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MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014


MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014


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MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014

Intro Welcome to MAMi. This magazine is produced by MAMi Media, LLC . MAMi is Global Interest, from Health, Grooming, Attire, Automotive, Tech, Travel, Interiors, Sex, Business, Parenting and more. Enjoy our Summer 2014 issue and contact us with comments or suggestions. contact


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Snow Queen

fashion video b y EO Productions

Eric Ouaknine.

Adrianne Mickens uncovers a gem.


Teedra Moses, Jhene Aiko, more

Hair, Hair, Hair

Mr. Gadget up to 300 miles per charge.. Gallons of Light! 5 Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure!


MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014


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MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014

SIMPSONSGEAR The Simpsons Streetwear Style & New Fashion Collaborations


os Angeles, CA – 2014 – The world’s most iconic animated family, THE SIMPSONS, gets ready to take on the runway with all new fashion collaborations as Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and major fashion brands release unique new collections in 2014. Fox Consumer Products announces today global trendsetting brands Drop Dead, Uniqlo and Eleven Paris are the next partners to release 2014 collections with THE SIMPSONS, joining Converse, Joyrich, A Bathing Ape and Threadless. “What started with a unique collaboration with Jeremy Scott for the Winter 2012 collection and a showcase at Fashion Week has inspired new partnerships that identify with the iconic nature of the brand, introducing culture-defining clothing for THE SIMPSONS to the next generation,” says Jeffrey Godsick, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. “This year, we are excited to introduce new fashion partners that combine high style and classic animation, keeping America’s favorite family in the hearts and on the shoulders of today’s trendsetters.” Fashion label Drop Dead Clothing is partnering with THE SIMPSONS this spring to release a first-time boutique apparel collection featuring Itchy & Scratchy. Japanese designer/retailer Uniqlo and ultra-contemporary French brand Eleven Paris are also releasing first-time collaborations beginning in the spring.

Prominent fashion collaborations include: A Bathing Ape – A wide variety of apparel and accessories for men, women, and children including trendy varsity jackets and snapbacks to pieces for the entire family, including tees, hoodies, sweatpants, beer glasses, and baby bibs available Spring 2014 in A Bathing Ape store locations and online. Drop Dead– First-ever boutique apparel collection including tshirts, sweats, leggings, knit pullovers, hoodies and bags focusing on Itchy & Scratchy. Available in store and online June 2014. Eleven Paris – First ever collaboration available Spring/Summer 2014. Joyrich – The second SIMPSONS and Joyrich apparel collaboration features street-inspired fits with Bart Simpson prints, such as varsity jackets, oversized tees, sweats and accessories ranging from snapbacks to fanny packs available in Joyrich stores worldwide and online now. Threadless - Exclusive t-shirt collection designed by artists and fans from around the world celebrating THE SIMPSONS. 29 designs available now on Uniqlo - First ever collaboration available worldwide Spring 2014.Additional partners include H&M expanding its SIMPSONS line for adults and kids, Topshop and Topman launching its Summer 2014, and Zara and Zara Kids.


The first limited-edition collection with L.A.’s 90’s street aesthetic brand Joyrich sold out in pop-up shops all over Japan which led to a second line that hit stores worldwide January 2014 including varsity jackets, snapbacks and fanny packs. THE SIMPSONS has also recently introduced a global line with Japanese street style clothing company A Bathing Ape, which held preview collections and events beginning in Tokyo, followed by additional cities. More than 300 people were waiting in line for the Tokyo pop-up opening on Jan. 1, 2014, and within moments of the collection’s release, fashion bloggers and celebrities were spotted in the collection’s varsity jackets.

MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014

SIMPSONSGEAR THE SIMPSONS also partnered with artist-sourced graphic t-shirt company Threadless. Fox and Threadless challenged artists around the globe to pay tribute to Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and everyone else who calls Springfield home. For the first time, fans designed a collection of officially licensed THE SIMPSONS merchandise. From 832 submissions, 29 designs were chosen for THE SIMPSONS x Threadless t-shirt collection. About THE SIMPSONS The longestrunning scripted show in television history, THE SIMPSONS exploded into a cultural phenomenon in 1990 and has remained one of the most groundbreaking and innovative entertainment franchises, recognizable throughout the world. Currently airing its record-annihilating 25th season and in production on their 26th season, THE SIMPSONS has won 28 Emmy Awards and been nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 for the theatrical short The Longest Daycare. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a top grossing mobile App and has ranked number one around the world on the App Store™ charts. The Simpsons Movie had worldwide global acclaim and the revolutionary virtual coaster ride at Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood is a continuous hit, along with the new Springfield experience at Universal Studios Florida. THE SIMPSONS received a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2000 and has been honored with five U.S. postal stamps personally designed by Matt Groening. Named the “Best Show of the 20th Century” by Time Magazine, in 2013 Entertainment Weekly named THE SIMPSONS the Greatest American Sitcom.


THE SIMPSONS is a Gracie Films Production in association with 20th Century Fox Television. James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, and Al Jean are the Executive Producers. The Gracie Films Worldwide Brand DiviMAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014

sion develops and produces the licensed content for the series. Film Roman is the animation house.

About Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products A division of 21st Century Fox and recognized industry leader, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products licenses and markets properties worldwide on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox Television and Fox Broadcasting Company, as well as third party lines. The division is aligned with Twentieth Century Fox Television, the flagship studio leading the industry in supplying award-winning and blockbuster primetime television programming and entertainment content. Social Primer . K. Cooper Ray has taken a fresh take on the age old art of proper manners. In a world where etiquette has fallen to the wayside, Social Primer is a beacon in the darkness as it discusses how to deal with the loud cell phone talker and the rules of shaking hands & chivalry in the modern age. Online forums are an amazing tool; you can ask a very pointed question and have it answered by someone on the other side of the globe within minutes. Novices, amateurs, and experts interact in a colorful conversation that continues as long as the thread that spawned it remains active. However, forums do pose risks to those without a foundation in classic men’s style. There is quite a bit of bad advice out there; a poster with 40 minutes of tailoring experience is given the same pulpit to preach as a tailor with 40 years under his belt. And do not be swayed by those with a large number of posts; look for quality over quantity. My advice? Build a solid foundation in understanding men’s style and take what you read in forums with a grain of salt; look to forums to supplement an education, not to fully sustain one.


summer hair tips


HEALTHY by Kia Sterling Hair is a lifestyle

ummer is finally here! Skinny bikinis, barbecues, and sexy, sultry summer nights are quickly approaching us. Here are your must knows for keeping your hair as beautiful as your tan for your overall summer glam. So let's bring on the heat!

Wash Your Face Last In The Shower. Doing so before washing and conditioning your hair could lead to some zany shampoo particles setting up shop on your face. Avoid that by saving face cleansing for the grand finale.

Don't let your hair drive you crazy. Instead embrace what you've got. Working with your natural texture can be easy and care free on those hot summer days.

r You Hair



Kill two birds with one beauty stone! While relaxing poolside or at the beach, treat your tresses to a deep conditioning mask. Just as your body needs water to survive, your hair must replenish its moisture to stay healthy. After applying your favorite mask comb your hair into a bun and let the heat from the sun help penetrate tresses while you lounge. This is an awesome way to protect your hair from the sun's dangerous UV rays, chlorine and salt while getting your glam tan.

2 3

Go Natural

Don't let your hair drive you crazy. Instead embrace what you've got. Working with your natural texture can be easy and care free on those hot summer days. Using a diffuser to dry your hair helps maintain your natural curl pattern. Twisting random sections of hair will give your coif cool natural personality with a low key feel. These beauty rituals will give you a great look that is low maintenance.


Hair gets it's own natural highlights during the summer months. Therefore blondes can become too white or brassy and redheads can quickly fade. You should actually be doing less highlighting and more protecting your hair during the summer by using products formulated with sunscreen. This will keep you highlights and color happy.


MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014



To make your blowout last longer, sleep with your hair in a high loose ponytail or bun. In the morning take your bun down, shake out and finger style. You'll be amazed at how this quick this easy trick gives your hair voluminous staying power.




Fight Frizz

Ever wonder how some women's hair always looks amazing, even in eighty percent humidity? Well we all know how humidity can turn beautiful curls into a birds nest in minutes. Protect tresses against the frightening summer frizz with products that block against humidity and calm frizz

Weave Works

Eat Beauty

Eating a healthy diet will create the health and shine your hair needs to maintain its beauty factor. Omega-3 fatty acids found in foods such as salmon, spinach, and omega-3 rich eggs should be at the top of your menu as well as the best thirst quencher...water.


Summer time is a time when women love wearing long luxurious beachy waves. To prevent long locks from tangling while swimming, create a braid. The braid will keep your hair in place and you'll still have an amazing summer style.

No More Salt

Before swimming in salt water or chlorine, be sure to add a few drops of neem oil to your hair and brush through making sure the oil is evenly distributed. Afterwards spray tons fresh water into your hair. This helps to limit the saturation of of pool and ocean water. The neem oil acts as a barrier to protect your hair and wetting your down with fresh water protects your hair from absorbing too much of the salt or chlorine water. Your hair can only absorb so much liquid.

EO Eric Ouaknine For 10 years my friend Eric Ouaknine has contributed to MAMi Magazine. We thank you for all your highly professional work!


hotographer Eric Ouaknine possesses a unique style that is redhot, beyond fashionable and completely original. Mainly shooting fashion editorial and advertising campaigns, Eric began his photography career shooting landscapes, model portfolios, and portraits. His exotic ad campaigns and exquisitely styled couture photos are conveyed through his completely original artistic vision. Eric’s personal approach to his business is based on his firm belief in the value of the client relationship. Aiming to deliver more than just an image, his goal is a heightened sculptural sensitivity bringing a responsive awareness to the visual message through the photographic medium. I have had a passion for photography since 2000. When I was young, my father used to paint and gave me love of arts, I started with drawing. Completely self-taught, I learnt all technical aspects in specialized magazines. I began with landscapes and photo-reportage as I lived in the south of France, then I put up a makeshift studio in a cellar to practice the art of portrait, where I photographied all my girlfriends Thanks to more experienced photographers, I created my first studio as a fashion photographer with professionnal equipment in 2001. Then I created a models school and I did a lot of tests to train. I did my first advertising campaign for a famous brand in 2003 and came to Paris in 2004 to start an interna-

tional carreer. I think I have a seething and perfectionist mind, I never give up before to be fully satisfied. I don't draw on my knowledge, I'm not afraid of pushing back my limits and challenging myself. Photography is above all a passion, art always flews in my veins as a vital liquid. I’m drug addictive of beauty and light games. I’m an artist fully living my own dreams and a conductor as well, I try to gather most talented persons in a photo shooting to get the best results. For me, to be a great photographer means to be a great art director first. And I have a great relation with models, make-up artists and hair-dressers as I transmit them my passion and let them drive the photo shooting as they feel it. I find inspiration Mainly in Baroque and Gothic Arts. I love the dramatic atmospheres and critical perspective vacillating between extreme modernity and past remembers. I’m deeply influenced by apocalyptic and visionnary fictions of the 80′s (Mad Max, New York 1999, Terminator, and others) as well as by ultra-realistic comic books like Enki Billal’s. I love to find original and historical locations for my pictures as I can imagine some amazing productions. I build my fashion stories first from clothes and places, and after I choose the models and specify the art direction with all my team.

I think I have a seething and perfectionist mind, I never give up before to be fully satisfied.

I have had a passion for photography since 2000. When I was young, my father used to paint and gave me love of arts, I started with drawing.

I find inspiration Mainly in Baroque and Gothic Arts. I love the dramatic atmospheres and critical perspective vacillating between extreme modernity and past remembers.

10 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

A Story of

Caftans Production: EOP Paris Photography: Eric Ouaknine Make-up/Hair : Hélène Rabu Models : Camille Sergent - Vanessa Siard - Pauline Hdb All caftans dresses by : Fatna Farkh Couture

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19 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

Leather Travelling Trunks Gucci: $50,000

accessories A person is known by what he/ she wears and how they carry themselves. For the ones with extra cash, customization matter and the importance of accessories to complement the overall appeal is paramount. This list provides details of the most expensive accessories, and what makes them special:

House of Solid Gold, a California-based company has designed a mountain bike which is almost entirely covered in gold simply known as “The Gold Bike”.


Dariya-i-Noor Diamond 16.5 Billion USD The Sea of Light in Persian or the Dariya-i-Noor is one of the largest uncut diamonds. Pale pink in color, this diamond is one of the rarest and weighs about 182 carats. Though the whereabouts of the real Dariya-i-Noor is debatable, the one which most famous with a similar name and description is a part of the Iranian Crown Jewels and kept in the Central Bank of Iran in Tehran. Another popular belief is that it is preserved in a Bank vault in Bangladesh. This so-called crudely fashioned diamond is 41.4 X 29.5 X 12.15 mm in dimensions and can be best described as a ‘taviz’ cut or table cut diamond.


24k Gold Covered Bike from House of Gold. This is the world’s most unique and expensive bicycle to have been created. House of Solid Gold, a California-based company has designed a mountain bike which is almost entirely covered in gold simply known as “The Gold Bike”. The 24k gold covered bicycle has been priced at a whopping $1,008,060. Besides its gold covering, the bicycle has customized seat which is covered in brown

alligator hide. This too is coated in gold and adds a unique touch to the bicycle. It features more than 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires that embellish and encrust The House of Solid Gold logo. Another special feature of this bicycle is that only 13 units will be created and each will be custom-made. Around 750 man-hours will go into making each of these mountain bikes.

Forzierie Dog Purse

The Italian luxury accessory retailer has tied up with and has come up with a miniature version of the luxury handbag which has been designed especially for the pets. The interesting aspect associated with this concept is that conducted a survey to find out the most fashionable dog breed before designing the customized miniature hand bag.

$15,000 Gold Plated Skateboard The world’s most expensive skateboard is developed entirely from pure gold. Worth a jaw-dropping $15,000, it is a 99.999 percent electro-plated gold skateboard and comes with a pair of cotton archival gloves to protect the mirror finish from getting smudged.

$1,008,060 20 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

21 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

22 MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014

BRAIN BUGS BITE HARDER Photographer: Edgar Raphael Fashion: Marta F. Cardoso assisted by Joana Costa Model: Helena de Sousa @DXLModels Make Up & Hair: Sara Marques Assistant: Ruben Amaro Special Thanks: Designers Michelle Reis, João David, Grigi, Ceagagê, Pedro Neto, Sebastião Lobo // Nuno Pereira @DXLModels

23 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

24 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

25 MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014

26 MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014

rittenhouse philadelphia spa

health club by Adrianne Mickens

Inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection, the design of the 5,000 square foot Spa features a baroque palette with a modern voice. A blend of luxurious materials, including black stone and glass, lends to a seductive and relaxing atmosphere.

The Rittenhouse, Philadelphia’s most renowned luxury hotel overlooking Rittenhouse Square, is excited to announce its new Spa, Health Club and Salon, The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque, scheduled to open at the prestigious hotel in late summer 2014. Boasting nearly 15,000 square feet dedicated to beauty, health and wellness, the destination offers discerning guests and Philadelphia locals an exclusive and innovative array of services, creating a truly unique luxury experience. gral part of The Rittenhouse’s recent series of enhancements. This opening marks the culminating phase of the iconic hotel’s multi-million dollar revitalization that Hersha Hospitality Trust implemented upon purchase in 2012. Additional enhancements include five spectacular Park Suites, newly decorated event spaces, beautifully appointed guestrooms and lobby, and enhanced food and beverage offerings such as the exquisite Mary Cassatt Tea Room and the sophisticated new Library Bar.

“For 25 years, The Rittenhouse has catered to the sophisticated, urban traveler, putting the best of Philadelphia at their fingertips,” said General Manager Reg Archambault. “The spectacular new Spa, Club and Salon will perfectly complement the hotel’s recent improvements, allowing The Rittenhouse to continue offering our loyal guests an unmatched Philadelphia experience, and one that is both residential and luxurious in nature.”

The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque is poised to be the most stunning facility of its kind in Philadelphia, with a whimsical design aesthetic inspired by haute fashion collections and the latest offerings. Philadelphia-based BLT Architects, best known for its work on the Cira Centre, Suburban Station and The Union League, served as the project architect. The firm has been an inte-

The Rittenhouse Spa Inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection, the design of the 5,000 square foot Spa features a baroque palette with a modern voice. A blend of luxurious materials, including black stone and glass, lends to a seductive and relaxing atmosphere. Featuring eight modern treatment rooms, a couple’s treatment room and Philadelphia’s first-ever Spa Suite, the

Spa will carry only the finest and most advanced treatments and skin care products such as Tata Harper and Natura Bissé, among others. The jewel of the Spa is the deluxe Spa Suite, the first of its kind in Philadelphia, providing an intimate spa experience for couples and small groups. For groups of up to eight guests, the suite features a dressing area, bathroom, rain showers, two treatment beds, and cocktail offerings – ideal for couples, weddings, bridal showers or bachelorette parties. The comprehensive menu includes custom massage, facials and skin care, waxing and nail services, as well as a unique collection of packages curated for specific needs of brides, grooms, wedding parties, bachelorettes, corporate guests and event planners. Visitors to the Spa receive exclusive access to the Club’s magnificent new locker rooms, sauna and steam rooms and the indoor swimming pool that leads

27 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

by Adrianne Mickens to an expansive outdoor deck and lounge. Cuisine options from the award winning kitchen of Lacroix, The Rittenhouse’s Four Diamond restaurant are also available. Signature treatments include: Citrus Drench – a Natura Bissé body treatment that drenches the skin with energizing ingredients to prevent premature aging while restoring elasticity and hydration; Ageless Body – an exfoliating treatment from Tata Harper, using pink clay and grapefruit with a full body massage to create complete relaxation; the Detox – a facial that is perfect for travelers with congested skin from flying and big cities, reenergizing and eliminating toxins; the classic Men’s Sport Massage – a full body massage using light stretching and massage techniques to release tired muscles; and the Gentlemen’s Steamed Facial – carefully balanced pampering through a warm steam, a deep cleanse, exfoliation and hydrating mask followed by a face, neck and shoul-

der massage. Nail care for men and women features Deborah Lippmann nail polishes and specialty services such as Paraffin Wax and Glycolic Anti-Aging hand treatments. The Rittenhouse Club The Spa and Club is not just for special occasions – with an exclusive Health Club Membership for locals and residents, members can enjoy unique offerings as well as regular access to the brand new fitness center in the sprawling 5,000 square foot facility. Featuring the very best in exercise equipment from Technogym, Advantage Fitness Products and RealRyder® Indoor Cycling bikes, the Club was designed to accommodate fitness enthusiasts through a dedicated stretching space equipped with a ballet bar, a group studio that allows for exercise classes, yoga and personal training options.

Members and guests can enjoy amenities such as modern men’s and women’s locker rooms, each featuring a sauna and steam room. The Club features a large indoor pool leading to the expanded outdoor deck that is perfect for relaxation, and special events. Members also receive exclusive discounts on Spa and Salon services. Hair by Paul Labrecque The Paul Labrecque Salon at The Rittenhouse brings the coveted hair services and products from renowned Manhattan-based stylist and salon owner Paul Labrecque to Philadelphia. Recognized by Vanity Fair as one of the “Top 3 Stylists” in the country, Labrecque is a regular stylist at shows for New York Fashion Week and creator of his own innovative line of luxury hair care products.

28 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

Overlooking Rittenhouse Square, the Salon spans more than 3,000 square feet and features 10 styling chairs and treatments including haircuts, L’Oreal INOA color, extensions, scalp therapy and world-renowned Kevyn Aucoin makeup application – all expertly executed by a talented team of fullylicensed professionals trained exclusively by Paul Labrecque. “I am thrilled to grow my brand in partnership with The Rittenhouse. Its flawless reputation and elegant amenities are a natural fit for my approach to simple, sexy, sophisticated beauty,” said Labrecque. The Salon’s design was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s wedding dress collection, using various shades of white and light for a relaxed and welcoming feel. Floor to ceiling mirrors, soft lights, and luxurious fixtures complement natural sunlight that pours into the room through ceiling skylights and a wall of windows overlooking the Rittenhouse Square treetops. The atmosphere of sophisticated calm is enhanced by pale stained wood and seating where guests can enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres between services. The Barber Shop The Salon will also house a private gentleman’s barber shop and grooming area, featuring classic vintage statements with contemporary details. The barber shop includes two chairs and specializes in traditional treatments with a modern touch. Paul Labrecque’s signature services include the hour long Indulgent Shave, as well as haircuts, style, custom color, scalp treatments, facial trims, head shaves, straightedge razor shaves, sports manicures and pedicures and brow services, using the innovative Hommage luxury men’s grooming products. The barber shop will also offer a variety of indulgences available for purchase such as fine scotch and a cigar bar. For the Brides and Grooms Catering to exquisite weddings and events at The Rittenhouse and in the Philadelphia region, the Salon and Spa will offer a customizable menu of expert wedding services. Specialty packages include wedding party essentials such as manicure/pedicures, express facials, brow shaping and hair and makeup. Brides will also enjoy the signature Bridal Radiance – hair and makeup, French manicure/pedicure and a complimentary spa gift. Grooms and groomsmen can also be treated to a classic manicure, therapeutic massage and barber shaves. The Salon and Spa is also perfect for beauty and wellness-themed showers and bachelorette parties, offering personalized packages such as exclusive treatments in the private Spa Suite, in-room massages and personal fitness training.

most desired address. Opened in 1989, The Rittenhouse is ideally situated on Philadelphia's famed Rittenhouse Square, within walking distance to the heart of the business district and premier shopping corridor. Additionally, the hotel affords easy access to the Philadelphia Convention Center and all of the City's numerous arts, cultural, dining and entertainment venues. www. About Paul Labrecque As the owner of four award-winning New York City-based salon & spas, a premium hair care collection, three private gentlemen’s salon & barber shops and a thriving retail business, Paul Labrecque has become a renowned style-maker for a veritable “who’s who” of movie and television stars, musicians, socialites and other celebrities. For more than 20 years, Paul has offered the best of the best to his savvy clientele who understand and appreciate attentive personalized service, sophisticated style and luxury products. Paul’s best-in-the-business team of stylists is constantly in high demand for editorial shoots, runway shows and for house calls with their VIP clientele. About Hersha Hospitality Trust Hersha Hospitality Trust (HT) is a selfadvised real estate investment trust in the hospitality sector, which owns and operates high quality upscale hotels in urban gateway markets. The Company’s 51 hotels totaling 8,120 rooms are located in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Miami and select markets on the West Coast. The Company's shares are traded on The New York Stock Exchange-Euronext under the ticker 'HT'.

About The Rittenhouse The Rittenhouse is an independent luxury hotel that has received the prestigious Five Diamond award for more than 20 years. This distinguished landmark hotel is a member of Leading Hotels of the World and considered Philadelphia’s

29 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

Photographer: LaurieLou Models: Stella & Louis Versini Mazière for EliteMen Stylism : Nathaly Homes for MUA : Camille Dievart Hair : Remy Villereille Cameraman : Yann Moaligou for BoomrangProduction

Modern Sadisfaction 30 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

STELLA : Tutu Waspie BORDELLE Harness MURMUR Nippies Leather&Swarovski FAIRE HOMMAGE Bondage Cuff BORDELLE

31 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

32 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

STELLA : JosĂŠphine Harness TATU COUTURE Nadine Skirt TATU COUTURE Leather Cuff CLARA DS Vintage Bangle CLARA DS Hat ASOS

33 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

34 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

Maya Klassik

photography by Eric Ouaknine clothing Maral Yazarloo

35 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

36 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

37 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

38 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

39 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

40 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

41 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

42 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

diana kauffman designs Handcrafted in Pittsburgh, PA Diana Kauffman Designs offers simple statement pieces for women and men made in part with natural materials such as leather, botanicals, hand painted silk, and even ancient Roman glass. Diana procures her materials through reputable sources within the trade and crafts each piece herself.

Diana created her first piece of jewelry almost 3 years ago, selling through a local artisan gift shop. Now her classic jewelry line is retailed in exclusive boutiques throughout the Northeast and Midwest. She also participates in local, independent artist shows featuring one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. She enjoys working directly out of her home studio in Sewickley, PA.

To Infinity and Beyond...Black/Silver $50.00

Introducing The Manlet™ The comfort, simplicity and timeless style of the Manlet™ infuses our entire collection for men and women. These handsome, handcrafted leather bracelets are designed for men but we find women love to wear them too. Made from the highest quality European "licorice" leather and finished off with a sleek, magnetic clasp. Metal components made from a zinc alloy and electroplated with 99.9% sterling silver, copper or bronze. Lead and nickel free.

Genuine Greek Leather Bracelet. Silver Magnetic Closure

Cut Out For Him...Leather & Silver Leather. Antique silver focal and magnetic closure. $50.00

Simple... Kona & Bronze

Dark Brown Leather/ Antique Bronze $50.00

43 MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014

Celine Antunes She is an entrepreneur, a passionate artist. She started to practice on her first hairdressing at the age of eight, cut the hair of all her dolls, the dog hair‌ today in her forties, she’s been since 2007 hairdresser ambassador of the brand Schwarzkopf Professional. -

award photos by eric ouaknine

44 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

HAIRDRESSINGS AWARDS 2014 AVANT GARDE HAIRDRESSER : Antunes Celine PHOTOGRAPHE : Eric Ouaknine ERIC OUAKNINE Photographe de Mode Paris STYLLISME :Laura de Villebonne MAKE UP : Stephane Dussart MODELS Lucie Morais Sergent Camille SALON : 52eme AVENUE

45 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

46 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

47 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

48 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

HAIRDRESSING AWARDS 2014 REGION EST HAIRDRESSER : Antunes Celine PHOTOGRAPHE : Eric Ouaknine ERIC OUAKNINE Photographe de Mode Paris STYLLISME :Laura de Villebonne MAKE UP : Stephane Dussart MODELS Lucie Morais Sergent Camille SALON : 52eme AVENUE

49 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

50 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

51 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

jhene aiko: the worst


TEEDRA MOSES ft rick ross: all i ever wanted All I Ever Wanted (MMG Mix)Teedra Moses Feat. Rick Ross Teedra Moses recruits Rick Ross for a remix of her song "All I Ever Wanted."

Teedra Moses' "All I Ever Wanted" is a summery jam that samples heavily from Camp Lo's "Luchini (AKA This Is It)," so how could it get any better? Answer: with a verse by Rick Ross, of course.

52 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

maverick sabre M

averick Sabre (born Michael Stafford; 12 July 1990) is an Irish-English singer-songwriter and rapper. Associated with genres such as R&B and folk, Sabre is known for his eerie vocals and guitar playing. In January 2011, Sabre appeared on Professor

Green's single "Jungle", which peaked at number 31 in the UK Singles Chart. His debut EP, The Lost Words was released on 7 March 2011, with the single "Look What I've Done" preceding that release the week before.

53 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

This is a major issue because a lot of women of color don't feel they need to use sunscreen.

1 on 1 with

Gregorie Guillaume words: Adrianne Mickens

Name the beauty must-haves for the Summer. A great mascara - Peter Thomas Ross, To Die For. *Makes lashes grow as you define them. Bronzer - Tarte Cosmetics, Park Avenue Bronze and Glow (Matte Bronzer & Cheek). *I love this because you get bronzing and cheek color at the same time. Lipgloss - Jordana - *Can be found at Duane Reade and is comparable to MAC Cosmetics Sunscreen Makeup wipes BB or CC Cream What would be the best sunscreen for women of color? There are three that I personally use, but what women need to look for are products that do not contain Zinc Oxide. So without that you are in great shape and still get the protective covering from the UVA and UVB rays. And the first one that I use that literally melts into your skin is called La Roche Posay Anthelios Melt-in Sunscreen 60(represents the SPF strength). Also, what's kept in my bathroom and comes in a pump, Supergoop! Everyday Face & Body Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30. The last one which is a spray version and I think is so cool, it's called Sun Bum Continuos Spray Sunscreen Level 70. Even though the last one has a SPF 70, you still need to reapply throughout the day.

throughout the day?

That funny, I just did a piece on my own site about this. The key word obviously Yes, I wrote a story about this years ago on is moisture, moisture and more moisture. and it got so much traf- The products that I mentioned were Dark & Lovely Anti-Breakage Super Softening fic. It's like Black folk, we do have to use Hair Butter. They had a launch about a sunscreen. (Laughing) month ago for their anti-breakage line. The other item for women who have With sweating and humidity, there is thick, coarse hair or soft coils, there is always an issue with keeping everything looking great. What are your tips for keep- a product called KMS Curl Up Conditioner. It's something you can put in and ing your hair and makeup flawless? rinse out after 2-3 minutes. It detangles and defines curls too. There is a line sold You actually have two different questions here. The first one about humidity, I would at Target called Camille Rose Curl Love say use waterproof mascara, and also think Milk. about setting sprays and makeup primers which acts like a glue so you makeup stays Trending colors for the summer. on a lot longer. The one that I personally Pastels. On nails you are going to see pasuse are Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray. It lasts up to 8 hours and your tels and glitter. In terms of glitter you will see nail art involved. Kiss USA, I believe makeup won't budge what so ever. The other one is Skindinavia and this particular has a kit that you can go crazy with if brand has a spray for every occasion. They you are into the nail art world. Deborah have a product called Bridal Makeup Finish Lippmann has an entire collection dediwhich is obviously for weddings where girls cated to pastels as well as Nails Inc. are crying and messing up their makeup. They also has a mattifier all No More Shine When it comes to clothing you are going to see pastels. But is really strange is for oily skin types. But from Skinn Cosmetics, it's call Plasma Flawless Powderless there's a trend out there for orange lipTouchup Skin Perfector and in the compact sticks. A bright bold lip is popular. NARS there is a sponge. All you have to so is press is leading the charge in that respect, but a the sponge into and then apply to you face. lot of women who are afraid of being that Whatever shine you had will immediately bold can use a softer version by Ramy. They have a oil that you can just roll onto go away. your lips and gives a hint of color. You also asked about keeping your hair A staple item for a woman who is petite, and makeup flawless. I'm not trying to be funny here, but keep a mirror close by. It's tall or curvy? about taking care of your assets. No one I love a maxi dress all the way across, but cares about how you look as much as you will. I personally don't believe there is any it gets tricky when it comes to women perfection, just the perfection in your own who are shorter in height. So in that eye? So I guess keeping your skin mattified respect I would actually go knee-high if you have oily skin and tote with you rice for them. They can even get away with a mini. For a fuller, curvy woman the paper. Or if you have dry skin, use Evian midsection maybe an area to hide so a mineral water spray so you can rehydrate halter top maxi dress with an empire and get that radiant complexion that you waist would work for them. For tall want throughout the day. women, I recommend jumpers. I have a For women with natural hair, what should ton myself. they use to prevent dryness and shrinkage

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Other staples include a good sandal. Ranging from a gladiator to a simple t-strap depending on the mood. In terms of jewelry, keep it real simple this summer. Right now, extra feminine and thin cuffs are doing well. You got to have a hot bag. My favorite right now is Rebecca Minkoff. I have a cross body that I take on my meetings. It's hot pink and had studs on it. Top fragrances. Boucheron Paris * Salma Hayek's favorite brandMarc Jacobs, DaisyChloĂŠ, Roses de ChloĂŠ Francis Kurkdigian, Maison

Editor's Picks jane iredale Balance Hydration Spray ($27, ) - A facial spritz formulated specifically to help balance skin’s oil production and pH. Orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract and algae extract calm and feed the skin. Sets minerals. 100% natural; ECOCERT Natural and Organic Certification.


New Amarte Ultra Veil® ($45, This incredibly light facial sunscreen fluid delivers Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50+ protection, creating a physical photoprotective veil to shield skin exposed to sunlight. Ginkgo biloba nut extract and five other botanical plant extracts protect and condition skin while offering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that promote collagen and

cosmetics elastin balance. Caviar extract delivers a surge of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and finely processed pure mica imparts an elegant, glowing finish to treated skin.

Open Road Films has acquired U.S. rights to Tupac, the long-awaited and highly anticipated feature on the life of Tupac Shakur directed by John Singleton

Teadora Rainforest at Dusk Nourishing Bath & Body Oil ($40.00, www. A multi-purpose oil with antioxidant and vitamin-rich Buriti, Babassu, Brazil Nut, Rose Hip Seed, and Passion Fruit oils plus Plant Stem Cells for younger-looking, healthier, smoother skin.

editors picks

Teadora Rainforest at Dusk Nourishing Body Polish ($40.00, www.teadorabeauty. com) Teadora’s unique blend of Brazilian ingredients removes dead skin, minimizes ingrown hair, smoothes and brightens skin. Naturally floral with hints of fruit, the scent soothes you after a long day. *A clay based body scrub

55 MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014

Teadora Rainforest at Dusk Nourishing Bath & Body Oil ($40.00, A multi-purpose oil with antioxidant and vitamin-rich Buriti, Babassu,

Ashieda Cosmetics As women we are always searching for the next best beauty product and for most of us, this search will last a lifetime. Many of us "product junkies" often browse the shelves of our favorite beauty retailer or local spa for that perfect serum, eye cream or moisturizer. I can almost guarantee that most of you have never purchased a product that you can drink....and actually works! With the Ashieda Beauty Nectar, you see results in 3 days. After the third day, I noticed an amazing glow and suppleness in my face. Aside from the changes, I was also pleased with the taste. For those of you who are skeptical about drinking the Beauty Nectar, I recommend using the Ashieda Facial Mask. Unlike your conventional at-home mask, the mask itself is very thick, is saturated with plenty of product and clinically proven to increase moisture & reduce pores. For the low price of $9.99, you get a mask that will instantly plump your fine lines and over time eliminate them completely. Founder, Sarah Ehrlich, revealed that many celebs use the mask before a photo shoot or red carpet event. For more details about the cosmetic line, check out our interview below with Sarah Ehrlich. am How you started in the beauty industry... se I actually grew up in the beauty industry because my mom had a hair salon and I went to cosmetology school in high school because I thought that was what I would end up doing. I ended up getting involved in the real estate business, which is where I met my husband. I started working with him in New York City. My husband has an art company and we traveled overseas. We would buy antiques and bring them back to the U.S. About 15 years ago, I got involved in doing charitable work overseas and got involved with other organizations. Ten years ago I started my charity. About 3 years ago I was at a conference at Yale about social enterprise and how to help by starting a business. Through my travels I found great beauty products in Asia so I liked the idea of starting a business around that. We have a

program in Honduras where we would send the girls to a nursing school or cosmetology school. I have found some special products that are not here in America; all products are clinically studied so that we can prove the benefits. am The beauty nectar long does it take to develop a product like this and how does it benefit your skin? se Basically you will notice a glow within three days. I loved doing the clinical study on this product which lasted 3 months. The skin tone really evens out and you start to have an amazing glow. It's funny because in America we don't generally care about glow; it's not one of our main concerns. However, in Asia it really is. They care about the tone of the skin. This doesn't give an oily lookingshine, it just gives a glow which is really nice and makes one look youthful. After 10 days you start to see the difference in fine lines and true hydration comes in. It's amazing. We worked with a company in Van Nuys, California to develop this product. We came up with our very own formula which took about one year. We got the general formula originally from a company in Asia who we are still working with them.

se One month supply for the Beauty Nectar is $3.00 per bottle. Moisturizer cream is $59.99. Facial mask - $9.99

am Asia seems to be on the front end of the cutting edge of beauty secrets and fashion trends..they seem to have the next best thing...

am Where can our readers purchase the products? se

se This beauty nectar drink has been popular on the market in Asia for over 15 years. It is just a matter of time before people here in the U.S. become aware of this drink. We get hooked once they try it. It is going really well. We also have a moisturizer and a clear skin cleansing sponge; it naturally exfoliates the skin. It ismade from a plant called the Konjac plant which is a root. They eat it as noodles in Korea. The plant has a way of exfoliating your skin, but it is very soft. It has collagen in it, so collagen is put back into the skin and you don't have to use a cleanser with it.


What are the price range for the products?

The products are sold online only right now. We're in some spas in Beverly Hills, but the productsare always available online. am Tell me about your oganization, Help for Orphans International se Help for Orphans International provides education facilities and materials for orphans around the world. In addition, the organization provides food, clean water, clothing and other needed supplies in order to establish an effective learning environment. A girl always needs to know what puts the B in beauty! Here's a few of what is in my beauty arsenal. Must have, gotta have, can't live without! Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 week tan mousse

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Meet my new beauty obsession! This product is phenomenal just like it says on the bottle. I've been in search of the perfect self tanner for years and have been highly disappointed until Vita Liberata walked into my life. It gives a beautiful, natural, sun kissed glow every time, (with no frightening orange skin) your friends will swear you've been on an exotic island for the past week. Easy to apply (just be sure you wear the skin protecting mitt so it won't stain hands) dries instantly, does not stain clothes, and streak free. If your concerned with strange scents interfering with you favorite perfume, have no fear its completely odorless. The mousse formula is light and airy so it doesn't feel heavy on your skin. This amazing tanner even nourishes the skin with marine and organic botanical extracts that allow your tan to last up to four times longer than regular self tanners, even with daily showering or bathing. Usually I don't need to re-apply product for at least 7-10 days, and the fade is very natural. No blotchy botched up alien looking skin, the tanner slowly fades just like a tan you would get while sunning. I use between 1-2 layers depending on how exotic I want to look that day, 1 layer will give you a gorgeous sun kissed look without using tons of product to achieve a glam tan. It's paraben, sulfate and phthalates free so it won't irritate your skin. It also comes in 3 beautiful shades fair, medium and dark that compliments all skin tones. I'm a fan of the medium shade. I always exfoliate my entire body getting rid of the dead skin cells prior to applying tanner. I believe this helps in the smooth application and keeps my tan longer.

new secret weapon, a time saver and with minimal effort. Spray this fabulous mist from your mid shaft to your ends and brush through, your hair will thank you for it later. It's weightless, and has argon oil to hydrate, and neem oil to condition and a wonderful fruity scent that is fantastic.

Kia Sterling Hair

Kimberly Kimble scalp relief If you are a lover of hair extensions like me, this awesome product is the answer to all your scalp issues you may have while wearing extensions. It's also great for braids and lock wearers too. You know how your scalp can feel dry, tight, itchy and maybe hot. This product will stop you from looking like a crazy person, patting your head trying to scratch that annoying itch. It creates a cool environment for your scalp, hydrates, controls dandruff, and keeps bacteria and dirt from building up. Calms itching as it deep cleanses. I use the invigorating formula prior to shampooing. I spray throughout my scalp allowing it to penetrate for 15 minutes then shampoo, or I'll spray in between shampoos and let dry for a new scalp feeling. Smells great and easy to use. The pump spray is perfectly designed for it to spray a fine mist so you don't get sloppy drippings down the side of your face and neck. This is truly scalp heaven in a bottle. Kia Sterling Hair is a lifestyle new york/philadelphia/international fashion/beauty/commercial/runway/lifestyle w:

Oribe soft dry conditioning spray Let's say you wake up in the morning after a night of crazed partying with friends, one too many drinks, and your hair is a matted tangled mess. You look at the clock and you realize you have very little time to look amazing for a very important business meeting. Oribe soft dry conditioning spray will give your hair an immediate beauty boost without water. It's used in between shampooing and conditioning your hair, so when your limited on time this is your go-to product. Dry conditioner is all the new rage in beauty but this product lives up to all it's promises. One mist makes stiff, brittle, thirsty hair softer, healthier looking without wetness and greasy residue. It's a great combination of an oil absorber and hair softener. It's my

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photographer teri garrison Teri Garrison Divine Eye Images

Hi I’m Teri I am a nomad with a camera. I love to wander the world and look for the Divine in art, architecture and nature. Most of my work has been donated for use in

conservation endeavors and I’m thinking that middle age is great time to strike out on my own. I love heading out, coffee cup in hand and camera bag full of gear, into the unknown. In the meantime, I have been lucky

to have photos published in Montana Outdoors, The Blackfoot Challenge Conservation Group and with the Nature Conservancy. A newby to the greater world of online photography, I am preparing my website and hope to

you can join the adventure through my pages on National Geographic Your Shot and my Facebook photography page. Just look for Teri Garrison, Divine Eye Images. 58 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

have it up soon. In the meantime you can join the adventure through my pages on National Geographic Your Shot and my Facebook photography page. Just look for Teri Garrison, Divine Eye Images.

LIX Pen, however, is something different. It's light, small and apparently needs no more power than you can draw from your run-of-the-mill laptop. Now it's coming to Kickstarter.

ms. gadget

Here at Traffic Magazine For Men we thrive on the best gadgets for men and the best new tech.


here’s never been so much choice out there for gadget fans, but the choice can make choosing difficult. With so much tech promising the world yet often delivering little, there’s a lot at stake when making your decision. That’s where we come in. This list of great gadgets will help you get more from your favourite activities. We men do love our gadgets. From newfangled apps to massive home entertainment overhauls, if we can find an excuse to upgrade a gadget, we’ll take it. To help you wade through the mass of new technology and products that come on to the market every day, we’ve found a few of the top gadgets men want. Whether you’re the kind of man who wants a gadget that lets you control your computer with just a pinch, squeeze and twirl of your finger, or if you’re more into vibrating fingertips — we’ve got that too. Want a spy robot, a quadricopter with an HD camera, or maybe a Steelers-themed mini fridge? If you want to snoop around or just get the best gametime experience, here’s a collection of innovative new gadgets men want.

LIX 3D Printing Pen


Humans are accustomed to drawing in the air. We gesture with our hands when talking and will try to illustrate charade secrets by "drawing" objects in space. 3D-printing pens takes those gestures, makes them tangible and, in the hands of an artists, beautiful. Recent 3D-printing pens have been cool, but clunky affairs.

59 MAMi Magazine/ Summer 2014

Measuring 6.45 inches long, 0.55 inch in diameter and weighing just 1.23 ounces, the aluminum 3D-printing pen (which also comes in black) really is pen sized. You hold it just like a pen, and plug a 3.5mm-like jack into the base and the other end of your cable into your computer. The juice allows LIX to heat to over 300-degrees Fahrenheit, though the plant-based PLA filament (it can also use the stronger ABS plastic) only needs to heat to 180-degrees to work. That filament is fed in through a hole in the base and emerges as a superheated liquid on the tip so you can start doodling in the air. Unlike 3D printers, there is no program guiding the printing tip. Instead, to create 3D objects, you simply start drawing in the air with the LIX Pen, moving slowly as the melted filament draws out. It cools quickly so that your structure remains rigid. Each filament rod is about 10 centimeters long

and should, according to the company, last for about two minutes of air-drawing. 3D pen printing works for everything from abstract sculpture to fine art and jewelry to Tshirt design. The only limit, it appears, is your skill level and ability to hold and move the pen very, very steadily. LIX co-founder Anton Suvorov, told Mashable the company's 3D-printing pen "has no concurrence on the market," and it should arrive in Kickstarter sometime around April 14, where the company will be taking pre-orders. The starting price, at least for the campaign, will be $139.95. LIX also sells, for $59.95, a ballpoint pen replica of LIX that is nothing more than a regular pen, but why would anyone want that? look good! years to develop.

60 MAMi Magazine/ Summer, 2014



2012 Tesla Model S The automotive press has unanimously endorsed the model S design as a winner. Any minor blemishes—for example, visibility is not great—can’t undermine the beauty of the Model S design, which succeeded in its mission to make a full-size all electric sedan as attractive as possible. In terms of looks, it arguably beats its gas-powered rivals, such as the BMW 7-Series and Audi A8, while trouncing those vehicles for efficiency.

then pulls back the edges of your face. It had all of us endangering our licenses." said: “It's the immediate rush of off-the-line acceleration that buries you in the backrest in ways gas-powered cars don't—even if their zero-to-60 times match.”


And our favorite endorsement comes from “Acceleration is eerily quiet and incredibly potent. With all torque being immediately available, it's like being shot out of a gun barrel—with a silencer.”

In awarding its 2013 car of the year honor to the Model S, Automobile magazine editor-in-chief Jean Jennings praised the car’s performance. “The Model S can blow away almost anything,” she said. "The crazy speed builds silently and

These qualitative characterizations of the Model S are supported by its specs, which spiral up in speed based on which model you consider. The Model S with the 60 kWh battery pack delivers 302 horsepower, 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds, and a top speed of

120 miles per hour. Upgrade to the 85 kWh variant, and the horsepower jumps to 362 ponies—while the zero to 60 number drops to 5.4 seconds. Top speed in this version reaches 125 mph.

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they love my style

the way they should be.

Gender Differences I'm always curious about gender differences when it comes to design. Being a man, I’m particularly on the lookout for styles that appeal to masculine tastes. But basically it’s a means with no end, because it’s impossible — and impractical — to lump all men into a category of style. Everyone is different. But there are some similarities that tend to span the spectrum of what guys want — and that differ from women’s tastes — when it

comes to design. (These similarities are easier to spot with single guys, because the style is unadulterated by another person.) One is the way we talk about and describe design.

TRAFFIC Magazine For Men


SAVE 100% “Going into Season Three, we were keen to maintain our momentum and draw from what Seasons One and Two have taught us,” said Bong Guerrero, Founder and CEO of Fashion Forward.

fashion forward DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, – Following hugely successful opening seasons, Fashion Forward (FFWD) returns for its third edition with an impressive line-up of design talent; offering up an even more diverse representation of the regional fashion landscape. Bringing in these new talents adds further depth and range to the already well- established platform. In addition to the talent making their FFWD debuts, the majority of the catwalk shows this April 10th-13th will be from returning designers whose work we have seen at previous seasons. “Going into Season Three, we were keen to maintain our momentum and draw from what Seasons One and Two have taught us,” said Bong Guerrero, Founder and CEO of Fashion Forward. “Broadening

GET ! ! ! T I

our reach even further across the region has always been our goal, and whilst we will continue to do so, season after season, our main focus must always be on showcasing the best and brightest design talent. On this point Season Three does not disappoint, as we have selected a diverse and representative portfolio of designers from those who have shown in previous seasons, and those who are new to the platform, but have significant and notable talent,” added Guerrero. Also returning for Season Three will be The Garden, the retail space for accessory designers to showcase their collections to buyers and guests throughout the event. This season The Garden will grow to house over 70 accessories designers from throughout the region. Guests will be able to browse and purchase jewellery, handbags, shoes, t-shirts and home ware directly from the regional designers in personalised retail spaces.

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“5 Ways to Keep Skin Healthy This Summer”

It's summertime and the living is easy, but this also means the season's harsh sun is beaming down on your skin. When the beach beckons and the pool pulls you in, stay smart and protected with all the right practices for a safe time in the sun. Sunscreen is an obvious choice when at the beach, but when it comes to running errands, it's easy to forget to apply. Have no fear, we've got the best tips to keep your skin radiant no matter where the next few months take you. From exercise regiments to daily diet and exfoliating routines, here are the best ways to achieve healthy, sun-kissed skin!

Vestibulum elit neque elit, vulputate in suscipit eu, et nunc. Sed gravida mi ultricies erat dictum rutrum. J.W.

“Sunscreen is an obvious choice when at the beach, but when it comes to running errands, it's easy to forget to apply ”

1. SunScreen

Even those short walks to lunch or running errands can put you at risk of too much sun exposure. Adding a healthy layer of face protecting sunscreen to your morning beauty routine is a critical don’t-skip-it step. Today’s advanced formulas combine powerful protection with an almost weightless feel so your makeup layers on silky smooth. Look for lotions enhanced with antioxidants for an extra skin-health boost. 2. Protect Your Lips While we never need an excuse to buy a new lipstick, sun protection for your lips means mandatory shopping! Whatever your color choice (we love everything from nude to red hot!), look for lip care with an SPF of at least 15. And consider lip balm vs. gloss for the summer, as balms tend to hydrate more and stay on longer.

help you stay hydrated in the heat. In addition to drinking your daily in-take of water, it’s healthy and smart to indulge in fresh, water rich foods. So go ahead and enjoy watermelon – it’s 91% water!. 4. Facials Daily facials not in the cards? A gentle, daily exfoliating routine is your next best bet in the quest for softer, smoother, clearer skin. Exfoliating scrubs or soft face brushes used with gel and cream cleansers lift and wash away dead skin cells and clean out your pores for that awesome 'facial-effect.' And you can look in your mirror-mirror and know who is the fairest of them all. 5. Protect Ya Neck When life is a day at the beach (or pool), start smart and apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you head outdoors. Ideally, stand in front of your full-length mirror to make sure you don’t miss hardto reach spots like the middle of your back and the back of your legs. Light, misty-sprays provide excellent coverage without the greasy-sticky feel. Confidently covered and perfectly protected, just grab your sunglasses, hat, magazines, and remember to reapply at least every two hours. FOR MORE INFORMATION 4991 Rt 42 South Suite 8 Turnersville, New Jersey 08012 (856) 740-9777

3. EatWater Dr. Abdulghani is a General Practitioner with offices in Turnersville, NJ. check him out on facebook

When it comes to your body, Mother Nature knows best! Seasonal summer foods like watermelon, leafy greens, and berries have a higher concentration of water to

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Grooming Fashion Health Automotive Gadget

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