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a special poem for Nykia & Dame by Sunil P. Narayan

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Live A white dove soars through the Sky looking for his daughter Who lost her way when Dawn embraced the world As the Sun illuminated a boundless dark forest, he grew ever more anxious No more darkness, no more fear For you, his heart will always beat near On a boulder she lay Praying for life to stop slipping away Her clawed body bled onto the ground Before a father frozen by terror No more darkness, no more fear For you, his heart will always beat near Fate dragged his child through the dirt instead of him! ἀ e Sun wept in dismay One cannot endure such a despairing sight! To save her, he offered a trade

No more darkness, no more fear For you, his heart will always beat near Her father’s flesh turned into a shimmering river to nourish the decayed land Timeless and selfless, His love is immeasurable It exists so she can live her life the way it was destined to be No more darkness, no more fear For you, his heart will always beat near A year after his sacrifice She arrives with her husband To drink from the purest light in the world Her father’s heart sustaining them forever No more darkness, no more fear For you and him, his heart will always beat near

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congratulations to my niece Nykia Spells and future nephew-in-law Damon St Alborne make it last. photos by Lamont Wilson. MAMi 10

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Welcome to MAMi Magazine Fall 2012, its been 10 years since we started on this journey and i have seen some of the most remarkable artwork imaginable.. we continue to strive to be a creative outlet.. a museum of sorts to our many readers worldwide. We also see the planet as one without borders and we try to reៀect that in the artwork shown from all over the world. So without further ado .. lets get this show started.. this Quarter we will be visiting Atlanta Fashion Week, we have some California love from Viktorija Pashuta, St. Louis is defintiely in the house with David Kilper, LaHa Clothing, Breanna, Paige Helton, Fashion In The City.. excellent work from Paolo Prisco of Monaco, Nina Pak of Seattle, Abril Andrade ,Zakiyah Caldwell and more... welcome to MAMi.. enjoy your stay. lord algie deWitt IV

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mami progressive global fashion and entertainment

publisher cd algie dewitt IV photographers paolo prisco nathaniel bigphatz middleton jeff linett viktorija pashuta Nina Pak David K ilper Z akiyah Caldwell Gregory Maxx Betania Sikora special thanks to Abesi PR Fashion I n The city, llc atlatna international fashion week jake and august ad sales MAMi media 856.302.5264

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Mami Magazine is a product of MAMi Media, llc / Lord Algie c 2000 - 2012 rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, reprinted, or distributed in any form without express permission from MAMi Media, llc and or the copyright holders of the content within this publication. All inquiries may be addressed to

Content AIFW Runway 200 Peachtree 10-19 AguaViva 20-23 Hotel Indigo 24-27 Jennifer Gonzalez 28-36 Travel Plan [Editorial] 38-47 SoHo Surrender 48-58 Tocarra Hamilton 60-63 LaHa Clothing 66-70 Deanna Richardson 72-73 Endearment: [Art] Nina Pak 74-77 Paige Helton: 78-81 Paolo Prisco Veiled UnVeiled 82-91 Breanna Johnson 92-95 Sundown: Jeff Linett 96-103 The Boulevard: Jeff Linett 104-111 Peta Murgatroyd 112-117 Abril Andrade [Art] 118-125 Happy Couture 126-129 Lexus FC 130-133 Chanel Nicole 134-137 Calista Coiffure Switzerland 138-145

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Felicia Mosley’s Fashion In The City Invades Atlanta by Abesi Manyando

Felicia Mosley’s Fashion in the City invaded Atlanta with

an explosion of opulence and creative artistry. Fashion lovers were overjoyed at the inclusion of Fashion in the City in Atlanta International Fashion Week. Mosley’s national brand made an impression in Atl. Fashion in the City’s mission has been to provide a platform for local talented designers, to showcase their artistry and collections while providing St. Louis with an immeasurable and opulent event during the Fashion season. Not only did these efforts catapult STL local talents with much deserved exposure but they also provide opportunities for philanthropic growth as much of a percentage of the proceeds of FIC events were donated to Cardinal Glennon. Mosley decided to take her brand national by importing her models and designers into AIFW. Atlanta has become a mecca for entertainment and Mosley is making sure she gets a piece of the Georgia pie. Exclusive FIC galas bring together a very unique cluster of powerbrokers,

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professionals and tastemakers. Fashion in the City attracts a multi-cultural kaleidoscope of influential professionals with disposable income and buying power. Previous shows consisted of spectacular nights at the City Museum and Peabody Opera House. They brought unprecedented press exposure and notoriety to local designers. FIC has also promoted networking amongst doctors, healthcare providers, medical related companies, fashion industry professionals including educators, retail buyers, journalists, trendsetters and tastemakers and consumers. “I wanted FIC to be a part of AIFW because I am growing and my brand is going so I didn’t want to limit us to just being a regional brand. We elevated in one year and it was time to showcase on a national level! Atlanta was the perfect city and I’m happy with what we accomplished and pulled off. It wasn’t easy but I as Tim Gunn says on Project Runway..”Make it work.” I did. I am looking forward to doing shows in New York, Miami and L.A. Although FIC has received tremendous amount of success

in a short time we have to keep ELEVATING!” One on One Interview-by Aaron Robinson With a track record of success in the fashion industry, Fashion In the City’s business executive is making a tremendous name for herself all around the country. Looking forward to her next big fashion extravaganza, Mosley anticipates giving the audiences a much to remember show. Known for supporting children’s hospitals and bringing jobs to the community, she is a force to be reckoned with. Here is what she had to say about Fashion in the City. How did Fashion in the City originate? Fashion in the City originated from me realizing that St. Louis had great talented designers but the designers did not have a platform to catapult their talents. I wanted to expose the country to designers who go un-noticed despite being so impeccable in their artistry. I created fashion in the city to open up doors for up and coming designers that I know will go on to rule the runways of the world. I knew it would take tremendous marketing

and publicity to get to that level so I enlisted Public Relations Executive, Abesi Manyando of Abesi PR to elevate and develop fashion in the city into becoming a household brand. My vision was to begin in St. Louis and travel to different cities. In conjunction with that, I wanted to give back. I had to find a way to give back to charity. That’s how it really originated. We had amazing designers and models, and gave them four months of extensive training. The end result is a show filled with creativity, beauty and memorable moments. Who are some of the individuals that inspired you? I’ve always been inspired by Alexander McQueen. So it just varies. Also, I’m inspired by shoe designer Giuliana. So many people bring different elements to the fashion industry. I like to create my own things. I’m not into trends, but am definitely inspired by many in the fashion industry. What do you want people to remember after attending one of your shows?

I want people to remember that what we say we are going to give them is what they get! I don’t want people to feel like they know what to expect. I want them to leave with an experience that they weren’t expecting. They really need to know that they are going to get exactly what they want. I want individuals to leave feeling inspired and also knowing that something on that runway is something that they could have worn or their child, grandchild or mother. What’s the key to your success? God! That has to be the key. You know how things happen in your life that you have no explanation for. So you have to look at the higher power. I’m the sole owner of the company. So, everything that happened had to be through God blessing me.

been that way, you know when someone said it was something that I couldn’t do…I strived to do just that. My background is accounting, which showed me how to stretch a budget It’s overwhelming at times, but other than that, it’s about treating it as it’s your job. You have to get up early in the morning and make sure everything is done. What do you love most about your career? That it’s helping other people. When I’m doing interviews I tend to forget that it’s about me. I’m always inspired by seeing that model get a call back from a mainstream designer. It’s more of a philanthropist approach, being able to give back. That’ the most reward I can give.

How did you develop your skills in event planning and management? I’m a very organized person… almost too much sometimes. I’m a native of St. Louis, but I was raised in California. I’ve always

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Atlanta Fashion Week Designer K.L. Allen MAMi 18

Photos by Zakiyah Caldwell

Atlanta Fashion Week Designer K.L. Allen MAMi 19

Atlanta Fashion Week Designer Senoj MAMi 20

Atlanta Fashion Week Designer Marta Allen Photos by Zakiyah Caldwell

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MAMi 22

Atlanta Fashion Week Designer LaHa

Photos by David Kilper

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MAMi 24

Atlanta Fashion Week Designer AguaViva

Photos by Zakiyah Caldwell

Atlanta Fashion Week Designer AguaViva

MAMi 25

MAMi 26

Atlanta Fashion Week Designer Parisa

Photos by Zakiyah Caldwell

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MAMi 28

Atlanta Fashion Week Designer G Destin

Photos by David Kilper

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Fall Night Out by: Marie Woods

Fall is here! ៀ at means blazers, camisoles, ankle boots and a Fab Face. Here's how you get that fabulous Fall face in 4 easy steps! 1. Start with a clean face then with a makeup sponge apply a small amount of primer to your face. ( Try M.A.C Prep and Prime for picture perfect skin!) 2. Now apply with a makeup sponge, some foundation evenly over the face. BLEND WELL and make sure to use a small amount to prevent a caked up appearance. (Try M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15) 3. Using a concealer brush start with the eyes by lightly and evenly applying some eye primer. (Try M.A.C Prep and Prime Eye) With a soft eyeshadow brush apply a bold eyeshadow shade to your lids BLENDING WELL into your crease. (Try Fab Face Minerals pigment in "H20") With a liner brush apply liner as close as you can to your natural lash line and water line. (Try M.A.C Fluidline in "Blacktrack") Next

MAMi 30

apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. (Try M.A.C Zoom WaterFast Lash) 4. Set your makeup with a finishing powder (Try M.A.C Studio Fix Powder) using a soft powder brush, make sure to tap the brush to remove excess product. Apply in a circular motion don't forget to BLEND WELL. Next apply blush to the apples of your cheeks be sure to tap excess product from your brush. (Try Fab Face Minerals Blush in "Fashionista") To add a luminous effect sweep some bronzer on the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, forehead and chin. (Try M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish in "Gold Deposit") Finally to top off your gorgeous new look apply your favorite lipstick or gloss and voila it's magic! (Try Fab Face Minerals LipGlam in "Rock Star")

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Hotel Indigo - Midtown Atlanta


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Hotel Indigo - Midtown Atlanta 683 Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA (404) 874-9200

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Enjoy Boutique Style Hotel's Central Location in Atlanta GA With vibrant colorful hues, elegant furnishings and an inspiring, artistic flair unique to this thoughtfully designed brand, the Hotel IndigoŽ Atlanta Midtown is no ordinary hotel. While Midtown Atlanta offers patrons easy access to the illustrious Peachtree Street and countless attractions nearby, the hotel's location near Fox ៀ eatre delivers an Atlanta experience second to none.

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Red Cedar Studios

MAMi 42

Red Cedar Studios Red Cedar is a premier studio space in the Philadelphia area. A full 4000sf shooting space designed specifilly for photographers. We offer fulltime/parttime and hourly rentals to fit a verity of needs. Wheather you have twenty clients or one, our clean open professional space will impress and inspire creative work. For information Contact: Gregory Maxx 856-465-6833 Studio address: 2829 Cedar St. Philadelphia, PA 19134

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Celebrity Style Jennifer Irene Gonzalez “Fried Rice and Frijoles” photos and story by Viktorija Pashuta Makeup: Dana Delaney Hair Stylist: Traci Garrett Wardrobe Stylist: Jazmin Whitley

Internationally published model Jennifer Irene Gonzalez (JGmodeltalent) was born and raised in Redondo Beach, California. She is a beautiful exotic mix of Taiwanese and Spanish, or “fried rice and frijoles” as she calls it. She was the title holder for MISS TAIWAN USA 2010 and placed top 5 in the Miss Asia USA competition. Jennifer’s road to success began at the young age of 5 in which she pursued her gifted talents of singing, dancing, acting and modeling through pageantry and performing in theater arts. At 21 years old, She became a signed artist with UPSCALE records in Newport Beach and received a record distribution deal with SONY BMG. Since then she has established an extensive resume consisting of acting, runway, print, commercial, promotional modeling, singing and dancing performances. She is excited to continue to add to the list! Standing at 5’8” size 0-2 and rocking an awesome figure of 34D-25-35, it’s not surprising that Jennifer has earned a successful career as such a high demand model. She was recently featured on Good Day LA and Telemundo Tu Estillo show. Her most recent commercial with KYOSHO, RC CARS, and DARRYL MCDANIELS of RUN DMC was just released in Jan 2012. Jennifer is currently on tour as the official spokesmodel of OUTER EDGE INC and the dozens of products they just launched such as Koma Unwind, Lazy pops, Swing aphrodisiac spray, NRG, and lifesource body building supplement. You can currently find her billboards and advertisements across the US and in the UK. Jennifer is featured in DOZENS of magazines and has placed the cover of over 7 magazines in 2011/2012 alone (BEER MAGAZINE COVER 2011, WHEELS AND HEELS MAGAZINE COVER Jan 2012, FHM SLOVANIJA MAGAZINE COVER MARCH 2012 with Tera Patrick and Italia Kash, SKINNIE MAGAZINE COVER MARCH 2012 with singer/rap star MICKEY AVALON, NITEGUIDE MAGAZINE COVER May 2012, RADIKAL MAGAZINE COVER AUGUST 2012, PERFORMANCE AUTO AND SOUND MAGAZINE COVER (TBA), and more covers on the way TBA). Aside from those magazine covers, you may also find her in issues of February 2011 FHM mens magazine Slovania, FHM June 2011 Turkey bodypaint spread with model/actress Jenna Bentley, featured model in Wheels and Heels Magazine, niteguide magazine vixen jan 2011, co ed magazine, Complex magazine, Sheen magazine, New Beauty magazine, Kaboom Magazine, the OC weekly, Every issue of Niteguide mag, Radikal Magizine, the smoking jacket, guyspeed, Stilettotalk mag, and now MAMi Magazine. Jennifer is an extremely motivated entrepreneur whose career is an intricate part of her lifestyle. She is painfully independent and responsible to a fault. She lives by the mantra: “Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like nobody’s watching.”

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Green Silk Li Cari Dress Nude Christian Louboutin Heels

MAMi 47

MAMi 48


MAMi 49

Black Beaded Li Cari Cocktail Dress Jimmy Choo Sandals H&M Ring

MAMi 50

MAMi 51

Li Cari Pencil Skirt Black Nordstrom Swimsuit White Burberry Coat Black Aldo Boots Yellow Necklace- Macys

MAMi 52


MAMi 53


Body Eymeric Franรงois / Gloves & Shoes Antoine Antoniadis

MAMi 54

Travel Plan Photography Greg Alexander Art Director SĂŠbastien Vienne Hair&Make-Up Nathalie Grand Model C-Leen

MAMi 55

Dress Eymeric François / Eye Jewerly Nathalie Grand

MAMi 56

Body And Leather Stockings Jitrois / Shoes Antoine Antoniadis

MAMi 57

MAMi 58

Leather Body Jitrois / Leather Belt Eymeric Franรงois

MAMi 59


MAMi 60

MAMi 61

Body Maria Aristidou / Leather Corset Eymeric Franรงois


MAMi 62

Body Maria Aristidou / Leather Corset Eymeric Franรงois

MAMi 63


SoHo Surrender Photographer - Betania Sikora Hair - Angelica Vargas Mua - Te$$ Money Using Sugarpill Cosmetics Wardrobe Stylist - Schimmy Model - Nicole @ Apm Model Management

MAMi 64

MAMi 65


MAMi 66

Dress Samantha Pleet Tights American Apparel Ring Vzmnyc Jewelry

MAMi 67


MAMi 68

Dress Byron Lars Jacket Vsvs

MAMi 69


MAMi 70

Sweater Vsvs Shorts Samantha Pleet Collar Stella Rose Saint Clair

MAMi 71


MAMi 72

Scarf Luisa Rini Socks American Apparel Shirt Samantha Pleet Necklace Caja Jewelry

MAMi 73

MAMi 74

pr, marketing, seo, mobile, smart apps, advertising services. 856.302.5264

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CelebrityStyle Meet

Toccara Hamilton In a male dominant field, Tocarra Hamilton is holding her own. She hasn’t waited for anyone to give her anything, she has made her own way. The name Tocarra Hamilton may not immediately strike you but if you’re familiar with the lyrics of Usher’s song, “Hey, Hey, Hey Daddy” or if you’re into Latin Dance Music and a lover of Latin Rapper Pitbull, then you’ve definitely heard her voice. A Native Milwaukeean that calls Atlanta her home, Singer/Songwriter Tocarra Hamilton can show even some of our big artist how to build a strong foundation. She’s not just a pretty face, in addition to creating and performing great music, she’s a business woman who models, represents brands like the exclusive hair line, Lovely Queen Hair, is designing a sportswear line with a well-known designer (shhh we can’t tell you), serves on the board of the nonprofit Music4Hope, and did we forget to mention, she’s a single mother? “One of the most important jobs to me has been being a good mother”, Tocarra says. “A typical day for me may be writing music after my son goes to school in the morning, running to a meeting or the studio and rushing home to do homework and play video games with my son. I travel a lot so if I can’t take him with me, I leave him in good hands with my family”. Tocarra is not the typical female artist. Some would say that if they weren’t sure, they would think she was just one of the boys. Standing 4’11, Tocarra always stands her ground. She knows what she wants, and goes after it. The Who’s Who of Atlanta recognized Tocarra as a great entrepreneur and music artist along with greats in music like Ludacris and Kandi and she was recently nominated by the Georgia Music Awards for Best Female R&B. Tocarra also recently teamed up with Rapper and Star of Love & Hip-hop Atlanta, Lil Scrappy to co-write, “No Love”, Scrappy’s current single and musical selection that can be heard on the Love & Hip-hop Atlanta Show. The song is quickly gaining fans nationwide and can be seen on VH1, BET and MTV. It has also garnered over 2 million views on YouTube since it recent release. “My contribution to life is to be a good person, live my dreams to the fullest, prepare my son for his life and his future and to show women that there’s a way to win at this game(music) and it’s not on your back but it’s with your head!”

Social Info @tocarramusic YouTube: /mshamiltonmusic1

MAMi 76

MAMi 77

MAMi 78

MAMi 79

photo by David Kilper


MAMi 80

MAMi 81


Lillian Jones Lillian Jones has a passion for children’s design. As a child, Jones was inspired by weekend shopping trips to the mall with her mother, and often wondered what it would be like to create the garments she saw in stores. With one fashionable grandmother and another who was a seamstress and hatmaker, Jones was exposed early on to fashion. A self-taught designer, Jones began creating garments in high school. Her first design came in the form of a jacket worn by a friend on a trip to Atlanta. Praise for the jacket gave her the confidence she needed to grow and continue creating more innovative designs.

In 2005, Jones launched her clothing line, L.A.H.A. Envisioning the “glamorous girl,” Jones began designing ready-towear garments for everyday girls who love the same glitz and glamour as the daughters of the hip-hop moguls. She describes her L.A.H.A clothing line as “fabulously charming and equally accessible.” Jones is often overheard saying, “If a little girl desires buttons, bows and bling, she should have them all.” Under her L.A.H.A. clothing line, Jones has designed garments for the children of some of the biggest and brightest names in the hip hop industry. Because of her unique ability to combine colors, textures and tones, Jones’s designs continue to be sought after across the country. Most recently, Jones landed a spot at the prestigious Los Angeles Fashion Week. Jones hopes to see her L.A.H.A designs on little girls all over the world and instill pride while inspiring them to be the best they can be.

View our catalog online at MAMi 82

MAMi 83

photos by Zakiyah Caldwell Venue Future Vision 1212 Fowler St Northeast, Atlanta Ga, 30318


MAMi 84

MAMi 85

MAMi 86

Felicia Mosley President / CEO Fashion in the City, LLC (314) 223-7751 Facebook: Fashion in the City - St. Louis City Museum

MAMi 87


Deanna Richmond Phila, PA Age: 19 years old Height 5'8" Bust 36 Waist 25 Hips 36 Dress size 5/6 Shoes 9.5 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Ethnicity: Biracial I am Portuguese American descent, born in Portugal. I am interested in exploring the different areas of modeling. l appreciate the artistic beauty of the nude form, however posing nude is not for me. I am a very fun person and very easy to get along. I take modeling very seriously, and I take pride on my professionalism. Recently I started to take acting classes. I am one of the finalists for 2013 Cape Verde Next Top Model in Africa.....

Photographer Nathaniel “BigPhatz” Middleton Model: Deanna Richmond MUA: Bri ἀ estylist Pugh Styled By: Bri ἀ estylist Pugh

MAMi 88

MAMi 89


Endearment a NINA PAK adventure. [photography byNina Pak ]

Models: Naia Fae and Eden Sky Silverwolf

MAMi 90

MAMi 91

MAMi 92

MAMi 93

St Louis Style


Paige Helton photos by David Kilper

“Paige Helton, 16 and an aspiring model, lives in a very small town of Vienna (120 miles west of St. Louis)  in central Missouri.  Mainly a farming community, where everyone knows everyone, she can look out her home window and see the neighbor’s cows.  She lives with her parents and is the oldest sibling in her family, she has a younger brother and younger sister. While growing up, she played sports.  At first her favorite was basketball, but later and currently her favorite sport to play is softball.  During her sophomore year, her goal was to break the school’s stolen base record of 36.  She almost made it, only being one base short of beating it.  This year, her junior year, she will succeed in breaking the record!  Besides softball, she enjoys doing anything on the water: jetskiing, canoeing, boating and swimming.   She first mentioned wanting to model with she was 14, but had braces.  Her mother recommended waiting until afer her braces were off, then they would see what happens.  Several months later, she walked her first runway show in St. Louis.  After that, she auditioned to be in Fashion in the City’s “Roaring Twenties” show at the Peabody Opera House.  She was selected to walk for several of the designers.  A few other shows followed in St. Louis and then Paige recently participated in Atlanta’s International Fashion Week.     Paige is getting ready to start her junior year of high school.  She is currently working to find an agency for representation.  In college, she would like to study  criminal psychology.”

MAMi 94

MAMi 95

MAMi 96

MAMi 97

MAMi 98

Paolo Prisco

Photography, Styling, Hair & Makeup Paolo Prisco Vintage Clothing Photographers Private Collection

MAMi 99

MAMi 100

MAMi 101

MAMi 102

MAMi 103

MAMi 104

MAMi 105

MAMi 106

MAMi 107

StLouisStyle Breanna Rae Johnson I love to dance and have danced on a competitive dance team since I was age five.Thru

my many years dancing it has taught me thru hard work and commitment, confidence is taught. I did my first modeling February of 2012 and knew I found another excitement I would enjoy. My other enjoyment for a girly girl maybe doesn’t fit , I love waterfowl hunting. I find it another challenge all it’s own and I enjoy the time spent with my Grampa. I have been shooting since the age of thirteen. When graduating I would like to go on to get my RN degree as I enjoy working with people and feel I have something to give to this area of work.

MAMi 108

MAMi 109


MAMi 110

MAMi 111

MAMi 112


MAMi 113

MAMi 114

MAMi 115

MAMi 116

MAMi 117

MAMi 118

MAMi 119


MAMi 120

MAMi 121


Fur Vest: Zara, Legging's American Apparel, Belt And Cuff Stylist's Own

MAMi 122

MAMi 123

MAMi 124

MAMi 125

MAMi 126

Ciarra - Top: Buffalo Exchange, Skirt Forever 21, Belt(Used As Necklace): Zara, Shoes: Vince Camuto Heather - Cape: Krisa, Paneled Leggings: Krisa, Shoes: Steve Madden, Body Suit: American Apparel, Ring Christian Dior

MAMi 127

CelebrityStyle Heavens to

MURGATROYD Photographed by Jeff Linett JEFFLINETT.COM Beauty by Kat Lieberkind Em&Co La Maison De Fashion Bohemian Society

Peta was born in Auckland, New Zealand but moved to Australia at age 18 months — so she considers herself more of an Aussie. She was raised in Perth, Western Australia and started studying classical ballet at age 4. According to ABC, she trained for 12 years under former principal dancer of the Kirov Ballet, Madame Lubov Nikonorenko.

MAMi 128

Gowns By Coco Johnsen

MAMi 129

MAMi 130

Top By Alana Hale

MAMi 131

Teal Jacket By Bohemian Society

MAMi 132

She became the Australian State Champion within three months of beginning ballroom training, and she placed second in the Great World City Championships, was a semi-finalist in the Lion City Championships in Singapore and was a finalist in the Australian Open Championships. She placed 3rd in the world at the British Youth Latin Championships in Blackpool 2006. Peta joined the cast of Burn the Floor in 2004, touring with them around the world for six years. When Burn the Floor landed on Broadway in August 2009, Peta was the lead female dancer. Peta’s most memorable success was being placed 3rd in the world at the British Youth Latin Championships in Blackpool 2006. She was chosen to be a cast member of Burn ἀ e Floor in 2004, which has sold in excess of 4 million tickets in over 30 countries and 160 cities worldwide and toured the world with them for 6 years. Burn ἀ e Floor then landed on Broadway in August 2009, where Peta was the lead female dancer. After achieving her life long goal of being on Broadway, she ended her run with the production in January 2010 to pursue a career in film and television. Peta has performed regularly on the hit shows Dancing With ἀ e Stars in Australia and America and So You ἀin k You Can Dance in Australia and Holland. She has choreographed and performed with great artists Heart, Rod Stewart, Taio Cruz, Enrique Iglesias. She toured with the ballroom dancing company Ballroom With A Twist, in 2010 for their Canadian tour. Peta’s life has always revolved around dance and she couldn’t ask for a more rewarding career. Peta joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars as one of the troupe members in the 12th season. She competed on the show as a professional with LA Laker Ron Artest MAMi 133


MAMi 134

Abril Andrade My Surrender


MAMi 135

MAMi 136

Night Creatures

Over แผ€ e Rainbow

MAMi 137



MAMi 138

My Conscience

MAMi 139


Jolenta MAMi 140

Yuri MAMi 141

MAMi 142


Photo by Gregory Maxx Styling, Hair, Makeup by Nyeta “Happy” Allen Clothing: Happy Couture Model: Mariah Christine

MAMi 143

MAMi 144

MAMi 145



MAMi 146

MAMi 147

AutoStyle ἀ e Lexus LF-LC sports coupe concept debuting at the 2012 Detroit auto show is a sharp new show car with aggressive air intakes. ἀ e first two letters of the 2+2 hybrid concept stand for "Lexus Future." ἀ e new coupe, which was styled by Toyota's Calty design studio in California, is supposed to show the latest evolution of Lexus' design language; many of the cues on this show car have appeared on prior Lexus production and concept vehicles. "Our entire studio worked to develop this beautiful interpretation of Lexus originality," said Kevin Hunter, president of Calty. "ἀ e LF-LC concept embodies our vision of what a premium sport coupe could be." ἀ e mesh spindle-shaped front grille resembles that of the Lexus GS, for instance, while the swept-back headlights and stubby trunk recall the LFA supercar. ἀ e front fascia features vertical fog lamps in dot-matrix style housing that blend into functional air intakes ahead of the front wheels. Other design details include a panoramic glass roof with a "cantilevered pillar" and a rising, "kick-up window graphic."

MAMi 148

"ἀ e concept we're showing here in Detroit continues the Lexus design revolution started with the CT and GS," said Mark Templin, Lexus group vice president and general manager. "ἀ e concept hybrid 2+2 liberates the idea of a sport coupe and pushes the boundaries of performance, style and technology." ἀ e interior is a showcase of high-tech controls and infotainment systems including a number of touch-screen boards to help the driver remain focused on the road. ἀ ere is a touch-screen board within the center console, while both doors are also fitted with touch-screen surfaces that control windows, mirrors, seat adjustments, and personal entertainment settings. Interior surfaces are covered in leather, suede, and metallic and wood accents. It's rumored that the LF-LC may be headed for production in the near future. A production version LF-LC would be built on a shortened version of the next Lexus LS chassis, and have a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. ἀ e car may be called the LC 600h and go on sale in 2015.

MAMi 149

MAMi 150

MAMi gets, what MAMi wants. MAMi 151

iamthechanel. Chanel Nicole is an American Pop and R&B Singer-Songwriter, who is from a Black and Puerto Rican decent. Since a very young age Chanel has aspired to be a singer. At the age of 8, she was singing alto and soprano in her Church Choir. It was during this period of Chanel’s life that she really started to develop her taste and interest. Today Chanel Nicole just released a single with Busta Rhymes called “Doin It Again”..

First of all, it's a pleasure to interview you Chanel Nicole. Looking back, from our last feature we done on you, how does it feel to be where you are today?-- First off I wanna thank you Algie and Mami Mag for giving me my second feature within your luxious Mag. Secondly it feels great to be where I'm at today and I just want to continue this momentum. Being blessed to showcase my talents on certain platforms set the stage for success thru more hard work. Busta Rhymes's new song "Doin It Again" features you and Reek Da Villian. How did you come in contact with those guys and who are some of the other artists you have worked with?---- Yes the song

MAMi 152

is called "Doin it again" ,and the song was actually recorded some 8-9months ago. Busta heard the hook and loved it, and said he was going to use it on his album. . As far as other artists , I've worked with Al Be Back , Ray J , Ill Knob from Killah Shark , 9th Prince, Gordon Chambers , Cassidy and I cant wait to work with more Great Artist in the near future ..

my music . You know . By me growing up in Brooklyn I saw life for what it really is and that's the good , the bad and the ugly and I just express it in my music . ἀ at's why the people will be able to relate to me because I'm singing about real life situations that I've seen or been through straight from my heart.

"Doin It Again" is on fire right now, Along with a hot video! When can we expect a Chanel You're from Brooklyn, NY. Nicole solo debut?---- I'm so Seeing that so much great blessed that people are loving talent has come from the borough of BK, how much did "Doin it again" . But with my growing up in Brooklyn influ- debut single which was just ence you in pursuing a mureleased on Sept 11th called " One Women Army''. Everyone sical career?---- Shoutout to Brooklyn , I love where I come can expect a fresh new sound from because it has everything within the music landscape. to do with influencing me with Not only am i showcasing my

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talents, im sending a strong message to the world that i am here, and i have plenty of great music for the listener. Everyone will be able to relate to my every word,thru my emotions I'm putting into my music.. You seem to have completely dedicated yourself to your craft. What haven't you accomplished musically that you're looking forward to accomplishing?--- What I haven't accomplished musically that I'm looking forward to is putting out my album and it going platinum . ៀ at's what I would love more than anything because I'd know if I can touch a million people even one person I've done my job that God has set out for me to do and that's share my voice and talents to the world . So that's all I'm looking forward to . What do you want the people to know about you that will help them identify with Chanel Nicole the woman?--- i just want people to know that Chanel Nicole is more than just a Singer / Songwriter But im a girl straight from Brooklyn living out her dreams. And if I can do it, then anybody that has dreams can also be who they want to be in this life just work hard , believe in yourself and put God first and you can do anything you put your mind to . So on that note thank you again taking the time out to interview me and anyone that's wants to hear my music and get to know more about me Follow me on Twitter and InstaGram @IAMTHECHANEL or Check out my website www. For all BOOKING INQUIRES CONTACT:

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Calista Coiffure Switzerland

Calista Coiffure Switzerland & Irina Anderson Saint-Petersburg. website: & Make up: Karina Golovina Wardrobe Stylist & Olga Boyarinova Saint-PĂˆtersbourg. Hotel Taleon Imperial, Saint-Petersbourg

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Photo Ersan I. Calista, Hair: Coiffure Calista Switzerland Ersan I. Calista for Goldwell

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MAMi Magazine Fall 2012 Merlin Edition  

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