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Assessment template for projects Name: Carlos Escrich Project: Photo frame

Class: 1ÂşA Date: 07/03/2011

The following are the sections evaluated in your project, with some indications about what should have been done in order to get the maximum grade.



Contibution to the average grade

Your grade in that section





You researched very well, Carlos. I really liked the drawing you did to explain the different options to support the frame.



Good drawings, Carlos. They show your ideas very well. One improvement could be to use a harder pencil to do the drawings in order for them to be clearer (because the lines would be thinner).



Well done, Carlos. Please, check the name of the tools you put in the process sheet. I think it is better if you list them in the same order they are used to make each piece.




Language A

This section evaluates if your report includes clear explanations, if there is no language mistakes and if the vocabulary was appropriate.

Research B

This section evaluates if you have included data from your research, for instance: Was there any constraint in the measurements in your project? What materials could you use and why? What different options did you have to make the different parts in your project?

Design C

This section evaluates if your idea solved the problem the teacher proposed, if that idea is original and if you did complete and clear drawings of the whole object and its most important details.

Planning D

This section evaluates if every piece needed to make your design is in the process sheets, with the measurements, materials they are made of and the tools you need to make each of them.

Construction E

This section evaluates if all the pieces were made with the right measurements, materials and tools you previously planned in the process sheets, and if they were cut and assembled properly. This section also evaluates the appearance of the object and if it finally accomplishes the task it was made for.

Report F

This section evaluates if the report includes a front cover, an index, the identification of the problem you had to solve, the evaluation of the object you made and a final composition explaining how your work was and what you think about working with your partners in the workshop. Additionally, it is taken into account if the report includes all the documents (research, design, process sheets‌) with titles and in the right order.



Good report, Carlos. I really liked the combination of drawings and writing you did both in the research and design sections in order to better explain your ideas. You did a great job. I liked the final writing explaining what you think about your work, too.

Average grade


Very good work, Carlos


This section evaluates if the report includes a front cover, an index, the identification of the problem you had to solve, the evaluation of...