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ESCOLA E.B. 2,3 POETA EMILIANO DA COSTA GRAMMAR TEST NAME:_____________________________________________________________________ GRADE:____________ CLASS:_________ NR:________ DATE:_____/_____/_____ Teacher: Ana Luísa Melão Evaluation:___________________ E.Ed.:___________________  

If- clauses (Type 1) Linking words

CONDITIONAL SENTENCES (TYPE 1) 1 – Match the clauses to create conditional sentences. 1 If you do some exercise,

if I get to work late

2 If he goes to Paris,

you will feel much better

3 I will lose my job

if she goes to China

4 If they catch the first train

they will be in London by 9.00.

5 She will have to learn Chinese

he will buy me a souvenir.

2 – Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. a. If I have time, I ______________________(phone) you. b. If Paul doesn’t feel better, he _________________________ (not/come) to the party. c. If we don’t stop destroying the forests, some animal species ____________________(disappear). d. If I’m sleepy, I ___________________ (go) to bed. e. If we eat too much sugar and fatty foods, we ___________________(not/be) healthy.

3 – Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. a. If Mario _________________(not/hurry), he ___________________(be) late for the test. b. If Ann ________________(fail) the test, she __________________(have) to repeat it. c. If you stay awake all night, you ___________________(be) very tired tomorrow. d. I _____________________(not/go) to that shop if it _______________(be) expensive. e. If it ______________(rain), we ________________(have) the party inside.

4 – Rewrite the following sentences to make them conditionals.

a. You must hurry. You are going to be late. If you don’t hurry, ________________________________________________________________________ b. I need to save some money to go on holiday with my friends. If I don’t ________________________________________________________________________________ c. I really want to go to England and visit Big Ben. If I go __________________________________________________________________________________ d. Don’t touch that wire. You may get an electric shock. If you __________________________________________________________________________________ e. Susan: “I won’t go to the beach. The weather is terrible”. “If the weather gets _____________________________________________________________________” LINKING WORDS 1 – Circle the correct linking word in each sentence. a. Jack’s father has got brown hair so/and green eyes. b. Cloe is a good student so/but she gets good grades. c. Eric and Jim ride their bikes after school so/but first they do their homework. d. The children are at home because/so it’s Sunday. 2 – Link these sentences with the linking words in brackets. a. Jim likes riding his bike. He likes playing football. (and) _______________________________________________________________________________________ b. My father is tall. My mother is short. (but) _______________________________________________________________________________________ c. Helen’s mother is great. She plays with her every day. (because) _______________________________________________________________________________________ d. Jim plays football very well. He is a popular player at school. (so) _______________________________________________________________________________________


type 1 - present simple+future

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