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our commitment to members Here is our mantra. It is a written promise to our Members that articulates what we stand for as a company. For our Members, we will always assure their decision to join was a smart one. For our Members, we will match them to the right destination and property based on their personal needs and interests.

LEARN MORE For more information on the benefits of Membership, check out ‘The Inspirato Difference’ on Page 176.

occupancy rate, balancing the number of Members to the number of properties and adding flex inventory during peak travel times.

We want our Members to travel. Members pay

only for nights they use, and there are no hidden fees. We manage our year-round availability by carefully managing our

We offer Member-only nightly rates. Inspirato’s

luxury residences and vacation experiences are offered at nightly rates that are up to 50 percent less than can typically be found on the open market. We also prenegotiate exclusive access and the best prices for accompanying resort amenities. And we don’t charge any markups or fees for any of our concierge services— from pre-arrival grocery shopping to activity planning and more.

BECOME A MEMBER IT’S SIMPLE. The process for becoming an Inspirato Member is so simple, you can join in just a few minutes over the phone or on our website. Simply call 303.586.7771 and one of our specialists will explain all the benefits and answer any questions you may have. When you are ready to become a Member, you can simply pay with a credit card over the phone or register and pay online.

We ensure that our Members are on vacation from the moment they arrive. Our Personal

IT’S CONVENIENT. Once you join, you are immediately assigned a dedicated Personal Vacation Advisor and you can start planning your first trip. All of the properties are listed on the Inspirato website, and you can even reserve your stay online.

Vacation Advisors and Destination Concierges work together as a team to remove the stress of dealing with such logistics as airport transfers, grocery shopping and restaurant reservations—not to mention the countless hours of research required to create a customized itinerary of the best activities and cultural experiences a destination has to offer our Members, along with their family and friends. So, from the moment they start to plan a trip, they have the personal support and the confidence that the vacation will be perfect from start to finish.

IT’S BETTER. Unlike most clubs, we want you to travel as often as you wish. There are no minimum travel requirements and you don’t have to decide how many days you want to vacation in advance. Your Personal Vacation Advisor will help you book your trip or you can do it through our website. We’ve made finding and booking world-class vacations easy. We’re certain you’ll never want to vacation without us again.



For our Members, we will eliminate the risk and stress of vacation planning and home rental by providing personalized planning and concierge services designed to ensure a seamless and enjoyable vacation that exceeds expectations from the moment Members arrive at their vacation destination. For our Members, we will provide the best rates and grant access to privileged amenities at each of our destinations. For our Members, we will encourage them to use our services and properties as much or as little as they choose. For our Members, we will operate our company in a simple and transparent manner without excessive rules, hierarchy or hidden fees. For our Members, we will

maintain a high standard for every residence, hotel, service and experience in our portfolio.

For our Members, we will respect their privacy and treat them, their families and guests with the utmost respect and gratitude for choosing to travel with us. For our Members, we will always listen and act on feedback and continue to grow, evolve and improve the experiences we offer. For our Members, we will share our passion for travel and belief about what matters most: quality time with family and friends.

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Inspirato Summer 2012  

Inspirato is the preeminent brand in luxury travel, obsessing on equal parts exceptional service and extraordinary value.

Inspirato Summer 2012  

Inspirato is the preeminent brand in luxury travel, obsessing on equal parts exceptional service and extraordinary value.