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Since 2003, the Academic Language Institute (ALI) has been crafting courses for students at all proficiency levels, from beginners to native Spanish speakers.

ALI is located at the University of Alicante on the sunny coast of the Mediterranean. Our goal is to meet the needs of the University, sponsor, and student by offering both a full pre-established curriculum and custom-tailored

live and learn abroad

programs. Semester-long or year-long sessions as well as intensive courses are available. Students may focus on language development or a combination of language, culture, and business studies.

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Internships: while popular, internship opportunities need close supervision and planning, especially when a student decides to intern in a country that has a foreign language and culture. ALI can arrange and supervise professional internships as part of a study abroad program, all while providing personalized academic advising. Winter Term Programs: Many universities encourage students to take advantage of the winter term that is built into the academic year. This is a perfect time for a short, intensive study abroad experience. ALI can organize two- or three- week courses to meet the specific needs of groups from any discipline or professional field.  Spanish for Specific Purposes: ALI can design special interest courses that combine instruction with practical experiences at institutions related to a specific field of interest. These courses are ideal for groups whose members would like to combine professional development with the enjoyment of a seaside city w h i c h offers a Once on site, ALI makes every effort to help students reach special study goals by assisting them as they navigate academic waters. While many students stay within a prearranged program, there are

others who have specific areas of interest that they would like to pursue while abroad. There are many ways to achieve these goals. Our professors and staff look forward to supporting your studies.

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Full Immersion The Language Empowerment Program allows students of every level to develop confidence and command of the Spanish language, while acquiring an understanding of Spanish history and contemporary culture. Our three day orientation introduces you to the program as well as the city of Alicante, while one-on-one advising ensures you stay on track.

Field trips to several cities— including Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, and more—provide a broad scope of the Spanish experience. Our intimate class size (12-15 students) allows for direct contact in the classroom. Content courses are taught using a “sheltered” Spanish approach, the level of Spanish gradually intensifies as the semester progresses.

Personal tutoring is an option for all levels, providing additional study time outside of the classroom.

A New Home A sense of community is vital. Because ALI is located within the University of Alicante, we can assure access to a wide range of facilities. Peer learning opportunities also feature language partners from the University, providing a personal learning experience. Are you worried that your athletic regime will suffer while abroad? At ALI, you have access to the University’s

indoor swimming pool, gym, weight room, tennis court, basketball court, and more. You are never on your own. A full-time resident director is available to accommodate your needs. You will also have a broad range of extra-curricular activities to complement your academic program—including visits to local sites of interest, cultural activities, and special interest classes.

Enjoy the benefits of a small community nestled in a bustling, coastal city.

Camino de Santiago Millions of pilgrims have walked the Camino de Santiago over the centuries, and evidence of these journeys can be found along the way. Dr. Miguélez, founder of ALI, developed this unique experiential learning course after his first-hand experience on the pilgrim trail over 20 years ago. Hundreds of students and professors have participated in the more than 50 groups

led by Dr. Miguélez along the Camino. Participants also learn about the history, art, music, religion, architecture and urban development of northern Spain. This unparalleled opportunity allows students to commune with nature and interact with “pilgrims” from all over the world. The Camino de Santiago Walk and Study Tour is a complete academic and personal growth experience!

Over the course of one week, walk along this historic pilgrimage trail.

Bienvenidos Studying abroad is an experience like no other. The opportunity for both academic and personal growth is unlimited. Take the plunge and come study by the sea, on the sunny Mediterranean coast of Spain. Live and learn abroad.

ALI Abroad Catalog  

ALI Abroad Study Abroad Catalog

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