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Mendoza Winery at Algodon Wine Estates At the heart of Algodon Wine Estates Mendoza wine hotel and golf resort you'll find our world-class boutique winery, which was built in 2002 under the supervision of a team that included engineers, architects and enologists.The winery sits eight hundred meters (2625 feet) above sea level and is housed in a single integrated structure that features three main sections: the Elaboration and Conservation area, the Cask Room (or Wine Cave), and the Lab and Tasting Room; which boasts an expansive view overlooking our vineyards, golf green, and the Sierra Pintada Mountains in the distance.

Our winery's outstanding handcrafted collection includes Malbec, Malbec Rosè, Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet/Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay and our very special Gran Reserva. Craftsmanship and tradition, combined with state-of-the-art technology, allow us to obtain only the highest quality of wines.

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Mendoza Winery at Algodon Wine Estates Tours & Tastings Our Mendoza winery offers a variety of guided, interactive tours and tastings headed by a knowledgeable team of sommeliers and winemakers. We would be happy to create or customize any one of our tours to accommodate the needs of your group. Tours are available in English and in Spanish.

Wine Tourism Algodon Wine Estates also offers a variety of estate tours, wine tastings and picnics. • Horseback vineyard & estate tour, Algodon wine tasting (AR$ 125 per person). • Horseback vineyard & estate tour, 3-course lunch at Chez Gaston (AR$ 245 per person). • Horseback vineyard & estate tour, gourmet sunset picnic (AR$ 225 per person). Email: Website:

Mendoza Winery at Algodon Wine Estates Our Wines Algodon Wine Estates is located in the breathtaking foothills of the Sierra Pintadas, in the southernmost region of Argentina’s wine capital. Fed by the purest meltwater from the glacial Andes, our 250 hectares of vines go back as far as 1946 and produce exceptional fruit on sandy and clay loam. Our wine is handcrafted by the brilliant young winemaker, Mauro Nosenzo, who is aided by acclaimed oenologist Marcello Pelleriti and advised by Master of Wine, Anthony Foster.

Our goal is to produce premium wines utilizing ecofriendly, organic inspired approaches, combined with the best modern winemaking technology. Brought together by Scott Mathis and his partners, our renowned winemakers bring decades of experience, as well as craftsmanship and tradition that have been passed down for generations. For More Details about Algodon Wine Estates Visit Here:

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Mendoza Winery at Algodon Wine Estates