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Ali Moafi Madani

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Ali Moafi Madani

Date of Birth: December 15th, 1990 Nationality: Iranian

Education 2013 - 2015

2009 - 2014

COERTIFICATION Inverse School of Digital Arts - Tehran, Iran Institute License of Arts, Digital Arts Courses: Motion Graphic Design (Adobe AfterEffects), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Drawing University of Eyvanekey, Faculty of Engineering Tehran, Iran BSc of Industrial Engineering

Jun 2018 - Jul 2018 Mar 2018

Service Design, Kish International Campus, University of Tehran, Iran A workshop offered by Braunschweig University of Art and KIC-University of Tehran for 40 hrs. Subject: “Tourism Futures and Fluid Morphologies”

Feb 2017

Mobile Product Design, An online course offered by Mark Price Certification url:

Work Experience Jun 2018 – Jul 2018

UI / UX Designer Intern in a 5week program in Rahnema College, Tehran, Iran

Dec 2014 - Jun 2015 & Oct 2016 - Jan 2018

UI / UX Designer Design of a Health and Fitness app for IronClub startup, Karaj, Iran

Nov 2015 - Mar 2016

Graphic Designer Vahooman Advertisement Agency, Karaj, Iran

Apr 2016 – Jul 2016

Sep 2013 – Nov 2013

Graphic Designer, University of Tehran Counseling Center Posters, Infographics and Web Banners for a new project in counseling center about human issues Time management assistant Intern in Mapna Group Company, Karaj, Iran Worked as a researcher to improve employees work area and financial benefits

UI / UX Design, Rahnema College For 5 weeks UI / UX Design Boot-camp

Oct 2010 – Nov 2010

Project Management, MSI Academy Certification No: 896725

Mar 2010

ISO 9001:2008 Internal Audit, TUV Academy Rheinland Certification No: QMS-A-10/40 30

Jan 2010

ISO 9001:2008 Consultation Training (Level 1), TUV Academy Rheinland Certification No: QMS-CT-10/17 98

Dec 2009

Blast Quality Management(BQM), IRSQ A course offered by Iranian society for quality


User-Centered Design, User-Research, Layout Design, Frontend Development, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing


Sketch, Marvel, InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects, User Interface Design, Motion Graphics, Photography


Ironclub Project


Rahnema Internship Project


Anya Co. Projects


Freelance Projects



Mobile App Design Redesigning a mobile app which had been improved by adding several services.

Graphic Ironclub Design Project & UI Self Studies New Design

Old App


Mobile App Design

Graphic Ironclub Design Project & UI Self Studies

Product KPIs and target group defined to lead us to achieve best results.


Mobile App Design

Graphic Ironclub Design Project & UI Self Studies

Usability test issues made us to redesign some pages.


Web Platform Design

Ironclub Project An environment for trainers to create programs for users and track their progress.


App UX Design

Rahnema Graphic Internship Design Project & UI Self Studies

Loop A routine tracker app designed to track habits and also to motivate user to be healthy.


App UX Design

Rahnema Internship Project

After usability tests we redesigned some UI functions to improve user experience. Before

After Users were failed to enter their activities and after redesigning, it wroked as expected.


Graphic Anya Design Co. & UI Self Studies Web Platform Design This project included Bot-mother to add bots to all social media apps, Bot-maker to easily make bots and Bot-store to reach a massive source of bots. Components, UI elements, CTA color, and user flow were designed to facilitate lernability and usability.

Information Architecture


Web Platform Design

Anya Co.

These websites are designed to provide a convenient system for both developers and social media users. Different target groups, but many common goals. data driven design


Web Platform Design

Anya Co.

We brought up some features with alternatives, with perspective of A/B testing; And also we considered some gamification functions to create a delightful design.


Game Design

Anya Co.

A game was launched but was failed to reach product goals. My task was to redesign app. After research and study business plan -culture sensitive-, a new game borned from last game’s ashes. “See me” Old App

New Design As it is a trivia game, case study were based on same games on app stores like “Trivia Crack, Wheel of fortune, Family Feud, HQ” and many others. The key to create better interaction was repeating user mind-set, but with innovation in user-flow and gameplay.


Trivia Game


Game Design

Anya Co.

User flow had been defined by doing some surveys and also studying previouse game, named “see me�. It had beed improved by graphic illustrations and innovations in game design to achieve product expectations and also getting closer to user needs.


Game Design

Anya Co.

The game design process iterated many times to increase metrics and user interaction. Features added step by step after A/B testing based on Google Analytics and Jadoobi data.


Web Platform Design #Website

The website has designed to import and create life goals as a map and print it as to make them more achievable.


Graphic Design

Freelance Projects #final designs

Final Designs


1st Designs

A digital platform and physical product to train users be more productive, purposeful and happy.

#1st designs



Board-Game Design This board-game made to encourage children to collaborate and also to increase their curiosity to learn and to improve their basic knowledge.

Freelance Projects

#1st design


Redesigned to add more stops for players and be more convenient. It made like hexagon with a path to center.


Children Library Platform

Freelance Projects

TOTO An interactive platform to motivate children to read more books and to learn more. All functions will be displayed on a display reachable for children in ages 5-16. They will rent books, read, participate in quizes and get score, choose their avatar, review others activities and find all books without any help. Main project related to an industrial desin student.


UI Designs

Freelance Projects Graphic Design & UI Self Studies I tried to design various kinds of UI and to improve visual delightful design on digital platforms.

Social Media UI study


Seyed Ali Moafi Madani No 57, Hoseini Ave, South Neda St, Azimieh, Karaj, Iran +98 939 6969 212

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Portfolio - Seyed Ali Moafi Madani  

Portfolio - Seyed Ali Moafi Madani