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İstanbullu • Dictionary of Istanbul

istanbullu Dictionary of İstanbul

Ali Akpınar

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İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians By Ali Akpınar

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Introduction Thank you very much for downloading İstanbullu, A Dictionary of İstanbulians. I wanted to write a single book about İstanbul that functions as a useful Turkish-English dictionary, as an İstanbul encyclopedia, and İstanbul guide book. İstanbullu is intended to be useful for tourists and for people who are residing in İstanbul. Once in the city, a non-native visitor will be confronted with words like vapur, ezan, Adalar, Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi, simit, tepe, dolmuş, tavukgöğsü, bay, bayan, akbil, kahvaltı, abi, abla, çınaraltı, balık ekmek, aşure, bozuk para, paçanga, 50’lik, yakamoz, Adalar, ocakbaşı, köy and more. The reader of this book will learn what those words mean. I hope the same reader will take away more from the book than Turkish vocabulary and that he or she will want to read it while drinking tea or coffee by the Bosphorus. Of course, it is not possible to write about all aspects of a city in one book. This is especially true for İstanbul, a city with about 15 million inhabitants and a city that is one of the oldest in the world. However, I tried to show as much of the surface of the city as possible and I hope that this book will make readers want to learn more about the city and the people living there than any book could ever teach them. Ali Akpınar

Acknowledgements Many thanks to Sanda Vladescu, Steven Hanson and Mark Schwindt for their help and support. I am also grateful to the contributers below for permission to reproduce copyright materials on the cover: Linda Caldwell © people at the ferry station Özal Işık © mosque & cat & İnönü Stadium & ferry István Tóth © old houses & the Bosphorus Bridge Kristina Kellermann © backgammon board Sevgi Durmaz © candies Abdullah Eyles © akbil Tavane Symington © Mimar Sinan statue & street car in Taksim H. Volkan Cengiz © judas tree & tulip Aisling Mckenna © simit David Fernández Zumalacárregui © Efes Pilsen Els Alphenaar © dolma, stuffed pepper Steven Hanson © dooms, A2d ( © a cup of tea

Turkish Alphabet Aa Bb Cc Çç Dd Ee Ff Gg Ğğ Hh Iı İi Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Öö Pp Rr Ss Şş Tt Uu Üü Vv Yy Zz

/ʌ/ /b/ /dʒ/ /tʃ/ /d/ /e/ /f/ /g/ /ɣ/ /h/ /ɯ/ /i/ /ʒ/ /k/ /l/ /m/ /n/ /o/ /œ/ /p/ /ɾ/ /s/ /ʃ/ /t/ /u/ /y/ /v/ /j/ /z/

As u in funny As b in bat As j in job, jacket As chiin cheap As d in dog As e in red As f in far As g in gap, garlic No English equivalent As h in hot As e in open As i in hit As s in measure As k in kangaroo As l in let As m in man As n in nay As a shortened o in no As e in her As p in put As the r in rapid As s in sand As sh in shoes As t in top As oo in boot As in few, über in German As v in valve As y in you As z in zip

Notes • Ğğ is not pronounced. It lengthens preceding vowel slightly. • There is not Q, X, W in Turkish. X is written as KS, and W is pronounced as V.

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A ABBREVIATIONS See TURKISH: ABBREVIATIONS ABİDE-İ HÜRRİYET MONUMENT Şişli The Monument of Liberty, first national monument in Turkey built in 1911 in honour of the soldiers killed in 31 March Incident in 1909. The monument located on the highest hill in Şişli on the European side was built by Mimar (Architect) Muzaffer Bey who won the contest for building the monument. The monument in the form of a cannon on an equilateral triangle base is situated in the center of a park with pathways like a pentagon star surrounded by a cirscle symbolizing the star and crescent in the Ottoman flag. On each side of the marble base are the names of the soldiers buried below the monument. Today the monument symbolizes the laicism in Turkey and serves a focal point for official ceremonies and public gathering in Istanbul. 31 March Incident in 1909 – Timeline 13 February Grand Vizier Kemal Paşa is dismissed and replaced by Hüseyin Hilmi Paşa. 24 February Turkey recognizes the independent Bulgarian state. 13 April Counter-revolutionary uprising in Istanbul known as the 31 March Incident. Elements of the army and other rebels involved in the uprising demand Sharia Law. Minister of Justice Nazım Paşa, a parliament member and several young officers are murdered. 13 April Grand Vizier Hüseyin Hilmi Paşa resigns. He is replaced by Tevfik Paşa. 14 April New government formed. 15 April “Liberation Army” formed in Salonica. Its commander is Mahmut Şevket Paşa. 21 April The government announces that it will accept the demands of Mahmut Şevket Paşa. 24 April Liberation Army enters Istanbul. The uprising is quelled. 27 April The Ottoman Parliament receives a religious decree from Sheikh-ulIslam Ziyaeddin Efendi and dismisses Sultan Abdülhamit II. 28 April Sultan Mehmet Reşad (Mehmet V) ascends to the Ottoman throne. June The court martial gives death sentence to 70 people responsible in the 31 March Uprising. These include 3 generals, several high ranked officers and Derviş Vahdeti, founder of the Society of Muslim Unity. August Hüseyin Hilmi Paşa forms the new government. Talat Bey becomes the Minister of Interior and Cavid Bey becomes the Minister of Finance.

Did you know? İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 9

• Mustafa Kemal was was in the Liberation Army as a young officer. • The incident occurred in April 13, 1909 in Julian calendar but it was called 31 March Incident (31 March , 1325) as the Ottomans used Rumi calendar? ACCOMMODATION Konaklama The two main areas for tourists to stay in İstanbul are Sultan Ahmet, the Old City, and Taksim, the New City. Before giving details about these two main touristic areas, let me explain why I distinguished between “old & new city”. Sultan Ahmet, as we called today, had always been the center of the empire both during the Roman and Ottoman periods until the bureaucracy and economy were moved to the other side of the Golden Horn in the 19th century, where foreign banks, consulates, restaurants, cafes opened and therefore this part of the city became more cosmopolit and international in terms of life style. It is still possible today to see this difference between the two areas. Staying in Sultan Ahmet is a great experience if you wish to take in the history of Istanbul, one of the most important historical cities in the world and feel the history wandering around surrounded by palaces, mosques, churches and the Grand Bazaar. Taksim, on the other hand, is a great place if you wish to enjoy busy and cultural side of the city with movie theatres, bookshops, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, which is alive late at night. Whichever you choose, the distance between two areas is quite short to take a nice walk through the Galata Bridge to enjoy the historical and modern face of the city. Staying on the Asian side, in Kadikoy or Uskudar, is another option if you think the European side is too busy for you. You can still commute easily to the European side from the Asian side by ferries and boats from Kadikoy and Uskudar. Staying in Uskudar, a very central part of the city could be good for spending much time along the Bosphorus in addition to the European side, which only takes 10-15 minutes to travel by ferry and boats. Kadıköy is also good location to travel around in the city, to the European side, Bagdat Street and even the Princess Islands by seabus. The ferries, boats dolmuş (shuttle) run late at night (shuttles from Taksim to the Asian side until the morning). Some people especially prefer to stay on the Asian side because the Asian side is not as touristic as the European side and this could be a good chance to practice Turkish if you are learning Turkish or improve your Turkish while walking around on the streets, at the markets etc. 10 İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians

Historical Hotels in İstanbul Have you ever wanted to stay in a palace during your travels? Istanbul offers visitors expensively and reasonaly priced historical hotels, some of which are palaces, mansions, old buildings built with different reasons in the past but used as a hotel today. Below is the list of historical hotels with a pleasant atmosphere during your stay in Istanbul. Pera Palas Tepebaşı Çamlık Sok. No:52 Beyoğlu Tel:0212 377 40 00 Çırağan Palace Kempinski Çırağan Cad. No:32 Beşiktaş Tel:0212 326 46 46 Four Season Hotel Çırağan Cad. No:28 Beşiktaş Tel:0212 381 40 00 Les Ottomans Muallim Naci Cad. No:18 Kuruçeşme Beşiktaş Tel:0212 359 15 00 Hotel Au Pera Meşrutiyet Cad. No:7 Tünel Beyoğlu Tel:0212 292 30 90 Galata Antique Hotel Meşrutiyet Cad. No:116 Tünel Beyoğlu Tel:0212 245 59 44 Splendid Palas 23 Nisan Cad. No:53 Büyükada Tel:0216 382 69 50

AÇIK HAVA TİYATROSU See OPEN-AIR THEATRE AÇMA See FASTFOOD ADALAR See PRINCES’ ISLANDS AĞVA Şile A quiet, calm, charming town in Şile district in the north of İstanbul on the shores of the Black Sea. Ağva is one of the most popular spots in İstanbul that İstanbullu prefer to go for a weekend trip to relax, enjoy the beautiful nature, fresh air, and the sandy beaches of the Black Sea shores, which have been rediscovered by İstanbullu in the past ten years and these isolated shores that people went to only for a day-trip at the weekends have become a tourist attraction with the new pensions, hotels and tours for local tourists. Şile and Ağva on the Asian side, just like Kilyos on the European side are among the ideal tourist destinations in İstanbul for sun, sea and beach. What to see & do? You can swim on the beach by the Black Sea coast, go fishing, rent a boat or stay in one of the hotels along the Ağva creek and enjoy the solidarity away from the hussle of the city center. You can also see the waterfalls around and the caves that the Christians hid from the Romans. Did you know? This town built on two brooks flowing into the sea got its name from the word "aqua". How to get there? You can get to Ağva by the buses leaving from Üsküdar (139 and 139A). It costs 7 TL and takes about 3 hours to get there. İyi yolculuklar! See Beykoz, Kilyos, Şile Map İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 11

AHIRKAPI Fatih The neighbourhood near the Topkapı Palace. The name comes from ahır, the stables of the Topkapı Palace and kapı, one of the main gates of the walls. It was also in the the gardens of the Managai Palace and Bukeleon Palace during the Roman period. This part of the city is known as one of the important archeological sites of the city. Today Ahırkapı is most well-known by the gypsy population, Ahırkapı Roman Orkestrası and Hıdrellez (Spring) Festival. Ahırkapı Roman Orkestrası AIRLINES Hava Yolları Turkish Airlines & Services AnadoluJet Atatürk Airport AtlasJet Borajet Havaş Hava Alanları ve Yer Hizmetleri Genel Müdürlüğü, Turkish Airlines Airport and Ground Service Management; airport shuttle service Hezarfen Airport İzair KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines MNG (Cargo) OnurAir Orex (Cargo) Pegasus Sabiha Gökçen Airport Saga SancakAir Saymur Helicopter SkyAir SunExpress THY Türk Hava Yolları, Turkish Airlines Online Taxi Service TopAir

Foreign Airlines Adria Airways Ordu Cad No:206/1 Laleli Tel: 0212 512 42 32 Fax:0212 512 42 34 Aeroflot Antalya International Airport Blok A No:241 Antalya Tel: 0242 330 31 06 Fax: 0242 330 34 77 Cumhuriyet Cad. No:26 B Elmadağ İstanbul Tel: 0212 296 67 25 Fax:0212 296 67 37 Air France Emirhan Cad. No:145 A Blok Atakule Kat:14 Dikilitaş Beşiktaş Tel:0212 310 19 19 Fax:0212 236 92 75 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 465 54 91 Fax :0212 465 54 98 Air China Halaskargazi Cad. Yenipalas Apt. No:129 K:3 Harbiye Tel:0212 232 7111 Fax:0212 296 70 19 Alitalia Eytam Cad. Açık Hava Apt. 16/9 Nişantaşı Tel:0212 315 19 90 Fax:0212 315 19 80 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 465 35 74 Fax:0212 465 35 78 Call Center Tel:0216 459 99 29 Fax:0216 459 39 39 Atlasjet Airlines Call Center: 0216 ) 444 33 87 Austrian Airlines Cinnah Cad. No:102/5 Çankaya Ankara Tel:0312 442 31 00 Fax:0312 442 66 26 İnönü Cad. Gümüşsu Palas Apt. No:26/7 Gümüşsuyu Taksim Tel:0212 293 69 95 Fax:0312 293 65 33 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel :0212 465 56 44 Fax:0212 465 56 41 Azerbaijan Airlines Atatürk Cad. Kavaklıdere 138/A Ankara Tel:0312 427 26 77 Fax:0312 427 26 76 Cumhuriyet Cad. 163 Merkez Apt Kat:4 Elmadağ Şişli Tel:0212 296 37 33 Fax:0212 296 87 87 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 465 30 00 Fax:0212 465 45 16 Bon Air Orman Sok. 10 TR Florya Tel:0212 663 18 29 Fax:0212 574 01 47 British Airways Ankara Tel:0312 467 55 57 Büyükdere Cad. No:209 Tekfen Tower Kat:17 4.Levent Tel:0212 317 66 00 Cumhuriyet Bulvarı Bulvar İş Hanı No:109 Kat: 2 Alsancak İzmir Tel:0232 441 38 29 12 İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians Continental Airlines Panorama Havacılık Cumhuriyet Cad. Erk Apt. No:14/7 Elmadağ Tel:0212 296 41 20 Fax:0212 296 41 58 Corendon Bağdat Cad. Yaprak Apt. No:346 Erenköy Tel:0216 467 81 26 Fax:0216 467 80 64 Antalya Tel:0242 323 72 86 Fax: 0242 324 42 03 Delta Airlines Adana CTO 9 Turhan Cemal Beriker Bulvarı Adana Ticaret Merkezi Kat:7 No: 40 Adana Tel:0322 363 42 97 Fax:0322 363 17 08 Ankara CTO Atatürk Bulvarı No:223/13 Kavaklıdere Ankara Tel:0312 468 78 05 Fax:0312 467 19 76 Teşvikiye Cad. İkbal İş Merkezi Kat:1 Teşvikiye İstanbul Tel:0212 465 81 45 Egypt Air Halaskargazi Cad. No:202 Osmanbey Şişli Tel:0212 231 11 26 Fax:0212 224 93 12 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 663 33 01 ElAl Airlines Halaskargazi Cad. Demir Baytekin İş Merkezi No:283/5 Şişli Tel:0212 219 79 97 Fax:0212 219 79 46 Emirates Airlines Şişli Plaza 19 Mayıs Cad. No:5/7 A Blok Kat 8 Şişli Tel:0212 315 45 45 Fax:0212 315 45 50 Finnair Ismo Tours, Cumhuriyet Cad. No:309 Harbiye Tel:0212 296 88 12 Fax:0212 296 88 52 Freebird Airlines Yeşilköy Cad. No:9 A Blok D:3-4 Florya Tel:0212 663 77 77 Fax:0212 663 23 53 Germanwings Tel:0212 354 66 66 Gulf Air Teşvikiye Cad. İkbal İş Merkezi No:17 Kat:2 D:9 Teşvikiye Tel:0212 236 04 88 Fax:0212 236 04 10 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 663 08 25 Iberia Tel:0212 468 80 18 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 663 08 26 Iranair Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Tel:0312 398 21 94 ST.No.17 Vali Konağı Harbiye İstanbul Tel:0212 225 02 58 Fax:0212 225 22 00 JAL Airlines Summer Travel & Tourism Kavaklıdere Cad. No:23/5 Silimeydanı Ankara Tel:0312 466 56 40 Summer Travel & Tourism Cumhuriyet Cad. No:107/2 Çınarcık Apt. Elmadağ İstanbul Tel:0212 233 08 40 Jordanian Airlines Cumhuriyet Cad. No:361 K:1 Harbiye Tel:0212 230 40 74 Fax:0212 234 54 10 Katar Airlines Ceylan Inter-Continental Hotel Asker Ocağı Cad. No:1 Taksim Tel:0212 296 61 91 Fax:0212 296 61 80 KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines Selanik Cad. No:17/1 Kızılay Ankara Tel:0312 418 04 25 Fax:0312 418 78 17 Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Office Tel:0312 398 03 13 Fax:0312 398 09 29 Antalya Havalimanı Office Tel:0242 330 34 73 Fax:0242 330 34 75 Büyükdere Cad. No:56/B Mecidiyeköyİstanbul Tel:0212 274 69 32 Fax:0212 274 59 81 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 465 35 97 Fax:0212 465 35 99 Şht. Nevres Bulvarı No:13/A Alsancak İzmir Tel:0232 464 90 95 Fax:0232 422 21 46 İzmir Adnan Menderes Havalimanı Office Tel:0232 274 20 53 Fax:0232 274 22 02 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Emirhan Cad. No:145 Atakule A Blok Beşiktaş Tel:0212 310 19 00 Fax:0212 236 91 63 Lot Airlines Cumhuriyet Cad. No:16 Kahan, Kat: 4 Elmadağ İstanbul Tel:0212 315 34 60 Fax:0212 266 57 03 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 663 07 54 Lufthansa Cinnah Cad. No:102/5 Çankaya Ankara Tel:0312 440 99 76 Fax:0312 442 05 85 Büyükdere Cad. No:122 Özsezen İş Merkezi C Blok Kat.5 Zincirlikuyu İstanbul Tel:0212 315 34 00 Fax:0212 266 57 02 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 465 33 06 Plevne Bulvarı Beerler Apt.No.1/1 D:2 Alsancak İzmir Tel:0232 422 36 22 Fax:0232 422 64 12 Malev Airlines Cumhuriyet Cad. No:135 Elmadağ İstanbul Tel:0212 232 48 39 Fax:0212 230 20 34 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel: 0212 465 43 44 MAS Airlines Valikonağı Cad. No:9 Nişantaşı İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 13

İstanbul Tel:0212 224 85 00 Fax:0212 230 03 97 Egypt Airlines Halaskargazi Cad. No:202 Osmanbey İstanbul Tel:0212 231 11 26 Fax:0212 224 93 12 Olympic Airways Cumhuriyet Cad. No:171A Harbiye İstanbul Tel:0212 296 75 75 İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 465 33 88 Fax:0212 465 33 87 Pakistan Airlines Mete Cad. No:24/1 Taksim İstanbul Tel:0212 334 29 20 Fax:0212 334 29 90 Pulkovo Airlines Cumhuriyet Cad. No:155 /A Taksim İstanbul Tel:0212 219 27 11 Royal Air Cumhuriyet Cad. Besler Apt No:20/2 D:3 Elmadağ Tel:0212 241 32 63 Fax:0212 241 32 60 SAS Scandinavian Airlines C/O Airep İstanbul Mete Cad. İstanbul Tel:0212 334 29 40 Fax:0212 334 29 90 Saudi Arabian Airlines Maya Akar Centre 21.kat Büyükdere Cad. No:100-102 Esentepe İstanbul Tel:0212 213 09 90 Singapore Airlines GSA Turizm & Havacılık Ltd. Şti EGS Business Park Plazaları B2 Kat:8 No:278 Yeşilköy İstanbul Tel:0212 463 18 00 Fax:0212 463 18 99 Syrian Arab Airlines Cumhuriyet Cad. Arzu Apt. No:303 Harbiye Tel:0212 246 17 81 Fax:0212 232 62 93 Swiss International Büyükdere Cad. No:122 Özsezen İş Merkezi C Blok Kat:5 Zincirlikuyu İstanbul Tel:0212 354 99 19 Fax:0212 354 99 29 Tarom Romanian Airlines Atatürk Havalimanı Office Tel:0212 465 37 77 Fax:0212 465 37 78 Thai Airways International Airep Havacılık ve Turizm A.Ş. Mete Cad. No:24/1 Taksim İstanbul Tel:0212 334 29 50 Fax:0212 334 25 90 Tunisair Valikonağı Cad. Bizim Apt. No: 8 Nişantaşı İstanbul Tel:0212 225 88 53 Fax:0212 231 105 Varig 19 Mayıs Cad. No:4/505 Nova Baran Şişli İstanbul Tel:0212 248 36 10 Fax:0212 240 51 06

AKARETLER Beşiktaş A street in Beşiktaş named after the old blocks of houses that were once the part of the Dolmabahçe Palace. The blocks were built in 1875 by Sarkis Balyan (a member of the famous Armenian family who were the royal architects of the Ottoman Empire in 1800’) in order to support the Aziziye Mosque financially. Today the street is a posh street with residances, restaurants, bars, shops and offices. You can get to Akaretler easily from the Beşiktaş Avenue. Simply walk past the Naval Museum, across the street at the traffic lights and turn right. Akaretler Guide Kaf:f Sıra Evler No:34 Akaretler Tel:0212 227 97 01 Minyon W Istanbul Süleyman Seba Cad. No:24 Akaretler Tel:0212 381 21 33 Vogue Bar & Restaurant & Club Spor Cad. BJK Plaza A Blok. Kat:31 Akaretler Tel: 0212 227 44 04 W Istanbul Hotels Süleyman Seba Cad. No:22 Akaretler Tel:0212 381 21 21 Caffe Il Gusto Ristorante Süleyman Seba Cad. No:59 Akaretler See Beşiktaş

AKBİL See TRANSPORTATION AKİDE ŞEKERİ Akide Candy A kind of candy, one of the oldest products of the Ottoman cuisine. In the dictionary "akide" means faith, 14 İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians

devotion and rule. In the Ottoman period Akide şekeri was used at the Sultan's salary ceremony for the Janissaries. On the salary day, threemonth wages were given to the Janissaries and in the palace yard, they were served rice and a kind of sweet made of gelatin. After the Grand Vizier and other statesmen also ate the meal, the sugar candies were presented to the Janissaries on plates. If they accepted the offered sweets, it was a sign that they were pleased. Later İstanbul confectioners began preparing sugar candy with spices like cloves and cinnamon, and thanks to famous confectioners like Hacı Bekir, sugar candy became quite popular. Even in our days, especially at bayram, it is a taste that little İstanbullu cannot forget. However, chocolate and other kinds of sweet have become more popular and they are taking the place of the sugar candy. See Hacı Bekir Efendi, Turkish Desserts

AKTAR See HERBALIST ALEN MARKARYAN Biography Alen Markaryan (1966) the legendary cheer-leader of Beşiktaş JK is a sport commentator and one of the leaders of Çarşı Grubu, famous Beşiktaş fan group. He conducts the covered tribune at the footbal matches and back of the hoop at the basketball matches. He runs a Kebap shop, Aleni Kebap Salonu in Balmumcu, Beşiktaş and he is one of the commentators of Karakartal Forum on BJK TV. See Beşiktaş JK, Çarşı Grubu ALLAH God. Also Tanrı in Turkish. Allah is used more by İstanbullu for everyday language as well as worshipping. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate. This expression or “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim” is pronounced before praying or doing something, in the name of God.

Common Expressions & Idioms in Turkish Allah Allah! Goodness gracious! How strange! Allah’tan luckily, fortunatelyAllah bilir. God knows. Aman Allah’ım! Oh my God Hay Allah! Oops, gosh Allah kahretsin! God damn it! Allah göstermesin. God forbid! Allah razı olsun. May God grant your every wish. Allah belanı versin. God damn you. Allah akıl fikir versin. Where is your good sense? I am surprised at you. Allah rahmet eylesin. May God have mercy on him (said for a person who died) Allah bir yastıkta kocatsın. May you have a happy life together (said to a newly married couple) See Mosque

ANATOLIA Anadolu Anatolia, Asia Minor, Asian land of Turkey. Also Anatolian (Asian) side of İstanbul. Anatolia has always been a very strategic territory where Europe and Asia meet. It hosted many civilizations such as Sumerians, Hittites, Asurians, Likia, Lidia, Kilikia, Ionia, Celts, Persians, Macedonians, Phonecians, Romans, Arabs, Seljuk İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 15

Turks and the Ottoman Turks. Today Anatolia is known as the land within the borders of Turkey, but in fact, due to geography and history, it is also possible to include the Balkans, Caucasia, Middle East and the north shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Anatolia has been influenced culturally by all these areas and has become an aşure pot where all these cultures are blended. Did you know? • The word comes from "land of the rising sun" or "east" in old Greek. • In Turkish, it is believed to be formed from the words "ana" (mother) and "dolu" (full). • Some of the oldest settlements in the world were built in Anatolia in the Neolithic period. • Anatolia is also the land where Christianity developed and subsequently spread to Europe. See Anadolu Yakası, Rumeli

ANADOLUHİSARI Beykoz The fortress and the town in Beykoz district on the Asian side. Anadoluhisarı facing Rumelihisarı on the European side is located between two bridges on the Bosphorus. Anadoluhisarı was built in 1390 by the Ottoman Sultan, Beyazıt I (Yıldırım Beyazıt) to support the siege of Constantinople. After the city was conquered in 1453 by Mehmet II (Fatih Sultan Mehmet) the fortress lost its importance as a military building and the area grew as a town centred around the fortress. There is a stream called the Göksu running through Anadoluhisarı and flowing into the Bosphorus. Even if it is not as beautiful today, it was once one of the meeting places for lovers who used to go on a boat trip and flirt. What to see & do? • Take Bosphorus photos from the fortress. • Sit at one of the cafes around the Göksu for a nice glass of tea and a chat with a friend or an İstanbullu. • Go to one of the local restaurants around Göksu and enjoy a meal of rakıbalık, a traditional Bosphorus pleasure. How to get there? You can get to Anadoluhisarı from Uskudar by taking Beykoz dolmuş (shuttles) or buses. You can also take a Bosphorus ferry from Eminonu. See Beykoz, Rumelihisarı Map

ANADOLUKAVAĞI Beykoz A fishing town in the very north of the Bosphorus on the Asian side facing Rumelikavağı on the European side. Anadolukavağı is a nice, quiet fishing village out of the city where 16 İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians

İstanbullu go by ferry to have a nice time by the Bosphorus, eat fish at the restaurants by the sea and enjoy the view of the Bosphorus from Yoros Kalesi. Yoros Fortress The only tourist attraction of the the town, Yoros Kalesi is a Genoese fortress built on a very strategic point overlooking both the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. It is one of the most ideal places to enjoy the view over the city. What to see & do? Take a ferry from Eminönü, go along the Bosphorus, have a rakı-balık meal and enjoy the view of the Bosphorus from Yoros Kalesi. How to get there? You can get to Anadolukavağı by Bosphorus ferries from Eminönü, which is a nice Bosphorus tour. The ferry stops at Anadolukavağı for 1 hour so you can have a lunch or dinner. If you wish to get there by bus from Beykoz, you can take a bus from Sultaniye, Beykoz. Map See Beykoz, Rumelikavağı

ANADOLU YAKASI See ASIAN SIDE ANATOLIA See ANADOLU ANCHOVY See HAMSİ APPETIZER See MEZE AQUEDUCTS IN ISTANBUL Valens / Bozdogan Kemeri, Fatih Valens / Bozdogan Kemeri (aqueduct) is the oldest aqueduct in İstanbul standing in the quarter of Fatih. The construction begun during the reign of Roman Emperor Hadrian and completed in 368 during the reign of Roman Emperor of Valens. The surviving section is 921 meters long, less than 50 meters than the original one and the height is 29 metres (63 meters above the sea level). Did you know that according to tradition, the aqueduct was built using the stones of the walls of Chalcedon, Kadıköy today on the Asian side? Güzelce Kemeri, Kemerburgaz Güzelce Kemeri is one of the aqueducts constructed by Mimar Sinan (Sinan the Architect) during the reign of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, Süleyman I the Magnificent. It is located near Kemerburgaz, to the north of Istanbul on the European side. It is also known as Cebeci Köy Kemeri because it was built near Cebeci Village, south of Kemerburgaz. Bahçeköy Kemeri, Bahçeköy The aqueduct also known as the Sultan Mahmut Aqueduct completed in 1731 during the reign of Mahmut I. It lies 1 km. From Bahceköy through Büyükdere. İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 17

Kurt Kemeri, Kağıthane Kurt Kemeri is one of the Ottoman aqueducts built in 1620 during the reign of Osman II, also known as Karanlibent. It was constructed on the Topuz Creek connected with Kağıthane Creek. Mağlova Kemeri, Gaziosmanpaşa Maglova Kemeri is one of the most monumental aqueducts constructed in 1554-1563 by Mimar Sinan (Sinan the Architect) on Alibey Creek. Uzun Kemer, Kemerburgaz Uzun Kemer is one of the aqueducts constructed by Mimar Sinan during the reign of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, Süleyman I the Magnificent. It is located 1,500 m north west of Kemerburgaz. Mualla Kemeri, Kemerburgaz Mualla Kemeri is one of the four aqueducts build by Mimar Sinan in the Alibey river valley. ARA CAFE See ARA GÜLER ARA GÜLER Photographer A world-wide famous photographer of İstanbul. Ara Güler, known as one of the masters of photography in Turkey and the world, was born on August 16, 1928 in İstanbul. When he was at high school he started off taking drama lessons because he wanted to be a playwriter. He started his photography career at the Yeni Istanbul newspaper. He also worked for Time-Life, Paris-Match and Der Stern as Middle East correspondant. In the course of his career he won many national and international prizes, wrote books, published photo albums and held exhibitions. Most importantly, he did photo interviews with many famous people: Ismet Inonu, Winston Churchill, Indira Ghandi, John Berger, Bertrand Russell, Bill Brandt, Alfred Hitchcock, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Salvador Dali, Maria Callas, Fikret Mualla and even Picasso, who always refused to be photographed. Because of his distinctive documentary style, Ara Güler holds a distinguished place in the history of photography. Despite his age, he continues his adventures in photography by continuing to show life through his pictures. Marc Ribound says Ara Güler is a photographer. Moreover, he is a God damn good photographer. He tells the story of his town and country better with his photos than he could tell in words… Ara Café Ara Café named after Ara Güler, world wide famous Istanbullu photographer is located next to Yapı Kredi bookstore near Galatasaray High School in Beyoglu.You can enjoy the delicious meals and the great photos on the walls taken by Ara Güler. Islak kek (wet cake) is recommended by Ara Cafe regulars. Tomtom Mahallesi Tosbag Sok. No: 8/A Tel: 0212 245 41 05

18 İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians

ARASTA BAZAAR Sultanahmet Arasta (shops of the same trade built in a row) Bazaar, also known as Sipahiler Çarşısı, is a small market located next to the Mosaics Museum behind the Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet, the old city center. Built in 17th century and used as the stables during hte Ottoman period, the Bazaar today is a small and simple traditional market with 40 shops selling traditional items such as jewelry, pottery, spice, textile, and carpet shops. The Bazaar has a cafe, Mesale Café, a tea-garden (which also serves as a restaurant) where you can have a tea, coffee, smoke nargile and watch the free show of Whirling Dervishes Show (8-10 pm). The Bazaar also contains the Great Palace Mosaics Museum displaying a collection of mosaics, dating back to 5th century A.D. excavated from the site of the Byzantine Great Palace. Arasta Bazaar is a nice spot in the Old City to go for shopping, visiting the museum and enjoy the tea garden after a long day around the Sultanahmet Avenue. The Shops at the Arasta Bazaar Anatolian Textile No:55 Tel:0212 518 43 94 Ata Ceramic No:57 Tel:0212516 30 22 Akgün Jewellery No:59 Efe Jewellery Silver&Souvenir's No:61 Tel:0212 518 76 08 Meerschaum Pipes Personally Handycraffed No:63 Tel:0212 516 41 42 Galeri Mehmet (Carpet) No:65 Tel:0212 517 04 16 İznik Classics (Ceramics) No:67 Tel:0212 520 25 68 Galeri Cengiz (Carpet) No:69-71 Tel:0212 516 45 34 El Emek Silver and Souvenir Shop No:75 Tel:0212 516 92 66 Motif Nomadic Art (Carpet)No:77 Tel:0212 517 67 98 Arasta Halı (Carpet) No:79 Tel:0212 516 0517 Amber Jewellery No:81 Tel:0212 516 10 23 Amphora Silver No:83 Tel:0212 516 28 60 Aziz Nomadic (Carpet) No:85 Eganist Textile Gift No:89 Tel:0212 658 53 88 İrfan Textile No:91 Tel:0212 518 64 47 Cocoon No:93 Tel:0212 518 03 38 Kilim Home No:95 Tel:0212 516 93 51 Galery 97 Carpet and Kilim No:97 Tel:0212 518 45 91 Doruk Art Gallery No:99 Tel:0212 516 46 02 Carpest-Kilims No:101 Tel:0212 518 58 28 Rüyam Kuyumculuk (Jewelry) No:105-153 Tel:0212 517 76 01 Eymen Halıcılık No:107 Tel:0212 516 07 33 er&ne&met Halı (Carpet) No:109 Tel:0212 516 80 52 İSTANBUL Sterling Silver Souvenirs No:111-113 Tel:0212 658 57 32 Ethnich Art Textile No:155 Tel:0212 516 76 86 Bergama Gallery No:8 Tel:0212 517 67 69 Capadocia Gift Shop No:10 Tel:0212 518 13 16 Turquouse Silver No:16 Enes Gift Shop&Ceramics No:18 Tel:0212 518 44 80 Er-ne Halı No:117 Tel:0212 638 43 20 İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 19

Eganis Jewellery&Rugstore No:117 Tel:0212 517 86 53 Ethnic Home Art No:119 Tel:0212 517 74 30 Ethnic No:121 Tel:0212 517 74 30 Ensar No:123 Tel:0212 516 28 61 Cobalt Blue (Ceramics) No:125 Galeri Metin (Ccarpet) No:127 Tel:0212 516 03 14 Elite (Clothing) No:129 Tel:0212 517 68 09 Flamingo (Carpet) No:131 Tel:0212 517 98 64 Kahraman Silver No:137 Tel:0212 517 68 60 Jennifer's Hamam (Clothing) No:135 Tel:0212 518 06 48 Gallery Ottoman (Carpet) No:139 Tel:0212 516 00 63 Sound of Turkish Music (Music Shop) No:141 Tel:0212 518 18 99 Sönmez Textile Gift&Souvenir No:143 Tel:0212 518 18 99 Urartu (Carpet) No:145 Tel:0212 638 07 95 Amphora (Creamics) No:147 Tel:0212 516 28 60 Hamam (Clothing) No:149 Tel:0212 516 30 58 Mehmet Çetinkaya Gallery No:151 Tel:0212 458 61 86 Rüyam Kuyumculuk (Jewelry) No:153 Tel:0212 517 76 01 Galeri Cengiz (Jewellry) No:155 Tel:0212 518 88 82 Family Art Gallery (Carpet) No:159 Tel:0212 516 41 73 İznik Classics (Ceramics) No:161 Tel:0212 517 17 05 Galeri 44 Mozaik (Carpet) No:163 Tel:0212 638 10 71 Tr/Silk Road,Inc. (Carpet) No:165 Tel:0212 517 67 90 Charlie's Classics (Clothing) No:169 Tel:0212 638 12 30 Medusa (Carpet) No:171 Tel:0212 518 92 74 Gallery Desen (Carpet) No:173 Tel:0212 517 68 01 Eğinci Carpet Kilim No:175 Tel:0212 516 95 05 Er-Han Jelwellery No:35 Tel:0212 638 87 02 Forza (Jewellry)No:37 Tel:0212 516 24 10 Troy Rug Store No:39 Tel:0212 458 08 92 Şark Halıcılık (Carpet) No:41 Tel:0212 517 67 75 Ceramic Art Galery No:43 Tel:0212 516 30 22 Seven Hills Tours No:45 Tel:0212 458 10 34 Harem49 (Carpet) No:47 Tel:0212 518 36 07 Senkron No:51 Tel:0212 638 83 40 See Grand Bazaar, Sultanahmet

ARNAVUT CİĞERİ See MEZE ARNAVUTKÖY Beşiktaş A Bosphorus town located between Ortaköy and Bebek on the European side. Opposite Arnavutköy on the Asian side are Kandilli and Vaniköy. Arnavutköy is believed to be named after the Albanian people that were brought to this town from Albania after Mehmet II, Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Albania in 1468. It remained Arnavutköy even after the Albanian people left the area. Before the Ottoman period it was called Hestai, Promotos, Anaplous, Horasmoto (Village of Angels) Asomaton, Megalu Revmatus (Big Current) or Diabolugue Revma (Diabolic Current due to the current on the Arnavutköy Point). It is one of small towns by the Bosphorus where you can go for a walk by the sea, have a raki-balik meal and take photos of the Bosphorus and the original Istanbul houses built by the sea. If you like fishing it is one 20 İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians

of the fishing areas in Istanbul. Walk a little further to the north, you will reach Bebek which is a larger town town than Arnavutkoy and has more shops, cafes and a natural cove to make it a marina by the Bosphorus. What to see & do? • • • •

Walk along the seaside to see the old houses Have a köfte meal at the Ali Baba Restaurant Have a fish meal at the Adem Baba, Arnavutköy Balıkçısı or Fishmekan Go to a concert at the Turkcell Kurucesme Arena

Did you know? Until the end of 18th century there were many vineyards around the town. At that time, thanks to the Ipsilantis family the vineyards were replaced with stawberry fields and the peculiar kind of strawberry they grew was called the Arnavutköy or Ottoman strawberry. How to get there? There are ferries from Eminönü or Çengelköy but not very often. You can take a bus from Kabataş or Beşiktaş See Bebek, Beşiktaş, Ortaköy Map

ART GALERIES Sanat Galerisi Most popular art galleries in İstanbul: Borusan Kültür ve Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. No: 213 Beyoğlu Tel:0212 336 32 80 İş Sanat Kültür Merkezi İş Kuleleri Levent Tel:0212 316 10 83 Akbank Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. No:8 Beyoğlu Tel:0122 252 35 00 Enka Sanat Galerisi Enka Vakfı, Sadi Gülçelik Spor Sitesi İstinye Tel:0212 705 60 00

Art Galleries on the European Side BAKIRKÖY Gülmine Sanat Merkezi Zeytinlik Mah. Sporcu Sok. No:12 Tel:0212 571 60 16 BEŞİKTAŞ Toprakbank Sanat Galerisi Toprak Center Ihlamur Yıldız Cad. No:10 B Blok Tel:0212 326 35 80 Yıldız Sarayı İslam Tarih, Sanat ve Kültür Araştırma Merkezi Yıldız Sarayı Tel:0212 258 30 80 Pırıltı Sanat Galerisi 2 Akaretler, Spor Cad. No:131 Tel:0212 227 35 56 21 Özden Sanat Galerisi Maçka Spor Cad. No:130 Tel:0212 260 44 28 KÜSAV Hasfırın Cad. Sinan Paşa İşmerkezi 3. Kat Tel:0212 260 77 00 Galeri Artist Yeşil Çimen Cad. No: 23 Ihlamur Tel:0212-227 68 52 Enka Sanat Galerisi Bestekar Şevki Bey Sok. Enka II.binası Balmumcu Tel:0212 274 09 67 Enka Rönesans Sanat Galerisi Bestekar Hacı Faik Bey Sok. No:3 Balmumcu Tel:0212 274 25 40 BEBEK & ARNAVUTKÖY PG Art Cevdetpaşa Cad. No:386/2-3 Bebek Tel:0212 263 33 90 Metin Sanat Galerisi İnşirah Sok. No:8/A Bebek Tel:0212 263 13 84 Kile Sanat Galerisi Cevdet Paşa Cad. 384 Bebek Tel:0212 265 74 96 Galeri Bozatlı 1.Cadde No:97/A Arnavutköy Tel:0212 265 45 56 Evin Sanat Galerisi Bebek Phone: (0212) 265 81 58 Akbank Bebek Sanat Galerisi Cevdet Paşa Cad. No: 238 Bebek Tel:0212 257 61 52 Bebek Sanat Galerisi Cevdet Paşa Cad. Germancik Sok. No:3 Bebek Tel:0212 287 88 52 BEYOĞLU Vakıfbank Kemal Sunal Sanat İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 21

Merkezi İstiklal Cad. No: 241 Tel:0212 292 50 13 Vakko Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. Beyoğlu Tel:0212 251 40 92 Yantra Sanat Galerisi Faik Paşa Sk. 19/3 Tel:0212 251 28 40 Yapı Kredi Kazım Taşkent Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. No: 285 Tel:0212 252 47 00 Zarifi Çukurlu Çeşme Sk. No:13 Tel:0212 293 54 80 Resimci Sanat Galerisi Eskidji Antikacılar Çarşısı Paşabakkal Sok. No:28 K. 3/29 Tel:0212 238 42 94 Platform Garanti Güncel Sanat Merkezi İstiklal Cad. 276 Tel:0212 293 23 61 Pera Sanat Evi İstiklal Cad. Balyoz Sk. Gamsız Apt. 25 Tel:0212 252 38 57 Kemal Sunal Sanat Merkezi İstiklal Cad. No: 241 Tel:0212 316 70 24 Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları İstiklal Caddesi Elhamra Pasajı No: 258/203 Tel:0212 245 15 08 İş Bankası Parmakkapı Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. Meşelik Sk. Yürekli Han Kat.2 Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi İstiklal Cad. 209/49 Tel:0212 243 30 53 İFSAK İstanbul Fotoğraf ve Sinema Amatörleri Derneği İstiklal Cad. Ayhan Işık Sk. Özverim Apt. 34/2 Tel:0212 292 42 01 Haymatlos Abdullah Sok. No:15/A Tel:0212 292 43 36 Garanti Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. No:187 Tel:0212 293 63 71 Beyoğlu Belediyesi Sanat Galerisi Beyoğlu Belediyesi Tel:0212 252 77 55 Galeri İmrahor Sait Paşa Sok. No:9 Çukurcuma Tel:0212 243 27 00 Galeri Artist II ltıpatlar Sok. No:26 Çukurcuma Tel:0212 251 91 63 Galeri Apel Hayriye Cad. No:7 Galatasaray Tel:0212 292 72 36 Fototrek Meşrutiyet Caddesi Ravanda İşhanı No:85 Kat:2 D:3 Tel:0212 251 90 14 Fotoğrafevi Tütüncü Sok. No: 4 Galatasaray Tel:0212 251 05 66 Eren Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. Turnacıbaşı Sk.14 Galatasaray Tel:0212 244 16 69 Eller Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. Postacılar Sk.12 Elhamra Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. Elhamra Pasajı, Kat:2 No:203 Tel:0212 245 15 08 Dulcinea Oda İstiklal Cad. Meşelik Sok. No:20 Tel:0212 245 10 71 Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi İstiklal Cad. Atlas Pasajı No:209/49 Tel:0212 243 30 53 Borusan Sanat Galerisi İstiklal Cad. No:421 Tel:0212 292 06 55 ETİLER Galeri Binyıl Zeytinoğlu Cad. Akatlar Kültür Merkezi No:8 Tel:0212 351 97 13 Alkent Actuel Art Galerisi Tepecik Yolu Alkent Alışveriş Merkezi F3-Blok No:18 Tel:0212 257 46 84 FATİH Horhor Sanat Galerisi Irık Tulumba Sk.13/22 Tel:0212 524 35 92 İSTİNYE İ.M.K.B Sanat Galerisi İ.M.K.B. Tel:0212 298 21 00 KARAKÖY Schneidertempel Sanat Merkezi Bankalar Cad. Felek Sk. No:1 Tel:0212 240 41 44 Osmanlı Bankası Sanat Galerisi Voyvoda Cad. Kasa Galeri Sabancı Üniversitesi, Karaköy İletişim Merkezi Bankalar Cad. No:2 Tel:0212 292 49 39 Dükkan: Bir Sanat Mekanı Kemankeş Caddesi, Fransız Pasajı 59/16 C Blok Axa Oyak Sanat Galerisi Karaköy Meydanı Nordstern Han Tel:212-292 58 00 LEVENT İş Sanat Kibele Galerisi İş kuleleri 80620 4. Levent Tel:0212 316 00 00 Almelek Sanat Galerisi Aytar Cad. Nil Apt. 24/6 1. Levent Tel:0212 269 80 14 MAÇKA Vip Antik Swissotel Loby. Bayıldım Cad. No: 2 Tel:0212 3270751 Maçka Sanat Galerisi Eytam Cad. 31 Tel:0212 240 80 23 Maçka Mezat Maçka Cad. 32 Tel:0212 259 45 13 Körfezbank Sanat Evi Maçka Palas Maçka Galeri Nev İstanbul Maçka Cad. 33/B Tel:0212 231 67 63 Destek Reasürans Sanat Galerisi Abdi İpekçi Cad. 75 Tel:0212 231 28 32 NİŞANTAŞI Ayşe Takı Sanat Galerisi Şakayık Sk. 62/5 Tel:0212 241 76 33 Urart Sanat Galerisi Abdi İpekçi Cad.18 Tel:0212 241 21 83 TEM Sanat Galerisi Valikonağı Cad. Prof.Orhan Ersek Sk. 44/2 Tel:0212 247 08 99 Rönesans Sanat Galerisi Teşvikiye Ihlamur Yolu 3/1 Tel:0212 232 96 64 Portakal Kültür ve Sanat Evi Mim Kemal Öke Cad.19 Tel:0212) 225 46 37 Lebriz Sanat Galerisi Eytam Cad. 16/2 Tel:0212 240 22 82 Art Galeri Şakayık Aralığı Sk. 8/A Tel:0212 230 20 07 Hobi Sanat Galerisi Vali 22 İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians

Konağı Cad. Pasaj 73 Tel:0212 225 23 37 Galeri G Abdi İpekçi Cad. Arman Palas 7/8 Tel:0212 241 45 69 Galeri 3K Valikonağı Cad. No: 90/1 Tel:0212 233 42 77 Estet Sanat Galerisi Vali Konağı Mim Kemal Öke Cad. Zümrüt Apt. 15 Tel:0212 225 46 77 C. A. M. Abdi İpekçi Cad. 48/5 Tel:0212 234 39 01 Artisan Sanat Galerisi Şakayık S k. 54/1 Tel:0212 247 90 81 ORTAKÖY Pi Artworks Muallim Naci Cad. 63 Tel:0212 236 68 52 SIRASELVİLER Bilgi Atölye III Sıraselviler Cad. No:111 Tel:0212 292 33 03 Pera Sanat Galerisi Sıraselviler Cad. No: 70 Tel:0212 245 30 08 SULTANAHMET Yerebatan Sarnıcı Sanat Galerisi Yerebatan Sarayı Tel:0212 513 60 61 İlhami Atalay Sanat Galerisi Alemdar Cad.28/2 Tel:0212 520 10 83 ŞİŞLİ Türk Ticaret Bankası Sanat Galerisi Türk Ticaret Bankası Genel Müdürlük Sanat Galerisi Yıldız Posta Cad. No:2 Gayrettepe Tel:0212 288 61 12 PAM Sanat Galerisi Profilo Alışveriş Merkezi, Mecidiyeköy Kaş Sanat Galerisi Abide-i Hürriyet Cad. No:151 Tel:0212 247 11 85 Eylül Sanat Galerisi Akkirman Sk. 59 Şişli Tel:0212 231 68 46 Artemis Sanat Galerisi Halaskargazi Cad. Saksı Sk. 2.Kat Tel:0212 232 09 20 TAKSİM The Marmara Opera Sanat Koridoru Tel:0212 25146 96 Taksim Sanat Galerisi Gezi Dükkanları, Cumhuriyet Cad. No:24 Tel:0212 245 20 68 Opera Sanat Galerisi Hariciye Konağı Sk.1 Gümüşsuyu Tel:0212 249 92 02 Kum, Pan, Ya Sakızağacı Cad. Eskiçeşme Sk. No:12 Tel:0212 235 54 57 Aksanat Resim Galerisi İstiklal Cad. Zambak Sk. 16/18 Tel:0212 252 35 00 HARBİYE Elturco Art Gallery Valikonağı Cad. Başaran Apt. 33/2 Tel:0212 233 05 04 Cemal Reşit Rey Konser Salonu Sanat Galerisi İstanbul Belediyesi CRR Konser Salonu Tel:0212 240 50 12 Antik Sanat Galerisi Cumhuriyet Cad. Nispet Sk. No: 4 Tel:0212 224 74 17 Armoni Sanat Galerisi Cumhuriyet Cad. Nispet Sk. No: 4 Tel:0216 360 13 77 Atatürk Kitaplığı Sanat Galerisi Mete Cad. 45 Tel:0212 249 38 19 TEŞVİKİYE Zeynep Erol Takı Tasarım Atiye Sk. Yuva Apt. No:8 Tel:0212 236 46 68 Teşvikiye Sanat Galerisi Abdi İpekçi Cad. 48/3 Tel:0212 241 65 35 Pamukbank Fotoğraf Galerisi Teşvikiye Cad. No:105/2 Kat:1 Tel:0212 274 14 41 Nelli Sanat Evi Atiye Sk. Uzay Apt. 3/2 Tel:0212 227 73 75 Atölye Örümcek Hacı Emin Efendi Sk. No:2/1-1 Tel:0212 241 35 58 Nadya Sanat Galerisi Nişantaşı Ihlamur Yolu No:10 D:2 Tel:0212 231 90 87 Artı Galeri Hüsrevgerede Caddesi No:112/1 Tel:0212 261 62 55 Milli Reasürans Sanat Galerisi Teşvikiye Cad 43/57 Tel:0212 230 19 76 Kare Sanat Galerisi Atiye Sk. 12/2 Tel:0212 247 44 48 Gözlem Sanat Gallery Atiye Sok. Polar Apt. No:12 Tel:0212 240 41 44 Galeri Vinci Teşvikiye Ihlamur Yolu Günol Apt. 1 Galeri Oda Hüsrev Gerede Cad.102/B Tel:0212 259 22 08 Galeri B Hüsrev Gerede Cad. Fırın Sk.2 Ela Cindoruk-Nazan Pak Mücevher Galerisi Atiye Sk. 14/5 Tel:0212 232 26 64 Doku Sanat Galerisi Ihlamur-Teşvikiye yolu No:4 Tel:0212 246 24 96 Cumalı Sanat Galerisi Şakayık Sk. 45/3 Tel:0212 248 31 65 Cumalı Sanat Galerisi Şakayık Sk. 45/3 Tel:0212 248 31 65 TÜNEL Ziraat Bankası Tünel Sanat Galerisi Tel:0212 251 42 48 Tarık Zafer Tunaya Kültür Merkezi Sanat Galerisi Şahkulu Bostan Sk. No: 8 Tel:0212 293 12 70 Asmalımescit Sanat Galerisi Asmalımescit Cad. Sofyalı Sk. Tel:0212 249 69 79 Galeri Dürer Galip Dede Cad. 85 Tel:0212 249 20 09 Galeri Çerçeve Galipdede Cad. Tımarcı Sk. 5 Tel:0212 251 26 51 Barometre Sanat Galerisi İstiklâl Cad. 437 Tel:0212 293 02 87 Galatea Sanat Galerisi Asmalımescit Sofyalı Sk. No:16 Tel:0212 292 54 30 Emlak Sanat Galerisi Hamam Sk. Ertalay Apt. 12/1 Tel:0212 265 81 58 İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 23

Cep Sanat Galerisi Jurnal Sk. 2 Tel:0212 245 19 96 YEŞİLKÖY 2001 Sanat Galerisi Kale Sk. No:13 Yeşilköy Tel:0212 662 33 10

Art Galleries on the Asian Side ATAŞEHİR Ataşehir Art Hall Sanat Galerisi Ataşehir Bulvarı Ata 4-1 Çarşı No:12 Tel:0216 456 04 58 BOSTANCI Fatih Kıral Sanat Galerisi Ankara Asfaltı Yan Yol No:9 Tel:0216 361 03 07 CADDEBOSTAN Ürün Sanat Galerisi İskele Cad. Selim Sk. 11/21 Tel:0216 360 99 64 Galeri İki Maymun Bağdat Cad. Mine Apt. No: 321 A/Blok daire 1 Tel:0216 350 26 24 ÇİFTEHAVUZLAR Neyran Sanat Galerisi Hasan Ali Yücel Sk. 21/2 Tel:0216 360 13 77 ERENKÖY Mutlu Sanat Galerisi Necmettin Ökmen Sk. Ömer Bey Apt. 13/2 Tel:0216 355 35 87 İş Bankası Sanat Galerisi Bağdat Cad. 316 / 4 Tel:0216 356 01 68 FENERBAHÇE Ares Sanat Galerisi Igrıp Sk. 24 Tel:0216 345 11 62 Pırıltı Sanat Galerisi Kalamış Fener Cad. Iğrıp Sk. No:22 Tel:0216 330 72 39 FENERYOLU Artev Kumbaracılar Sk. Özlem Apt. 23/2 Tel:0216 449 46 75 Sevimce Sanat Galerisi Eflatun Sk. 5/2 Tel:0216 338 53 28 Güntay Sanat Evi Cemil Topuzlu Cad. 2/1 Tel:0216 386 88 98 GÖZTEPE MEB Sanat Galerisi Bağdat Cad. Tanzimat Sk. 14/14 Tel:0216-385 47 78 KADIKÖY Bahariye Sanat Galerisi Caferağa Mah. Kadife Sk. Kızıltunç Apt. 1/1 Tel:0216 414 55 06 Atölye Keremos Sanat Galerisi Dr.Esat Işık Cad. No: 43/1 Tel:0216 336 75 82 Beksav Sanat Galerisi Osmanağa Mah. Kırtasiyeci Sk. 21 Tel:0216 349 91 55 Tolga Eti Sanat Evi Bağdat Cad. Yeşilköşk Apt. D. Blok No:199 D.2 Tel:0216 368 26 79 Mine Sanat Galerisi Bahariye Cad. Sokullu Sk. No:1 Tel:0216 345 64 40 Levent Sanat Galerisi Siftah Sk. Siftah Apt. 11/1 Tel:0216 449 44 25 Kadıköy Sanat Galerisi Mühürdar Cad. Misbah Muhayyeş Sok.6/4 Tel:0216 449 16 18 Kadıköy Antikacılar Çarşısı Moda Cad. Tellalzade Sk. Çakıroğlu İşhanı Göçerler Fotoğraf Miralay Nazım Sok. No:36/3 Tel:0216 414 44 74 Galeri Pago Karadut Sk. No:15 Altıyol Tel:0216 345 48 06 Bilim Sanat Galerisi Mühürdar Cad. Akmar Pasajı No:70/1 KIZILTOPRAK Kızıltoprak Sanat Galerisi Rüştiye Sk. 47 Tel:0216 418 38 06 KOZYATAĞI Bakraç Sanat Galerisi Sinan Ercan Sk. No:38 Öztor Sitesi B Blok Tel:0216 362 18 26 MALTEPE Maltepe Sanat Galerisi Feyzullah Cad. Yücelen Sok. No: 23 Maltepe Phone: 216-441 95 40 MODA Yurt & Dünya Scinat Galerisi Moda Caddesi Aylin Apt. No:270 Tel:0216 349 26 10 Seven Sanat Galerisi Moda Cad. 66 Tel:0216-345 56 16 Galeri Keramos Dr. Esat Işık Cad. 43/1 (Mopaş’ın Karşısı) Tel:0216 336 75 82 SUADİYE Dega Sanat Galerisi Suadiye Tel:0216 463 42 87 ŞAŞKINBAKKAL Anka Art Sanat Galerisi Noter Sok. Gülşen Apt. No:11 Tel:0212 385 76 35 ÜSKÜDAR Harmony Sanat Galerisi İcadiye Sok. No: 70 Kuzguncuk Tel:0216 333 21 67 Akbank Beylerbeyi Sanat Galerisi Yalıboyu Cad. No:74 Beylerbeyi Tel:0216 321 46 80

ASIAN SIDE Anadolu Yakası The Asian side of İstanbul. They say, as a joke, that the Asian side of Istanbul is the dormitory of the city because İstanbullu work on the European side due to density of business and commute back to Asian side every day. It is also believed that there is a difference in life style between both sides. Even if there aren't any distinct differences in lifestyle, because of geography, history, density and business, people living on each side of the city feel like strangers on 24 İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians

the other side, and long to get back home to their side. Districts on the Asian Side Adalar, Ataşehir, Beykoz, Çekmeköy, Kadıköy, Kartal, Maltepe, Pendik, Sancaktepe, Sultanbeyli, Şile, Tuzla, Ümraniye, Üsküdar

Things To Do on the Asian Side • Go to Çamlıca Tepesi (Hill) for a nice cup of tea and a spectacular Bosphorus view. • Watch a Fenerbahçe game at the Şükrü Saraçoglu Stadium. Especially a derby between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. • Walk up the Yoros Fortress after having a rakı-balık meal in Anadolukavağı. • Go to Şile to have brakfast near the Lighthouse. • Go to Riva, Şile or Ağva to swim and sunbathe. • Go to one of those “kendin pişir kendin ye” open-air restaurants on the way to Sile or in Poyrazköy, where you can order and make barbecue yourself. • Go boating in the Ağva creek. • Have a lovely breakfast near the marina in Fenerbahçe. • Have an ice cream at the Ali Usta and drink tea or coffee with a friend at the gardens facing the old city, islands and Fenerbahçe. • Go to Büyükada, buy a bottle of olive oil, walk up the hill to the Aya Yorgi Church, light a candle, leave the olive oil and have something to eat at the open air restaurant with a spectacular view of the Marmara Sea and the city. • Walk to Kalpazankaya on Burgazada (second island) and have a meal at the open air restaurant. • Go for a picnic on Heybeliada (third island before Buyukada). • Sit at the Çınaraltı cafe near the ferry station in Kanlıca and have a yoghurt. • Have breakfast at the Çınaraltı cafe in Çengelköy at the weekend and play backgammon after. • Go shopping in Bağdat Street. • Go for a walk biking by the sea side from Fenerbahçe to Bostancı. • Go to Haydarpaşa train station by ferry from Karakoy and have a meal at the Haydarpasa Gar Restaurant with the passengers to Anatolia. • Go for a walk at the Kadıköy fish market, have a meal at the Çiya, drink a serbet after. • Go to the Kız Kulesi (The Maiden Tower) to have a cup of coffee. • Go to Kanaat Lokantasi in Uskudar and walk to Fethi Pasa Korusu to have a tea or coffee and take Bosphorus photos. • Have a rakı-balık meal at the İsmet Baba in Kuzguncuk. • Go to Hidiv Kasrı in Kanlıca for breakfast or dinner. • Go fishing in front of the Kuleli military school in Çengelköy. See Asian Side vs. European Side, European Side

ASIAN SIDE vs. EUROPEAN SIDE • Asian side is older than the European side. Before Byzantium was build, there were settlements around Kadikoy, Fikirtepe (a neigbourhood in the limits of Kadikoy district) and Pendik. • European side is more historical than the Asian side. Constantinople, which İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 25

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was the area inside the walls, was the city center during both the Roman and Ottoman period. Towns on the Asian side were the villages of the city until the ferry started in the 19th century. Another reason why Asian side isn’t as historical as the European side is that, for instance, the stones of the walls around Kadikoy were carried to the other side and used in the construction of public buildings. Therefore, there are not many historical buildings left on the Asian side. European side is more populated than the Asian side due to the fact that European side has always been the center of trade, business and industry. They say Asian side is dormitory of the city. European side is regarded as more “European” or “westerner” – relatively. In the light of the fact that the city center has always been the European side and the European colonies were on this side, it is true to call the European side more European or westerner in terms of appearance. Asian side is greener than the European side. Public bus lines on the European side are two times more than the Asian side whereas train lines is one and half time more than the European side. Asian side is higher than the European side with the hills like Aydos Tepesi and Camlica Tepesi. The coast line on the Asian side is nicer and more well-organized than the Europan side. There are more space on the Asian side for jogging, walking, biking starting from Kadikoy and going along Fenerbahce, Caddebostan, Bostanci up to Maltepe. Crime rate on the Asian side is less than the European side. Number of hotels on the European side is more than the Asian side because the European side is the center of attraction for business, trade and tourism. Sports centers, stadiums are more on the European side than the Asian side. Asian side has Sukru Saracoglu Stadium (Fenerbahce SK) in Kadikoy and Formula 1 circuit. European side has more shopping malls than the Asian side. Most TV channels and press is located on the European side. The longest metro line has been constucted on the Asian side. Nightlife is more active on the European side than the Asian side. There are three football clubs playing in the Turkish league: Besiktas JK, Galatasay SK and Kasimpasa SK. Fenerbahce SK is the only Istanbul football team located on the Asian side playing in the Turkish football league. There are more military schools on the Asian side than the European side. Asian side has the biggest cemetery, not only in Istanbul, also all over Turkey. There are more university campuses on the European side than the Asian side. Marmara University, the only university in the world located on two contines is based on the Asian side. On the Bosphorus bridges you don’t have to pay to get to the European side whereas you have to pay to get to the Asian side. The first Turkish town in Istanbul is Anadoluhisari on the Asian side.

26 İstanbullu, Dictionary of Istanbulians

• The first mosque built in Istanbul is in Karakoy on the European side: Arap Camii (Built in 717 by the Genoeses colony) • Both sides have an international airport. Atatürk havalimani on the European side and Sabiha Gokcen on the Asian side. • Both sides have a marina. Atakoy on the European side and Kalamis, Fenerbahce on the Asian side. Soon a second marina will be open in Pendik on the Aasian side. • Both sides have a popular street. Istiklal Caddesi on the European side is a very cultural, historical, cosmopolit street located between Taksim and Karakoy, Bagdat Caddesi on the Asian side is a very modern street today located between Kadikoy and Bostanci. Bagdat Caddesi is modern street but actualy it is a very old road for the eastern campaign of the Roman and Ottoman armies. This is why it was called Baghdat street.

ASLAN SÜTÜ See RAKI AŞURE See NOAH’S PUDDING ATATÜRK See MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK AVRASYA MARATONU See ISTANBUL MARATHON AVRUPA YAKASI See EUROPEAN SIDE AYA TRIADA ORTHODOX CHURCH Kadıköy During the Ottoman period, Kadikoy was widely inhabited by non-muslim citizens. Therefore, you can see more churches than the mosques in the town center. Aya Triada, a Greek Orthodox church located on Bahariye Street is one of the biggest churches in Kadikoy. The church was built by the Patriarch III. Yovakim and Kadikoy metropolitan bishop Yermenos in 1902. It was build in the shape of a Greek cross with two bell towers on each sides. Under the church is an ayazma (spring of water regarded as sacred by Orthodox Greeks) devoted to Ayia Ekaterini who was once a sinful woman, then became Christian and lived all her life in the church to be forgiven. Bahariye Cad. Nisbetiye Sok. Kadıköy AYA YORGI Büyükada Aghios Gheorghios, the Rum (Greek) Orthodox church on Yücetepe (or The Hill of Aya Yorgi) on Büyükada. On the 23rd of July and the 24th of September, thousands of people Christians and Muslims, natives and foreigners - climb up the hill to Aya Yorgi, tie rags to the trees and bushes along the way to the church, leave offerings of olive oil, light a candle and pray. Did you know? People walking up the hill with bare feet are believed to become half pilgrim. See Büyükada, Princes’ Islands İstanbullu, Dictionary of İstanbulians 27

AYA YORGİ KIR LOKANTASI Büyükada An open air restaurant on top of the Yücetepe Hill (also known as The Hill of Aya Yorgi) on Büyükada. Aya Yorgi Kır Lokantası, in addition to its excellent view of İstanbul, serves very tasty food including appetizers, grilled meats and a variety of salads. From July to October the restaurant is open from 11:00 to 23:00. In the winter it is only open on weekends. Aya Yorgi Church, Yücetepe Mevkii No:5 Büyükada Tel: 0216 382 13 33 See Büyükada, Princes’ Islands


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