring perennial flowers. (Petunias)

• We are half way through with Olive tree spraying around the community. Weather permitting, we will be

done by Thursday March 31st.

• During January’s board meeting we spoke about the landscape damaged near the Aliante ER. This damage was caused by contractors who work under Daniel Villegas (Project Superintendent) for Sync apartments. After meeting on site with Daniel, he agreed to repair any and all damages to the landscape his contractors made. After the repairs to the landscape were made a few weeks ago, we had an inspection walk and noticed a few broken side walk panels, we brought this up to Daniel attention and he told us that they are aware of it, and they will replace those panels once the project is complete. We will follow up with Daniel until those concrete panels are replaced.

7 May-June
Photos left to right: before and after repair of landscape damage caused by contractors near Aliante ER. Photos left to right: regular maintenance, repair and new planting along main strees and parkways.

Tips to Keep Your Landscape Water Smart

AS SPRING HAS SPRUNG in Southern Nevada, the change of seasons provides an ideal opportunity to make sure your landscape is getting just the right amount of water it needs to stay vibrant and healthy—and is not being overwatered.

Because spray irrigated grass and drip irrigated plants and trees have different watering requirements, there is no one-size fits all approach to landscape watering. Rather, by following these guidelines, you can boost your landscape’s overall health and save water at the same time.

· Water grass (sprinklers) for a recommended 12 minute total per assigned watering day.

· Plants and trees (drip) require much less water than grass (usually only one to two days per week in spring is all they need). In addition, spring seasonal watering restrictions are in effect now through April 30. The spring restrictions limit landscape watering to up to three assigned days per week (Sunday watering is prohibited all year). You can increase your water savings without harming your landscape by “ramping up” irrigation schedules, adding the second and third watering days only as temperatures warm up and weather patterns permit. To find your assigned watering days, visit

You can save even more water—and lower your monthly water

bills—by converting your grass to water-efficient plants and trees through the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s (SNWA) Water Smart Landscapes Rebate Program (WSL). Through WSL, the SNWA offers a cash incentive of up to $3 for each square foot of grass you upgrade to drip-irrigated landscaping. The water savings you’ll realize will add up, as each square foot of your new landscaping uses 55 fewer gallons of water per year than a square foot of grass.

By following the seasonal restrictions and replacing grass with drip-irrigated landscaping, you’ll be doing your part to help Southern Nevada conserve its limited water resource. For more information on water conservation programs, visit

Pools, Sheds and Playground Equipment

WE REMINDED HOMEOWNERS to submit Architectural Review Applications before making any exterior changes to their homes in the last edition of the Aerial. We suggested homeowners should review the Aliante Governing Documents when contemplating changes to save themselves time and disappointment. The Aliante Governing Documents, specifically the CC&R’s and Design Guidelines, require all homeowners living in Aliante to obtain approval from their sub-association, if applicable, and the Master before making any changes. When we purchased our homes we agreed to be legally bound by this rule.

Aboveground pools are not allowed.

Per Aliante Design Guideline, 5.25: All swimming pools and spas shall be of the in-ground type, although aboveground spas may be permitted if the spa is adequately screened from public view.

Prefabricated sheds are not allowed.

Per Aliante Design Guidelines, 5.3 Accessory Structures: Storage sheds may be allowed provided they have prior ARC approval and meet all of the following criteria:

1. The shed may not exceed six (6’) feet in height at the highest point of the roof.

2. The maximum allowable square footage is 80 square feet.

3. The walls must be stucco and painted to match the house, the roof must be tile that matches the existing roof tile and the base to be slab on grade concrete.

4. It must be placed only in the rear yard and no closer than five (5’) feet to any structure or block wall.

5. It must conform to all applicable government codes and ordinances.

Playground equipment (including trampolines and swing sets) are allowed, but are subject to location limitations.

Playground equipment must not exceed 8 feet in height and must be approved by the Aliante Master Association Architectural Review Committee and, if applicable, by your sub-association. Per Aliante Design Guidelines, 5.7 Freestanding Sports Equipment: Freestanding Sports Equipment, including but not limited to basketballs, backboards, and hoops, shall be set back a minimum of 10 feet from side and front property lines and 5 feet from rear property lines.

Note: Your sub-association may have stricter guidelines for sheds and playground equipment, but never guidelines that are more permissive than the Master Association. When in doubt, check with your community association manager.

8 Aliante Aerial

Effective Ways to Scoop the Poop

PET OWNERS shall closely supervise their dogs, be within view, and always have a leash in hand. Each pet owner is responsible for removing the pet’s litter from the walkways and disposing of it in designated containers.

No one likes scooping pet waste. It’s messy and smelly but cleaning up is very necessary. Dog waste carries harmful microorganisms that can have a major impact on the environment, so in most locations it’s the law. The following tips will help with effective ways to “scoop the poop.”

While there is no perfect solution

Are You Missing Out?

for cleaning dog waste, bio degradable bags are a much more environmentally friendly option.

For those who don’t like to carry a poop bag around, there are products that allow you to clip your dog’s waste bag to its leash until you find a garbage can. Some of these products include the Poopy Carrier, The H-Clip, and The Fifth Paw.

If you walk your dog at night, grab a flashlight so you can zone in on the pile quicker. Everyone is held accountable for picking up after their pet. If this issue remains a problem, you could face a violation.



AERIAL, the Aliante Newsletter, important alerts, community event reminders, and information about the Aliante Master Homeowner’s Association? Would you like to know when the next Board of Directors meeting will be or if the Community Garage Sale will take place?

The fastest and most efficient way to relay this information, and the only way to receive the Aerial, is by sending emails to all our homeowners. In the case of urgent alerts, such as a neighbor reporting a water leak at your house, we may also contact you by phone.

Please make sure your email address is on file with the Aliante Master Association, as well as your sub association, if it is also managed by FirstService Residential, and your Communication Preferences are set up to receive emails. While the Aliante Master Association and several other sub associations, such as, but not limited to Autumn Ridge, Springdale, Seasons and Treviso, are managed by FirstService Residential the Master and Sub Associations do not share databases and communication preferences. Please follow the steps below to confirm we have your preferred email address and phone numbers. (We will never share your email address or phone number.)

1. Log on to the Aliante Master Website:

2. If you are already registered, skip step 3, 4 and 5 and proceed to step 6. If you are not registered, you can self-register by clicking on: “Create Account” You will be taken to “FirstService Residential Web Access Registration” page. Enter you name and email address and click register.

3. You will be sent to an email with a verification code.

4. Once the verification code has been entered, you need to create a secure passcode.

5 Once the terms and conditions are accepted, follow the instructions by then entering either the property address or the account number. Your account number can be found in your coupon payment book, or you can request it from Customer Service by calling (702) 399-4273

6 Log in to the Connect Resident Portal

7 Click on the hamburger menu (3 stacked vertical lines) in the top left of the screen.

8. Click My Account, then select My Communications Preferences tab from the options near the top of the screen.

9. In the “Communications” box select “Email Select All” to check on the boxes to ensure you receive all emails and the box at the bottom of the page to receive payment notifications.

10. It is recommended that you also setup your Text Phone Number which will enable management to text you in important situations such as someone reporting a stream of water flowing out your front door. After you add your text phone number it will need to be verified. FirstService Residential will send you a text asking you to reply YES to confirm your text address. After verifying your text address refresh the page and the word “verified” should now be in green. Now you can select the boxes to receive text messages.

11. Be sure to click on the SAVE box on the bottom of the screen.

9 May-June

ClickPay It’s Free & Easy

Payments made via check will process within 24 hours when paid by 4pm, excluding weekends and holidays!

Payments received after the 15th will receive a late fee. No payments will be processed on the same day.

From the President

continued from page 2

• A proposal in the amount of $147,715 from Gothic was approved to remove the nonfunctional grass on Aliante Parkway south between Deer Springs and Centennial to remove the grass mandated by AB356 and replace the grass with drought resistant plants mandated by the Aliante Development Agreement. A proposal in the amount of $23,375 was also approved to remove the nonfunctional grass on Centennial Parkway mandated by AB356 and replace the grass with drought tolerant plants as mandated by the Aliante Development Agreement.

• We approved a Hold Harmless Agreement which must be signed by any person or company performing repairs, maintenance, or inspections for the association. The Hold Harmless Agreement will reduce the liability exposure of the Association.

• The board approved a proposal from the sub association Fields to obtain a legal opinion regarding the legality of the apartments with balconies that allow residents to look directly into Fields homeowner’s backyards.

• Several small proposals from Gothic were approved: (1) $1,318.18 to prune the trees in La Vella’s entrance at Common Loon. (2) $3,577.50 to replace damaged brick and replace missing brick in a section of wall on Valley Drive. (3) $995 to replace an irrigation timer for Pavona. (4) $5,424 to replace two damaged backflow enclosures.

11 May-June
With a distribution of 7500, that’s a lot of eyes on your business. Contact to get your business seen today.


May 12th

If you are interested in being involved in your community, please consider running for the Aliante Master Board of Directors or volunteering as a Delegate for your Cost Center!

Nomination forms will be mailed to the membership on May 12th and must be returned to the FirstService Residential Office via mail or email no later than 5:00pm on June 12th!

Please contact Management with any questions you may have.

12 Aliante Aerial

New Excess Water Use Charge Now In Effect

WITH FEDERAL WATER SHORTAGES on the Colorado River continuing to impact how much water Southern Nevada can withdraw from Lake Mead, the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) has enacted an excess use charge aimed at reducing unnecessarily high-water use for residential customers.

The excessive use charge went into effect Jan. 1, and is applied when water use exceeds established monthly thresholds that change seasonally (see chart below). The excessive use charge is $9 per 1,000 gallons of water use above the seasonal thresholds. More information, including a water bill estimator, visit

$3 per square foot from Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA). This can reduce your outdoor water use by up to 75 percent. Visit snwa. com to learn more.

Fix leaks and broken sprinklers or drip systems.

While you may be tempted to increase your landscape watering as temperatures start getting hotter, grass can survive with less water during this time of year. In May, while nights are still cool, gradually increase your sprinklers from three days to four. From there, keep an eye on your landscape and increase watering only as needed into June, July and August. On the other hand, plants and trees on drip irrigation can thrive with much less water. In the summer, water them two to three days a week. It’s all they need.

Winter (Nov. 1-Feb. 28)

Spring (March 1-April 30)

Summer (May 1-Aug. 31)

Follow these simple tips to help manage your water bill: Follow the mandatory seasonal watering restrictions and save up to $300 annually on your water bill. Summer restrictions are in effect May 1 through Aug. 31and prohibit spray irrigation between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., when water can be lost to heat and high winds. Sunday watering is prohibited all year.

Upgrade your water-thirsty grass to a beautiful, vibrant water smart landscape and get

Fall (Sept. 1-Oct. 31)

Continuing to follow the seasonal watering schedules and restrictions will help you avoid excessive usage charges while saving money on your monthly bills. For more information about seasonal watering schedules and landscape tips, visit

13 May-June
Monthly Threshold 14,000 gallons 16,000 gallons 28,000 gallons 26,000 gallons

Spring Arts & Crafts Show

The Sun City Aliante Spring Arts & Crafts Show will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The show, featuring hand-crafted items, will be held in the Sun City Aliante Community Center.

Admission is free for residents and guests who have not signed up to display arts or crafts. The general public is also invited to attend free of charge to enjoy the fun, shop and get some great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.

This event, designed to showcase handmade artistic items, promises to be a fantastic shopping experience… offering all those specialty items you love. Many Sun City Aliante residents and representatives from the Clark County Artisan’s Guild, the Beader’s Guild and many more groups are expected to participate in this popular event.

Don’t Do It, Yet!

Shop for such items as artwork, baskets, ceramics, pottery, fused glass items, quilted and knitted items, sewing crafts, beading, jewelry, needlework, crocheted items, candles, woodworking products, greeting cards, silk scarves and much more.

The Sun City Aliante Seniors with Warm Hearts will sponsor a raffle to benefit S.A.F.E. House, a charity for at-risk children and their mothers. Every vendor is required to donate a hand-made craft item for each day’s raffle to benefit the charity.

For more information, please contact Elaine Goddard or Lori Daniels at 702-638-5000.

Saturday May 6th

Aliante Sub-Associations

If you have questions or concerns regarding your specific community, please refer to the following list of sub-associations and contact the appropriate management company. All homeowners are entitled to speak with the listed community manager and/or attend the sub-association’s board meetings.

Aliante Cove

Nicklin Community Management Manager: Lisa Carrion (702) 851-7660

Autumn Ridge/Springdale

FirstService Residential Manager: Elizabeth Polanco (702) 737-8580

Club Aliante

Prime Community Management Manager: Alexis Bayne (702) 869-0937

Estates at Aliante

FirstService Residential Manager: Sharon Tierney (702) 215-5077

Fields at Aliante

Thoroughbred Management

Manager: Sarah O’Brien (702) 515-2042

Prominence at Aliante

CAMCO Manager: Alisca Redmon (702) 531-3382

Sun City Aliante

FirstService Residential Manager: Damian Carrasco (on site) (702) 638-5000

The Court at Aliante

FirstService Residential

Manager: Cole Sommer (702) 215-5077

According to the conditions, covenants, and restrictions signed by every homeowner, all improvements on a homeowner’s property require prior, written consent of the master architectural review committee and, if in a sub-association, the sub-association’s architectural review committee as well.

Improvements include, but are not limited to:

1. Patios

2. Patio covers

3. Pools and spas

4. Trampolines, swing sets, and other playground equipment

5. Auxiliary structures, including sheds

6. Exterior structural alterations, including exterior color changes

7. Any landscaping changes, including replacement of plants or trees with differing plants or trees

8. Fences, gates, and walls

9. Solar panels


The Aliante Master Architectural Change Form (ARC Submittal Form) and governing documents for the Aliante Master Association can be obtained on the Community Website/Resident Portal at https:// or by calling (702) 399-4273. Contact your sub-association to obtain a copy of its form and governing documents.

The Manor at Aliante Management Trust Manager: Richard Aparis (702) 835-6904

The Seasons at Aliante

FirstService Residential

Manager: Michelle Gonzales (702) 737-8580

Seville Etage

FirstService Residential

Manager: Sharon Tierney (702) 215-5077


FirstService Residential

Manager: Courtney Maurer (702) 737-8580


FirstService Residential Manager: Michelle Gonzales (702) 737-8580

14 Aliante Aerial
Security doors

Mark Your Calendars

Republic Bulk Pickup

We Want You!

Consider volunteering on a committee!

We currently have vacancies for the following Committees:


• Property & Grounds •


• Social Committees

Scan the QR code to obtain a Committee Interest Form. Please email the form to

Thank you for your participation!

Schedule A

San Destin-Tivoli

San Destin-Ravello

Schedule B

Club Aliante

Sun City Aliante

Schedule C

Cove Estates LaVella

Pavona Prominence Ravenna

Salerno Seville Etage Serenata

Terrasini Courts Fields

Manor Seasons Treviso Vialetto

Schedule D

Autumn Ridge/Springdale

San Destin-Palazzo

May 1,15, 29

June 12, 26

May 2, 16, 30

June 13, 2

May 2, 16, 30

June 13, 27

May 10, 24

June 7, 21

Please note: Trash Containers and garbage cans may only be placed on the curb or at the end of a lot for pickup twelve (12) hours before the scheduled pick-up date and time. The containers and cans must be removed from the pickup location within twelve (12) hours after pickup.(Section 10.3 of the Rules and Regulations) If containers have not been serviced, please contact Republic Services at 702.735.5151

Aliante Cost Center Landscaping Maintenance Schedule

Monday-San Destin (Marsh Tern, Swordbill, Corvine, Maybird, Chebec)

Tuesday-Vialleto, Serenata, and San Destin (Brian Cram, Iceland Gull)

Wednesday-La Vella

Thursday-Ravenna, Salerno


Water Leak Email Hot Line

Gothic has set up a 24 hour emergency email address for homeowners to use to report any landscape irrigation leaks as well as any other issues that pertain to the landscape within the Aliante Master Homeowners Association. With this service homeowners will also be able to send up to 2 photos of the area they are reporting.

Please report any leaks to this email: Hgarcia @

Please note this is for reporting water leaks only.

15 May-June

2760 West Deer Springs Way, Suite 104

North Las Vegas, NV 89084

Notice of 2023 Board Meetings

Important Phone Numbers

PURSUANT TO NEVADA REVISED STATUTES (“NRS”) Chapter 116, this notice is being published to advise you that the Board meetings have been scheduled for 2023. The meetings will take place at the FirstService Residential Aliante Marketplace Office, located at 2760 Deer Springs Way, Suite 104, North Las Vegas, NV 89084. Please be advised that there will be an open forum at the beginning and the end of the meeting, during which time all homeowners in attendance will be given the opportunity to address other Association members and the Board of Directors (the “Board”). With respect to the open forum at the beginning of the meeting, please note that any comments or questions made by any homeowners during such open forum are limited to items that are listed on

IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COPY of the agenda prior to the date of the meeting, you may contact FirstService Residential at (702) 399-4273 or you may view a copy on the website. Otherwise, you may obtain a copy of the agenda at the meeting. Furthermore, please be advised that minutes for the meeting will be available not more than thirty (30) days after the meeting. If you would like to obtain a copy of the minutes or a summary thereof, please contact FirstService Residential at (702) 399-4273 or feel free to visit the office during normal business hours. All homeowners are entitled to receive a copy of the

the agenda. Please note that any comments made by any homeowner during the open forum, both at the beginning and at the end of the meeting, shall be limited to three (3) minutes in order to allow time for all homeowners to speak should they wish to do so.

Pursuant to NRS Chapter 116, please be advised that the meeting will be audio recorded; provided, however, that the executive session shall not be audio recorded. A copy of the audio recording will be available to all homeowners not more than thirty (30) days after the meeting. Homeowners may obtain a copy of the audio recording by contacting FirstService Residential in writing at 2760 Deer Springs Way, Suite 104, North Las Vegas, NV 89084, or at

minutes or a summary thereof in electronic format at no charge to the homeowner. If a copy of the minutes or a summary thereof is not available in electronic format, homeowners can request a copy in paper format. All copies in paper format will be subject to a charge of twenty-five cents ($.25) per page for the first ten (10) pages, and then ten cents ($.10) per page for every page thereafter.

Please note that the Board may take action on any item on the agenda or any item that is considered an emergency pursuant to NRS Chapter 116.

2023 Board of Directors Meetings

The Executive Session meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and the General Session meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., via Webex unless otherwise announced.

May 25

June 22

July 27

August 24

September 28

October 26

November 16

December - No Board Meeting

16 Aliante Aerial
911 Emergency Police or Fire 911 City of North Las Vegas (702) 633-1871 NLV Abandoned Vehicles (702) 633-1390 NLV Animal Protection Services - Dispatch (702) 633-9111 NLV Broken Street Lights (702) 633-3275 NLV Building Complaints (702) 633-1922 NLV Building Permits (702) 633-1536 NLV Business Licensing (702) 633-1520 NLV Code Enforcement (702) 633-1677 NLV Crime Prevention (702) 633-1810 NLV Debris in Street (702) 633-1313 311 Non-Emergency Police (702) 633-9111 NLV Environmental Hazards (702) 633-1290 NLV Graffiti Removal (702) 633-1871 NLV Park Maintenance (702) 633-1256 NLV Park Reservations (702) 633-2418 NLV Street Lights Out (702) 633-1264 NLV Street Repair (702) 633-1313 NLV Traffic Signals/Signs (702) 633-1264 NLV Water Shut Off (702) 633-1275 NLV Water Waste (702) 633-1216 Abandoned Shopping Carts (800) 252-4613