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orange coat by JEREMY SCOTT for ADIDAS , underwear TRIUMPH « vintage touch » 2011, heeled shoes « attache moi » by CINDY GLASS , necklace leather lace ribbons and bracelets by CAROLINE BAGGI , creoles glass pearl by HELENE ZUBELDIA , glasses by GUCCI ring vintage emerald and diamands by GARLAND.

short by ADIDAS , rings by SELIM MOUZANNAR pin chrystal by HELENA ZUBELDIA , bandanas by PALME , jewelry lace cuffs by CAROLINE BAGGI , head jewells « ophelie » MURMURE BY SPIRIT , heeled shoes Tour Eiffel by CINDY GLASS

Head jewell « pink flamingo » MURMURE BY SPIRIT , Cylinder necklace by CAROLINE BAGGI , Multi row bracelet by DOMINIQUE AURENTIS « vintage » , mini gloves MINNA PARIKA , red mouth belt ASLI FILINTA , pumps « fairy nuts » by TSURU , bag « ballet » handmade, unique piece by MOYE&DA , gold cuff by HELENE ZULBEDIA .

jackets Matador by JEREMY SCOTT FOR ADIDAS , LEGGINS ADIDAS , Pumps feathers by AYMERIC BERGADA DU CADET Wolf with veil and feather by MURMURE BY SPIRIT .

Hot pants by JEREMY SCOTT for Adidas , Pumps shoes NANDO MUZZI , Topper hat fur by QUENTIN VERON , jewells plate necklace « Marilyn&JFK » gold’s pink diamands black and white by PRECIOUS TALES , ring « HongkongSkyline » white gold diamands black and white PRECIOUS TALES .

Hot pants by JEREMY SCOTT for Adidas , Pumps shoes NANDO MUZZI , Topper hat fur by QUENTIN VERON , jewells plate necklace « Marilyn&JFK » gold’s pink diamands black and white by PRECIOUS TALES , ring « HongkongSkyline » white gold diamands black and white PRECIOUS TALES .

Bibi « flying bambi » MURMURE BY SPIRIT PARIS , bikini ADIDAS , trousers jogging by JEREMY SCOTT for ADIDAS , bracelets by PALME , leather glove MINNA PARRIKA , pumps shoes NANDO MUZZI , python bag by ABACO .

Jacket tails tiger by JEREMY SCOTT for ADIDAS , pants« vintage touch » by TRIUMPH 2011 , laces shoes MINNA PARRIKA.

dress JEREMY SCOTT for ADIDAS , bandanas by PALME jewells pin gold dragonfly with diamands and saphirs by GARLAND pumps shoes by TSURU bracelet by PALME.

The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off, told us Jean Cocteau, the director of the Beauty and the Beast. Stephanie Burkhalter’s dresses are pratically begging to be taken off as they transport us to a fantasy world, where leaves become rose petals, art deco meets childhood dreams and her dresses underline the full richness of every true woman: sensual yet strong, sophisticated yet playful, with a multitude of secret gardens waiting to be touched upon by the right enquisitive and worthy soul. Stephanie Burkhalter perfectly illustrates this as she takes us on a mysterious walk through gardens on the shores of Lake Geneva, a stone’s throw away from the villa Diodata where an 18 year old Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein nearly 200 years ago. The same electric energy runs through her High Fashion Brand Burkhalter Couture’s «The Prettiest Dresses Are Worn To Be Taken Off» A/W 2011/2012 Collection: put them on and YOU will look and feel fantastic, in all meanings of the word, the intricacies of the dresses underlying yours. Perhaps these are the two single most important words to describe this collection: intricacies and underlying. You are made of a multitude of details that define you yet require a close look to be noticed, just as you keep your secret gardens mostly hidden, you reveal your intricacies to few and anyone who does not see them will not fully understand you.

As Stephanie Burkhalter perfectly understands, it is all about you, hence her dresses underlining you. There is no doubt that the true star of the fantasy world her dresses transport you to is the woman wearing the dress, hence the tasteful discretion with which the rich details are brought together. By wearing her creations, you are making a statement about yourself: Yes, I am a Woman in her full complexity, a little girl who has now grown up yet her remembers, cherishes her dreams and has become the princess she always dreamt of being; yes, I deserve the best; yes, come for a walk with me into the woods? Many beautiful things can happen on such a walk, many beautiful things happen to those who dream and even more to those who live their dreams. From the moment you put on one of Stephanie Burkhalter’s dresses to the moment a prince takes it off, you will be a princess! After that? Well, that will be up to the Prince, won’t it?

collants (tights) ON AURA TOUT VU Haute Couture/ robe (dress) : EYMERIC FRANCOIS Haute Couture / top en dentelle (lace top) ASLIFILINTA / top rigide (corset) : NEVRA KARACA veste (jacket) : ÉRIC TIBUSCH Couture

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- Production: EOP Paris - Photography & retouching: ERIC OUAKNINE ( - Photo assistant: JOHN TOUATI - Make-up: ANNE ARNOLD - Hair: CHRISTOPHE GAILLET - Stylism: FROG AGENCY ( - Models: ELINA IVANOVA @ CRYSTAL MODELS CAMILLE D @ WOMEN MANAGEMENT PARIS - Backstage video: FRANCOIS BRILLON - Thanks to: Sophie Hennequin & Laurent Tonachella for the location

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Look 1 au bord de l’etang gelé : chaussures (shoes) ANTOINE TAURIN / top col Claudine pailleté (Top) By MALENE BIRGER / robe dentelle blanche brodée (lace dress) ÉRIC TIBUSCH Couture / jupe brocard or (gold skirt) ÉRIC TIBUSCH Couture / robe gazar plissée (dress) XUAN THU NGUYEN / veste fourrure (fur jacket) QUENTIN VERON

eric ouaknine.

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MAMi Magazine 26

veste flashy dans le champ enneigĂŠ : veste (jacket): ON AURA TOUT VU Haute Couture / robe vinyle (vinyle dress): @MISE EN CAGE

eric ouaknine. MAMi Magazine 27

sous les roses robe (dress) ETIENNE JEANSON / manteau (coat) :ON AURA TOUT VU Haute Couture / collants (tights) : ON AURA TOUT VU Haute Couture / chaussures (shoes) : CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN

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eric ouaknine.

veste bleue veste Bleue en velours brodée et plumée (spencer jacket) : ETIENNE JEANSON body en maille : (knit body) CHARLOTTE MULLOR/

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MAMi Magazine 30

roue tsigane: pantalon (pants) : ETIENNE JEANSON / blouse et col (blouse and collar): ÉRIC TIBUSCH Couture / Bermuda (short) : ANTOINE TAURIN

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et 8 BINOME (sur Camille (debout)) robe et blouse (blouse and dress) ÉRIC TIBUSCH Couture / pantalon (pants) XUAN THU NGUYEN / chaussures (shoes) WALTER STEIGER / top maille (knit top) AUGUSTIN TEBOUL ceinture (belt) DANEH Sur elina vasilyevna ivanova (assise): top à franges (fringes leather top) JITROIS / jupe (skirt) NEVRA KARACA pantalon (pants) XUAN THU NGUYEN / veste et chaussures (jacket and shoes ) HARRY HALIM

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STARDUST Photo Cyril Lagel Realisation Benjamin Armand Make up : Corinne Lebreton @ B4 agency Hair : GASPARD @ B4 agency Manucurist : Kamel @ B agency Lisa Dommerson @ City models

Jacket Christophe Lemaire Pant Theyskens Theory

Dress Iris Van Herpen

Coat Songzio Pant Maison Martin Margiela

Dress Theyskens Theory

Black On White

Photo, styling, make-up and body paintings: Paolo Prisco Photographer, Monaco. Model: Symone Beli Clothes: Zara, H&M, BCBG. Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Zara, Sonia Rykiel for H&M. Vintage and customized clothes and accessories belong to the Photographer’s Private Collection.

LA Winter

Photographer Viktorija Pashuta Model Brianna @ No Ties Make-up Desiree Foote Hair Stylist Traci Garrett Designer Cynababy Swimwear

Print remains a staple in marketing and promotions and as such we provide the highest quality design prinr and direct mail distribution programs.

Swimming Pool

Photographer : Greg Alexander Art director : Sébastien Vienne Hair & Make Up : François Laly Assistant : Christiane Roshem Styling :Mélanie Vagenheim Styling assistant : Elodie Lokingfung Models : Cindy@Metropolitan Paris Julian@ Karin Paris Eddy@Major Paris Orel@2morrow Italy Sébastien@Modelline Beijing

- orel(left) : bombers - KTZ - cindy (middle) : shirt - ISSEY MiyakĂŠ shoes - Prada - eddy( right) : jacket - CHRISTIAN LACROIX legging - NEW ROCK

- sébastien( left) : boxer short - DANIEL HERMAN nekclace - NEW ROCK shoes - New Rock - cindy : dress - EYMERIC François - julian( right) : boxer short - HOM shoes & necklace - NEW ROCK

- julian ( left) : jacket- CHRISTIAN LACROIX necklace - IMUKAT TIMUKAT boxer short - HOM - cindy (middle) : dress - Eymeric Franรงois - sebastien ( right) : jacket - CHRISTIAN LACROIX bow tie - YVES SAIT LAURENT

- eddy ( left) : bow tie - Issey Miyaké pants - HUGO BOSS - julian ( middle) : t-shirt - KTZ boxer short - HOM over boxer- NEW ROCK - cindy : dress - CHRISTOPHE GUILLARME jacket & gloves- LAGERFELD

- cindy : top - LAGERFELD skirt - YVES SAINT LAURENT - orel : bracelet - NEW ROCK pants - KTZ

- orel (left) : t-shirt - DANIEL HERMAN , boxer short - HOM - cindy : mask - NEW ROCK dress- CHRISTOPHE GUILLARME - sebastien ( left) : glasses - NEW ROCK t-shirt - RAPHAEL HAUBER underwear- HOM

I Feel Blue

-diamond tie: IKONE PARIS - earring: SWAROVSKI

Photography : Greg Alexander Art Director : Sébastien Vienne Hair & Make-up : Nathalie Grand Model : Lauren @ Ford Assistant : Valérie Auger

-hair accessoire in swarovski&diamonds Dominique Demonière -lip piercing SWAROVSKI -necklace Piaget

- ring : Dominique Demonière - earrings : SWAROVSKI - piercing and diamond necklace Ikone Paris

- necklace : Dominique Demonière - necklace : Ikone Paris

Scorpion Queen Photographer: Michael Letterlough, Jr. ( Makeup artist: Jacqueline White Styling: Michael Letterlough, Jr. Model: Afua Boni

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Normandy’s Beauty Photographer Stylist Blondel Juliette makup and hair PIERRE FRANCOIS CARRASCO postproduction: uharmony

longshoreman LACOSTE pants UNDREST bracelets SONIA RYKIEL headband ELA STONE necklace SWAROVSKI rings ISABELLE MICHEL

pants SONIA RYKIEL bras ERES jacket VICTOIRE hair scarf DELICIOUS FREAKS hat MURMURE by SPIRIT necklace LILA CONTI pearl necklace RITA & ZIA tights FALKE boots AIGLE




company. Photograpy: Nina Pak Models Female: Sarah Scoular (brunette) Kyla Lee (redhead) Models Male: Joshua Dedora (brunette) Shawn Bruneau (blond) Make Up: Beverly Hoy Hair: Kelly Schedewitz Wardrobe Stylist: Alexia Kellee

Isshogai [MAMi Spring 2012]  

featuring super photographer Isshogai!