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IES Alhaken II. 2014

MARTA'S IDEAL BEDROOM I´m very happy with my room, but in my dreams, my perfect bedroom would be quiet different. I´d love a giant bedroom with a lot of furniture. Firstly, when you come in, you can see an enormous balcony with a lot of flowers and plants. There is also a transparent jacuzzi with hot springs. But what I like most are the views. From there you can see all Cordoba city, and at the back you can watch the Mosque. Secondly, inside my room there is a princess bed with diamonds and pearls and the sheets smelling like roses. Next to the bed there are two spacious wardrobes in both sides. Thirdly, the walls must have some posters and shelves with storybooks and teddy bears. If you push a book, a secret room will open. It´s the musical room. There are millions of simple and strange instruments and the music sounds beautifully. This is my favourite space. Fourthly, I would like a relax corner to study, where you can hear the birds singing and the sound of the water falling. That will be my ideal bedroom and I want to have it.

Marta Briceño Pedraza

My ideal bedroom.

My ideal bedroom is bigger than the present one , it has a lot of cool things On the walls there will be a lot of posters of EMINEM and other singers. The walls would be white except one, that one would be painted in green, the room would be as big as one of the White House bedroom. O ne of the walls would have one big balcony , with a lot of plants , chairs an a table where I could have my breakfast , do my homework or study. The ceiling would be painted in white and it would have some lamps.

My ideal bedroom would have a big door, a big table where I would have my PC ,my computer games adn my piano , I would also have my own bathroom. There I would have a big bath , a very big jacuzzi and a shower with lights. My bed would be very, very big so that I could jump there , I would also have an huge TV set and I would have a big wardrobe with a TV where I could watch it while I get dressed.

To finish with, that´s all what I would change but I also love my present room .


MY IDEAL BEDROOM The walls are blue with lots of photos of my life. It has a small lounge in front of the bed, a blue sofa blue and two pink chairs . It also has got a long mirror in one wall. The bed is large. The bedroom has got a terrace with a chair for sunbathing,a minisolarium . It also has a small TV. To do my homework I’ve got a small desk in front of the bed

In a one wall there is a door where there is a dressing room like this one :

I choose this dressing droom because I like the windows and the space is very large . There I can put a sofa so that my friends can see while I´m trying on my clothes In my ideal bedroom there is a jacuzzi with lights of colours and a small TV; like this one :

I know that my ideal bedroom seems to be impossible but I like so.



The walls are purple and orange,my favourite colours.There are a lot of stickers on the walls,even a huge butterfly sticker on the wall opposite my wardrobe.There is a big window on the ceiling , so I can see some stars at night but it also gets too hot in summer.When I open it, small birds come into my bedroom and fly around it.My bed is right below the window. It's very big because I like to sleep surrounded by my little dolphin,and, that way, my little brother can't wake me up ! It is one metre high ang I use ladder to climb upon it . My sheels are magic and they change their colour . My olimpic swimming pool is near my bed. I usually swim with my dolphin.My desk is opposite my wardrobe. The desk has got the shape of a dolphin and i always hang my schoolbag on its tail! I love my wardrobe ,its doors are blue and white like the walls ,so you never know where the wardrobe is. I also have a heart-shaped bedside table where i put some lovely photos of my favourite clothes .Clothes are great!

My bedroom is a fantastic place for me. I can study and relax there.I love spending time in my room.The first time my friends saw my new bedrrom they were amazed.The truth is I love it and it is very special for me because I can keep all my stuff there.I am very lucky because my bedroom is the biggest in the house. BY BLANCA REY

MY IDEAL ROOM My ideal room has to be big, with the walls light blue. Firstly I want a large waterbed, beacuse it's very comfortable, I also want a big wardrobe where I can keep all my shoes and all my clothes. I would like to have a big bathroom, where there is a jacuzzi to get relaxed. I love music so I want to have an enormous stereo to listen to every song I like. When I´m listening to music I also dance so I want a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.When I am bored I normally paint so I want a big circular blackboard all around my room. I like watching basketball a lot and football matches too, so I need a big big TV to see them very well.


MY IDEAL BEDROOM This is my ideal bedroom My bedroom is very big ,it has a lot of Windows with views to the sea. it has got a panoramic TV in which I can play video games and I see a lot of things. My bedroom also has two possibilities: I can playfootballwith I can jump and play. Finally I have all kinds of instruments which I can play. I love my bedroom because it´s funny and beautiful. BY SAMUEL SANZ


My ideal bedroom has got a corridor around the double-bed. Near the bed there is a chair and a television opposite the bed. There are two night stands. Under the bed there is swimming pool. It is fantastic , it has got many stairs but I miss a PS3 . That’s all. BY JESÚS JURADO JIMÉNEZ

MY IDEAL BEDROOM My ideal bedroom isn't a minimalistic bedroom. It is a huge room with a lot of things. I can't have all the stuff I say in this text e, but dreaming is free. This is my ideal bedroom: My ideal bedroom has got a lot of posters of famous artists and musicians all over the walls, and all of them would be signed by the people in the posters. The walls would be painted in red and white, like my favourite football team, “Atletico de Madrid�.It will have a huge lamp in the roof which would light all the room. That way, I could read in my bed. In my ideal bedroom, there will be a huge TV and a play station 4 where I could see all the films and play all the videogames from my bed. I would have a private bathroom with a swimming pool, and a jacuzzi too. The bed would be made with exotic silks. I will have a big desk where I could do my homework and study. To finish with, I want have a bedroom where I can do all the things I like and all the things I do for the High School.


MY IDEAL BEDROOM Firstly, I want to have a big television because I love watching films with friends, comedy shows and so on ... Another thing that I haven't got now but I really like, it is a stereo, but not an average one, I want a big and modern stereo, with two enormous loud-speakers. I also want to have an aquarium, a special one, an aquarium with coloured lights, sound... another thing that I would like to have is a modern, big and white sofa opposite the TV where I can sleep, eat, study... Now you are asking what about the bed ? Well, like I won't have space to put so many things in the same place, I want a bed under the floor and when the night comes I would push a button and it would come up... all of a sudden. The floor... it has to be carpet , that way I could fall down and jump without annoying my neighbours. The bed would be under, you know so. The walls are going to be different, in one wall there is going to be the television with the loudspeakers, On the other one, an enormous window where I can see some Cordoba's monuments. Opposite there is going to be a blackboard where I can draw my dreams, study, have fun with friends and my cousin. On the fourth wall there is going to be a door, a door to come into a big room with a lot of mirrors, wardrobe, my clothes and my shoes, next to that, there is going to be another room to communicate the bathroom with the bedroom. I really want to have a jacuzzi where I can swim, stay there for hours and invite my friends in . I also dream with having a zip-line as when I was a child. I was like Tarzan, I was jumping all day and I would like to remember this great time . As I am a sportaholic, I would like to have a sport pitch which it can be used to play tennis, basketball, football, volleyball and so on. The thing that I´d like the most? Well it is a difficult decision as I like all I have included in my ideal bedroom but if I had to choose something, I think I would

choose the sport pitch because it is nice, healthy and ,at the same time, I can have fun there every day.


MY IDEAL BEDROOM Firstly, I'm going to tell you what I haven't got in my bedroom and I would like to have. I have always wanted to have a dressing table to keep all my make-up and my beauty accesories, a floating bed and a big CD player to listen to my favourite music. Secondly, my ideal bedroom would have pink and white walls, and one of them would be full of photos with my best memories. The floor would be made of marble, because I love to walk without shoes in summer, and it would have a rug with synthetic zebra pattern for winter days. Thirdly, my ideal bedroom would have a disco-ball in the middle and a small jacuzzi with waterfalls in a corner. Finally, the thing I would like to have the most is a very big dressing room with millions of clothes of every color and a white piano to learn to play it.


MY IDEAL BEDROOM First of all, I would like to have a bigger bedroom because I've got a lot of things. I'd like to have a big balcony and a bigger wardrobe. I want a lot of little lights above my bed. I think there's no ideal bedroom without a comfortable bed. I want shelves full of books! But not average shelves , If I push them, another place comes up in view ,like in movies. I'd love to have a big mirror that shows me the stars at night, and the clouds in daytime.

I would like to paint the walls white so everything looks bigger and tidier. I want to have inspirational quotes all over the walls and a lot of photos and posters. Posters everywhere!

I want a little room that appears from the floor; that room could have icecream, chocolate, sad movies, twilight books and Wifi to sooth me whe I´m sad.

What I would like the most is a very big balcony! strewn with a lot of flowers and lots of space, so I can put a table and draw things or spend a long time reading. PHOTOS:

← Comfortable bed

Lights and posters →


MY IDEAL BEDROOM My ideal bedroom would be a big one with a lot of things inside . I haven't got some of these now. My ideal bedroom would be my favourite place in the world. I ´d love it. Firstly, my dream's bedroom have a lot of posters about football and basketball and two t-shirts, one of the Spain football team and another one of Real Madrid football team, I love them. On the roof there would be an enormous lamp. There would be an big bed and two big desks to do all the homework and another one with a TV, a computer and a lot of video games. In a corner, there would be a W.C in front of a another TV. In the bedroom, there would be a piano, too. To finish with, I think that it is a perfect bedroom where I would do all .



In my ideal bedroom, I would like to have a very big desk with a Playstation 4 because I love computer games. Also I would like to have a jacuzzi in the center of my bedroom, with an enormous MP3 player. I love pop music and dubstep, it's fantastic! Finally I would like to have a big mirror in front of my door.

The floor would be green and yellow, with a lot of Maths book painted on in because it is my favourite subject. The ceiling would be red and yellow, like the Spanish flag. I love these colours! The walls will have a lot of F1 posters. It's my favourite sport. They would be orange.

The furniture would be with neon lights and white, like in the photo. Neon lights are incredible, and so expensive too. But it doesn't mind.

To finish with, I think that my bedroom would be really good, it is the bedroom of my dreams, but I'm not rich, so I can't afford the bedroom of my dreams.

Antonio Angel Soriano 2D

A photo of my ideal bedroom

My ideal bedroom 2esoc/d  
My ideal bedroom 2esoc/d  

IES Alhaken II 2014