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L4 establishing  professional  practice  Paul  and  Adelina’s  work       MOHAMMAD  ALI  AHMED  1st  year  Interior  design      

Summative tech  skills  on  online  soft  where  usage      

Using thru  programs  such  as  Issuu/WIX  on  making  our  own  webpage   And  using  programs  mainly  Auto  cad  and  sketch  up  for  skills  practicing  through  out  the   course.  And  a  bit  of  usage  of  Photoshop  for  website  layout  building.       I  do  think  my  online  skills  are  in  need  of  some  more  work  in  practicing  them  but  right   now  I  feel  currently  confident  with  some  sort  of  understanding  with  hwere  my  inline   skills  are  starting  to  develop.  Hopefully  over  the  next  parts  of  my  course  they  grow   stronger.     PROGRAM  DEVELOPER     (ISSUU  ON  CREATING  AND  BUILDING  YOUR  OWN  WEBSITE/BLOG)          


Account set  up  is  to  be  made  on   issuu  is  pretty  easy  and  straight   forward  you  can  easily  sign  up   with  your  emails.  And  the  rest  is   for  you  to  explore  on  what  you   chose  to  do  with  site/blog.     It  gives  you  all  the  tolls  you  need   such  as  publishing  and  layout  set   in’s  so  everything  is  in  your   control.  

ALI AHMED  Front  cover  settings  on  photo  shop     My  image  for  my  issuu  website   was  just  basically  me  using  an   image  from  the  Internet  from  the   website  vitra  of  a  highend  modern   them  bathroom  and  just  over   laying  a  filter  effect  and  my  name   pretty  much  straight  forward  and   simple.  


Paper sizes       A4  –  297  x  210  mm  (millimetres  )   A3  –  297  X  420mm   A2  -­‐  420  x  594mm   A1  -­‐  594  x  841mm    


The different  quality’s  we   should  be  identifying  for   different  usage  off  images.   Newsprint  (150  pix  per  inch)     Screen  res  (72  pix  per  inch)     Photo  quality  for  a  standard   that  image  depending  on   how  much  editing  goes  into   it  (600  pix  per  inch)     A  magazine  front  cover   image  (300  pix  per  inch)     High  def  very  high  standard   image  (1200)  

ALI AHMED       Interacting  with  university  on  updates  and  booking  systems     (Meaning  how  to  keep  up  to  date  with  library  notifications  and  how  to  book   out  rooms  or  use  high  tech  equipment  to  hire).     All  can  be  found  on:   With  your  student  information  meaning  ID  log  on  to  this  website    

On  here  everything  can  be  found  from  the  lies  high  tech  DSLR  cameras  down   to  tri  pods  and  filing  usage,  light  boxes,  studio  hire,  and  booking  rooms  for   one  to  one  library  sessions  or  for  personal  revising  sessions.  

Saving the  work  as  PDF  (FILE,  SAVE  AS  ADOBE  PDF,  SAVE  IN   FOLDER)    

Windows +  D  =  minimise  all  windows              


Key  bored  controls  for  when  using  auto  cad  and  how  using  them  makes  your   work  more  efficiently  easy.  Tool  general  features.    

Ctrl+Save = saves the drawing of what you have just done then will show you if you would want to save it automatically in your documents or as PFD Ctrl+Open = SHOWS YOUR CHOSEN FILE ON WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING ON toggle Ctrl+P = Displays the Plot dialog box and shows your work Ctrl+PgDn / Ctrl+PgUP = this controls the setting of your page scroll bar and makes it easier for you to scroll up or down to view your work more easier     Ctrl+Tab = switches the tabs on your Cad drawing and to move onto the next

L for  line     X  extend  of  line  for  drawing     O  for  offset  =  offsetting  the  tool   CTRL  Z  =  undo     CTRL  Y  =  redo  what  you  have  just  crossed  or  cancelled  out     Space  bar  repeats  the  previous  other  commands                        

Ali Ahmed  EPP  –  Auto  cad  and  Auto  desk       More  short  cuts  in  auto  cad  for  use     -­‐Rec-­‐  (rectangle  making  your  shapes   easier  to  have  a  starting  point  right  till               the  end).    


The fillet  –  F-­‐  tool  this  tool  uses   the  two  lines  you  have  created   in  the  same  radius  to  join   together.    Meaning  it  join  two  lines  that   can  be  coordinated  in  the  same   area  and  sometimes  can  cause   two  parallel  lines  to  join   together  but  creating  an  oval   type  shape  this  can  be  used  for   creating  housing/  building  floor   plans  for  when  needing  two   intersections  to  join  together   but  they  are  not  able  to  become   one  if  they  are  past  the  radius   point.  

Ali Ahmed  EPP  –  Auto  cad  and  auto  desk      

Establishing professional  practice  when  it  comes  to  layering  on   AutoCAD    

Layering  can  be  the  use  of  your  online  drawing  or  plan  to  have   more  colour  or  layering  images  /  combining  them.  Colours  are  used   to  symbolise  the  different  types  of  line  work  that  would  be  used  for   floor  plans  and  design  ideas.       LAYERS  KEY:  HOME  KEY  then  press  layers  and  the  options  will  all   be  there.  

You  can  experiment  that  these  tools  offer  the  difference  in  your  line   thickness  do  making  them  dotted  or  more  predominant.  Then  can   differ  in  colours  and  border  type  lines/  lock  layers.  Can  create  the   heaviness  in  outside  walls  when  edit  the  settings  to.  

Establishing professional  practice     EPP  -­‐  Ali  Ahmed                                  (SKETCHUP  key  bored  control)

Selecting tool  (selecting  and  item   or  shape  to  either  edit  them  or   move  them).   Rubber.   Line  drawer.   Arcs  tool.    Shapes  -­‐  differs  from  rectangle’s   angles  to  oval  shapes     Push  pull  -­‐  tool  to  create  height  to   buildings  and  designs.   Offset  –  to  make  the  floor  of  your   shapes  wider  or  smaller  and  is   used  to  help  build  the  foundation   of  your  walls     Move  tool  -­‐  -­‐allows  you  to  move   and  stretch  around  your  floor  plan     Scale  allows  you  to  bigger  the  size         Tape  measuring  tool     Text     Paint  emoji       Rotate  around  the  area  you  have   built     Grab  move  around  the  area     Zoom  in     Zoom  out      

Intercepting shapes


establishing professional practice online notes  
establishing professional practice online notes