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Calidor KVL

an experimental typeface by Aliaksei Koval

14 June 2011

© Aliaksei Koval, Koval Type Foundry, 2004–2011

Contact information: phone: +375-29-633-30-29 e-mail: web:

The idea The idea was to craete a typeface with strong negative spacing. Keep it readable and useful as a display typeface — that was the second aim. As a result I created typeface that can be installed and used as any font. But to get all the ‘magic’ you’ll have to do several steps.


Type text with Calidor KVL font

Outline it with cmd+shift+o (ctr+shift+o)

Ungroup with cmd+shift+u (ctr+shift+u)

Set transparency about 75%

Add a colour

really cool guide to the galaxy


In this presentation I gathered some lettering works done by hand and in digital form.

Some of them were done for commercial purposes, some were drawn as drafts and some are personal works.

Hope you’ll enjoy my lettering so don’t hesitate to contact to  let me know you do.


Character set

See You

at foundry/Koval_TF/

Font Coalidor KVL short presentation