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Sonja Blade - The Anti-Barbie Barbie’s New Face - Nicky Minaj global fashion art

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Ahhh.. the signs of Spring are everywhere.. after a long winter here comes the SUN! First we would like to thank everyone who has stuck with us through our 10 years of existance. You are why we do this. In this issue we have some great photography and cutting edge styles, new music, luxury, lifestyle and travel sure to give you great ideas for the coming season. We also have started a new community of creative folk and readers of MAMi Magazine.. its at please join us there. We hope you enjoy this issue of MAMi Magazine. algie deWitt IV publisher

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progressive global fashion and entertainment PUBLISHER CD ALGIE DEWITT IV VP ALGIE DEWITT V FASHION EDITOR TISH THOMAS CONTRIBUTORS ANN BROWN JESSICA TUCCILLO CATEIA GABRIELLE PHOTOGRAPHERS Eric Ouaknine “Antartica” Paolo Prisco “Big MixMatch” Victorija Pashuta “Uliana” Ernest Collins “Spring Beauty” “Metamorphosis” Kamile Kuntz Sari by Annaporna Ayyagari Claudiae/Aguaclara/Unique Vintage LA at the crib.. with V and Steph. Victor F Rodriquez “Trevi/Armored Liz Bensanson Framn Rezende THANKS TO JAKE AND AUGUST AD SALES MAMI MEDIA 856􏰀637􏰀2560 MAMi Magazine is a product of MAMi Media, LLC copyright 2002 - 2011 all rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, reprinted, or distributed in any form without express permission from MAMi Media, LLC and or the copyright holders of the content within this publication. All inquiries may be addressed to

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I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.

Roselyn Sanchez

Photo: Robert Sebree Makeup: Steven Sollitto

for PETA

Animals used for fur are bludgeoned, electrocuted, and skinned alive.

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Sonja Blade - The Anti-Barbie Barbie’s New Face - Nicky Minaj


Eric Ouaknine “Antartica” Paolo Prisco “Big MixMatch” Victorija Pashuta “Uliana” Ernest Collins “Spring Beauty” “Metamorphosis” Kamile Kuntz Sari by Annaporna Ayyagari Claudiae/Aguaclara/Unique Vintage LA at the crib.. with V and Steph. Victor F Rodriquez “Trevi/Armored Liz Bensanson Framn Rezende

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Posh Kids Furnature Copper 2012 Hummer H4 AUDI BIKE? CYPHER HOROSCOPES MAMi Spotlight Jocelyn R. Campbell


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Sonja Blade: Ready for Battle

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The state of HipHop has changed since the early days, especially in the female aspect. One artist chooses to keep it gully.. keep it about real writing, real spitting, and real body parts.

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Sonja Blade has returned to the game.. not as a player.. but a BOSS, not a pawn but a QUEEN. she “made some corrections, got some connections and”.. ok.. she wrote a song about it.. wanna hear it? here goes. Sonja Blade’s insertion into the rap game started at a young age and was developed from the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Her first big break came when she teamed up with super producer Dj Clark Kent, who also had his imprint on another well known and successful Brooklyn rapper, Jay Z. Sonja, under the guidance of Clark Kent, began to make a serious buzz and made people take notice. After appearing on several mixtapes and building her underground buzz Ms. Blade and Clark Kent went to work on getting Sonja a recording deal. With long hours and hard work Sonja’s project was finally ready for the labels to experience what everybody else was talking about. It didn’t take long for Virgin Records to see what the underground market already saw.

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Signed to Virgin Records Sonja began to put together a serious album employing the production skills of Dj Premier, Just Blaze, Chucky Thompson, Rocwilder, the Neptunes, Dj Scratch and Featured artists such as Busta Rhymes, Nate Dogg and Carl Thomas. Her first single, ‘Look 4 Tha Name’ produced by Dj Premier was a smash hit. It introduced Ms. Blade to the entire world and Dj’s such as Kay Slay, Dj Absolut, Kid Capri and many others took notice of the single and started to give it serious airplay. ... pause what happened? 2005 ok.. here’s the deal.. Sonja’s production company had a problem with Virgin.. nulls the deal.. leaves Sonja out.. dayum. talk about stunning.. im sure that took young Sonja for a loop.. but she didn’t quit.. legal docs, this, that and the other thing seemed to stand in her way.. kinda like Ciara.. 2011 ok.. she reloaded! Steppin out earlier this year at the Gwen Stefani NYFW show Sonja was TIGHT under the lights.. bringing her one woman show to the tents. We had the chance to speak to Ms. Sonja Blade.. here is that convo. How you doin? Good

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Tell me about your journey so far in hiphop

which is Top of Tha World Entertainment and .. that’s it.

from when i have a song its just music you know instrumental.. ideas come.

Long journey … long journey .. interesting... I was signed with a production company back in about 1998 that company was signed to Virgin records worked with a lot of famous producers a lot of artists.. uh. It was interesting at the time.. my production company had to get some things straight with Virgin Records and things didn’t work out.. so through that time I’ve just been waiting for things to work themselves out and now.. I’m back with Ellet Street Entertainment and my own company

Tell me about your writing, I mean there’s a lot of skill in what you do and it comes through in your work.. tell me about the process.

you got mcs from all over, down south, midwest, west coast, uk even japan.. they all come with a distinct swagga.. tell me about Brooklyn swagga..

Well I listen to everybody.. I listen to Rock and Roll, I listen to Gospel, I listen to Jazz, I listen to Country and Western.. everything around me is inspiration for me so that’s where my writing comes from.. real life experiences. and i just love to write..even if i didnt rap.. i always love to write and um thats where the process comes

brooklyn swagga.. brooklyn swagga.. thats an interesting question. nobody ever asked me that before.. well im from Brooklyn if you may not know.. that im from BedStuy DoOrDie.. youknowwhatimsayin.. you know how we do it.. where biggie from where jay z from.. so that answer your question right there.. you see the swag..

MAM! 19

Foxy Brown, Lil Kim.. we all got the swag. Brooklyn Swag is that.. yameen.. how we talk thats how we do it.. it aint a whole lot to it.. it is what it is.. thats the swagga.. you cant really answer that you just gotta see it.. you just gotta see it. ok.. in the game Brooklyn has been on top since what.. day one? some people say yall invented it.. but imma say Philly invented it.. laughs.. [*did you hear Philly invented it?*] thats my version.. we’ll talk. where do you see NY now. NY .. it will never die.. i dont care who.. the south.. midwest.. i dont care where its happenin at now.. overseas NY is .. you know they say the Bronx created it.. thats NY.. NY we have our own distinct language.. our own distinct swag if you will .. the music its classics that we dance to each and everyday. it derived from NY and other artists took it and you know.. they run with it.. everybody has their moment.. but brooklyn is where its derived from.. so where’s brooklyn now? where we’ve always been.. everybody has thier time .. music evolves. what comes around goes around.. i listen to all of it.. south, midwest... like i said i listen to everything.. but NY.. everybody gives NY their respect.. no matter where you go.. i dont care if they want to admit it or not. they give NY thier respect.. its like “yo son.. im doin my thing now but i used to listen to you back in the day” its always NY.. i dont care who want to admit it or not.. thats it.. tell me about “No Quitta” No Quitta, that song is.. it just came about.. i didnt even write the title No Quitta.. it was so inspiring.. i heard it and said.. you know what.. i gotta put some words to this beat.. the music spoke to me.. it told me what to write..   No Quitta’s about me not giving up, not giving up on myself and people who gave up on me.. i still believed in myself.. like i said in the

MAM! 20

song.. “things may not have panned out, but im still here, still doing it, still have talent, people want to hear me, people want to see me. im here.. i cant give up.. i cant quit. like my lyrics say in the song.. “now i got connections, made some corrections” that’s it.. i had to get some things straight, now im back.. can’t quit. “Dream is but a Dream if you dont find a way to fight.. lost inside the dark but you can see a glimpse of light .. it feels like a struggle, its been so long since i’ve been down this road. what do you see in the future.. i see myself in a better position than i am now.. more successful. i have some artists that i am working with, my own label up and running, a business partner .. ok.. you graduated huh? i guess you could say that.. i got on my cap and gown right now.. what do you think of the state of hiphop female state of hiphop in general is an exciting time.. for me.. there are alot of different types of hiphop.. you got the country.. the dance and still the hardcore.. females.. to me its almost non existant.. we had to fight for our place in it.. but once we got in it.. just tryna keep up with the males.. i think the foxy browns, the kims, the eves, missy.. they were so successful they are doing other things.. they dont really have to be out right now. it still some females out there that are talented and still waiting to be heard. for somebody to re-open the door again.. and i think Nicky is the one who is making that happen.. i think she is adorable.. and i think she is doing exactly what she is supposed to do.. this is her niche, this is her brand, and people are excited by it.. so i dont hate on her.. i congratulate her.. its allowing.. its opening the doors for me and everybody else out there.. but females are always gonna try to see who is on top its competitive.. its not for me personally not a war.. but who

is the best.. nobody wants to be on the bottom.. well you’ve taken a stance as being the Anti-Barbie. can you tell me about that.. anti-barbie? lol. listen im from Brooklyn, im not a really prissy girl.. im a very strong woman, black, african american at that. i’ve never owned a barbie doll in my life.. i dont hate white people but.. i aint really seen too many black barbie dolls out there so to me i cant really identify with that. uhm, im everything that she’s not. i write my own music, i own my own label, i write for people, everything on me is natural.. aint nothin been made on me.. so whatever God gave me thats what im gonna work with and im not really animated like that so that’s to me.. Anti-Barbie.. so you are coming with skills, microphone dexterity. basic basic basic.. where people can understand me.. i think when you are at a loss for words you gotta be animated and make up stuff in between.. im comin.. im tangible, im real, my skill has always been there.. i mean if you like me you like me if you dont you dont.. im not a fame whore..or anything like that.. so im real.. im tangible and thats because where i grew up from.. i have to stay grounded thank you Sonja Thank YOU! ANDROID APP BAR CODE BELOW

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The Little Channel That Could Makes It Big In NYC byline Ann Brown There are big things going on at The Africa Channel. And things are about to get bigger, announces Bob Reid, EVP and General Manager at The Africa Channel. The Africa Channel recently launched in high definition for Time Warner´s New York City users. The Africa Channel HD is now available on Channel 787, in addition to Channel 87 in SD. The HD launch of the network includes over one million digital customers in four NYC boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and western Brooklyn) as well as Mt. Vernon, Hudson Valley (Orange, Sullivan, Ulster Counties and parts of Duchess, Greene and Delaware Counties) and in New Jersey in Bergen and Hudson Counties. “The HD launch in New York is a significant milestone for The Africa Channel as it demonstrates that Time Warner is confident in the value of the high quality entertainment available on a network. We are the only network that showcases the incredible beauty

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and culture of Africa,” Reid points out. “It also demonstrates the faith Time Warner has in our future.” The Africa Channel is a showcase for what many consider the African Continent's most outstanding English language television series, specials, documentaries feature films, music, event specials, biographies, soap operas, current business analysis, cultural and historical programs. “Our shows reflect the people of Africa, their incredible stories, their daily lives, music and art, as well as their successes, celebrations and challenges,” explains Reid. “This is something you see no where else on television - Africa from an African point of view.” And for Black History month, they had even more special programming. They aired Africa First: Behind the Cameras, a behind-the-scenes special on Focus Features' unique Africa First initiative, which awards $10,000 production grants each year to African writer/directors. They also aired the short film Saint Louis Blues, which was produced under the Africa First program banner. Additionally, the network aired three more shorts produced under the Africa First banner, including The Abyss Boys, Pumzi [Breath]and

The Tunnel.The network also initiated a yearlong “Know Your Heritage Campaign” featuring a series of sixty second vignettes using DNA testing to reveal the African countries of origin for celebrities and other notables. Continues Reid, “Our mission? To open up a daily window into modern African life and, in the process, help demystify Africa for American viewers.” For the first time on U.S. television, American audiences can connect with an aspect of Africa that has eluded them until now - urban Africa, coming to life on a daily basis and presented in a way that American TV viewers can understand and appreciate the culture. Although all the shows will not be in HD, there is plenty of programming— new and old---to entertain all viewers. Such as, the new series Filmmakers, which focuses on movie making in Africa; Behind the Words, which profiles the Continent’s literary giants; and Africa Laughs, which features stand-up comedians. In addition , there are documentaries such as Isaiah Washington’s Passport to Sierra Leone, which chronicles the journey of actor/philanthropist Isaiah Washington who became the first African American

to be given dual citizenship based on DNA confirmation of his ancestry. Moreover, the network also airs African Presidents, a series of programs featuring exclusive interviews and coverage of African Heads of State, as well as specials that spotlight African art, sports and music. Among the most popular shows include a range of English language programming of news and information, travel and lifestyle, music, soap operas, dramatic series, talk shows, reality, biographies, current business analysis, feature films and special events, as well as cultural and historical programs that reflect the people of Africa. Some of the Network’s highly acclaimed series include the travel series Africa Within and Studio 53; reality series Project Fame Africa and All You Need is Love; the popular dramatic series Jacob’s Cross, Generations and Isidingo. The daily music-series, Africa Music and the groundbreaking music and interview series, Soundtracks at REDKiva and Africa SoundStage have become proven hits. Additionally, the network offers documentaries and informational programming such as The Soul of the Ashanti; a two-hour

special covering President Obama’s visit to Ghana, Akwaaba! Ghana Welcomes The Obamas; a profile of Senegalese-American hip-hop and R&B music artist, Akon; and exclusive coverage of the Pan African Film and Arts Festival. The Africa Channel has been part of the Time Warner New York lineup for some time, the big news is the HD programming the mega media giant will now carry for network. To the critics who claim that The Africa Channel is mostly white-controlled and focuses too much attention on South Africa, Reid says the allegations are just not true. “Our top executives and founder are black and while we do have South African programming, it is just some of the shows we have. We have shows from across the Continent. We are preparing even more original programming on our own and actually hope to return to Africa to broadcast there are well.” He adds, “We are the first channel to celebrate the daily successes, celebrations and challenges of people living throughout Africa, all via a

general entertainment network. The English-language programming from the Continent is commercially supported and seen on cable systems in Los Angeles; Houston and Ft. Worth, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta and Macon, Georgia; Detroit, Michigan; New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana; Hampton Roads, Virginia; Inland Empire, California; Memphis, Tennessee; the Bahamas, Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados in the Caribbean; and on SKY in the United Kingdom.” The Africa Channel was founded by longtime television industry executives James Makawa, Jacob Arback and Richard Hammer, along with initial partners such as former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young and his company, Goodworks International; NBA stars Dikembe Mutombo and Theo Ratliff. The family owned fund Williams Group Holdings is the network’s largest single investor. The Africa Channel is prepared, as Obama recently proclaimed in his State of the Union speech, “We do big things.” LUSH FRESH HANDMADE COSMETICS

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its about time Barbie got a make-over.. this time she’s from Brooklyn!

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Calls to Young Money were left unanswered so we called our boy DJ Wiki.. here’s what he had to say about Barbie. Onika Tanya Maraj (born December 8, 1984), better known by her stage name Nicki Minaj (pronounced [miˈnaʒ]), is a Trinidadian hip hop and R&B recording artist and songwriter.She first saw fame when she signed a record deal with Young Money Entertainment and then later Cash Money Records. She has successfully released her debut album, which charted at number-one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. In August 2009, Minaj signed to Young Money Entertainment with distribution from Universal Motown. In Minaj’s early career, she released three mixtapes, Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free, and Beam Me Up Scotty. Minaj was discovered by fellow American rapper Lil Wayne and, after the three mixtapes, Minaj signed a deal with Young Money Entertainment. After signing the deal, Minaj began working on her debut album, titled Pink Friday, which charted at number-two on the US Billboard 200, kept off the top spot by Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Minaj became the first artist ever to have seven songs within the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. Her second single, “Your Love”, reached number-one on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart, making Minaj the first female artist to top the chart unaccompanied since 2002. Minaj became the first female artist to be included on MTV’s Annual Hottest MC List. One month after the release of Pink Friday, Minaj’s album gained a Platinum certification in the United States. Minaj is known for collaborating with numerous artists and guest raps on many popular singles. Alter egos While growing up Minaj was surrounded by constant trouble and fighting between her parents. To escape her real life problems she would create characters and live her life through them. In an interview with New York she stated, “[t]o get away from all their fighting, I would imagine being a new person. “Cookie” was my first identity—that stayed with me for a while. I went on to “Harajuku Barbie”, then “Nicki Minaj”. Fantasy was my reality.” For her debut album, Minaj created another alter-ego named “Roman Zolanski”. She stated that in songs like “Bottoms Up” with Trey Songz it is not Minaj rapping, but instead Roman Zolanski, and claims that Roman is her “twin sister”. She claims that she was born inside her, out of rage, and becomes her when she is angry. She has also said ‘She is a demon inside her’. Roman has been compared to Eminem’s alter ego Slim Shady, and on the song “Roman’s Revenge” from Pink Friday, Minaj and Eminem collaborate, using these alter egos. Roman also has a “mother” called “Martha Zolanski”, who also appeared on the song Roman’s Revenge, with a British accent. Martha appears in the video for “Moment 4 Life” where she appears to be Minaj’s magical Godmother. In songs such as “All I Do Is Win (Remix)” it is Minaj rapping. Minaj stated that on her debut album, fans will get to “meet” Nicki, Roman and Onika. On November 18, 2010 Minaj assumed a different alter-ego named “Nicki Teresa”. Wearing a colorful scarf around her head, she went around as the “healer to her fans” as she visited them at The Garden of Dreams Foundation at Fuse studios in New York City. Minaj made an appearance on Lopez Tonight on December 6, 2010 and presented a different alter-ego for the Spanish-inspired occasion, named “Rosa” (pronounced Rrrrrosa). Influences Minaj has stated that artists who have influenced her musical style include Lil Wayne, Lauryn Hill, Jadakiss, Natasha Bedingfield, Foxy Brown, and Missy Elliott.

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“ANTARTICA” Photography, DA & retouching : Eric Ouaknine. WWW.ERICOUAKNINE.COM Make-up / Hairs : Anne Arnold Jewels / Hats: Suna Moya Models : Lottie @ DMA / Magda @ DMA / Alexandra Mancino

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To create this seasons hottest look, MakeUp Artist Delisa Lee set the stage by using Mac Pro Longwear SPF 10 foundation. Completed by Beach loose powder buffed onto the kin by NARS. Peony blush by Bobby Brown was blended on the cheeks. On the Eyes, Daphe matte eyeshadow on the lids, Strade eyeshadow on the brow bone by NARS. Smolder Eyeliner was used to rim around the lashline, follwed with #43 lashes all from MAC. For a muted berry lip, #18 Noir Laque by Yves Saint Laurent was used.

MAM! 68

POWDER Powders serve various purposes. Loose powder is used to set cream base foundations. Pressed powders are great for touching up oily parts of the face, such as the T-zone. Illuminating powders are beautiful to put on the high points of face where the Sun would naturally hit your face. When applying powder, be careful not to be heavy handed or else it can look ashy.

MAM! 69


MAM! 70

Ivory Silk Coat, $1,850, by Bryan K Osburn, available at Bryan K Osburn Showroom, 1732 W. Hubbard, Chicago, IL

MAM! 71

Multi Colored Infinite Dress, $250 retail price, by 71 Jules, available at

MAM! 72

Leopard Dress, $850, by Bryan K Osburn, available at Bryan K Osburn Showroom, 1732 W. Hubbard, Chicago, IL

MAM! 73

Layered Infinite Dress, $250, by 71 Jules, avaliable at

MAM! 74

Silk Mata Hari Caftan, $310, by C/Fan, available at SHE Boutique, 483 Central, Highland Park, IL (

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Pat Boone

What’s so special about this book? TEN YEARS AGO I told Americans to read ONE book to understand the BIGGEST financial story of the new millennium: Rediscovering GOLD in the 21st Century by Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith. Rediscovering GOLD explained in layman terms why a new, generational bull market in precious metals had just begun. Those who followed Mr . Smith’s advice protected their life savings during the recent devastating economic downturns. TODAY, I am telling you to read ANOTHER book: Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse, to understand why our paper money is about to turn into ashes. Mr. Smith provides innovative strategies to renew America’s economy and, if we prepare wisely, to save ourselves and our families from the economic death spiral of extreme debt and unpopular government policies we now face. To help prepare Americans for the dollar’s demise right now, I have a very special offer: Mr. Smith and I want to get a FREE copy of Crashing the Dollar into the hands of every American with assets to protect. Call 1-888-669-0179 and tell them you want the “Special Pat Boone Book Offer.” MAM! 78

Kamile Kuntz is a Fashion photographer specializing in creative portraits, hair shoots, and glamour. Kamile’s multi-faceted approach to photography incorporates over 6 years of professional experience with innovative artistic interpretation. Kamile primarily does fashion photos for aspiring and established models in his beautiful Southern New Jersey Studio for Personal, business and advertising accounts. Photography has become an intrinsic part of my life and I can’t imagine a day when I will ever stop taking images. Once you start, you never stop. My introduction to photography started with an old Minolta 35mm film camera while attending school as a Freshman at Rowan University in 1998. I had some long nights in the darkroom developing black & white photos of anything that was interesting to me. In addition, I also received a degree in Graphic Design.

I believe that photography is the best medium for me to express my ideas to the world, and making beautiful photographs that people enjoy is a reward that is worthwhile. When I started my photography experience, I began photographing landscapes and environments while also beginning as a wedding photographer. About 3 years later, fashion and beauty photography became the major source of interest and a new driving passion. With past experience behind the camera, it was easier to focus on the creative aspects of fashion and beauty projects. While still keeping my spectrum in photography as broad as I can by touching fine art. Tel: 856.986.3089 Email:


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MAM! 80

MAM! 81

For Spring 2011 French Connection continues to question what it means to be a Man or a Woman. Our “You are Man?” and “You are Woman?” campaign follows on from the two award winning 2010 campaigns featuring French Connections’ “The Man” and “The Woman”. This season we have decided to challenge our customers in the way they consider themselves. Moving forward from the idealized image of Man and Woman we have created scenarios that confront the viewer with the question “You are Man?” and “You are Woman?”. For two weeks, French Connection set up THE MAN CAMP on the Isle of Malta and THE WOMAN CAMP on the Isle of Gozo and dared our ambassadors to discover what it meant to be a Man or Woman in the 21st century. Exploring ideas of how gender and society dictate how we are meant to act, we asked them to perform a series of tasks (ride a horse in the sea, look spectacular atop an inflatable animal, dance on piano keys, wrestle a biker, the list goes on) – all of these were captured on film to help define whether “You are Man?” Or “You are Woman?”. We also like to think it pushed the boundaries of fashion photography and was pretty fun too. We scoured Europe to find ambassadors that represented their sex with the joie de vivre, sophistication and irreverence of French Connection. People who knew their own style, weren’t faddish and were up for experimenting. We think we did quite well.

Our Ambassadors of Manhood: Bertrand Le Pluard We found Bert on the streets of Paris, he described himself: “I’m an image maker, illiterate diarist, suburban freak, 99cents oracle, hippie whore, style remedy, digitalcrash, socialized hermit and ego shaman...” We think that says it all. Daniel Hills Dan was discovered lurking on the streets of London. He is a surfer, famed polymath and a musician in a band MAM! 82

called Friendship. Paul Hamy A French-American Artist based in Paris. Paul was one of the founders of the French Arts collective PainO-Chokolat and when he finds time models for Marc Jacobs and Yves Saint Laurent. Our Ambassadors of Womanhood: Ludmilla Dom Perigon We found Ludmilla in Paris. She loves horses (which are sadly in scant supply in the city of light) and she can also play the piano with her feet. Clever girl. Simone Van Werkhoven Has an amazing name. Simone is achingly hip and hails from Holland but lives around the corner from Ludmilla in Paris. Eden Clarke Eden grew up on the glamorous Isle of White and occasionally appears on the cover of Vogue. Polina Sova Loves to speak Norwegian mingled with Russian as she graffiti’s in East London. She learnt to roller-skate powered by fire extinguishers for our short films. French Connection worked again with photography and film collective Blinkk, 192 Productions and the creative team at Fallon. The team created over 60 original shots and 6 short films that capture the spirit of Femininity and Masculinity. To compliment the campaign French Connection will be launching a global Film competition in March 2011 to discover if people really are Man and WOMAN enough? The films will be broadcast throughout the world commencing April 1st 2011.

MAM! 83

written by Annapoorna Ayyagari Model portrayed, Social Worker, Doctoral Candidate, and Fine Artist Photos by Lord Algie

MAM! 84

Stretches of silk capture brilliant polarizations of color from artisans’ prismatic imaginations. The dance of paisley, peacock, figure, and leaf motifs along the four-yard to six-yard sari border finish into the pallu, a vigorous one-yard culmination of patterns representing the beauty of the sari and, subsequently, the wearer.

MAM! 85

Today’s sari threads emulate the opulence of India’s recent history when, less than a century ago, India’s royalty and elite wore garments woven with authentic gold thread and precious jewels. Generations later, silk saris continue to don guests for festive occasions, and elaborate handmade jewelry of genuine and simulated gold and gems are added to match. Hindus often wear bindis which are placed between the brows; for modern convenience and fashion, bindis take the form of stickers decorated with colorful rhinestones and design.

MAM! 86

Beyond the visual, meaning behind Indian dress is more layered than the sari. The bindi denotes the point of meditative introspection, a person’s inner ‘third’ eye. Vermillion pervades Indian design and décor as it represents veracity and relays auspiciousness. A bride’s dress is traditionally red, and the depth of her henna’s red color indicates her providence in marriage. Motifs allude to national treasures as the peacock is India’s national bird, paisley corresponds with mangoes, and figures and leaves indicate people’s regard for nature.

MAM! 87

MAM! 88

Depending on the angle, a viewer can interpret the color of the lavender sari as it is woven with pink and purple threads, but no interpretation can diminish the symbolic and aesthetic exquisiteness a sari brings to bodies of all sizes, shapes, and color.

MAM! 89

MAM! 90

MAM! 91

MAM! 92

MAM! 93

model stephanie ngo photo lord algie

MAM! 94

MAM! 95

MAM! 96

MAM! 97

MAM! 98

Mouthwatering Gifts

“They were HUGE! We were really impressed.”

“Wonderful. Big juicy berries and great coverings!”

- Carline, Temecula, CA

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Over 20 Million Berries, Hand-Dipped.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts • Birthday Gifts • Chocolate Gifts • Business MAM! 99Gifts

Photos by: Victor F Rodriguez Jr Studio 206 Imaging and Design

“Title: Trevi Collection (white and gold): Designer: Christine Mỹ Linh Make-up: Toni Hardman Model list: Truong Vu, Kevin H. Doi, Vannida Lim, Katie Yamaguchi, Aera Lee Large; & Rong Lai. Title: Armored Collection (black and gold) Designer: Christine Mỹ Linh Hair & Make-up: Annie Nguyen & Elise Nguyen Model list: Lisa Moc, Annie Nguyen, Zack Phuc Pham, Brian Tran, Tony Vo, & Eric Nguyen” MAM! 100

MAM! 101

MAM! 102

MAM! 103

MAM! 104

MAM! 105

MAM! 106

MAM! 107

MAM! 108

MAM! 109

MAM! 110

Models: Jeanette Ivey & Roxanne Hoffner MUA: Jeanette Ivey Hair: Christopher Brown Stylist: Christopher Brown Photo/Edits: Liz Besanson

MAM! 111

MAM! 112



MAM! 113

MAM! 114


MAM! 115

MAM! 116

MAM! 117

MAM! 118

MAM! 119

MAM! 120


MAM! 121

MAM! 122

MAM! 123

MAM! 124

MAM! 125

Anne Armoire: $7,200 Anne takes a stance to show you she’s not your average storage spot. A dynamic double agent – part furnishing and part friend – time is always on your side with this sassy sidekick. Crafted mostly from stained maple, Anne’s doors and lower drawer open to reveal ample space for trappings and toys.

MAM! 126

Boom Cabinet: $9,000 Bid adieu to drab dressers with dĂŠcor dynamite! Your guests will explode with excitement when they spot this clever creation. While the body rests on the floor, the six top cabinets can be hung on the wall close together or spread apart. Crafted mostly from stained maple and finished with a clear coating, this exceptionally durable, meticulously detailed piece will last for years to come.

MAM! 127

MAM! 128

Beaver Cabinet: $7200 Inspired by nature’s furry foreman, this wooden wonder brings cabinet carpentry to a new level of creativity! Crafted mostly from eastern maple, the four drawers cleverly conceal their contents while the base’s balancing act stuns spectators.

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Premier Copper Products, the largest supplier in the US of quality copper products for the home, made from 99.7% grade A recycled copper. All products are made with care and craftsmanship by the artisans at the company’s exclusively managed factory in Mexico. Please visit the website at This beautiful hand-hammered copper soaking tub is the latest in the product range of more than 160 products that includes kitchen, bath, bar, and powder room sinks, bathtubs, tiles, lights, and many more. As a ‘sustainable’ alternative, copper kitchen and bath products can’t be beat: they will never end up in landfill, copper’s protective patina means that bacteria can’t live long on its surface, and it’s easy to clean with mild soap and warm water – no harsh chemicals needed.

MAM! 131












Images: Bonsai3










3 canales de música Latina





El plan Digital Home Advantage requiere un contrato de 24 meses y calificación crediticia. Si el servicio es cancelado antes de la expiración del contrato, habrá un cargo de $17.50 por cada mes restante. El cliente recibirá créditos mensuales por los primeros 12 meses. El cargo por HD de $10/mes no se aplicará mientras que la cuenta esté activa y requiere un contrato de 24 meses y pago automático con facturación electrónica. La oferta de Showtime (un valor de $39) requiere pago automático con facturación electrónica. Después de los primeros 3 meses, el precio vigente aplicará a menos que se haya cancelado el servicio. Solamente la instalación profesional estándar es gratuita. El equipo es alquilado y debe ser devuelto a DISH Network al momento de la cancelación de la cuenta o habrá un cargo por dicho(s) equipo(s). Hay un límite de 6 sintonizadores por cuenta; pueden aplicar cargos por adelantado y mensuales dependiendo del tipo y número de receptores. La programación HD requiere un televisor HD. Todos los precios, paquetes y programación están sujetos a cambio sin previo aviso. Oferta válida sólo para clientes nuevos y clientes previos de DISH Network que califiquen. La oferta está sujeta a los términos de la Promoción que aplica y del acuerdo de Cliente Residencial. Pueden aplicar restricciones adicionales. La oferta termina el 17/05/11. SHOWTIME y sus marcas asociadas son marcas registradas de Showtime Networks Inc., una compañía de CBS.

MAM! 132

MAM! 133

MAM! 134

The 2012 Hummer H4 is one of the specialized brands of cars that are slated to be launched in the market in early 2012. The car is manufactured by the Hummer Division of the well known automobile giant General Motors and seems that it will enjoy a good market in the long run. Extreme off-road capabilities. As anyone who has a serious off-road can attest, has done, is the size of your opponent on the track, so that a smaller, but still Hummer off-road-ready, perhaps in the HX concept (see below) it makes perfect sense. The HX gives us a good insight into the upcoming H4 and if you show this new entry off-road equipment of the car, which is a strong addition to the lineup. The HX-sport full-time four-wheel drive (of course) with locking front and rear differentials, 35-inch tires, a 3.6-liter direct-injection V-6, and an electronic stabilizer separated on non – that unmistakable blocky styling. The interior of the 2012 Hummer H4 will be characterized by more leg and seating space, bigger doors and rear portion and so on. The 35 inch tires will also enhance the grip and help the driver to drive more smoothly on uneven terrains.

MAM! 135

Good news for anyone dreaming about getting a shiny new Audi for cruising through town, the price of entry has just come down significantly. There is a catch however, because that mid-engined driving force is you. The Audi Duo bike was created in collaboration with Portland Oregon bike maker Renovo, where their specialty is making bikes that use hardwood frames. In addition to looking extra classy, Renovo says that the wood frame is actually lighter than an aluminum one, and it gives the bike a much more comfortable ride. The Audi Duo comes in three flavors, the city-centric Duo City and Duo Sport, and a stripped down model for road racing called the Duo Road. The first two come with 8-speed internal hub gearing, while the Road has a 20-speed racing setup. They certainly look super stylish, but with prices ranging from $ 6,530 to $7,460 a pop, I’m not sure if I’d feel comfortable chaining one of those “city” versions to a lamp post while I went to the movies.

MAM! 136

Ulysse Nardin is known for his unique timepieces. The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer is now all set to conquer the world of watchmaking with Alexander the Great Minute Repeater Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts, unveiled at Baselworld 2011. This collector edition celebrates the most successful leader in the history of the world by immortalizing him on its limited edition timepiece. The dial depicts Alexander the Great clad in armor and engaged in battle, including five handcrafted figures in all. Besides the fighting jaquemarts, one of the highlights of the watch is the movements of the Jaquemarts, which are synchronized with the sound of gongs, moving to the minutes, quarters and hours. This is the only Jaquemart that moves on the minutes. The mechanical movements are housed in an 18-karat white gold or rose gold 4N, one-minute tourbillon is also integrated into the dial. The Westminster has four gongs, each with a different tone (Mi-Do-Re-Sol). The basic movement features 36 jewels, and all movement parts are decorated, angled and finished by hand. The watch features a polycrystalline diamond dial. “This decorative diamond is the culmination of millions of small, faceted diamond crystals engineered to grow together to form a continuous diamond layer.� The diamond surface sparkles with intensity, exhibiting various colors depending on its purity. The watch is waterresistant to 30 meters. And, only one hundred of these will be available for sale worldwide. Via: Watch Happening/Ulysse Nardin

MAM! 137

Cypher Horoscopes by Dexter Kendrick Contact:

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Around the full moon in Libra on the 17th of April, you will be experiencing your personal growth and optimism as it will be reflected in your relations with others. Perhaps a relative, friend, or business associate will introduce you to a foreign concept, idea, or activity. It is also possible that interactions with others will challenge your professional aspirations, prompting you to re-evaluate the strength of your convictions and the value such relationships are to your life. May 17th will see a full moon in Scorpio, reflecting your usage of personal resources, your level of attachment to material possessions, and the extent to which

MAM! 138

you allow your wealth to define you. There will be a need to find balance between your personal values/convictions and those of others. Your long term goals may not be easy to define at this time, and this is due to a subtle shift in direction which will coincide with a reorientation toward the groups (friends, etc) you identify yourself with. The best usage of this energy if you find yourself foggy or confused is to surrender your goal setting/planning at this time and allow your ideas to float freely. Things will become clearer to you after this transit passes in a few days. The Lunar eclipse on June 15th will expose the extent to which you need to broaden your horizons. This energy will last through September and may include publishing, work involving travel long distances or to foreign destinations, and/or your beliefs and to what extent they support your needs at this time in your life.

Taurus (April 20-May20) The full moon on April 17th will bring to light the connection between your spiritual state and the extent to which it affects the functioning of your physical body. Decisions are made under full moons, and it is likely that decisions at this time will be centered around letting go of behaviors and thought patterns that work against your best efforts, especially with regard to your usage of personal finances and income potential. As you are in this housecleaning phase you will be reviewing the manner in which your personal skills/talents are currently being used and feel pressure to acknowledge your self worth. Your relationships with employers may also come under evaluation as you decide if your current position allows room for personal growth. May’s full moon on the 17th will highlight your relationships and may involve your expectations of a partner (business or person-

al) or the expectations your partner has of you. You will need to strike a balance between what you want and the the needs of others. You may feel pressure to define your long term goals, yet at this time you may find it easier to allow things to unfold naturally in their own time. You will obtain better clarity in time. The lunar eclipse on June 15th will bring into focus your personal finances as well as money you owe to others. This could involve expenses regarding children or creative pursuits such as vacation payments. Also possible is that a belief system or foreign experience initiates you into a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world. This phase will have effects through September.

apparent. May represents an annual cycle of clearing out the old to make space for the new. The Lunar eclipse on June 15th will bring to light your relationship needs, with emphasis on your need to communicate your point of view to others so they can truly know you. There may be a circumstance with another individual that propels you to confront your behavior and shows you what is and isn’t working for your wellbeing. Ultimately, all of our relations with others are opportunities for us to see ourselves clearly. This phase will span until September and may involve several of these transformative experiences with others.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

The full moon on the 17th of April will see you taking note of your professional developments and ambitions since your new year began at your last birthday. Here is a time when you stand to receive recognition for your efforts and will be able to evaluate the growth that has taken place since then. It is also a time when you may wish to explore and experiment with your career options, as well as look at the skills you have which could expand your career potential should you choose to develop them. There will be a need to maintain balance at this time, as the activities of your private life will also require attention. You will be just coming out of a phase of evaluating your relationships with others and their support of your ambitions and goals. Soon you will be moving forward on your uphill climb toward outer success. May’s full moon on the 17th will be a dynamic movement requiring decision making and necessary changes. These changes will involve your long term plans and the steps you are taking to make them a reality. It will also involve the friends, groups, organizations you associate yourself with to help make this possible. It will be necessary for such groups to leave you feeling inspired with a feeling of joy, vitality, and hope for the future. This period may involve some confusion regard-

April’s Full Moon on the 15th and the days surrounding, will see you developing your long term goals and plans through expanding your connections with like-minded individuals to lay a solid foundation for your growth. Much of your energy will be going into taking a new approach to group activities and having the courage to let your light shine. A key individual may play an integral role in helping to make this happen, and a decision will need to be made. Also of necessity will be the need to re-evaluate to what extent you are limiting yourself in the sharing of your personal talents. The world needs them at this time in order to solidify your future, and you are in the process of working with this knowledge. There may be a person or event that serves as the light bulb of change for you at this time. May’s full moon will fall on May17th this year and prompt you to examine to what extent you can be of service to those in need. There could be a relative or close friend that requires some emotional, monetary, or spiritual support at this time. It is also possible that the rules and regulations of your profession become unclear and that you will have to make a decision based on faith. If this is so, take heart: the Universe is wise, even if not immediately

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

ing which path to follow, groups to associate with, or what steps to take. The best usage of this period will be to allow events to unfold naturally, and allow yourself permission to be at peace with your intention for self betterment. Things will become clearer after this transit passes, yet also, you may find that your view has shifted for the better. The lunar eclipse on June 15th will initiate a 3 month period that will highlight for you how well you are functioning on all levels (body/mind/ spirit) and give indication as to what needs improvement. Letting go of any unproductive ways of thinking/communicating will serve the larger transformation of self you are experiencing through your relationships, and open the door to more joy and love. Leo (July 23-August 22) April’s full Moon on the 17th will provide you with greater perspective on your achievements and life developments since your last birthday. Perhaps you will finalize plans for a vacation or decide to expand your knowledge through taking up an educational venture. As you are in the process of redefining the way you communicate with others, especially those in the workplace, you may find challenges to initiating your ideas. Try an approach that is inclusive of everyone’s ideas, and don’t take offense to other points of view. May’s full moon on the 17th will bring perspective on personal matters and those related to career. Perhaps a re-evaluation of your behavior will serve you at this time, or the need to strike a balance between the time you invest in your work and having time to rejuvenate at home shows itself. A financial matter may require your attention at this time. The full moon will highlight any details that may have been left out or may be confusing, so be sure to double check the terms of payment and repayment agreements. Things will become clearer after this transit. The lunar eclipse on June 15th will highlight your need to experience joy. This could take the form of embracing and sharing certain talents that you

MAM! 139

have with the world at large, or the need to engage in some spontaneous fun activities. Children may become prominent at this time, and you may also see yourself constructing long term plans for your future. Friends and groups play an important role in our future, because to some extent our friends are a reflection of the talents and qualities that lie within us. This movement will have effects through September. There is a reorientation occurring at this time with regard to the usage of your skills, and the deep inner work you undertake at this time to unlock your potential will be evident to those with whom you associate. Virgo (August 23-September 22) April’s full moon (17th) could see you spending more money than usual. Perhaps toward renovating your living space, or updating your wardrobe for a new professional endeavor. Your personal values will be highlighted this month as you begin to look toward ways to begin planning for your future. This could also include relations with someone who will offer beneficial help in consolidating and building your resources for your own personal growth. You may find that you will have to restrict your spending or develop a more realistic spending plan in order to create a surplus of resources for growth and movement. This will be an opportunity to learn temperance with regard to spending and will secure your success in this area in the future. May’s full moon (17th) is all about developing a greater perspective on your life. You will have an opportunity to share your personal opinions with relatives and close friends, but you will also be challenged to see the bigger picture in some way. This can manifest in your encountering some philosophical or religious belief system that challenges your old ways of thinking, or it could be that a person from another walk of life offers the opportunity to see the world through different eyes. A relationship prompt you to make necessary changes within yourself. It could

MAM! 140

be that you are looking for a partner to fulfill some sense of incompleteness, or it could be that boundary issues need to be addressed (such as the gray areas sometimes encountered when dating). Either way, the best way to navigate this transit is to go with the flow and not try to hard to force clarity. Things will become more clear as this transit passes. The full moon eclipse in June (on the 15TH) will bring your personal needs to the surface. Perhaps you will find that retiring to your home to rest and rejuvenate will support your efficiency in your affairs outside of the home. It is also possible that you will come to a conclusion about your ambitions and resolve to begin the upward climb toward achieving them. There will be a need to release old behaviors and thought patterns that could block your forward movement. This movement will last through September. You have been tapping into your deepest passions, and these months will propel you forward into realizing your goals. Libra (September 23 – October 22) April’s full moon on the 17th will highlight your commitments. Perhaps you have a long term plan that will allow you to express your creativity. It could also be that a friend, group or associate asks for a commitment from you that will impact your daily schedule. This movement will ultimately provide you with interactions with others that will challenge you to develop a clearer perspective on where you stand. Ultimately, this full moon will give you the opportunity to experience through your relations with others the more appropriate ways of behaving that you are building into the way you interact with the world. The full moon in May on the 17th will highlight you income, self esteem, and spending. The extent to which you are attached to your material possessions will affect the self-esteem component. The value of your skills and talents at work or in your chosen profession may cause you to ask yourself some questions regarding the right environment for you to showcase you skills. Physical symp-

toms that appear at this time serve as indicators of a need to address imbalances on an emotional level. The full moon eclipse on June 15th brings perspective to your way of thinking and plans for the future. Through September you can expect to see yourself revising your previous goals and plans to include more of your experience since last you set out to achieve them. As you are in the process of clearing out old ways of behaving and thinking that have outgrown their usefulness, you will find that you have made way for helpful information to come your way either through circumstances or people who come into your life as “helpers”. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) The full moon in April will highlight developments in your efforts for selfimprovement. This may manifest as body work such as exercise and diet detail, or through initiating a project at your job which allows you to use your innate abilities and skills. An increase in job responsibilities may also lead to a raise. It is also possible that you may take on the authoritative role over others and that this will require you to invest more of your time and energy into overseeing their works. It is also likely at this time that your attention will be on building stable expectations for the groups in which you find yourself a part, and that may place you in the role of problem solver. Much of your energy at this time will be required to handle responsibilities and you should work to face honestly and squarely with any self-doubts you may have about your abilities. Fear is a necessary emotion to control overextending ourselves, but it can also be dangerous if we allow it to prevent us from venturing out into new frontiers. It’s time to clear out negative ways of thinking to make space for new experiences! May’s full moon on the 17th will bring commitments into focus. These are all commitments, including those expectations placed upon you by others. The challenge here may be that your expectations of others may not be

clear, or that their expectation of you may not be clear. You may experience a longing to have some time to be free from restrictions and express yourself outside of expectations that have become stale and routine. Acknowldge these feelings and know that as this transit passes, the opportunity to have such an experience will present itself organically. The full moon lunar eclipse on June 15th will highlight your income needs and resource management through September. This may also include how you handle debt and the deeper emotional aspects of your relationships. Old ways of thinking and communicating are passing away within you if you allow them, you will be challenged now to be honest with others about your needs and with yourself. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) April’s full moon will highlight your creativity, self-expression, relations with your inner child, and the sources of joy in your life. With your ruling planet, Jupiter, in Aries you could see yourself naturally wanting to expand your creativity. Your self esteem is taking a step toward expansion as you allow your light to shine more and more. Here we can see you initiating one or several of your talents and bringing them forth into the world to announce your presence. There could also be career implications associated with this newfound self realization. Your friendships and groups you associate with will reflect this new cycle of movement. There may be a process of reviewing and editing the circles with whom you associate as you are solidifying your forward movement and accomplishment of your goals. The full moon on May 17th will highlight your body’s functioning in relation to your spiritual and emotional state. Full moon’s are times of resolution and decisions, so this may be a good time to take a look at your bodily diet and exercise needs as well as any unresolved emotional material that could have a negative effect on your body and mind. This is a clearing

out moon, a time to wake up to the thoughts and behaviors that undermine your best efforts. Emotional habits from the past may resurface at this time and force you to acknowledge their need to be cleansed so as to enter a new cycle. Some may experience this movement as an overwhelming emotional outburst, others may experience a longing for someone or something. The lunar eclipse in June 15 will highlight the communication properties in your relationships as well as the need for you to assert yourself and be clear with others about where you stand. Your usage of resources will also be evaluated as you are in the process of transforming your personal values into a more realistic and useable form. This could include a change in budget attitudes or circumstances that force you to be conservative regarding spending. This trend will span through September. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) The full moon in April on the 17th will highlight the extent to which you have solidified your ambitions through accessing and using the skills and experience you have cultivated over the last 14 years. This is part of a two year period of evaluation and exploration into your chosen field(s) of expertise. It is also a time of editing avenues that are will not prove fruitful for your future. There is often pressure to succeed or prove yourself under this transit, however most recognition at this time will be for accomplishments and experiences you have completed previously. This full moon is supported by the development of an emotional hope and optimism that will prove useful as you open doors to opportunities not available at other times. The full moon in May on the 17th will reflect your long term goals and plans as evidenced by the development of your self –expression and ability to access the desires of your heart. The sun’s position at this time will provide energy for taking part in activities that bring joy, and it is through these activities that you can gain a sense of the type of groups, organizations, friends, and causes

you would most benefit from associating with. It is through connecting with something larger than ourselves that we pave our future. If you are involved in artistic pursuits you could see a surge in your ability to use words and symbols creatively at this time. The lunar eclipse in June on the 15th will reflect developments in your day-to-day responsibilities such as work and bodily health maintenance as well as the necessary inner housecleaning of negative thought patterns and emotions that impact your ability to function. This moon represents an annual emotional cleansing, and due to the power of eclipses this cleansing will span through September. You are in the process of transforming how you interact with the world and at this time you may find that your body is communicating to you what behaviors and activities are draining or pulling on your necessary resources. This wisdom (sometimes evidenced by physical symptoms) is a beneficial occurrence empowering you to make a choice to move toward greater balance. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) April’s full moon will reflect the development the tools necessary to communicate your thoughts and ideas for the future to others. You can expect the tempo of your daily activities to increase as you will have plenty to do, schedules, deadlines, etc. Perhaps a partner (business or personal) at this time helps you to expand your goals with some innovative advice. It may also be that a personal assistant helps you to expand the range of activities you can fit into the day. Your creative impulse will be burning bright at this time as this dynamic creative energy shows you paths to greater understanding and efficiency. This understanding will be based on knowledge gained through experience. Here too we also see a clearing out of ways of thinking and behaving that will limit your forward movement. This may include letting go of thoughts, emotions, or people which are not supportive of your best

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efforts. You have the courage at this time to experiment and breathe life into new ideas, so have fun! The full moon in May (17th) will bring your focus onto your personal/private life and the foundations upon which all your endeavors are built. This can manifest as dealings with family members, or as a focus on emotional habits and patterns you have developed over time. These things serve as the basis from which success or failure is built in each of our lives. Your professional life will reflect the inner work you do at this time of year, and perhaps you will provide nurturing and support for someone else at this time who needs it. There may be some financial concerns concerning home repairs or business overhead. It is also possible that a relative or other close relationship could use some of your charity. It may only be that some advice and spiritual support is all that is necessary. A successful navigation of this energy is to be as clear as possible as to expectations, which would include contracts, receipts, etc., and to avoid setting up a dependent relationship. The lunar eclipse on June 15 will begin a three month trend toward solidifying your long term goals. This trend will last through September and will involve building upon your achievements through connecting with other individuals, groups, or causes that can give you a wider perspective and op-

portunities for your future. June will largely present opportunities to experience joy in your life, and it is through embracing this experience (via development of personal talents or crafts) that you will attract the groups and friends who will support your best efforts indicated above. Pisces (February 19 – March 20) The full moon in April on the 17th will reflect your finances and management of your personal resources. You could have seen an increase in your income potential this year, and your job may ask more of you in return for increased income. This could be through overtime or multiple job opportunities. There may also be some expenditures for creative pursuits such as vacation or children. Also, this full moon will reflect the extent to which old patterns of behavior limit your future possibilities, and need to be released so that growth can occur. This is likely to make itself evident through your interactions with others that force you to examine the motivations behind your behavior and open the door to new ways of being. Your relationship to paying debts, trust between you and another, and the deeper emotional aspects of yourself that arise within relationships are some of the examples of the energies being restructured at this time. May’s

full moon on the 17th will reflect the extent to which you can be of service to others. Perhaps a relative or coworker could benefit from a different perspective only you can bring. It is also possible that a break away from your daily schedule could invigorate you with some much needed fresh air and life. The challenge at this time may be that you feel guilty about leaving responsibilities that others have come to rely upon you for, yet in your efforts to be charitable to others it is also important that you include yourself as worthy of your own loving kindness. If you are so moved to take a small vacation, do so in the spirit of self-healing and rejuvenation. The lunar eclipse in June on the 15th sets off a period of ambitious action and goal setting that will span through September. The skills, talents, and crafts that have made up your professional achievements and experience will show you what you have available to you, and can use to further your career pursuits. It is also possible at this time that a relationship with a relative or other close relationship assists with this process of self-discovery and inspires you to move out of negative thinking and associations; opening up new possibilities to see yourself and your skills in a fresh new light that can help you set and realize tangible goals .


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Founder of Mami Innovative Media, LLC, Joscelyn Ramos Campbell, has a proven track record of creating and implementing successful marketing and social media programs. She is able to keep up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in online social networking, the blogosphere, communications, public relations, & promotional tools and work closely with clients to create effective campaigns. She has partnered with some of the most well-known brands & companies to design and execute communications, digital, marketing, and social media strategies that meet client objectives. Recent marketing campaign partnerships and clients include BJ’s, Disney, COVERGIRL, Dyson, General Mills, Go Red Por Tu Corazon, JOHNSON’S Baby, Lifetime Movie Network, Nestle USA, Olay, Procter & Gamble,

Target, Sprint, T.J.Maxx/Marshall and Warner Bros. Joscelyn is one of the nation's leading Hispanic American Mom Bloggers, Columnist, Blog Talk Radio Co-Host, Ambassador/Spokesperson, New & Social Media Consultant, and Public Speaker. She is the creator and editor-in-chief of; a Parenting Columnist for Examiner (online & print editions); cohost of Chicas Chatting Blog Talk Radio Show; a National Advisory Board Member for Hispanicize 2011; social media manager for; and a featured speaker at social media & blogging conferences. In addition to editorial content created by Joscelyn, has two biweekly contributors, Karl Ri-

vera and Gabrielle Morel. "Tech Teen Monday with Karl Rivera", is a teenage technology/social media contribution offering advice, tips, and resources on technology/social media from a teen's point of view. From The Frontline Thursday with Gabrielle Morel", is a regular parenting and family lifestyle contribution bi-weekly on Thursdays. Gabrielle offers advice, tips, and resources on a range of lifestyle topics including, parenting (two sets of multiples), and military life. Joscelyn has been quoted and featured in national media publications, including recently in, Being Latino Online Magazine, Hispanic Public Relations Blog, Lake Family Magazine,, Parenting. com,, Twins Magazine, UrbanoTV and World News.

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STELLA SIMONA Caleb Wilson, is a photographer born in Torrance, California. He is the owner and executive photographer of his own photography company with his longtime partner and wife to be Stella Simona. They currently are based out of Los Angeles. Initially Caleb launched his career in the industry through the modeling world. Panamanian/American born, his exotic physical look continued to book him work, It was during his time as a model that he met Stella Simona, a talented individual herself was making her own way in the modeling world at the time. There could be no better perfect match. After a short period of being exposed to various aspects of the industry through modeling, he began to take particular interest in the creative elements. Shortly thereafter with the help of his girlfriend at the time- now fiancé, the duo opted to experience life behind the camera. So, they switched gears, picked up their first Nikon, and began photographing each other In due time, the couple noticed that they both had a knack for photography so they began photographing nature, cities, animals

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-- anything that would catch their eye. This became an outlet and passion and not soon after a logical and very lucrative business venture for the young couple and “Stella Simona Photography” (named after his partner and girlfriend) was born. Soon after shooting his fiancé a number of times, he began directing his attention towards newer subjects, he set his sights on working with many a number of aspiring models. Being exposed to the modeling world himself, his fiancé gave him the idea to start delegating advice and direction to clients who wanted to pursue modeling. As the word quickly spread of the two model/photographers who were suddenly making waves in the industry with their work. Today Caleb Wilson and his fiancé Stella Simona continue their journey following their passion as well rounded fashion photographers. Stella Simona Photography is now a buzzing firm of budding photographers under the instruction and leadership of Caleb

and his fiancé. They work with actors, actresses, musical artist, designers, agencies models just to name a few subjects of their lenses. They orchestrate everything from family photos to ad campaigns as well as shooting for the continuously growing number of fans across the U.S. who helped catapult them into success. As he continued to capture the world thru his lens, people began to take notice of his work and the work of his fiancé. For a muse he likes to look at the world around him for what it is, capture, and share it with the world. He expresses through his work his world and the way he sees it. He sees most of his subjects in an attractively balanced binary between hard edge and soft subject. There is an aura of elegance, posterity, and a slight grittiness more like a rough ambiance that is signature only to Caleb Wilson. As a photographer he provides a simple, elegant snapshot of life’s complexities. He is not one to be overlooked just “23” he is a forced not to be underestimated.

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arrange your photoshoot today. get published tomorrow. lord algie artworks.


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