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Álvaro Gómez Gracia

Script: “Orion” 1.

Night. Int. Child room.

Two children are lying in their room. They are looking the sky through the window and discussing about many child’s issues. You can see only two pairs of shoes. Fixed shoot. Without music. Child 1 Really? Child 2 Of course it’s true, else, where do you think the belt got its name? Ch1 I know that it comes from a giant born million years ago, but how did he get to throw his belt so far? Ch2 I’ve already said, he didn’t throw it. He punished all his wives by hitting them with his belt, until one of them got really angry and killed him. Then, she threw his belt with all her strength and it reached the sky’s limit and now it’s held there by the sky and its buckle will shine forever. Ch1 Do you believe that Mum will be someday do something like that? Ch2 What do you mean? Ch1 Throw Dad’s belt when she gets tired of him. Ch2 That won’t happen; Dad doesn’t treat Mum like Orion did his wives. Ch1 Yes, he does. I saw him one day when he came back drunk from the pub and he took off his belt and hit her.

Ch2 That’s not true.

Ch1 Yes, it is. Ch2 Well, anyway, Mum would never be able to launch so far. (Timeout) Ch2 Which of them would you like to live on? Ch1 Why do I have to choose? Ch2 Because you must live on one of them when you die. Ch1 Don’t be stupid. Ch2 I’m not stupid. I heard Father Paul say that when people die you can go to two possible places: to hell, if you’re bad, or to heaven if you’re good. Ch1 And how you know you will go to heaven? Ch2 Of course I’ll go to the heaven, stupid! And I will live on the Great Bear. Ch1 Why the Great Bear? Ch2 ‘Cause is the brightest and that’s ‘cause so many people live here. Ch1 That’s not true.

Ch2 Yes, it is and it’s full of fairs with candy shops and amusements parks, where I can go every day. Have to hurry to sign up, because if you don’t you want get in. Ch1 Where do you sign? Ch2 I don’t know, but I’m sure that it’s on some church computer. Ch1 There are no computers in church. Don’t be stupid! Ch2 Why not? Ch1 Because the church doesn’t have Internet. Ch2 How you know? Ch1 Well, where would you connect the computer? There are no plugs. (Timeout)

Ch1 Do you think that they’ll let me go with you? Ch2 Where? Ch1 To the Great Bear. Ch2 I don’t know, there’s a lot of people on it. Ch1 Sure, there’s plenty of room. Look at it, it’s huge! Ch2 Do you believe that everyone will fit there? There must be a hundred thousand people in the world.

Ch1 Then, how you know if you can go or not? Ch2 They’ll make a test.

Ch1 A test? What sort of test? Ch2 Like a school test: perhaps on Maths, English, Science and Astronomy. Yes, they’ll surely ask about astronomy, because it’ll be important to know the name of the stars nearby. Ch1 Astronomy? What’s that? I don’t know anything about astronomy. Ch2 I think that we’ll study it in sixth class. Anyway, don’t worry about it, because they’ll leave the books in the sky so we can study it. (Timeout) Ch1 Do you believe that there will be pubs also? Ch2 What? Ch1 In the stars. Will there be pubs with beer? Ch2 I don’t know. I guess so. Why do you want to know about pubs? Ch1 For Dad, so he can go there. Ch2 Dad doesn’t go to pubs.

Ch1 Yes, he does every day. That’s why he smells like he doesit’s the drink. Ch2 Don’t be stupid. Mum smells like that too and she doesn’t go to pubs. Ch1 No, she just smells like that when her face is red, when the neighbors come to dinner. Ch2 That’s not true. Mum’s face goes red when she drinks wine and that’s not alcohol. Ch1 Anyway, I don’t like that smell. When aunty comes, she kisses me and she always stinks of drink. I hate it. Ch2 Why don’t you hide from her? I always do. You’ll learn how when you grow up. (Timeout) Ch1 I’ll also go to the Great Bear. I’ve just decided. Ch2 Why? Ch1 Because, is the one I like best of all. Ch2 You’re envious, you don’t know to decide anything by yourself. Ch1 I’m not envious, you always choose the best things. Ch2 I chose it first, so you are envious.

Ch1 You don’t own everything. Anyway, you are not signed in yet, so shut up!

Ch2 I don’t want to shut up, you always copy everything that I do. Ch1 That’s not true. Why not you let me go with you? Ch2 Well, you can come with me if you want, but I’ll have signed up before you. Ch1 Why? Ch2 Because I said it first. Ch1 You’re so mean. You’re always the same. Ch2 And you’re always crying, dwarf-fish. Ch1 I’ll ask Mum if we can sign up at same time. Ch2 That’s impossible, silly! And Mum has no idea about stuff like that. Ch1 Why not? She knows everything. Ch2 Shut up, crybaby. Ch1 I’m not a crybaby.

Ch2 Yes, you are‌


Night. Ext. Crashed car.

One family at the time after a car accident. You can see the father in shock, the mother nervous and bottles with alcohol inside the car.

Script Orion  

Script Orion

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