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Our workshop sessions / learning about the different restrictions of health and safety ? Our sessions of the workshop where mainly consisting of talks through out all of the different types of 3d making equipment they have. We had different precaution lessons with different tools each week and learned about how protection and physicality can make a massive difference in producing all types of 3d models and outcomes, such as how joints where made for Tim's module and how we could make metal melt. Also how to appropriately use the lazer cutter through Paul’s sessions. Lastly my favorite ones where we could make our installations for Andrews work.

Presentation on NEW ADELPHI design bored.

My personal favorite part of bored was my cut out 3d model of the outside of Adelphi and how my shadows in the image really captured that architectural type of feel and my least favorite was that I didn’t have enough sketches as I wanted to put more in.

My presentation for the design bored kind of a had its ups and downs because I had to redo it all over again .Due to it being misplaced which in the end it worked out in my favor as I got another chance to present to my peers and it gave me a chance to state what I did’t in my last about how I took the brief that was given to us and made it my own with the way I did my sketches and how I added paintings and graphite to make my board really stand out.

2.2 perspective measurement drawing exercise

Out of all of the exercises I found this to be the most complicated and is something I do indeed need to work on because of measurement's and accuracy is some thing I do struggle because of my abstractive background in art. As you can see by the rub ins and cross outs of certain lines. But It was informative of how a perspective can be more drastically accurate with the lines we created (I was not present at this class so I followed thru black bored class).

perspective drawings of wheel class exercise. 4B AND 5B pencil work

My own chosen perspective off a MacDonald bag of food

Class exercise off wheel

My final detailed drawing My three perspective drawings of Adelphi’s lobby

3 perspective drawings Was the exercise I was more aware of meaning I found drawing them out free handed was pretty much straight forward and honestly kind of therapeutic. As I do have a massive art background from my first three drawings I was very rough and mixed biro pen in them to create more harsher and abstract looking angles and the intent for that was to make my drawings look more aggressive and stronger. For my final one I really took that same approach and I went in on the shading how ever I did cheat a little because when I read the word detail on the brief I used a ruler to to really give my drawing that straight and indulging Adelphi feel which was not permitted (my mistake.

MINI EVALUATION AND REFRENCES. For the practical and drawing side of things this project I enjoyed it a lot more than the online soft where side of things because my passion really is drawing and sketching I found that I learnt a lot when it came to definition of planning out ideas and finding a narrative in how to lay things out when it comes to being creative. The feed back from my tutor gave me more inspiration in how I heard them say when given a brief it is our job as designers to find the creativity through what is given to us. And its how we plan and execute that idea into a reality. Going on forward I thing the perspective drawing is what I enjoyed the most but yet still need to practice and work on them, and I also need to make more effort when attending lessons. wiki/Zaha_Hadid architecture/zha-unbuilt-zaha-hadidarchitects-06-15-2017/

Establishing profesional practice 2018  
Establishing profesional practice 2018