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Superstitions of Hallowe'en

People to keep them safe, they put bread with repellent salt. • Apples, nuts and candles figured prominently in many of the superstitions.

Hazel nuts: •

The girls put hazelnuts on the grid each symbolizing one of her suitors. She could then find out who her future. Husband would be by chanting, 'If you love me, pop and fly; if you hate.  • People thought the devil was a nut-gatherer.  

Apples: •

Peel an apple without breaking the peel over the shoulder throw and shape of the shell that mimics an initial letter of your beloved.



You take a candle to light up and look in a mirror whilst you combing your hair or eating an apple. Your future husband is peering over your shoulder.


this project is about my part of halloween