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7 KUSHINDA LITTLE: MODEL DESIGNER Kushinda? Yeah.. she’s from another planet.. but she is here on earth temporarily while her craft gets repaired.



PARTY TIPS Party tips for apartment dwellers




KITHE BREWSTER Fashion Stylist and Designer Mr. Brewster has worked with the best in the industry.


MACK WILDS Mack Wilds from the Wire is out to Own It!


RED FIRE Fashion Editorial from Stephanie Matthews


Vera Juliet Fashion Designer / Model Vera Vee Juliet discusses her career.

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9 STEPHANIE MATTHEWS: RED FIRE Stephanie Matthews: Photographer Extrodinaire.

MAMiMagazine 13 EDGAR RAPHAEL A newcomer to MAMi Mag.. welcome Edgar Raphael!

17 2014 BMW GRAN COUPE This has to be the most gorgeous BMW in a while.

EDITORIAL: Postojna Cave


ostojna Cave is the best-

by the local cave lamplighter

known cave in the world.

Luka Čeč. During preparations

It is also the greatest

for the Austrian emperor’s vis-

tourist attraction in Slovenia

it, he wandered off from the

and one of the world’s largest

group of workers in charge of

karst monuments. 21 km of

the ceremonial decoration and

passages, galleries and magnifi-

illumination of the front part

cent halls offer a unique experi-

of the cave with the Great Hall.

ence of the underground world.

Climbing a wall, he found a so

The Postojna cave is definitely

far unknown passage. When

one of the most diverse cave

he returned, he cried out to his

systems in the world. The en-

friends: “There’s a new world

trance portions of the cave

here, a paradise!”

must have seen their first visitors in the 13th century, but the largest part of its interior was discovered on 14 April 1818

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MAMiMaga Content

62 New Human

Editorial by Edgar Raphael

68 Postojna Cave

Mihaela Nicoleta Micula Interviews

78 Kushinda Little

Model / Owner of Yummy Honey Swimwear

92 Brandon Bermudez

Fashion Editorial by Aaron Stallworth

96 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Oh what a feelin’ .

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gazine Algie deWitt IV Publisher




All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream.


Asia Nicholas Mihaela Nicoleta Micula Vee Vera Ochia Kushinda Little

Business Dev. Bobby Paulino

Graphic Designers

A Dream Within A Dream Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avowYou are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream.

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I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sandHow few! yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep- while I weep! O God! can I not grasp Them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream? Edgar Allan Poe

Advertising/ Business Dev. MAMi Media


Anthony Paulino


MAMi Media/IMC

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Tips for HOLIDAY A PARTIES We got a call Last week, asking us for holiday party tips. At first, we didn’t know what to say, but then we got rolling...

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partment dwelling can be challenging especially during the holidays. With little space and plenty of guests we compiled a list of Holiday Party Tips.

1 .


Avoid planning a party for Saturday. Thursdays are best. Fridays are good.

Balance couples and singles Mix it up: invite old and new friends Not too big: small parties are more rewarding

SET UP APARTMENT FIRST Set up your apartment before you prep food and drinks: a. shop b. decorate c. cook d. drinks. If you run out of time, you want your work to be in only one place: the kitchen.



5 6 7 8

ENJOY YOURSELF Enjoy yourself. If you do, your guests will

too.Play great music while you prepare Dress up. Costume and glamour set the tone (this IS leather pants and glitter season,)


Have your preparations done before guests arrive. This means no last minute parties. Shop a day ahead and get home early to set up. This insures that not only do you enjoy yourself, but your guests will be happier as well. You should be “hosting” your party,


Tasty, easy, small food is best:Cheese, stinky and soft, is essential. Use plain crackers and toastettes to fully taste the cheese. Proscuitto and salmon are everyone’s favorite.Bowls of mixed olives are attractive and


Don’t get stuck at the edge of your own party. Work the room, and keep heading back to the front door so you can greet and say goodbye to guests. Remember, you’re the host.

SEARCHING FOR THE PERFECT INTERNSHIP? DRINKIN THIS SEASON? HOPE NOT MUCH.. BUT JUST IN Always CASE.choose experience over money. As you read this, you are probably shak-

ing your head thinking, “How can I take an unpaid internship and still have spending money?” Regardless of the pay, the purpose of the internship is to proDo us all a favor (including yourself ) and party smart. Be responsible. Pace yourvide you with experience. If you shy away from unpaid or lower wage internships self if you choose to drink, and avoid hard alcohol or other drinks that are powyou could be missing out on an opportunity that could help you grow profeserful and have fast effects. (And remember that drunks = easy targets.) Also be sionally and personally. Use the connections and resources you have available. aware of alcohol poisoning. According to a University of Wisconsin study, 75 perYour professors, family and friends want to help you succeed. Reach out to your cent of college males and 43 percent of females reported being intoxicated on network and inquire about internship openings or even if you can use them as a a daily basis during spring break. If you do decide to drink, know the liquor laws reference to attest to your work ethic. Also, take time to speak with your career of wherever you’ll be vacationing. Drinking & driving is always a dangerous situservices department. Not only can they help you tailor your resume, but they can ation, so avoid this by having your safe mode of transportation home planned direct you to your school’s online job resources and possibly introduce you to before you go out. recruiters from companies you are interested in interning with.

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2 3.


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DRINKIN THIS SEASON? HOPE NOT.. BUT JUST IN CASE. Do us all a favor (including yourself ) and party smart. Be responsible. Pace yourself if you choose to drink, and avoid hard alcohol or other drinks that are powerful and have fast effects. (And remember that drunks = easy targets.) Also be aware of alcohol poisoning. According to a University of Wisconsin study, 75 percent of college males and 43 percent of females reported being intoxicated on a daily basis during spring break. If you do decide to drink, know the liquor laws of wherever you’ll be vacationing. Drinking & driving is always a dangerous situation, so avoid this by having your safe mode of transportation home planned before you go out.

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VINTAGE...FREAKS Photographer: Edgar Raphael Model: Ania Parii @WeareModels Fashion: Tiago Ferreira assisted by Maria Féria  Make Up: Sara Marques Hairstylist: Elsa Brandão Photo Assistant: Pierre Mollier  Special Thanks: Tiki Kustomz

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Celebrity Stylist/Designer


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KITHE BREWSTER to style the stars.


erhaps one of the most intriguing things about Mr. Brewster is his ability to make celebrities look awsome.. and he has worked with the best. We had the opportunity to speak to Kithe Brewster in association with Cheryl Wadlington and her J’ADORE LA MODE... The 4th Annual Fashion Gala to Benefit The Evoluer House happening on December 13 at the University of the Arts. [see facing page]

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by, Algie deWitt IV

Q-Why did I go to Paris at early age A- at 17 I worked for my uncles fashion business on fashion avenue he and his then partner owned a fashion showroom for designers from the European markets it was there that I got my real taste of the behind the scenes of the garment business! I was in town to pursue acting and dancing career! Deciding to abandon my studies to pursue my own curriculum was risky but thank God it paid off! I floated from art museums to shows at the Louvre. With just a book of test photos of my styling ideas,I landed an agent who’s philosophy on life changed my perspective on life! Absorbing all of what Europe had to offer enticed and educated my taste sensibilities  ! Which ultimately was a great decision!

of all times they continue to inspire me from afar I took all the different women I’ve worked with into consideration when I was devising my own design philosophy. ”

Q-2 Your resume is extensive with magazine work. tell me about the differences in working for publications like Flaunt vs large ones like Vanity Fair. Working for independent boutique publishers has proven to be more rewarding for me because I am able to fully execute my role as a fashion Director I must be able to execute fully the vision of the Photographer as well as my own! Which is most times challenging to say the least! However the exposure level is greater for the work you do with publications like Vanity Fair ect. I did the first cover of Drew Barrymore with photographer Warwick Saint and we did many many other covers and lead stories pushing celebrity editorial to a new limit I saw for my own eyes the impact of our work change the game literally it signifies the shift from only supermodels and the occasional celebrity cover to every mag becoming celebrity covers almost always! Working with great makeup artist like Kevyn Aucoin the flaunt covers and their exceptional art direction led the way to the celebrity crazed world we live in today! Slowly I watched all of the other stylist in NYC who thought the work I did dressing Alist celebrities was a joke start to follow suit as I was already cemented and had learned about all women’s bodies! Which is why my work on red carpet has been extremely successful! Knowledge of fit very important. Is working in print advertising much different than magazine editorial? Yes it’s a very different yet exciting process as it requires same level of creativity to be able to bang out your work and precisely hit the storyboard mark as well as achieve Artistic and creative satisfaction is the mark of a professional ! tell me about your collection. I’m enjoying the total creative visionary role one takes on as designer, my designs are a mix of all the ideas and ways that I have interpreted fashion for over two decades a combination of empowerment in a garment it’s freedom from restricted clothing and flow of life my garments flow and work on many shapes and sizes! I am launching soon, a less expensive line.

i can imagine there are many.. but who are your muses in the industry. who inspires you? I’ve worked with some of the greatest beauties of all times they continue to inspire me from afar I took all the different women I’ve worked with into consideration when I was devising my own design philosophy. Juliann Moore, Iman, Cate Blanchet Nathalie Portman so many to name but having worked intimately with so many men and women you take a bit of inspiration  from all to encompass all! tell me about your weight loss journey. Wow is all I can say I woke up to having gained excessive amount of weight and had health issues I have maintained a perfect blood pressure since shedding a unprecedented 125 lbs in ten months time using the diet plan for duke university’s diet center no pills no surgeries diet and exercise, best thing I’ve done for myself and others to show you can do it and after that incredible transformation I knew design was in my future I’ve completed wardrobe for several film projects and many others in near future. whats in the future for Kithe Brewster? Writing a passion that I shared with my  belated partner RyanSinglton Brewster we wrote several things and I plan to publish books on and about the wonderful life I’ve lead! And I’ve just become fashion Director of a American publication called New You! Fans of my styling work will follow this innovative journal! And to hopefully lead a peaceful and continuous creative existence!   when and where can your collection be purchased? It can be purchased only in New York thru my atelier inquiries to we create custom made to order. My designs and I have worked with all sizes and I love it I have a great clientele of women from around the globe they get a one on one consultation from me it’s proven to be quiet successful!

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“I’ve worked with some of the greatest beauties


Kithe Brewster Photography by Tony Duran

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2 MAMi Magazine 30

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4 MAMi Magazine 32

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MACK WILDS “The city is like a beautiful struggle, a place where roses grow through the concrete” the 24-year old singer says of his native New York City; the inspiration for his debut LP New York: A Love Story

They say you never forget your

on HBO’s “The Wire” and CW’s

Growing up, Mack saw his father

At around the age of 13, after pu-

first love and when Mack Wilds

“90210” respectively, but before

sing in local bands. He looked to

berty hit, Mack noticed his voice

first fell in love, he fell hard. “The

he hit Hollywood, Wilds dreamed

follow in his dad’s footsteps by

began to change and he then

city is like a beautiful struggle, a

of a career in music. “I don’t re-

practicing around their home in

added rapping to his repertoire.

place where roses grow through

member a time in my life when

Stapleton housing projects, the

“The music has always been my

the concrete” the 24-year old

music wasn’t a factor in my life,”

same housing projects that pro-

first love,” he says, even though

singer says of his native New York

the Staten Island product says. “I

duced numerous members of

his teenage years were spent act-

City; the inspiration for his debut

was immersed in what music was

Wu-Tang Clan. Wilds’ earliest mu-

ing on television and in films like

LP New York: A Love Story.

in the ’90s. Everything we heard

sic influences were Stevie Won-

2008’s “The Secret Life of Bees”

in hip-hop, I could look outside

der and Marvin Gaye, but he also

with Queen Latifah and Dakota

Tristan Paul Mack Wilds is best

of my window in the projects and

took to hip-hop idolizing MCs like

Fanning and in 2012’s “Red Tails”

known for his acting roles as

see it going on.”

Jay-Z and Nas.

alongside Cuba Gooding, Jr. and

Michael Lee and Dixon Wilson

Terrence Howard.

“I don’t remember a time in my life when music wasn’t a factor in my life,”

MAMi Magazine 40

exciting. Mack complements the

bring her home,” Mack describes.

“Even with all of the accomplish-

boom-bap with his whispers of

Mack’s tale begins in the club, but eventually moves to the bedroom.

ments, I still feel like I haven’t

sweet nothings to his dream girl,

It’s the detail in his story which makes the album so special. “We can

scratched the surface of where

with promises of a lavish life.

take it back to my crib, we can get away no photographs,” he sings in

I’m supposed to be,” Mack says.

true heartthrob fashion on “My Crib.” The flirtatious thump of “Henny”

Then immediately after on “Don’t Turn Me Down,” Mack tries to per-

Mack hooked up with Gram-

and the seductive allure of “My

suade his cold-footed lover to give in to his advances.

my-nominated music producer

Crib” both provide balance mix-

Tracks like “Land of the Wild Things” featuring Mack’s fellow Staten

Salaam Remi in 2012 and signed

ing calming melodies over harden

Island-native Method Man add to the authentic feel of the album.

with his Sony-distributed Re Mi

hip-hop sound beds. While New

Fa record label. Together the two

York: A Love Story weaves a ro-

recorded New York: A Love Story,

mantic tale, sonically it’s a nos-

a 1990s hip-hop-centered, R&B-

talgic reminder of the Big Apple’s

laced tale of love and loss.

most defining sounds-- suited for 2013 of course.

The album’s first single “Own It” is produced by Salaam and written

The storyline takes place over the

by Mack and R&B superstar Ne-

course of several songs and be-

Yo. Backed by a kinetic drum track

gins with the in-the-club anthem

and a feel-good groove “Own It” is

“Henny.” “First off, it’s Hennessey,

reminiscent of a throwback party

partying and wilding out and then

when hip-hop was fresh, new and

you meet that girl and you want to

Aside from Salaam, celebrated NY beat architects DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Havoc lend their production efforts, while Ne-Yo, Rico Love, James Poy-


ser, Bink and James Fauntleroy collaborate on the writing side. Mack of course adds flowing harmonies over the pounding tracks. “The main thing that we wanted to do with this album is show that New York City is back and who better to do it than the people who made it what it is in the first place,” he says of being able to work with such an esteemed team of producers. “This is that full-on, old school, New York, boom bap that we’ve been waiting for. This sound isn’t just old school; this is what is in our blood. It’s bigger than a ’90’s feel, this is New York.”

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“Even with all of the accomplishments, I still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface of where I’m supposed to be,”

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 42

Photographer: Stephanie Matthews Stylist: Jenai Dominique Makeup: Olivia Moss Hair: Anittria Wicker Model: Megan Logsdon courtesy of Sigal Models Photo Assistant: Dennis Harber

Beaded Earrings: Nontle Jewelry Beaded Necklace: Nontle Jewelry Wire and Stone Necklace: Xantha Designs Long Stone Neck Piece: Xantha Designs Bracelets: Xantha Designs Dress: Malena Ruth Fur Vest: Vintage

MAMi Magazine 43


Red Fire

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 44

MAMiMagazine Earrings: Xantha Designs Necklaces: Nontle Jewelry Jacket: Voszi Douglas Top: Malena Ruth Pants: H&M

MAMi Magazine 45

MAMiMagazine Bracelet, earrings and Wire/Stone necklace: Xantha Designs Beaded Necklace: Nontle Jewelry Jacket: Voszi Douglas

MAMi Magazine 46

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 47


Earrings, Necklace & Top: Xantha Designs

MAMi Magazine 48

MAMiMagazine Earrings: Xantha Beaded Necklaces: Nontle Jewelry Long Stone Neck Piece & Cuff Bracelets: Xantha Designs Dress: Malena Ruth

MAMi Magazine 49

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 50

MAMiMagazine Earrings & wooden bracelet: Xantha Designs Beaded Bracelet: Nontle Jewelry Beaded Necklace: Nontle Jewelry Stone Neck Piece: Xantha Designs Top & skirt: Malena Ruth Fur Vest: Charlotte Russe

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VERA JULIET Anyango Goddess Portrait:


by, Mihaela Nicoleta Micula

hich is your story about fashion?

Vera is a simple girl, born and brought up in in the Rift Valley, region of Kenya, precisely Kericho, in a very, very humble background, ordinarily schooled. I started modeling in 2004 where I was a Miss World Kenya finalist, Miss Malaika finalist and Miss Lake Festival of Arts (Queen). And since then, I developed a unique need to express myself and things around me, using the knowledge and artistic talent I had. I used to design my own outfits for pageants and normal occasions. Most people asked me where I did my clothes and I replied: “I did!” So they would buy fabrics and asked me to design something or similar to mine. It was fun and a source of income as well since I had cleared high school and didn’t

MAMi Magazine 54

have a job...I love arts. Since childhood, I love fashion. Fashion is part of me. Fashion is art. Fashion is freedom. I use fashion to portray the rich and diversified culture. But as you know, runways and modeling have a short shelf life. At some age in life, you don’t find yourself fitting on runways. So I started VFH (Vee Fashion House Malindi). Vee Fashion House is locally based firm situated in Malindi, along the Kenyan Coast...It has a local touch with an International outlook in the fashion industry. Since its inception, VFH has gained a reputation for high fashion design. It was punctuated with innovative debut of an updated ballet flat that is resonating today. It is dedicated to redefining the quality parameters in the capacity of the society and individuals, to appreciate and keep in touch with the dynamism of the fashion trends. Alsoa to initiate a promising platform for the fashion industry on the coast and East Africa.  VFH offers a wide range of mix edition items, niche fashions, unique accessories and handmade jewelry, handbags and sandals. Outfits for women with sophisticated fashion sense and each collection offers different image, in order to accommodate all types of personal style. VFH designs are functional obtainable and within reach one of a kind from original African designs, for instance kangas

as materials batik, Maasai fabrics animals prints and beadwork. You are a Child of the Sun. Your fashion art was influenced by the fauna and flora from your country, Kenya? My source of inspiration comes from nature, natural instincts and my surroundings from the dynamic and versatile African beautiful heritage. In Kenya is globally recognized through our Maasai culture like the rainbow full of colors from beads to prints. So yes, my fashion art is inspired by my culture. I appreciate creativity and quality. I find styles for both work and pleasure.  3. In your vision, the new African identity has also the fingerprint of the culture and tradition of your people. The new or modern African has the fingerprints of the culture and traditions…like the animal prints which represents the animals in the wild found in the 7th wonder of the world (the Masai Mara). 4. Please tell us about the beauty contests. I have participated in quite a number of peagents: 2004, Miss World Kenya finalist; in 2005, Miss Malaika finalist; 2006, Miss Lake Festival of Arts where I was crowned first queen-and local peagents like Miss Mombasa 2007. 5. Are you a model? Yes, I am a part time model. Although it doesn’t pay much in Kenya, I do it for fun. Which was your contribution at the “Miss Africa USA” contest in 2010 and 2011? It was a great honor to be chosen to represent Kenya as a fashion designer. I created these dresses for some of the contestants of Miss Africa USA in 2010 who represented diferent African countristogo, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya. The fabrics I mostly used were chiffon, silk, satin and Masai shuka fabrics and one dress using vliscos fabric which is a kitenge. These are fabrics I love to play around with. As for the accessorries, its lots of beadwork. I love to work with beads. Especially the Masai inspired beads which are very colorful

collection 2013. No, I couldn’t make it as I was engaged elswhere. But I will be shocashing a new collection at the sister show called “Kilimanjaro Fashion Week” in Arusha, May 2014. Regarding the collection I am still working on, called the Matarta collection…There is a story behind this collection which I will keep you updated during The Kilimanjaro Fashion Week. \What kind of materials do you prefer to use for your creations? I love to play around with fabric mix them gather them. But my favorite is kitenge, Masai shukas, chiffon, silk, cotton, animal prints so long as its colorful and bright. Exotic as your dresses, your accessories are in the bright colours of the rainbow. They are made by a local jewels designer? No, I do my own jewelery as well with the help of my assistant who is comes from the Maasai tribe and knows her way around beads,she taught me some of the beading skills. I like to collect different types of beads from different cultures, including western. Then, I mix them up to give them an African look with an International outlook. Which are your recommendations for the spring 2014? Africa, Kenyan Coast, beautiful sceneries, nature, culture… It’s a scene most New Yorkers and the Americans would marvel at. Unlike the western or American trends inspired by celebrities that Americans wear, on the fashion campaign trail, this collection is not only memorable for the diverse culture, but for the striking colors, color clashing fabrics on display. Mixing up of fabrics, batik, kitenge, kikoy head wraps patchwork, beaded accessories. All this with a modern touch, the result is Afro Fabulous: The African Rainbow Collection. Vee Fashion House - Essence of Cultural Elegance

You participated at the “Fashion Week Zanzibar”, fall-winter

MAMi Magazine 55


“I love to play around with fabric mix them gather them. But my favorite is kitenge, Masai shukas, chiffon, silk, cotton, animal prints so long as its colorful and bright.”

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MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 57

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 58

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 59

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 60

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 61

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 62

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 63

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 64

Photographer: Edgar Raphael Model: Karina Ramos @Elite Lisbon Fashion: Tiago Ferreira assisted by Maria Féria  Make Up: Sara Marques Photo Assistant: Pierre Mollier  Special Thanks: Studio Lifes Change

MAMi Magazine 65



MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 66

MAMiMagazine MAMi Magazine 67

myMagazine MAMiMagazine



by Mihaela Nicoleta Micula

Katja Dolenc Batagelj: Executive Manager for Marketing, Postojna Cave, Slovenia Postojna Cave is the best-known cave in the world. It is also the greatest tourist attraction in Slovenia and one of the world’s largest karst monuments. 21 km of passages, galleries and magnificent halls offer a unique experience of the underground world. The Postojna cave is definitely one of the most diverse cave systems in the world. The entrance portions of the cave must have seen their first visitors in the 13th century, but the largest part of its interior was discovered on 14 April 1818 by the local cave lamplighter Luka Čeč. During preparations for the Austrian emperor’s visit, he wandered off from the group of workers in charge of the ceremonial decoration and illumination of the front part of the cave with the Great Hall. Climbing a wall, he found a so far unknown passage. When he returned, he cried out to his friends: “There’s a new world here, a paradise!” In 1819 Archduke Ferdinand I visited the cave and became the first official visitor. This gave rise to the tourism in Postojna and this date is considered the official start of modern cave tourism although signatures dated from the 13th century can be found in the cave. For 140 years, the Postojna Cave, as the only cave in the world, offers a unique and adventurous ride with a special train, which will take you into the cave, under spectacular underground arches, which are embellished with chandellier look-alike stalactites, through a beautiful subterranean world full of playful limestone sculptures. A fantastic web of tunnels, passages, galleries and halls, the astonishing diversity of Karst features as well as easy access are certainly the main reasons for such popularity of the cave and a large number of visitors, which has already reached 35 million in 200 years. Electric lighting, the first in the province of Carniola, was temporarily arranged in 1883 during a visit from Emperor Franz Joseph. Three electric lights lit up the Great Hall. The next year, Postojna Cave became the third cave in the world to have permanent electric lighting (a year earlier

MAMi Magazine 68

electric lighting was set up in the Kraushöhle cave in Austrian Styria and even earlier, in 1881, in Luray Caverns, USA). The cave was illuminated by 12 arc lamps, each with the power of 1400 candles. Electricity was supplied by two generators powered by a steam engine. The electric installation system was modernised in 1901. A new engine house supplied power to the cave as well as the whole town of Postojna. Today, classic bulbs have been mostly replaced by halogen bulbs. An electronic system makes sure only certain cave sections are lit up at one time and the power lines are, like most lights in the cave, discretely covered. The tour of the cave, which lasts approximately 90 minutes, will take you on a 5 km long journey through amazing passages and incredibly diverse cave ‘landscape’. The visitors can see one part of a scenic underground maze from the train, and then enjoy the second part on foot and admire playful stalactite forms in no hurry. The most beautiful stalagmite in the Postojna cave is called the Brilliant. Looking at this marvellous, shiny white limestone formation, you simply must agree it is fully worthy of its name. Owing to its early discoveries, Postojna is regarded as the cradle of the scientific discipline of speleobiology, which sets it apart as an undisputed world centre. The unusual looks of the olm have always sparked peoples imagination. At first it was believed that they were just baby dragons which the high tide brought to the surface. As a matter of fact, there might be some truth to these old beliefs. Apart from the olm, there are many other animal species living in the Postojna cave. 99 species are permanent residents of the cave, but occasionally the number of species rises up to 150.


On May 5th 1897 King Karol I of Romania and Queen Elisabeth of Romania visited Postojna Cave.

the fascinating world of Postojna Caves was connected with the world of fashion thanks to the noble blood ladies who passed there. Each one of them gave a unique sense to the words: style, elegance, beauty and grace. Princess Amrit Kaur In mid-October 1933, the cave was admired by Princess Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (1889-1964) from Kapurthala State in the north of India. Renowned for her beauty, the princess Amrit Kaur was painted by an Italian artist. She was also an important figure in the Indian history. For 16 years, she was of Ghandi’s secretary. The princess and its 6-meter long silk saree with a golden trimming attracted the attention of all people. While she could not stop marvelling over the beauty of the cave, she described it as one of the wonders of the world. On March 11th 1857 Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth visited Postojna Cave with a large retinue. It is said that for this visit the cave was illuminated by 16000 lights. The entire pathway had been restored and covered with white sand. Three sedan chairs had been made in prepration for this visit, so that the Empress and her ladies-in-waiting could be carried if they wished. The one for the Empress was covered in velvet, but she prefered to walk most of the way. aliu On May 5th 1897 King Karol I of Romania and Queen Elisabeth of Romania visited Postojna Cave. After enjoyed their visit to the cave they signed the Gedenk-Buch. In her entry in the book the Queen wrote »Unter der Erde hat Märchen noch ein Reich« (Fairy tales are still real – underground). MAMi Magazine 69



rincess Akishino of Japan Their Imperial Highnesses, the Prince and the Princess Akishino of Japan visited Postojna Cave. They were very impressed by the beauty and magnificence of the underworld. They admired the infinite nature work and they wondered how long did it take for tiny water droplets  to build such a scenery.  When walking through the cave Her Imperial Highness  the Princess Akishino admired the limestone sculptures and tried to imagine what they represent. Thanks to her imagination the princess Akishino, to the great surprise of the hosts, said that the beautiful limestone formation behind the Brilliant (symbol of Postojna Caves)  looked like a pipe organ. And in fact, the sculpture is named A Pipe Organ. The hosts were touched by such extreme sensitivity of the Princess Akishino. The Prince and the Princess Akishino  visited also the Proteus Cave with Vivarium where among many cave-dwelling animals they could see also the famous Proteus Anguinus, the largest cavernicole. Their Imperial Highnesses were amazed about the life in the eternal darkness. The Prince Akishino, holder of two doctorate degrees in biology,  showed great interest in this unique Vivarium  with  live  animals species adapted to the conditions inside the cave to such an extent that they are unable  to survive outside of it. The Postojna Cave is the cradle of a special branch of biology – speleobiology. This new science was born in the year 1831 when the Slendernecked Beetle (Leptodirus hochenwarti) was discovered in the Postojna Cave. The Postojna Cave is the largest show cave in Europe and definitely one of the most famous and diverse cave systems in the world. Its 21 km of passages, galleries and magnificent halls offer a unique experience of the underground world. Princess Nori Princess Sayako, in Japan more commonly known as Princess Nori, daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, visited Slovenia as part of her tour of several European countries between 8 and 11 October 2000. In addition to Slovenia’s

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capital Ljubljana, she also visited the Lipica Stud Farm, Bled and Postojna Cave. What kind of events are usually organized for visitors? The Postojna Cave provides a perfect setting for an unforgettable experience that all the people participating in it are bound to remember for years to come. The available capacities as well as assistance in organizing the event are offered. A lot of experience and knowledge is gained throughout many years of organizing events that attracted a lot of attention. The Postojna Cave Park is a possible venue for music and theatre performances or receptions for large numbers of people. It is often visited by participants of various kinds of meetings and congresses who all agree that this is the icing on the cake of their experience of Slovenia and it beauties. Sometimes these special events or corporate meetings continue with the exploration of less known sections of the cave through various kinds of cave adventures. A large number of very special events have taken place in Postojna Cave in the past – numerous esteemed guests from all over the world have been hosted and all sorts of events have taken place or been held there: exhibitions, performances, installation artworks, concerts and other events, such as the Miss Slovenia for Miss World 2011 beauty contest and the Eurobasket 2013 draw. And last but not least, a living nativity scene, which is seen by several thousand visitors every year, has been staged in the subterranean halls of Postojna Cave every year during Christmas time for a quarter of a century. When it comes to wedding receptions or other private celebrations the Postojna Cave Park and the Predjama Castle provide plenty of options for exchanging vows. Inside the green park of the Postojna Cave is where the romantic Modrijan Homestead is located. The architecture and landscaping of this more than 400-year old house is extremely appealing; and you will be escorted into the wedding hall with a glass of champagne. One of undisputed advantages is the close proximity of the

MAMiMagazine outstanding Jamski Dvorec Mansion, located at the entrance into the Postojna Cave where an unforgettable wedding reception can be organized.

On May 5th 1897 King Karol I of Romania and Queen Elisabeth of Romania visited Postojna Cave.

I am European editor of the Mami International Magazine of Fashion&Music Art. But I am also the project manager and editor of the EuroSpeleo Magazine, a publication dedicated to the cavers all over the Europe. This year you organized an unique event in the history of Postojna’s Cave, based on a different view about beauty. Shop windows of the department store Nama in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana are an excellent spot for promotion of the greatest Slovene tourist attraction. Throughout the project, from the initial idea to the final realization, we pursued a common goal, i.e. to set up a shop window which will make passers-by stop to have a proper look at it and also take photos next to it. We therefore went ahead with project preparations with all the necessary attentiveness and responsibility towards Postojna Cave, a world-renowned natural monument. For this purpose, a large number of visual aids have been taken to Ljubljana, as well as many valuable exhibits, which attest to the 200 years of the history of the cave. In cooperation with the experienced staff of the department store we succeeded in creating a genuine underground atmosphere in the centre of Slovenia’s capital. We believe the shop windows have persuaded many a passer-by to visit the cave. The shop windows are at their most beautiful during the nighttime, when the light brings out the splendours, allure, mightiness and grandeur of stalagmites and stalactites.  

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MAMiMagazine Please tell us about the collections exposed. It was an European contribution at this exhibition? NAMA is the oldest department store in Ljubljana, situated in the very heart of the capital. Ever since 1946 Nama has been one of the sights of Ljubljana and the old town’s favorite shopping center thanks to its great location and friendly staff. NAMA offers a variety of trendy, sporty and elegant brands, both Slovene and foreign. NAMA hosts the following Slovenian fashion designers: Nives Dančulovič (ND design), Urška and Tomaž Draž (Draž), Nataša Hrupič (Natasa Hrupic), Maja Štamol (Maja Štamol), E2RD and others. Among the brand names for him and her in NAMA you will find Pepe Jeans, Polzela, French Connection, Freesoul, Smash, Street One, Desigual, Skunfunk etc In the man`s department you can try out also Baulmer, Esprit Collection, Guess by Marciano, lloyd, Olimp, Sens and others (mind the character – boxes)!!! Are you open to organize fashion parades in Postojna Cave? The rules of use are very specific and clear in determining what activities and events are allowed or not allowed inside Postojna Cave, and also which a special permit needs to be obtained for. Fashion shows are in principle not to take place in the cave. The key criterion for issuing permits for organization and staging of uncommon events is whether they serve the purposes of informing the general public about the value of nature and whether they aid in providing more in-depth knowledge about the cave, the Karst and cave-dwelling animals. Any event of this kind thus needs to be in connection with the cave as a natural phenomenon or mark a historic event or some sort of a cave jubilee. Understandably, every event has to be held in a way that does not burden the natural environment. Events of this kind otherwise take place at the Jamski Dvorec Mansion, which is located right at the entrance to the cave and has in the past hosted a number of such events. 

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I would like to thank to Mrs. Katja Dolenc Batagelj for her cooperation during the interview and for the information and photos that she kindly offered me. Also for the special introduction that she made to our readers into the fascinating world of Postojna Cave. And not at least, all those who have contributed to make this interview.


When it comes to wedding receptions or other private celebrations the Postojna Cave Park and the Predjama Castle provide plenty of options for exchanging vows. MAMi Magazine 75


TERAE DeWITT: BEAUTIFUL Being in Atlanta you will find talented and creative people. Not all of them will stand out. However Terae DeWitt has become one to be recognized for her talents in the beauty industry. Although she began her journey as a nail technician, she soon thereafter found a passion for hair. Today she is known for her hair and makeup application. One may even consider her a triple threat in the beauty game. Living in Atlanta, Terae has had the privilege to work with some very talented people. As a freelance artist, she is sought after for her creative styling. She has had an opportunity to work with commercial advertisements, film, and television networks. Her latest work has been shown on Season 2 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Terae is also the proud owner of Salon DeWitt where she is really in the business of taking care of her client’s hair. “One of my favorite conditioners is The Multiplex Conditioner by Influence. It adds much needed moisture back into the hair.” It is in Salon DeWitt that she gives each client a personalized salon experience with highly noted quality services. She provides her clients with the best in healthy

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hair care and trend setting hair styles. Plus she accommodates her client’s lashes, brow services, and makeup applications. “Not every client likes to feel made up. Sometimes they want their natural beauty to be the exuding canvas of the day. For those clients I may suggest a lash application with Maybelline’s The Colossal Mascara and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. This combination, along with translucent powder to keep down your skins natural shine, will add just enough color for the natural feel and look. Working in the beauty field is a platform and a way of life for Terae DeWitt. ”It is very rewarding to have a position of encouraging women. Having the ability to transform a person is not only a career craft, it is truly a blessing. It’s like my gift.” For more updates follow Terae at www.facebook. com/salondewitt

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Vintage one-piece bathing suit, vintage sequin jacket, and shoes - stylist own

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A Prelude to Chasing the Devil


A Creative Director, whose work philosophy revolves around the notion of THE ELEVATION OF STYLE, she tailors an aesthetic for her subjects that is befitting to their personalities. The result is an image that is more authentic and easily received by the public. Whether it’s one of her celebrity clients or an elaborate editorial, the task of creating an honest and original image is no easy feat, but Kushinda has skillfully mastered what many can’t even fathom. Her life begins in Denver, Colorado where she born in 1980. At age 3 I lived in Germany where she spent some of her childhood, then to Sacramento, California. Qoute “Sacramento is a very easy and relaxed place; it’s all about individualism there. So I was able to really grow up and be myself without any judgment” While attending high school in the bay area Kushinda began to work at a clothing store. And one time the music group 112 came into the store and she put together looks for a show they were having that night. Quote “At the time I didn’t even realize it, but I was styling and around that same time I realized I wanted to be a designer.” She ended moving

to Atlanta in 1998 and began to take private classes with a Russian couturier named Nina Gleyzer. With each class Nina saw that Kushinda had a lot of potential and drive and became Nina’s apprentice. She worked under Nina for 5 years and learned in depth about fabrication, construction, and pattern making. Kushinda moved to Brooklyn, New York. And has worked with various media networks such as Fuse, Lifetime, Walmart, Le Fueng Branding, Salvatore Farragamo, J Crew, Banana Republic and Oxygen as a Creative Director and have lent my talents to editorial clients such as Flaunt, Vibe, ID, Esquire, Metro Pop, Men’s Health and GQ to name a few. Her recent endeavor is the creation of my swimwear line; Yummy Honey Swim. This was spearheaded once she realized the market for swimwear for the average size women, who are youthful and sophisticated, is underserved. Quote “ My designs not only are innovative including such additions as detachable hoods, reversible limited run of

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MAMiMagazine prints and evolving design elements they also appeal to the luxury consumers eye.” The sizes range from 6 to 16 with special edition designs. Geared towards women who have battled breast cancer; another audience that benefits from swimming while going through chemotherapy. Quote “This is a group the swimwear industry does not typically cater to allowing me to create a niche market.” “I love that fashion is ever changing. I love that design is limitless; you just have to conceive the notion. I’m really big on being knowledgeable. I’m happy to say I love what I do as a job. If you love what you do, you will love yourself more. But the key is acceptance. Be less influenced, be an individual; there will never be a duplicate of you.” Connect with Yummy

Honey Swim today! Instagram: @yummyhoneyswim Facebook: yummyhoneyswim Pinterest: yumhoneyswim Twitter: @yummyhoneyswim Advanced Spray Tan Fashion Show Feat. Yummy Honey Swim Line For all your Creative Styling needs, connect with Kushinda Little. Portfolio site: The Elevation of Style

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watch the throne


cGuire Furniture has collaborated with artist Jordan Betten of Lost Art to create a one of a kind works of art. Taking five of McGuire’s most iconic chairs, he re- envisioned them with a rock and roll vibe – as he does for his fashion clients. They will be on display at McGuire San Francisco for the month of February and Baker Knapp & Tubbs’ Los Angeles showroom in March. ince 1948, McGuire has been internationally known for creating timeless furniture of natural materials. Each piece of furniture is crafted by trained artisans who bend, weave and form every chair, table or accessory by hand. Says McGuire President Kendra Reichenau, “Jordan’s work is incredibly creative, and he has envisioned some of our classic chairs in an entirely new way. He uses only the finest materials and fine tuned hand-craftsmanship – two qualities we very much admire.” ordan Betten is a New York City based artist and the founder of Lost Art. Lost Art, a luxury leather brand, began in 1997 with the creation of a bag called “The Road”. Since the beginning of Lost Art, all pieces have been made entirely by hand, in the tradition of the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Algie deWitt

Marketing&Advertising Expert MAMi Magazine 90

One Of A Kind Works: McGuire/John Betten The Lost Art collection includes clothing, accessories, motorcycles, instruments and guitar cases. Collectors include Lenny Kravitz, Steven Tyler, Sean Lennon, Sheryl Crow and many others. Betten’s collection can be viewed at the Lost Art gallery in West Chelsea, Manhattan, and his murals are easily recognizable on walls around the world. http://lostartnyc. com


“Knowing that McGuire continues to produce handcrafted furniture was the best reason to collaborate. Our company’s aesthetics may be very different, but our shared sensibilities of paying attention to detail and the respect for the materials created an organic connection,” says Betten



The Butterfly Chair, originally designed by Edward Tuttle, has been a McGuire icon for nearly 40 years. Just as much a work of art as it is functional; the Butterfly chair takes on a new personality. Betten imposed his own rock-star interpretation with the use of a cobra skin seat, arms and back laced with leather fringe. As in his figural art, Betten followed the existing curves of the back and arms to create a sense of movement around the frame.

The Target Dining Chair, designed in 1984 by Elinor McGuire has been a best seller for over 30 years. Betten re-interpreted with a brown calfskin hide on the seat and frame. Leather crossstitching adds an additional element of handcraftsmanship, as does the intricately hand-braided leather fringe that hangs dramatically from the back of the frame.

The Laura Kirar Dining Arm Chair, already one of the most dramatic pieces of McGuire’s collection, became even more of a statement in the artistic hands of Betten. Playing off of the pop-art inspired pattern of rattan circles, Betten doubled the affect, tying in additional brass rings in the back and arms of the chair. The python skin wraps the entire frame, as though it were constricting the rattan beneath. Crystals and feathers adorn the newly-fashioned Barbara Barry Script Side Chair. Reminiscent of a dream catcher, Betten uses the negative space within the calligraphic back to incorporate more detail. Hand-tied feathers frame the outside of the chair, adding a note of whimsical charm. Betten’s work often depicts a sense of gathering or connectedness, physically manifested here via tightly woven leather bands that create one large network of details.


dekor for your home

The McGuire Furniture Company (415) 626-1414 or MAMi Magazine 91



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MAMiMagazine Photographer: Aaron Stallworth Designer: Brandon Bermudez MUA: Marie Woods - Fabface Artistry

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2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe With a starting price of $115,000, it should come as no surprise that the cabin of the M6 Gran Coupe is a nice place to spend time. Our tester was outfitted with the $3,500 Merino leather option, which wraps the dash in the same sumptuous hides that cover the M sport seats. The headliner is a mix of leather and Alcantara suede, with a thick strip of hide bisecting the roof of the M6 Gran Coupe. It’s a simple touch, but the coachbuilt feel is the kind of thing that adds specialness to a car. Carbon fiber replaces wood, and is essentially everywhere that isn’t covered in cow. The M treatment only improves the Gran Coupe’s looks. Being a BMW M car, the cabin shouldn’t just be a great thing to look at, it should be an excellent driving environment, as well. While the M6 Gran Coupe is no exception to this rule, it doesn’t pass with flying colors. The low, coupe-like roofline makes this car genuinely difficult to get in and out of. Even with the driver’s seat at its lowest level, I bumped my head occasionally, while lady passengers in dresses were warned beforehand to be conscious getting out of the orange M, lest they pull a Britney. Once hunkered into the low, snug cabin, though, things come together well.

If the last M car you drove was the outgoing M3, this steering wheel’s large diameter and long, thin spokes will seem a world apart from that sled’s tiller. It feels fine to the touch, while placement of the right-sized paddles makes working the dualclutch transmission a literal and figurative snap (really, tugging a paddle elicits a lovely, mechanical click). The seats are snug, and offer the generous range of adjustments expected at this price point. Sight lines were an issue in the M6, though, as the small rear window of the Gran Coupe body and that long hood force drivers to rely on the car’s three cameras and fore- and aft-mounted parking sensors. It’s a rather large car, and unless you want to go all Batman Begins and adjust your seat for different driving situations, it’s tough to maneuver in tight confines. 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe The beating heart of this adventurous coupe-like sedan is BMW’s 4.4-liter, twin-turbocharged V8. This is an engine that’s grown on us, despite lacking the charisma of the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 from Mercedes-Benz (more on that in a minute). The 4.4 comes to the party with 552 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque, all of which is available from 1,500 to 5,750 rpm. With that kind of thrust, it’s only natural that a quick-shifting, dual-clutch transmission with seven gears dispatches power to the M6 Gran Coupe’s rear tires. When used to full effect, the M6 GC can scamper to 60 miles per hour in a manufacturer-estimated 4.1 seconds (it feels quite a bit quicker than that), and on to a limited top speed of 155 mph.

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the 6 Series Gran Coupe is the best-looking vehicle to wear the BMW roundel since some stylistic genius decided to slap a pair of Angel Eyes on a titanium grey, E39 5 Series (though you’re obviously welcome to argue the point). The M treatment only improves the Gran Coupe’s looks, with massive, gaping front air intakes forming a menacing smile. Even in Sakhir Orange, which is far from the most flattering color on the palette, this is a car with presence. The meaty wheel arches up front and wide haunches of the back add to this aggressive look, while traditional M cues, like the carbon-fiber roof, quad-tipped exhausts and not-so-subtle side grilles further differentiate the M6 from lesser Gran Coupes.

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SPOTLIGHT LISA ALXZANDRIA This young and talented singer/songwriter from Philadelphia is sure to make noise in 2014, signed to MAMi Muzik look out for her new singles dropping Spring 2014. CHECK HER OUT AT

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