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Augustin le gall photographeR art DIRECTOR visual storyteller

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dekadrage produces and distributes visual projects about social, economic, cultural and citizenship issues.

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introduction Photography / Art director / Workshop Augustin Le Gall’s portfolio. Dekadrage, as a collective, is a team of three people collaborating with multiple providers and staff for all of our productions: exhibitions, books, multimedia but also technicians, scientists, cultural mediators ...




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reporting portraits


Sidi Bouzid. Tunisia. Augustin Le Gall Tunisia portrait of a revolution


Migrants in Greece Stephanos Mangriotis Europa Inchallah


Youth at Gafsa. Tunisia Augustin Le Gall Tunisia portrait of a revolution

civil rights

World Social Forum. Tunis Tunisia Augustin Le Gall


Constituent elections. oct. 2013 Tunisia Augustin Le Gall Tunisia Portrait of a revolution


Hospice of Manouba. Tunisia Augustin Le Gall

human rights

Mohamed Soudani. Victim of torture in Tunisia Augustin Le Gall Sous le Jasmin / Beneath the Jasmine




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beneath the

jasmine Coordination, Art Direction and Photography Augustin Le Gall Production: Dekadrage & Organisation mondiale contre la torture. 2013 Tunisia Portraits of victims of torture and ill-treatment in Tunisia. National tour in Tunisia Global tour

2013-2014 2015

Operational and financial partners: OMCT TUNISIA DFAE of Swiss confederation Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tunisia

rĂŠpublique tunisienne ministere de la culture

ali ben salem human rights activist


In 2000, the police arrested me, beat and tortured me while I was visiting a journalist friend on hunger strike. They threw my dead body in the forest of Kerch el Ghaba, thinking I was dead.

saadia ali citizen


Institutionalizing torture, dictators make themselves their own enemies.

houcine alim political opponent


For the disappearance of torture, we have to fight against ignorance at all levels. The respect for the freedom of everyone must be learned. It’s a whole mindset that needs to change.

rim aroussi student


Torture is the big problem of Tunisia today. All generations and all political currents have been affected by cruel and inhuman treatments.



publishing › › › Published by Editions Ceres in 2014

Corridors Augustin Le Gall


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arab spring

tunisia exhibition Amnesty Londres Publication «La Chronique» spécial issue Tunisia Amnesty France Photography Augustin Le Gall 2011-2013

^ Collective exhibition “True Defiance: Tunisian’s Jasmine Revolution” at the Center of Human Rights, Amnesty International London. Nov. 2011

Collective Exhibition PRINTEMPS ARABES REGION Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur commissaire d’exposition ALAIN MINGAN 2012 Marseille. Région PACA Global Tour in 2014-2015

Reportage et outside exhibition


emmaüs Photography Stéphanos Mangriotis Pierre-Emmanuel Delmas Production Dekadrage 2011 Marseille. France

Large format exhibition and public area with portraits of Emmaus’s companions in Marseille Saint Marcel. festival of Les Arts de Passage.


residence of

clovis hugues Photographiy Augustin Le Gall 2010 Marseille. France Life stories of the inhabitants of the city Clovis Hugues in the Saint Mauront district at Marseille. Clovis Hugues is the first social dwelling built at Marseille in 1932. One year reporting and publication at Editions REF2C

Association Récits Editions REF2C «Sous un même toit». Clovis Hugues, un groupe d’habitat social - Marseille, 1935 - 2009» Textes et propos recueillis : Marie d’Hombres et Blandine Scherer, Photographies : Algo, Illustrations : Dek. Aux Editions Ref2C octobre 2010

Edition / exhibition


inchallah Photographer et project : Stéphanos Mangriotis Postfaces : Laurence Pillant and Amnesty International 2011 Patras is a place of transit. This port city in western Greece sees many migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria and Morocco. They await the right time to hide in a truck to get on a boat to Italy. Determined, but faced with the fear of being caught, they wait months or even years to pass this stage of their clandestine journey. Knowing that other barriers are waiting on the road to the dream of Europe, «Europa Inshallah.» with support of’Amnesty International Editions Images Plurielles, Collection Librement -



pasara Photographer Leila Alaoui Art director /print Augustin Le Gall 2009 Morocco With the closure of European borders, terminology appeared in the popular language to express defiance to all laws preventing freedom to leave. «Hrag» (Burning) and «Harragas» (burners) codes have become common in a population desperate, desperate to reach the European coasts . «No Pasara» introduces a portrait of young Moroccans who dream of a better future on the other side of the Mediterranean. The images are a testament to their realities and their disillusionment as if the possibility of burning the border remains uncertain, many eventually burn their past identity and often their lives.


press & medias

chronicles of

tunisia Afrique in visu Photographier/ Augustin Le Gall Textes / May Vallaud 2011 Tunisie

Series of reports and chronicles of youth, citizenship and development in the context of the Tunisian revolution.

#1 Laaroussa, artistic and civic action. portrait of Sofiane et Selma Ouissi, choreographers and artistic curators of the project Laaoussa. “Laaroussa is s humanly, artistically, socially and economically project. It voluntarily committed to the social and economic field to enable new areas of common life because we want to promote a culture of coexistence and peace [...]

#2 Freedom after wave. Portrait of Nozah Ben Mohamed, co-fouder of Radio 6 Radio 6 Tunis is the first project of free radio in Tunisia. First show was broadcast on the web December 10, 2007 during the World Day of Human Rights. In Tunisia muzzled for twenty years, more than a symbol, then it is a militant act [...].

#3 Sidi Bouzid 6 months after the spark. Crossed Portraits of the youth from Sidi Bouzid. Today, only few peolple haven’t heard about Sidi Bouzid, this small town in central Tunisia. Nonetheless, far from the sea and the capital, populated by only 40,000 inhabitants, it has never been favored by tourists or, indeed, of most Tunisians ... [...]

Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, choreographers and artists initiator of the project Laaroussa. “We are in a popular factory space, based on a collective work with reciprocity and exchange about the know-how of this women.

Potters show to the women artists the extraction of the land to be used for modeling the dolls. Sejnane. Tunisia

Modeling work of the large doll that will be exposed. Sejnane. Tunisie

Portrait Nozha Ben Mohamed, journalist and co founder of Radio 6 with five others including Salah Fourti, the current director.

Chokri Bel Hedi (right side) representative of Young Democrats Tunisians Association in Sidi Bouzid. He is accompanied by new active members, Marwen Wannasi Tarek Ncibi and Khawla Kamdouni (left to right side)?

Despite a rich agricultural land area, lack of labor is increasing because of too low wages (10-20 dinars / day - 5-10 euros / day). Youth prefer go to Libya from where wages are higher.

Rami Barhoumi is 17 years old. He lives in the very poor neighborhood of El Khadra. Despite the Revolution, he is pessimistic because it’s impossible to finance higher education that he would like achieve. To live, he has to do odd jobs paying only 5 dinars a day (2.5 ₏).

reportage / press /

arab spring

tunisia Reportage about the constituent elections in tunisia assignements Regards Magazine / L’illustrÊ October 2011

For L’Express (France) Reportage at Sidi Bouzid

For Le monde (France) High Court. Marseille

For LibĂŠration (France) World Social Forum Tunis. 2013

Pour le SVENSKA DAGBLADET Development in the Gafsa area

For the SVENSKA DAGBLADET (Sweden) Reporting in the mining area. Gafsa region. Tunisia. Local development, employment and youth issues.

culture and


exhibition / multimedia / édition

intangible heritage


, between tradition and creativity

Art Director / Photographer Augustin Le Gall 2010 «Gnawa, tradition et création» is a traveling exhibition, mixing sound and documentary photographs, which invites us to discover the world of the Gnawa musicians com from the north-african area. Throughout North Africa, a cult of spirits, spread by roads, drawn between North Africa and Sub-Saharan. Called Gnawa in Morocco, Diwan in Algeria and Stambali in Tunisia, this cult reflects the history of this therapeutic practice and richness of this tradition now changing. «Gnawa» presents a reflection on a musical practice that the origins come from the sacred, wich evolving today in a cultural and artistic world.

Operational and financial partners:

culture et


Transmitted across the centuries, the heritage of the Mediterranean countries is a direct reflection of the history of societies, an exceptionally rich history in many areas. Archaeological sites and monuments, landscapes and cityscapes, built vernacular traditions and skills reflect the many facets of this history and relationships between peoples and cultures with very different beliefs, but all having in common - and sharing - shores of the same sea, that «in the midst» of the earth. in French-English-Arabic language Edition Désiris

exhibition / edition

la vie en oc,

musique ! Edition Carnets Méditerranéens Photographier Augustin Le Gall 2011 In the past ten years, a new dynamic exists in the world of «Occitanic» music. Singers and musicians value the Oc speaking in their directories, reproduce and reinvent musical traditions, while belonging to varied genres (song, electro-rock, reggae, ragga, folk, blues, traditional ...). They multiply musical events based on traditions from different regions of the world, especially those of the two sides of the Mediterranean.

128 pages photographs in color Carnets Méditerranéens Editions februar 2011

reportage / multimedia / edition

road of contemporary art

via pac Photographer Augustin Le Gall 2012 Conseil GĂŠnĂŠral des Alpes de Haute Provence

European project, called VIAPAC - road of contemporary art connects the cities of Digne-les-Bains, France, to Caraglio, Italia ,through the works of twelve contemporary artists on sites in the wilderness or in heritage buildings.

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We also offer you video and audio-slideshow tools for your website, exhibtions or other projects. We work with a staff of professionel directors and cameramen and we offer you our expertise to find the appropriate visual messages to reach your audience.

^ audio-slideshow about the larroussa project. Afrique in visu

< audio slideshow for the exhibition Tunisie Portrait of a revolution

< video for the exhibition Under the jasmine Tunis

< audio slideshow & video about traditional music in tunisia



workshop image education


paper Coordination / Art Director Stephanos Mangriotis 2013/2014 Marseille. France ÂŤUn Autre journalÂť is a participatory project that associates a group of 8 psychiatric patients, leading to publications and exhibitions and involving the medical community and the general public.


the writing

circles Photographers StĂŠphanos Mangriotis Pierre Emmanuel Daumas

2011 Marseille. France

Continuing the partnership with Emmaus St Marcel, we made diptychs valuing paperwork workshops made â&#x20AC;&#x2039;with the companions. These photos were projected during the celebration of 20 years of Emmaus.


workshop of

portrait Photographier et workshop Augustin Le Gall

2013 Marseille. France

introduction shooting and portrait workshop with the students of « La Formation Avancée et Itinérante des Arts de la Rue.»

contact Augustin Le Gall Photographer / Art Director +33 6 64 74 33 69 +216 55 206 704 /23 513 039 Tunis. Marseille

dekadrage 36 rue Bernard 13003 Marseille . France

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