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R. F.

Spring Summer Production / Art dirEction: AMo / ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Fausto Fantinuoli Artwork: Jeroen koolhaas, Lok Jansen PhotogrAPhy: Phil Meech

2012 MAMi 5

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Filmmaker and Photographer, Georges Yazbek elevates social consciousness with his art. Filmmaking and photography are by far the most powerful visual mediums of our time. Our entire existence in the 21st century would be incomplete without the two genres. The stories of who we are- are preserved over time because of the ones who capture simple moments of our lives that become critical aspects of our history. It is very rare to find an artist who embodies both gifts with effortless excellence. Georges Yazbek is an exception.


Written by Abesi Manyando

Through his work, this award winning filmmaker/photographer is re-defining our society on an international scale. Although he is not a household name, millions of people connect with him through his work -every day of their lives “It is very important for me to allow people to tell their stories authentically-without the fear of judgment,” he explains. “It is vital for me to give a voice to people who wouldn’t ordinarily have a platform to express themselves while representing the depth of who they are.” The passion for empowering individuals with dreams is evident in Yazbek’s work ethic and drive. “There is a psychology to everything we do. Most of us don’t understand that individuals are usually reacting to what has been said or done to them. At any rate life is about having dreams and most importantly materializing those dreams no matter the obstacle.” Fulfilling his own dreams is what Yazbek has been doing for the past few years. It would take some a lifetime to achieve what the Lebanese standout has accomplished in one year. His body of work is a composition of a wide range of production including entertainment shows, documentaries, product videos, special features, pilots and events. He has received numerous accolades and worked with A-List celebrities and award-winning filmmakers. In addition to working with MTV, his shows have been broadcast on various stations in the U.S including PBS. As a field producer for MTV, his work on shows such as ‘True Life’, ‘Made’ and ‘Diary’ continues to raise the bar for how stories are told. As celebrated as he is, Yazbek is not attached to the glitz and glamour of show business. Instead he still views himself as a vessel for the voiceless. The passion to equip people with the tools to share their stories is at the center of Yazbek’s being. “It’s not easy to share everything that matters to me on a mainstream

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“I love photography because it is very silent. It’s so opposite from filmmaking because it’s just one frame that speaks to you. “

level,” he says, “So for me, photography has been an outlet to express another side of myself. I love photography because it is very silent. It’s so opposite from filmmaking because it’s just one frame that speaks to you. Like filmmaking, photography allows me to be a reporter.” Yazbek’s photographs articulate a message much more poignant than words or sound could convey. In June of 2011, Yazbek went to the Palestenian refugee camps in Lebanon. While on assignment to film b-roll in the camps, Yazbek developed an interest in the plight of children living in dangerous conditions-where the concept of safety remains elusive. In its recent history, Yazbeks’s home country has been plagued by war and he is convinced the legacy of repeated political unrest leaves an everlasting state of uncertainty. A state where dreams remain deferred and promises never kept. The only thing that remains consistent is that there is always a story to be told.“When I was at the camps working I found myself moving away from the tripod. I was so moved by the kids. Somehow they knew I was an outlet for them to share their story. While I was trying to understand how kids live in such an unsafe environment, I started wondering something…if today was built for these kids in this way, what direction will they take to build their tomorrow?” Yazbek explains that those who exist in the chaotic environments of war and political unrest understand that they are automatically a part of a news story. This reality gives them the power to express themselves and share their own story with the world. One of Yazbek’s award-winning compositions captures a joyful child running happily while in an environment of utter destitution and despair. His happiness is undeterred by the melancholy of neither the mortuary behind him nor the woman who appears to be lost in somber thought. This strange irony of obvious contradictions has become Yazbek’s motif. In this regardhis work is impressive yet chilling. Yazbek’s irony is the juxtaposition of two very contrasting elements that create a marriage of complexity and depth. He says his approach is about balance and his photographs capture the core of our human existencewhich in its pure form is the very essence of balance. Afterall, life in itself is about contradictions. We are given life yet we eventually die. Most smiles are often preceded by tears. Our harshest struggles are often followed by our greatest successes. Every moment of this is captured by Yazbek in both his films and photography. “It’s about depth,” he says. “In the photograph, Inspired? I captured the image of a five year old boy who commanded my attention. He had a toy gun and was in full control of how he maneuvered the gun at one MAMi 14

point placing it close to his mouth.” Perhaps replicating the reality of his environment. The picture is frightening and riveting. It presents a dangerous dynamic for we do not know what the child is thinking or what his young eyes have seen. There is no way to tell what this boy will become in the future, but what he has experienced will certainly become a part of who he is. Yazbek is concerned that we have become so detached that we don’t care anymore. “I am most bothered by unfairness-it does something to my heart. We have a responsibility to one another. Art survives centuries but our century will not survive because we have lost the essence of our human element and that is to care.” I enjoy doing work for non-profits such as SEAL because they improve the standards of living for the lower segment of Lebanon’s population by funding projects that increase economic development. They help people become self-sufficient. Yazbeks’s work is a reminder that you have to be brave in order to be free. You can not place comfort before liberation. Hiss art is immeasurably affecting the social consciousness of the world we live in. Through his lens Yazbek illuminates light in places where only darkness existed. He reminds us that we were created with hearts and like the Tin Man in The Wizard of OZ perhaps we have lost our hearts and sense to believe that we have the ability to love, to feel and to achieve. Gifted, extraordinary and innovative, Georges Yazbek’s themes of complexity and strange irony presents a sense of balance to film, photography and life. Yazbek is adding a new dimension that is influencing millions. How can we not be inspired?

“I am most bothered by unfairness-it does something to my heart. We have a responsibility to one another. Art survives centuries but our century will not survive because we have lost the essence of our human element and that is to care.”

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Photographer:  Calvin Childs Make-up artist: Ericka Areh  Models (L to R): London Ciara, Nana Amponsah, Leanna Norwood.

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Photographer- Zakiyah Caldwell MUA- Shannon Alicia Model-Nicole Dominique

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Clothing “Splurghe� Designers-Saicia Russell And Dantrese Canady Model- Cara Russell

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MAMi 21 join the philly mob. global mobile community

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Yuki Minami  Artist

Yuki was born in Japan on the 30th,June,1979. He now lives in the third biggest city,Nagoya in Japan. His illustrations are drawn mainly with pure watercolor. He is fond of drawing fashionable works such as women, interior or a lifestyle in a delicate touch. In 2011 he was noted as one of 200 BEST ILLUSTRATORS WORLDWIDE 2011/2012 in Lurzer’s Archive.

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MAMi 35 advertising,marketing, publishing, design, flow.

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HAREM Starring Karene Lima by Greg Alexander Art director Sébastien Vienne Styling Jérôme Tiercelet Hair & Make-up Karol Fontaine

Dress Georges Hobeika Haute Couture Shoes Prada

MAMi 37

Dress Stephane Rolland Haute Couture Shoes Gucci

Dress : Georges Hobeika Haute Couture Jewerly Ikone Paris

MAMi 38

Dress Stephane Rolland Haute Couture Jewerly Ikone Paris

Dress Stephane Rolland Haute Couture Jewerly Ikone Paris Shoes Nando Muzi

MAMi 39

CALL ME DITA by Greg Alexander

Bra Touch Luxe, Bolero Georges Hobeika, Pants Maria Aristidou

MAMi 40

Body Carol Malony, Purse Pr 25

Leather And Dentelle Corset Georges Hobeika , Pants Wilgal/ Bip Bip

MAMi 41

Bra Touch Luxe; Bolero Georges Hobeika

Body Corset Carol Malony

MAMi 42

Body Carol Malony, Corset Lena Quist

Leather Corset Sylviane N端ffer, Pants Wilgal/Bip Bip,Scarf Save The Queen

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Mother by Sunil P Narayan for Stephanie Burkhalter Collection     A tall femme wearing a deep blue silk dress Sits in the corner of a bar with tulip-shaped eyes, wallowing in the blue pond of tranquility The veil of her velvet-silk, pillbox hat hides them from disgruntled men Heron legs adorned with purple floral lace stockings are crossed to tease their pounding egos   Elle porte une blouse de taffetas rose avec des saphirs roses encerclés par des diamants Ils ornent le col qui coule comme un courant du décolletage à la nuque Des deux épaules il y a la draperie suspendue pour le front et en arrière Et sur le sommet est assis un saphir pourpre, en forme d’Iris s’est blotti dans l’or De sa taille coule une jupe de satin faite de Ζεύς bleu profond   She is of the highest divinity unforeseen by the prophets in the Bible From which corner of the world does she hail from!? Never uttering a word to a single stranger…not even touching the arm of a lonely man Everywhere her άγνος perfume snatches all in sight!   It gives them twinges within the heart Her body moves like a senuous river Taunting the Cathedral sculptures which gaze upon her The daughter of  Ἀφροδίτη brings life to a desolate civilization With tall, pink oleander trees containing innumerable capsules of passion from our Supreme Mother  

They crack to send the vibrations of her heart towards mankind Such a gracious deed pleases Ἥλιος who grew numb from wailing of his ailments while downing red wine What treachery tyrants impose on the Supreme Lover of mankind Cannot hold weight against her sublime caress!   Suddenly, the stars swarm in the dark blue shroud, brightening as she becomes enamored with their beauty! Yet for a million years, life did not flow from les Alpes  Γαῖα had forsaken her dry lands so drank from a golden vase filled with poison Then she came, from the Heavens of our Lord! To replenish the skeletal vessel with sustenance befitting of a feast for Ζεύς!    Ἠώς embraced her grandmother in rapture when noticing the ocean being reinvigorated once again As mountains forced their way through thousands Of miles of water to capture their first breath The clouds that once dripped toxic rain dissipated within seconds!   La mousseline de soie colorée de safran flotte pour des ligues au-dessous de les yeux vigilants Ζεύς Avant chute dans les paumes ouvertes de notre Reine Fait du corps d’ Ἠώς: un jeton de la gratitude profonde de son coeur Pour saisir la peste qui était arrivée à notre mère pas soupçonnante

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Goncalves Richardson

New Company: I have so many interests in so many fields but the common thread in anything I have worked on is being creative. I wanted to figure a way to be able to do all the things I love under one umbrella. I decided to start a creative visual agency that would provide all these services. I have been very fortunate to be able to start this company with some of the most talented minds in the industry and being able to work with innovative brands and talents. What Oval Is? Oval is not your average agency, it is comprised of a collective group of creative, intoxicating and brilliant minds hatching, cooking and serving up some of the most bold, fresh and off the wall visual concepts and ideas. We use visual communication to influence, entertain, inform and enlighten observing audiences of products, ideas and messages. Service we provide: Brand Identity Website Design and development Interior Decorating Photoshoot Production Video Production Styling Visual Merchandising

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Recent, Current & New Projects: Client: Mos Def Project:“Niggas In Poorest” Service: Video Production and Photoshoot

MAMi 46

Client: Ceetay Restaurant Services we provided: Interior Decorating, Website Design, Photoshoot of food and space, logo design. Description: For this specific interior design project, we were given the task to design a restaurant though based upon Asian cuisine, the desired mood the client wanted to achieve was much more unconventional and based on the idea of fusing industrial style and modern elements, with vintage and antique pieces. Given the small square footage we made very careful creative decisions to help make the space appear larger. From our color choices, to the communal style arrangement of tables, we successfully executed a healthy balance between the value of aesthetics and functionality. To add character to the dining area we brought in both purchased accessories as well as original handwork designs. We created clusters of mason jar chandeliers, deconstructed books for the shelf decor, as well as hand stain Chinese newspapers in coffee to create a custom designed vintage wall art that acts as the focal point for the entire restaurant which helped to create the desired rustic ambiance. The genuine vibe and atmosphere that we achieved in the space we made sure to carry the feeling to the design of the website and the photoshoot.

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I have been very blessed to be able to have worked in so many different fields and wear so many different hats throughout my career. I’m an entrepreneur and creative person at heart. I started out contributing to various projects as a producer, director, editor & cameraperson. I directed a Latrell Sprewell commercial featuring Questlove from The Roots for AND 1. I then began hosting for television and went on to win a Billboard Music Award for Best Regional Hip Hop for “The Avenue”, a weekly television show that featured interviews with the hottest acts in the entertainment industries including Jay Z and Alicia Keys. I went on to work for Zilo Networks, a New York-based college television network, I hosted and produced the NBA All-Star Motorola Special in Washington D.C., and produced and hosted “You Know You Want It”, a weekly TV show which showcased me interviewing with high profile celebrities from Adam Sandler to Will Smith at major award shows and movie premieres. I later began hosting for BET’s “Maad Sports”.  Covering football, basketball, and baseball personalities and topics, I hosted several pieces during BET’s coverage of the Super Bowl and The NBA All-star Games

New Client: Mike Shand Service: Brand Identity, Marketing, and Product Development A Kiwi chef climbing the international culinary ranks can list music moguls Beyonce and Jay-Z among his star clientele. Cooking for the celebrity husband and wife team has become part of the job for a rising star himself. Shand works as an on-tour personal chef to the Grammy-award-winning singers. When he’s not travelling, he can be found in the kitchen at New York’s 40/40 Club where he has been head chef for two years. Oval ‘s goal with this new client is to effectively conceive, create and execute a branding and marketing plan for the Mike Shand brand

From there I jumped into the fashion world by teaming up with jersey company Stall & Dean in an exclusive contract to design and sell a Women’s only line of throwback jerseys. This experience inspired me to start my own company Vintage Blue, where I served as the owner and creative director. To Date, Vintage Blue, secured an exclusive license with AAGPBL, that was featured in the movie A League of Their own starring tom Hanks and Madonna, has been placed on celebrities like Alicia Keys and JLO, featured in major publications and placed in various boutiques through out the country. That entire experience led me to opening my own boutique in Philadelphia, which was featured in the New York Times as one of the top ten boutiques in Philadelphia along with working on various movies, commercials, runways, and magazine shoots as a stylist. I some how in the midst of all this found time to parlay as a teacher were I taught film and fashion classes to inner city kids and eventually secured a fulltime job as a visual merchandiser for Forever 21 and a Visual Display Artist for Macy’s, implementing their window concepts. MAMi 48

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Gregory Maxx

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Gregory Maxx

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Gregory Maxx

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Gregory Maxx

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Gregory Maxx

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Gregory Maxx

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Monica Silva: Artist

Who Is Monica Silva? Many times in life we must clear our minds, free ourselves even if for just a moment from stress and distractions to further our selves mentally and physically. It is in these times, that i realize the meanings of my art. on more than one occasion a premonition of sort has occurred within my art I paint and I think for a long time. I ponder and observe and continue to live my life days,weeks and sometimes months it may take for me to realize what it is I have been seeking in my art. Be it an object, figure, image when it has been found it finds its way = to talk to me. An unknown past comes to me, visions like out of a movie = come to me as I imagine my ancestors. I question myself: why did i paint this? what does this mean to me? I believe this comes from an embedded need to understand where I come from, my background and how this makes me who i am outside of the obvious environmental influences. I continue to seek inspiration and knowledge in hopes to one day fully comprehend who is Monica Silva

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MAMi 73

FRONT ROW DIVAS TREATMENT The Divas are coming! Prepare to fall in love! Front Row Divas was created to combat the droll, boring, Melba toast approach to movie reviews with comedy and intelligence. The sitcom revolves around the lives of four women, who like the actors themselves, are striving to find success in a film industry that doesn’t fully embrace them. They’re writers, actors, directors and producers, actively working in the world of entertainment. They’re surviving in the trenches and have the moxie to tell and show us what it’s like. Each week you’ll join them, with raucous humor, as these women face the daily challenges of living and working in the industry while attempting, often in vain, to maintain a sense of normalcy in life, family, love relationships, sex and friendship. Cleverly integrated with each week’s comical story line, the Divas will engage in lively discussions about movies they’ve seen and loved or hated. And they won’t be shy about sharing their opinions! As women in an often male dominated industry, they bring a unique perspective to what’s being shown on the silver screen with their sharp, biting wit and comical approach to film and life. Through the challenges, these industry insiders love their craft and are eager to share their colorful opinions and their wicked, infectious humor. Add to the mix Juan, a bleached-blond high top fade wearing, boisterous, fast talking black man. He’s their mutual agent who’s always willing to act as shrink and best friend to this beautiful passel of women. He’s loud and outrageous and adds spice to their circle with his comical and oftentimes abrasive approach to living. Also featured in a recurring role is Kip the Nazi waiter, usher, hair-stylist, coffee shop employee. Where ever the Divas find themselves, they encounter Kip in his many hysterical incarnations. He gives them grief and backtalk at every turn and they often find themselves speechless and enlightened!

Front Row Divas was born out frustration with the lack of representation of people of color in the media. “There is an enormous disparity of people of color in the industry. It’s unfortunate and very disturbing that in 2012 we as a society are still being force fed the classic European standard of beauty in our daily media consumption.

FRD is: Belle L. Allen - Founder of Mean Mug Films, LLC and creator, writer and director of Front Row Divas Diana Gaitirira is a Haitian-American SAG eligible actress, producer, and blogger. Juliet Lopez was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM and can be seen in the hilarious web series “Enter The Dojo” Sandi Kay is a multi-talented actress, artist, photographer, and comedian,. Shannon Moreau is a writer of contemporary fiction and historical non-fiction.

Hold onto your popcorn, Front Row Divas are coming to tell it like they live it, with passion and humor!

All Material Property of Belle Allen & Mean Mug Films LLC. 2012

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Sexy Summer Glow by: Marie Woods

Finally summer is here! That means pretty dresses, cute shoes and a fab face. Here’s how you get that fabulous summer glow in 4 easy steps! 1. Start with a clean face then with a makeup sponge apply a small amount of primer to your face. ( Try M.A.C Prep and Prime for picture perfect skin!) 2. Now apply with a makeup sponge, some foundation evenly over the face. BLEND WELL and make sure to use a small amount to prevent a caked up appearanc= e. (Try M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15)=20 3. Using a concealer brush start with the eyes by lightly and evenly applyin= g some eye primer. (Try M.A.C Prep and Prime Eye) With a good eyeshadow brush apply a neutral tone shade to your lids blending out evenly. (Try M.A.C pigment in “Naked”) Using a blending brush apply a darker brown to your crease and BLEND WELL. (Try M.A.C pigment in “Chocolate Brown”) With a liner brush apply liner as close as you can to your natural lash line and water line. (Try M.A.C Fluidline in “Blacktrack”) Apply a thin line of liner underneath your bottom lashes. (Try Lush Handmade Colour in “Quietly Motivated”) Next apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. (Try M.A.C Zoom WaterFast Lash) 4. Set your makeup with a finishing powder (Try M.A.C Studio Fix Powder) using a soft powder brush, make sure to tap the brush to remove excess product. Apply in a circular motion don’t forget to BLEND WELL. Next apply blush to the apples of your cheeks be sure to tap excess product from your brush. (Try M.A.C blush in “Sweet As Cocoa”) To add a luminous effect sweep some bronzer on the apples of you cheeks, the bridge of your nose, forehead and chin. ( Try M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish in “Gold Deposit”) Finally to top off your gorgeous new look apply your favorite lipstick or gloss and voila it’s magic! (Try Lush Handmade Colour in “Passionate”)

MAMi 75

MAMi 76

by Viktorija Pashuta


MAMi 77

MAMi 78

by Cyril Lagel


Photo: Cyril Lagel Realisation: Benjamin Armand Make Up : Corinne Lebreton @ B4 Agency Hair : Gaspard @ B4 Agency Manucurist : Kamel @ B Agency Retouching : Atong @ New Madison Models

MAMi 79

Jacket Damir Doma Skirt John Galliano Manchettes Juun J

MAMi 80

MAMi 81

Glass Linda Farrow Vintage

MAMi 82

Dress Damir Doma

MAMi 83

Dress Mulberry Belt Arzu Kaprol Bracelet Dior

MAMi 84

Jacket Jen Kao Jean Manish Arora By Notify

Manchettes Juun J

MAMi 85

TribalDreams Photography by Nina Pak

Clothing Designer: Temna Fialka

Model: Melice Bell, MUA: Aphrodite Make Up Arts

MAMi 86

Model: Natasha, MUA: Nightshade Beauty

Model: Sarah, MUA: Nightshade Beauty

MAMi 87

Model: Tatelee, MUA: Nightshade Beauty

Model: Melice Bell, MUA: Aphrodite Make Up Arts

MAMi 88

Model: Natasha, MUA: Nightshade Beauty

Model: Leyla, MUA: Aphrodite Make Up Arts

MAMi 89

Model: Kimberley, MUA: Felicia Bromba

Model: Anisa, MUA: Aphrodite Make Up Arts

MAMi 90

Flowers Photographer : Cyril Lagel - Make Up Artist : Corinne Lebreton @B4 Agency Hair Artist : Gaspard @B4 Agency Model : Jessica @ Karin Models

MAMi 91

MAMi 92

MAMi 93


Photographer : Cyril Lagel - Make Up Artist : Corinne Lebreton @B4 Agency Hair Artist : Gaspard @B4 Agency Model : Jessica @ Karin Models

MAMi 94

MAMi 95

MAMi 96

Credits: Photos, styling, make-up, hair: Paolo Prisco Photographer, Monaco. Models: Sinta Soekadarova and Satu Suominen. Clothes, hats, bags and shoes: Zara, H&M, Neil Sheriff, Topshop, Pull&Bear, Sonia Rykiel for H&M, Lisa Jayne Dann. Scarfs (vintage): Hermès, Carven, Azzaro, Yves Saint Laurent, Renato Balestra, Carita. Studio shooting, Monaco. Vintage and customized clothes and accessories belong to the Photographer’s Private Collection.

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MAMi 98

MAMi 99

MAMi 100

MAMi 101

MAMi 102

MAMi 103

BMW i8 Spyder

BMW has unveiled the third concept car from its i8 series of electric-gas hybrids: the i8 Spyder. The i8 Spyder is based on the i8 concept car which debuted in 2011, ditching the top and the back two seats, and perhaps some of the more radical ideas from BMW’s first sporty hybrid concept. The i8 Spyder sports a 96 kW/131 hp on the front, coupled with a 164 kW/223 hp gasoline engine on the back, which accelerate the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5 seconds, with a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). As far as fuel consumption goes, BMW claims 3 liters per 100 km (62 miles), with 30 kilometres (19 miles) of autonomy on electric power alone. The design of the car is still as otherworldly as the first two i8 concepts, with plenty of black and electric blue details, upward-swivelling doors and a semi-transparent “V” on the front end, which enables passers-by to take a look at the electric engine. The interior features an 8.8-inch (22.4 cm) screen display, which, claims BMW, shows “all the relevant driving information in three-dimensional, high-resolution quality.”

MAMi 104

MAMi 105

MAMi 106

MAMi 107

Water Discus

A comfortable hotel Water Discus is located deep underwater, but its comfort and luxury are sky-high. The Surroundings The complex is surrounded by a beautifully vibrant coral reef. This unique location will allow you to enjoy the tropical weather and the colourful underwater world, which is just within your reach and will engage all your senses. Accommodation The disc, located up to 10 metres beneath the surface of the sea, is composed of 21 hotel rooms adjacent to the underwater dive centre and a bar. Each room is integrated with the underwater world as closely as possible, offering a surprisingly direct, yet safe contact with the local flora and fauna. Special lighting system of the area around the room and the miniature underwater vehicles which can be operated from inside will allow you to take a closer look at even the most microscopic underwater creatures using macro photography. We also ensure that our guests can protect their privacy whenever necessary. All rooms are sound-proof and have curtains of different levels of transparency. Entertainment The disc and its adjacent satellites located 5 - 7 metres above the water surface comprise a restaurant, a spa and a special recreation area. A multifunctional lobby built inside an enormous swimming pool shows the centre of the disc. The area around the underwater part of the complex and diving activities may be watched as they happen on the screens hanging on the lobby walls. This part of the complex is connected to the satellites with awe-inspiring glass-walled tunnels cutting through a training pool for divers. Its rooftop includes seawater swimming pools (integrated with the training pool). Finally, there is also an exotic garden offering a moment’s rest before going back to extreme experiences. Cuisine Our elegant and spacious restaurant is a perfect place to regenerate body and soul after a day filled with exciting diving excursions or energetic water sports. The restaurant is located in one of the satellites of the upper discs. Like all rooms in the complex, it offers a magnificent panoramic view.

MAMi 108

MAMi 109

MAMi 110

MAMi 111 MAMi 112

Black Gold MAMi Magazine Summer 2012  
Black Gold MAMi Magazine Summer 2012  

Black Gold MAMi Magazine Summer 2012