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How do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ round the world? Match the countries to their languages: CHINA SPAIN: Feliz Navidad FRANCE : Joyeux noel GERMANY: frohe W eihnachten JAPAN ITALY: Buon Natale PORTUGAL CZECH REPUBLIC

CHRISTMAS QUIZ Try this Christmas quiz. You can find some help on these and In which country……..

1. is Santa Claus supposed to live? 2. do people have an advent wreath with four candles? 3. does a good witch bring presents to good children the day after Christmas? No because is the day before Christmas. 4. does Father Frost visit children in a sleigh pulled by 3 reindeer? 5. do they put paper swans on the Christmas tree as a symbol of peace? Yes 6. do they decorate mango and banana trees? No is the Christmas tree is the pine 7. do they celebrate with a picnic on the beach? 8. do children leave hay and sugar for Santa’s horse? Because they have to eat 9. do children rollerskate to church? Yes they eat a meal of codfish and boiled potatoes at midnight? No they don’t LearnEnglish Kids Winter Festivals ©Sue Clarke/ The British Council, Spring Gardens 2002 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational and cultural relations. Registered in England as a charity.

W hat do you know about W inter Festivals around the world? Try this quiz! This is a useful website to help you:

True or False? 1.Christmas has always been celebrated on December 25th.TRUE 2. In Holland children put out their shoes to receive Christmas presents.TRUE 3. The Winter Solstice is celebrated on the longest day of the year.FALSE 4.. A ‘Yule Log’ was burnt on a huge bonfire to celebrate the Winter SolsticeTRUE 5. In Tibet there is a 4 day festival to celebrate the dying year, where people dance around a magic pole.FALSE 6. In Italy the kind witch delivers presents to good children and coal to bad children on the 1st January. FALSE 7. In Pakistan the Winter Solstice is celebrated with a festival of singing,dancing, bonfires and feasting.TRUE 8. In Ethiopia a special game called ‘Ganna’ is played with sticks at Christmas.TRUE 9. In England a game called ‘Snap Dragon’ (eating raisins on fire!) is still Popular. TRUE 10. In Oaxaca, Mexico on December 23rd there is a Festival of Radishes, where people carve pictures into radishes. TRUE


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