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SATURDAY - JULY 13, 2013

PRESIDENT HADI THREATENS “SWEEPING FLOOD” Within 24 hours, President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi launched two ultimatums to those he accuses of disrupting the settlement policy in Yemen.

Like his usual habit, president Hadi didn’t mention any particular side but he vow that he will fend off the attempts of those who stand in the face of the political settlement in Yemen and work for the disruption or disabling of National Dialogue. This came during the receiving of President Hadi of the American Ambassador in Yemen, Gerald Feirestein, where President Hadi said the conference has achieved remarkable successes concluding the second stage, which means significant

Yemeni activists organized a petition drive online in order to pressure to release the Dutch journalist Judith Spiegel and her husband Boudewijn Berendsen, who have been kidnapped more

A movement is announced in Sana’a last week under the name Tamarod “rebellion”, demanding the overthrow of Basundwah government, as a version of the Egyptian and Tunisian Tamarod movements. BY AKRAM AL-GAOLAHI

paces have been covered towards the achievement of success, which

than three weeks ago in the Yemeni capital Sana’a. Since then, there have been no details or information about them neither by the kidnappers nor by the Yemeni and Dutch governments. The petition drive has been initi-


One person was killed and another was injured in clashes between Houthis and members of Islah Party at al-Rayyan Mosque in Sana’a last Wednesday around 8 pm, a security source told the Yemen Observer.


rights in Yemen, while the antiterrorism agencies were the least violators during the last two years, which the report covered.





YEMEN’S IM TOPS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS LIST A rights report published Wednesday in Sana’a revealed that the Interior Ministry (IM) occupies a leading position among the governmental institutions in violation of human



“The clashes erupted when arguments between both sides started to heat up on who is going to lead Tarawih prayer,” said the source adding that “the person who was killed is a16-year-old student.”


sureable taste Plea G á©àe ¥GòŸ

ated on AVAAZ website during the last week.

“By signing this petition, you call upon the Yemeni government and its security forces to intensify their CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

Member of the movement’s preparatory committee Esam Hibatallh Shuraim, said Tamarod movement

aims to overthrow the Reconciliation Government “RG” and replace it with a government consisting of all the social spectrums. He also said that Tamarod is not resisting the government and not the whole state, adding that the RG failed in providing the basic life necessities to the citizen and so it has




r Yemeni officer was killed mout province, southeast y unknown gunmen, said security source.

ommander of 37 Armored Major General Ahmed alas shot dead at dawn on by gunmen believed to beQaeda,” the source said.

assassination targeting a ary commander was cars he left his house in Katof Hadramout Valley,” the ded.

s between the Yemeni ces and al-Qaeda operabroke out in Hadramout a month ago led to the many on both sides.

has witnessed tens of asons of senior military memYemen’s south, since the ular uprising broke out in


The cabinet established in its regular meeting last Tuesday a committee to review what has been carried out of the 20 and 11 points, plus preparing a matrix for executive procedures. The committee consists of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Interior, Finance, Planning, International Cooperation, the Local Administration and Legal Affairs, Civil Service, Human Rights Ministers plus the Minister of State Hassan Ahmed Sharaf al-Din.

President Hadi had sent a message to the cabinet to encourage it to rapidly carry out what has not

been achieved of the 20 points approved by the technical committee of NDC in addition to the 11 points approved by the NDC southern working group. The cabinet amendments




No. 1 for 2010 regarding antimoney laundering and terrorism financing. The Minister of State for the House of Representatives and the Shura Council affairs, in coordination with the Minister of Finance, was assigned to complete the constitutional procedures.

The amendment included 15 articles plus adding new articles, and omitting term A of article 34 of law.


ajor General is number 84 of military assassinations ntry.




Yemeni people are lookrward to its outcome, reping the new rule package on the good governance, aw, freedom, justice and ty institutions.

sident Hadi said the overg of the big challenges and g past the difficulties made it le to accomplish the big ispointing out that the success ogue is the only way of takmen out of its successive crid to achieve the aspirations youth, the grand children ny attempts for disruptions ckfire on its intriguers.

American Ambassador to n expressed during the meetappreciation to the amazing which the national dialogue ence achieved, especially to ng space it covered on the hich is closer to accomplishe desired objectives of taking n to safety.

pointed to the step by step up of the GCC initiative ors and their provision to the sary comprehensive assison all its technical and pracvels.

i repeated his threats on the day during his speech on casion of the holy month of dan, pointing out the people

Armed tribal militants held an officer and two soldiers of the Yemeni army. They also held sixty trucks loaded with oil derivatives in Habab area in Serwah District (80 km east of Sana’a). Local sources said the armed militants are demanding their appointment in the oil companies in Mareb, pointing out there are tribal mediation to persuade the militants to release the officer and the two soldiers and open the way

for the locomotives, in return to submitting their demands to the official authorities. Meanwhile several areas in Yemen witness security tensions coinciding with the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference which was launched on last March 18. It is scheduled to continue for 6 months for discussing main issues, concerning transitional justice, freedoms, the southern question and oaathers.


43 people died and 289 others were injured in traffic accidents which occurred during the first week of July.

According to statistics reported by Yemen’s Interior Ministry, the first week of the month saw 175 accidents in various roads across Yemen. This statistical report concluded that the causes of traffic accidents are represented by over-speeding, wrong overtaking and negligence of drivers and pedestrians, in addition to using the phone while driving and consumption of Qat.

THE SPREADING SECTARIAN RIF TWO years after an uprising inspired by events elsewhere in the Arab world, Yemen is suffering a new rift. The old struggle between Sunni and Shia Islam has reached the country. To some extent it is a proxy tussle between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran being waged across the entire region, especially nowadays in Syria. Whatever the causes, it is adding fuel to Yemen’s already dangerously combustible concoction. The influence of Yemen’s oil-rich Saudi neighbor to the north dates back decades and has long been resented by Yemenis. Many of them blame religious extremism on an influx of Saudi Islamic brands. Saudis have long influenced Yemeni politics, sponsoring tribal and political figures with dollops of oil money. Citing a supposed deathbed entreaty by the founding King Abdel Aziz ibn Saud to his sons in 1953, many Yemenis believe that the Saudis always want to “keep Yemen weak”. As a result of labor reforms in the kingdom, tens of thousands of Yemeni workers have been deported back home, further stirring Yemeni suspicions and resentment. Iran’s interest in Yemen is comparatively recent. But Western diplomats who used to cast doubt on the claims of Yemen’s former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, that Iran backed the Houthis, a rebel group in the country’s far north, are no

longer so sceptical. Iran, they now generally reckon, backs not only the Houthis in the north but also secessionists in the south. The details, to do with a series of alleged intercepted Iranian arms shipments to Yemen, remain murky. But it is clear that Iran is providing media and financial support to some Yemeni factions. Politicians and activists alike admit that they have been solicited by Iranian representatives with offers of cash and free trips. Both the Houthis and the more hardline southern rebels run television stations in the south of Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, where Hizbullah, an Iran-backed partycum-militia, holds sway. Yemenis are quick to stress that tension in the far north and in the separatist-inclined south have

rather more to do with e and politics than with reli Houthis practise Zaidism, of Shia Islam nearly exclus men, whereas the southe nearly all Sunni Muslims. Sunnis and Zaidis hav got on well. Recent deadl north of Sana’a, the ca tween Houthis and Sunni were largely caused by po tribal power struggles in w gious affiliation played littl But the rise of sectaria fuelled from afar, has m ters worse. “This is some to Yemen, something we seen before,” says a We ucated scion of a promin family near Sana’a. “I fear this country is heading.” Source: Economist

CONTINUATION FROM FRONT PAGE represented in their different sectors and wise politicians will embark on sweeping with their flood all those who stand as a stumbling block in the way of its legal aspirations for change, reform and the building of a new prosperous and safe Yemen with no injustices, winners or defeats.

President Hadi called in his addressing on the occasion of Ramadan all the official, partisan and independent media to sense national responsibility and to rationalize its media address so as to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, asking the intellectuals to contribute to the success of the political settlement.

YEMEN’S IM TOPS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS LIST The report said from among 5500 rights abuses the public and especial security forces, belonging to the Interior Ministry committed 2132 abuses, followed by the Criminal Investigation Department, which is also an affiliate of Interior Ministry, committed 330 violations. The army committed 603 violations and civil, government and judicial institutions violated the rights of 220 Yemenis. While the intelligence agencies (national and political security, and intelligence) committed over 300 violation cases. The report said the least human rights were the anti- terrorism

forces (with 16) cases.

Among the other non-governmental rights’ violators are the influential persons with (501) cases and the foreign intervention, which caused violations to (49) Yemenis. The religious groups were responsible for (11) cases, according to the report issued by the Yemeni Network for Human Rights and the Women Journalist without Borders.

The violations ranged from property confiscation to denial of fair trial, opinion rights, life, health and personal security abuses. According to the report, the citizens and the government officials were the most vulnerable, followed by university students and journalists.

EGYPTIAN REPLICA AGAINST YEMEN’S GOVERNMENT to depart, calling all political forces to stop the quota system which proved to be a failure in state building.

Shuraim emphasized that the movement will escalate its activities to take out commitments from the political parties to meet the requirements of the upcoming elections, asserting that the movement demands guarantees for the neutrality of the military and security institutions and distance them from partisan conflicts.

“MYSTERIOUS” KIDNAPPING OF DUTCH COUPLE efforts, find out the kidnappers and bring them to justice, as happened in other similar processes. Sign to put a community pressure locally and internationally in solidarity with Judith and her husband...,” stated the petition drive on AVAAZ. Tribal kidnappers ruled out

Sheikh Mohammed Nasser alMilqati, one of Bani Dhabyan tribe whose name has been much associated with kidnappings in Yemen, ruled out that the kidnappers of the Dutch couple are “tribal” ones, “because the tribesmen do usually declare the identity of the kidnappers and their demands, which are usually directed to the Yemeni government.” “Our organization cares about the issue of the kidnapped journalist and her husband, we issued a statement that condemns the kidnapping, and confirms that Netherlands represents a unique model in the history of friendships, aids, foreign donations and grants provided to Yemen,” added Sheikh al-Milqati, who is currently the Head of Peace Committees at Dar El-Salam Organization for combating revenge and violence, and previously had led successful mediations that resulted in releasing a Dutch couple kidnapped in April, 2009.

Official concerns

At the Yemeni official level, the issue of the kidnapped Dutch couple was noted for one time only, when the state-run news agency SABA referred to it during a meeting between Foreign Minister of Yemen Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sana’a last Wednesday. “Foreign Minister and Dutch Ambassador discuss the issue of abduction and the ongoing investigations as well as the government’s efforts to release them and to ensure their safety,” said SABA. Over three consecutive days, “Amsterdam Radio” tried to contact with the Yemeni Foreign Minister to find out more details about the abduction issue and the situation of the hostages, but we were not able to communicate with him. International Journalists



The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) called for the immediate release of Dutch journalist and her husband. Jim Boumelha, IFJ President said: “We strongly condemn the kidnapping of Dutch journalist Judith Spiegel and call on the security agencies in Yemen to intensify their efforts to release them and put an end to the repeated kidnapping of journalists in Yemen.”

IFJ Secretary-General, Beth Costa said: “The kidnapping of Ju-

dith Spiegel and other jour in Yemen is a flagrant viola human rights and freedom media; local authorities and rity agencies in the region h protect journalists.” Freedom Foundation

Yemen’s Freedom Foun denounced the continue duction of journalist Judit her husband for more than weeks, in kidnapping ope that the foundation describ “mysterious.”

“The exact place and t the kidnapping in Sana’a not disclosed nor the de tion which the Dutch kidn couple have been taken to Freedom Foundation.

In a press statement, the dation demanded Yemen’s rity agencies exert much eff release the Dutch journalis her husband, and put an end ductions of journalists in the try, which “local sources re that behind such abduction hidden actors playing with s card in order to terrorize jour and limit media freedoms.”


Al-Rayyan Mosque is located Sana’a and the leading member Abdullah Sa’tar has been in ch as its Imam since it was establish



Foreign Minister Abu Bakr Abdullah al-Qirbi said that the number of refugees in Yemen since 2006 until now exceeded 500 thousand refugees and immigrants.



o provide comprehensive,

In a press conference on the issue of asylum and illegal immigration held in Sana’a last week, al-Qirbi said that “the number of refugees is so huge that our ability and economic circumstances cannot contain, because the budget of the UNHCR does not exceed $ 10 million, and is not enough for more than a million immigrants.”

trustworthy and unbiased information on

emeni Affairs nd constantly

improve the fessionalism of our

aff and their lives through the ompound effects


More than 14,000 Yemeni prisoners suffer from appalling conditions, of whom 20% have been infected by contagious diseases according to a security official in the Yemen’s Prisons Authority. “The number of prisoners in various penitentiaries across Yemen reaches more than 14,000 prisoners,

92% of whom are young people with ages ranging between 18 and 35,” said Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Zalab, Head of Penitentiaries Department in his statement to Yemen’s defense Minister News website. More than 7000 families have become disintegrated because their sponsors are in prisons,” he said. “1,900 of the total number of in-

mates are insolvent, and 1099 of them are in dire need of humanitarian help to move on in their lives especially when their prison terms have just finished.” he said. “The prisons are just like basements, prisoners live tragic situations there; 20% of the total prisoners suffer from infectious and chronic diseases,” he added.

The Foreign Minister stressed that Yemen has spend from 1 billion to $ 2 billion in this regard. He also pointed out that there are about 45,000 refugees who were arrested in Saudi Arabia in the recent period and deported to Yemen and not to their home, which increases the cumulative burden on Yemen. Al-Qirbi appealed to neighbor-




Yemen has asked IOM to provide assistance to some 200,000 Yemeni migrant workers forced to leave Saudi Arabia since April as part of a crackdown on undocumented migrants in the Kingdom.















More irregular Yemeni migrants could return from Saudi Arabia in the coming months, following the extension through November of a Saudi amnesty for undocumented migrants previously scheduled to expire this week, according to IOM Yemen.

The Yemeni government has now asked IOM Yemen to support vulnerable returnees, some of whom are thought to have been in Saudi Arabia for two or three generations, by providing basic assistance in terms of shelter, access to water (through well rehabilitation and water trucking), non food relief items

and hygiene kits.

They have also asked for IOM medical and other facilities in the border town of Haradh to be made available to vulnerable Yemenis returning overland. Currently the facilities are used mainly to help stranded migrants from the Horn of Africa. In recent weeks many returning Yemenis have been seen on roads near Haradh trying to hitch rides on passing trucks to get back to their villages.

The returnees add to a growing pool of often destitute migrants who make the dangerous and expensive trip across the Gulf of Aden from the Horn of Africa to Yemen in the hope of finding jobs in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

The number from the Horn of Africa arriving in Yemen reportedly

increased from 34,000 in 2010, to over 75,000 in 2011 and 84,000 in 2012. Over 35,000 have arrived in the first five months of 2013.

Since the fencing of the border with Saudi Arabia, the Saudi crackdown on undocumented migrants and raids on people smugglers’ camps carried out by the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, many more migrants have become stranded in Haradh, where an estimated 25,000 irregular destitute migrants are now living in often terrible conditions, without adequate shelter and access to food, water and medical assistance. IOM, which runs a Migrant Response Center (MRC) including a clinic in Haradh, has already assisted almost 19,000 Ethiopian migrants to voluntarily return home since 2007. Since April, IOM has










A’A, YEMEN CE COLLEGE STREET OX 19183 : +967-1-505466/248444 : +967-1-260504 OX 19183





ISSN 23065958

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, UNDP and Government of Yemen have launched the Youth Innovation and Creativity Award, with the vibrant participation of 600 youth and representatives from the Government as well as the international community. The Government of Yemen has made job creation, in particular for youth, a priority during the transitional period. The Youth Innovation and Creativity Award aims to mobilize the ingenuity and dynamic potential of young Yemenis as well as to create employment. It is an opportunity for the large unemployed youth population of Yemen to confront the country’s development challenges. Minister of youth encourages youth who started up their businesses Photo: YEEP/UNDP In addition, field visits were conducted today with a highlevel delegation including the Minister of Youth, Mr. Muammar

al-Eryani, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Saad Al Deen bin Talib, the Japanese Ambassador Mr. Katsu Yoshie Hayashi, the Korean Chargé d’affaires Mr. Sangmin Lee and the UNDP Senior Country Director, Mr. Gustavo Gonzalez, to monitor ongoing efforts on the ground and boost business innovation. The delegation visited 50 young entrepreneurs who have opened their own businesses, individually or in joint ventures, in the framework of the “3x6 employment approach” which supports micro-business creation through savings. Some of the beneficiary youth with the Senior Country Director of UNDP Photo: YEEP/UNDP The delegation also visited ARWA Plastics Factory and Shamlan Water Company as one of the private sector partners where youth beneficiaries are currently trained on the job. The offer-demand matching initiative is implemented by the

national NGO “Yemen Education for Employment” (YEFE). Their Chairman Alwan Shaibani emphasized the importance for UNDP and YEFE to work closely with the private sector to generate employment. The delegation visits the plastic factories where youth trained on the job Photo:YEEP/UNDP “The youth should not rely on the central authorities and open their own projects,” says the Minister of Industry and Trade. UN Resident Coordinator encourages youth to apply with their innovative ideas to support the country Photo: YEEP/UNDP Gustavo Gonzalez, UNDP Senior Country Director highlighted, “lack of employment and prospect for the youth have been at the basis of the so called Arab spring. Without addressing this priority, any political transition risk being unsustainable. This is why UNDP supports national partners in fostering youth as the engine of the transition”.

“We are sick and tired ises and praise for what want real action and co by everyone,” the min indicating that the minis paring for a regional co for asylum and illegal im beginning next Septemb

assisted another 765 Ethiopians, a third of them unaccompanied minors, to fly home.

But while the number of stranded migrants continues to increase, funding for the programme has shrunk. At the beginning of 2013, IOM was forced to scale back its distribution of free meals, provide less shelter and make fewer medical referrals. UN funding and in-kind donations from WFP and UNICEF enabled the resumption of flights in June and some humanitarian services provided by the MRC. But IOM Yemen still needs USD 3 million to meet the Yemeni government’s appeal to provide ongoing shelter, food, basic health care and protection for migrants and returnees, as well as voluntary return flights for stranded Ethiopian migrants.



IN THE YEMEN OBSE Contact : Tel: 734 349 146 734 242 420

SHEEP AND GOATS VACCINAT The Yemen Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), has completed a four-month animal vaccination campaign in Amran province. Over 32,000 farmers and herders in all 20 districts had their sheep and goats vaccinated against plague.

for their herds. “We plan communities in livestock awareness and animal in the months to come,” drea Anselmi, the ICRC who organized the va campaign with Mr Al-Naj

“This was the first campaign to vaccinate livestock against sheep and goat plague in 35 years,” said Mohammed Al-Najiri, head of the Livestock Department in Amran. “People were very cooperative, even though many farmers were unaware of the importance of immunizing their animals.”

The ICRC has been w Yemen since 1962. Alon vaccination campaign, rently supplying farmers and tools, upgrading wat systems, providing he facilities with drugs, e and training, and starting generating activities for returning to their village flict-affected areas.

Fifty-six veterinarians from the ministry’s Livestock Department took part in the campaign and vaccinated nearly 720,000 animals. Sheep and goat plague has already killed several hundred animals in Amran since it appeared in the governorate a year ago.


ing countries and Sau in particular and the int community to shoulder sponsibilities towards Ye cerning this humanitaria

A number of farmers wanted to know more about how to care

The Livestock Departm vided cool boxes and oth ment as well as the w needed to carry out t paign. The ICRC contrib vaccines, paid incentive vaccinators, and covered rental and fuel costs. T the vaccinators taking been given basic trainin ICRC in 2012.


Saturday - July 13, 2013 Vol. XVI - Issue 55









WHY DO THE MAJORITY OF WOMEN REMAIN SILENT WHEN BEATEN The amount of sadness, pain and the feeling of disgrace, humiliation and abuse of dignity is often felt by the women who are subjected to violence by their husbands .Why do the women in Yemen endure this kind of violence? Is it because of the false customs and traditions or is it the status of our Eastern community which forces the woman to keep quiet?


There are variety of reasons that may lead the majority of women to capitulation and subservience to such a situations, and the most important reason which helps to reduce this phenomenon is no doubt education, as it plays a decisive role in woman’s life, because educated women become more rejecting to this violence in all its forms (whether it is a physical or verbal abuse, The educated women enjoy more awareness and material independence, and therefore can say no to violence, unlike the uneducated ones who have no income source and therefore they are subjected to all types of violence because of their inability to protect themselves and hardly know their rights. They convince themselves that they are on the right track of maintenance of their homes and children, who may grow up in an environment which makes them a copy of their fathers, or may create in them other needless complexes.

The family plays a great role in the tolerance of the wife to her husband’s abuse. Interviews are made with abused women to know the motives and reasons which make them accept a bitter situation, whether it is imposed on them or if it is their own choice. - Om Mohammed says, I endure all sorts of physical harm which sometimes lead to being hospitalized and the bruises are good signs of my husband’s crime. On asking why she tolerates him she said that she has no shelter or income

source to her children, and she has to tolerate his violence and abuse until her children grow up and have jobs, so she can escape from his hell and live peacefully without the injustice imposed on her and the pain she bears with him.

- The 18 years old Ritaj said he would beat her on the first day she went to him because he couldn’t understand her fear and shyness from him, because he was a wild savage monster who wants to bounce mercilessly on his prey. She said she couldn’t bear it and went to her mother to complain to her. she was shocked by her reaction. She answered her that all women are beaten, and that even her father used to beat her. She told her to go back to him and bear him, because he will change.

“She was not afraid that he may harm me or she may even lose me when his crazy bouts return to him, and may lose me forever,” Ritaj said -Rahma, the mother of four children who came from the village to visit her aunt in the city said most of her village’s women are beaten and are brought up on the principles of fear and not to run away or complain and they have to bear all this violence, for fear of divorce, and the attitude of the community towards the divorcee. She added that because of their lack of a source of income, and their lack of any weapon which will make them refuse or ask for help, they are compelled to bear all pain accept defeat.

opinion of the husbands, in particular over what we have raised above. Amar al-Akwa’, is the Director of customers’ services at Yemen Mobile in Thamar. He is married for fifteen years and has a son and three daughters. He said unfortunately the women are brought up on the culture of concession and subservience under excuse of keeping their husbands and children, because in case of their refusal they will marry another one. Regarding the woman who is economically independent,

she will not prefer silence and accept the offense and so she will win her battle. We should bear in mind that their silence cases are linked to the decline of the educational level, making the woman to become obedient to man for the sake of money. - Dr. Hani al-Asnafi, a pharmacist doctor, who is married for 4 years answered that the women silence goes back to many reasons, foremost of them is that husband will change with the lapse of time, in addition to the fact that the environment in which the women are brought up in, makes them accept

The 18 years old Ritaj said he would beat her on the first day she went to him because he couldn’t understand her fear and shyness from him

their reality and bear all abuse so that they wouldn’t be divorced, and bear the society viewpoint on them as divorcees as well as their saying most of the time ( the hell of the husband is preferable to the heaven of the relatives.)

The family plays a great role in the tolerance of the wife to her husband’s abuse. Some families compel their daughters to go back to their husbands for fear of the society view point. Unfortunately some families still have the wrong reactionary concept over the holy concept of marriage and its impact on both the individual and the community. What is so important in this respect is the psychological effect of the disputes on the future of the children, because they are the cornerstone of the society, who will establish other families. They will leave their finger prints on the society, whether negatively or positively and in both cases it goes back to the parents and the impact they have had on them.

- Monira said she is married for 16 years and exposed to physical and verbal abuse and she cannot escape because of the society attitude and fear of the loss of her children, adding that they are the victims and the reason for their silence. “ we bear violence for them. Every mother tolerates all offence and sacrifices her happiness for the sake of her children.” We listened to the housewives and their sufferings, but what is the

Families and people in close contact with Pulmonary TB patients should attend to medical facilities for diagnosis and examination in order to confirm or refute

infection as this is better for their health.


2.1 MILLION BARRELS The Supreme Committee on Crude Oil Marketing on Sunday approved selling 2.1 million barrels of Masila crude oil for loading in August to Unipic Petroleum Company. The approval of the crude oil sales made during the committee's meeting chaired by Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa to endorse the crude oil sales of September 2013, with an estimated quantity reaches 3.7 million barrels of Masila and Marib crude. The Unipic Company, which has offered the best bid, bought the 2.1 million barrels of Masila crude at a premium of $0.45 a barrel to dated Brent. Regarding Marib crude oil, the committee agreed to sell the September total quantity amounting to 1.6 million barrels to Aden Refinery Company at the dated Brent price (without any discount or rise).



Exchange Rate Yemeni Riyal (YER)


17 THOUSAND FAMILIES About 17 thousand families, out of 40 thousands at the level of Hadramout and Mahrah provinces, would benefit from Oman Charitable Organization (OCO). Hadramout governor Khaled al-Odaini inaugurated here on Friday the distribution of the Omani food aid to poor and needy families in Hadramout coast districts provided by Oman Charitable Organization(OCO) in cooperation with the Islamic Cultural and Social Association of Mukalla. At the inauguration ceremony, the governor expressed his appreciation to the Omani people for this food aid which would contribute in assisting poor and needy people in the holy month of Ramadan. For his part, OCO Chief Executive Officer Ali bin Ibrahim Al Raisi declared this project is one of the OCO charity programs in field of humanitarian services to support poor families in Hadramout under the directions of the Sultan of Oman, Sultan Qaboos bin Said.


Saturday - July 13, 2013 Vol. XVI - Issue 55



Panic buying has created higher demand for foodstuffs, so Commercial activity increases during Ramadan . But the competition between commercial centers and malls has absorbed the higher demand of needs and goods of Ramadan, said Professor Taha al- Fusiel, an economist. Most Yemenis don’t eat sweets outside of Ramadan and retailers have seen a high turnover of sweets and similar products to accommodate the seasonal demand , thus most of commercial centers announced about discount in terms of Ramadan needs and goods such as sweets. The food supply situation is stable and the best it has been in two years in terms of commodity prices and individual income levels, said al- Fusiel. "The situation has improved and many have returned to their jobs, while some have resumed freelance work once more," he said.

Al- Fusiel attributed the economic stability to political stability in the country, saying the national dialogue and the regional and international endorsement it has received have positively impacted the economy. The steady supply of commodities and continuing import activities enhance the market's ability to meet the increase in demand during Ramadan, ministry undersecretary Iqbal Bahader told Al-Shorfa. The ministry also "encourages the holding of Chamber of Commerce exhibitions that display all types of consumer goods so as to spur competition in both quality and price", he said. Some unscrupulous merchants take advantage of increased consumer demand in Ramadan to sell non-

compliant or expired goods, Ibrahim al-Hashaf, deputy director-general of the Yemeni Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control Organization (YSMO), told Al-Shorfa. To discourage this practice, YSMO launched its eighth market monitoring campaign in Sana’a and a number of major cities on June 22nd, he said, conducting surveys of privately owned commercial centres and shops that sell Ramadan's most popular food and consumer products. Field crews "will monitor the situation in the market and the specifications and weights of goods, and will refer all violators to the relevant authorities", al-Hashaf said. The campaign is being carried out in two phases during the months of

Shaaban and Ramadan and will be accompanied by a media campaign to raise consumer awareness via newspapers and billboards, as well as satellite television channels, radio stations, posters and brochures, he said. Fadhl Mansour, chairman of the Yemeni Association for Consumer Protection, told Al-Shorfa the association also plans to send text messages to the country's 10 million mobile phone subscribers to educate them about these issues. "This way, the association ensures that awareness messages reach the majority of consumers, which helps them make better choices when buying their desired products, as the consumer is the focal point of the entire production process," he said.


Mayor of the capital Sana’a Abdul-Qader Helal discussed on Saturday with Japan’s envoy to Yemen, Catso Yoci, how to benefit from Japan’s experiences in field of services and developmental projects. Helal confirmed the importance of benefitting from Japanese experiences in the field of technical education and vocational training and studying the options of establishing roads network to reduces traffic jams in the main streets, as well as generating power from the solar energy and the Japan’s participation in designing and establishing the May 22 Park ,2011. For his part, the Japanese ambassador gave Helal an invitation to visit Japan to be familiar with the economic and social activities and to exchange views so as to strengthen the cooperation relations between the two countries.

WB CONTINUES FUNDING SOME ROAD PROJECTS Minister of Public Works and Roads Omar al-Korshmi returned to Sana’a on Saturday after his participation in the meetings of the World Bank (WB) held recently in Cairo. Al-Korshmi explained to Saba that the meeting between Yemen and the Bank succeeded in discussing a number of issues relating to the implementation of the international road project (Sada – Amran – Taiz – Aden), in addition to discussing the possibility to fund the necessary studies and designs of the double road project (Amran - Aden - Amran – Saada). He pointed that the Bank agreed to fund the completion of the phase 1 for the third sector (Taiz –Aden) with a length of 55 km and to finance the study of Sada –Amran road with a length of 290 km. The Yemen-WB meetings also discussed the general plan and strategy for the implementation of the road project (Aden - Taiz - Ibb Dhamar - Sanaa - Amran - Saada) with a length of 710 km in its various stages to link between Yemen and neighboring countries, al-Korshmi added.



12 Month Chart

US Dollar to Yemeni Riyal




Market Price (Sana’a) July 10 , 2013



24K Gold

40.45 $


22K Gold

37.09 $


18K Gold

30.37 $


14K Gold

23.65 $


24K Gold (1 ounce)

1254.25 $


24K Gold (1 kilogram)

40324.14 $


Price per gram


Zakat is made one of the five pillars of Islam. Giving Zakat is triggered by the belief in its importance and the sense to its impact on the society and the state. The role of Zakat may be realized by giving it to the right people and the right tracks and its good management as the pious people used to do. If such motives were disrupted with its management worsening, then its role will weaken as it is today, despite the different forms of funds, the abundance of poor people and the eight Zakat ditches are ought to be satisfied as per the imposed amounts by God Almighty. The social role Zakat has no parallel in other legislations, whether divine or human made as it represents an umbrella of social insurance for a large segment of people without any charges paid by the insured, and without any imposed sense of gratitude or with injury of the insured. This insurance is an obligation of God, imposed to cover many categories of people. They are: • The poor people: these are a group of people whom no society is free of no matter how modern and prosperous such society is. And just as much as they go down in number, the number of rich people increases. Those rich people are the one whom Zakat is obligatory on. • The needy people are those who are less in need than the poor people, but they do not have enough

and therefore they are eligible for this insurance. They also exist in all societies. • The personnel working on zakat collection and delivery to the disbursement management of directly to the zakat ditches according to the applicable system or law. • Those whose hearts are reconciled (new converts to Islam): they are a group of people who have a high place in their communities and are given from Zakat to secure their needs or ascertain them to the new faith. • Slaves: Zakat is allocated for the emancipation of slavery. Today, slavery has disappeared in its old sense with the spread a wave of liberalization so this amount could be distracted for the liberation of Muslim prisoners in the hands of the tyrants and the liberation of the colonized and occupied countries. • Debtors: these are the ones who have debts and can't repay them or as a result of disasters or obligations that can't be covered. • For the sake of Allah: This includes several elements on which spending money is considered to please God such as: students who seek knowledge, charities of all kinds and all types of jihad (struggle) for the sake of Allah: by preaching, education and training, political struggle, media and preparation for wars, and building castles for soldiers..etc. • Homeless and wayfarers: this is one of the eight ditches of Zakat

mentioned in Al-Tawba chapter. They exist in all ages as going out for whatever sake is of the human natures. From the above, it is clear what a social role Zakat plays: From the brief summary above, it is clear what social roles Zakat plays in a way that is unparalleled in any other legislation or system. If payment of this share of zakat to these ditches has been made, then the society will be elevated by rescuing those people from their ordeals. The economic role of Zakat: Although the role of Zakat almost exclusive to the social sphere, it plays also an important economic role that may not be obvious for many, that it does not appear directly, there is no Zakat ditch that goes directly to production or consumption, which are the mainstay of the economy whether public or Islamic. But the role of Zakat in the economic field is manifested in various indirect ways; • Reviving consumption, whether basic or a luxury. • Payers of Zakat may not freeze their money, but shall circulate it in works of the various types. This movement has a role in the economic development. • The season of payment of Zakat and collecting it contributes largely in refreshing the consumption which in turn requires production and that leads to creating a balance between supply and demand, and this is important in the world economy.

Pakistan ambassador to Yemen on Thursday expressed companies' desire to invest in Yemen. During his meeting with Aden governorate undersecretary for investment and resources development sector Ahmed al-Dilai, Pakistan ambassador Irfan Shami expressed desire of Pakistani companies to invest in infrastructure areas in Yemen. Al-Dilai and Shami reviewed the investment projects in the Aden Free Zone (AFZ), and the progress of the scholarships provided by the Pakistani government for Yemeni students. Parliament endorses loan agreement to fund small projects Parliament , in its meeting held on Thursday under the chairmanship of its speaker Yahya al-Raei, endorsed a loan agreement to finance private sector's small and medium projects. The agreement, which was signed between the Fund of Small Industries and Enterprises and the Arab Fund For Economic and Social Development (AFESD), was approved after the Minister of Industry and Trade Saad Eddin bin Taleb vowed to implement all the recommendations contained in the report of the relevant parliamentary committee in this regard. The agreement stipulates that between 50 percent to 70 percent of the total proceeds of this loan are routed to finance new projects and that the government should search for other funding to support the Fund of Small Industries and Enterprises ,so as to enable it access to the largest segment of society and the expansion in supporting and developing the small and medium industries projects, in addition to spending this loan allocations for the purposes identified in the loan agreement.


Saturday - July 13, 2013 Vol. XVI - Issue 55




tatistics revealed that 73% of Yemeni men, 46% of Yemeni women and 23% of Yemeni children chew Qat as head of the family spends 35% of the total income on Qat plant versus 10 % is spent on the education of his children, let alone that Qat lead to the depletion of water and human health. problems that negatively affect the community socially and environmentally, noting that everybody is exerting efforts in an attempt to dispose of this plant.


Qat entered Yemen in the sixteenth century AD. A number of scientific magazines published that old Egyptians used Qat as a means to clear their minds to meditate. Many voyagers such as Richard Francis Burton and Carsten Niebuhr wrote about Qat.

“Yemen will never succeed as long as Qat controlling Yemeni lands and youths wills,” he added.

“Qat is wasting a lot of time and money,” Saeed stated, adding that Qat depletes 60% of groundwater which threatened with drought according to scientific studies.”

The first conference, organized by Erada Foundation for a homeland without Qat, was held in Sana’a about the dangers and disadvantages of Qat.

The preparatory committee stated that the conference discuss more than 16 work papers in two days about damage and risks of Qat and its negative impact on the health status and living conditions and social development. Endowment and Guidance Minister Hamoud Obad confirmed importance of exerting official and popular efforts so as to eradicate it, for it causes material, health and social damages to the individual and society. Hooria Mashhour, Human Rights Minister, demanded the government to hold awareness campaigns that educate people about dangers and risks of Qat.

“The government should hold campaigns, but unfortunately we have many ministers chew Qat. The government should encourage farmers and provide substitutions,

Amal Hospital for psychiatric and neurological treated more than 180,000 cases 98% of which caused by Qat chewing. plus make 5-year strategy,” she stated.

Obad said in the conference that the state is interested in recommendations of the conference in which a number of professors, intellectuals and representatives of civil society organizations and people concerned. “We are in need to get rid of this plant due to material, health and social damage it causes, re-

flecting no Yemenis as uncivilized,” Obad added.

He further noted that Qat plant eliminates large lands and other plants in addition to grains which threatens life and which entails exerting efforts by everybody so as to provide effective solutions. For his part, head of the conference Abdu-Wasea Hael Saeed considered Qat as one of the major



ADEN 150 MW HFO/GAS POWER STATIONS The Public Electricity Corporation (PEC) announces all local & Internationally qualified specialized and experienced companies, participate in tender no. (60) for the year 2013, to perform installation of 150 MW HFO/Gas Power Stations, at two sites in two lots, which will be funded from the Government of Republic of Yemen - Interested candidates should submit a written application during office hours to the following address: Ministry of Electricity and Energy Public Electricity Corporation (PEC) P.O. Box No.178 Airport Road, Sana’a, Republic of Yemen Attn: PEC Managing Director General Procurement Dept. 3rd Floor. Tenders Management. Fax: 00967 - 1 – 328151 Tel: 00967 – 1 – 329050 - Tender Documents can be obtained for a non-refundable fee of 500 USD - The deadline for the purchase of Tender Documents is 21/8/2013 . - Tenders shall be submitted in a red-waxed sealed envelope to the address indicated above, marked with the name of the Entity, project name, tender number, and the name of the tenderer, together the following documents: 1. A bank guarantee as per the enclosed format in the Tender Documents for a lump-sum amounts, as follows: i. For lot-1,( 1.500.000) US$ in word one-million and five-hundred thousand US$ ii. For lot-2,( 2.400.000)US$ in word two-million and four-hundred thousand US$ Or certified cheques, valid for a period of hundred and eighty days (180) days from the date of the opening of envelopes A copy of the Tender Bond shall accompany each “Copy” of the Tender. 1. A copy of valid registration and classification certificates. 2. A copy of valid sales tax certificate + tax card. 3. A copy of insurance card + Zakat Card. 4. A Copy of practicing license. - Foreign companies are excluded from providing certificates, licenses and cards referred to above, and shall be required only to provide legal documents of eligibility issued by country of origin of these companies - The deadline for receipt of tenders and opening of envelops is at (11:00 AM) hours on Monday 26/08/2013 , Tenders received after this deadline shall not be accepted and shall be returned unopened to the sender.

- The opening of envelops shall be at (11:00 AM) on Monday corresponding to 26/8/2013 in the address indicated above, in the presence of tenderers or their duly authorized representatives. - Interested tenderers can obtain information about Tender Documents before payment during office hours for the period of validity allowed for the sale of Tender Documents for (22)Works days from the date of publication of the first announcement. The Prequalification Document will be put out on the PEC websit (

Dr. Hamid Ziad Amin, General Manager of Yemen Without Qat Foundation revealed that Amal Hospital for psychiatric and neurological treated more than 180,000 cases 98% of which caused by Qat chewing. Amin noted that more than 1000 local and foreign study explicated that Qat chewing causes schizophrenia. Director of Science and Technology Hospital, Dr. Nasser, pointed out that pesticides that help Qat growth badly affect Yemenis.

Participants in the conference recommended that NDC should adopt comprehensive national strategy to combat Qat, for NDC is the one to make feature of new Yemen.

The participants further recommended legislative authorities to expedite the enactment of putting Qat phenomenon to and end and addressing the effects and dangers

gradually. “We suggest that this law includes criminalizing involvement of children under the age of fifteen in use, or sale of or Qat trading, in

addition to other points suggested by the participants of the conference so as to bring Qat planting and chewing to an end.

‫اجلمهورية اليمنية‬ ‫وزارة الكهرباء والطاقة‬ ‫املؤسسة العامة للكهرباء‬

)60/2013( ‫متديد إعالن مناقصة دولية رقم‬ ‫ ميجاوات حملافظة عدن‬150 ‫اخلاصة بإنشاء محطة كهربائية بقدرة‬ ‫) للعام‬60( ‫(( تعلن املؤسسة العامة للكهرباء لكافة الشركات احمللية والعاملية املؤهلة واملتخصصة للمشاركة في املناقصة العامة رقم‬ )) ‫ ميجاوات حملافظة عدن بتمويل من حكومة اجلمهورية اليمنية‬150 ‫م إلنشاء محطة كهربائية بقدرة‬2013 -:‫على الشركات الراغبة في املشاركة في املناقصة تقدمي طلباتهم اخلطية أثناء ساعات العمل الرسمية الى العنوان التالي‬ ‫وزارة الكهرباء والطاقة‬ ‫املؤسسة العامة للكهرباء‬ ‫عناية مدير عام املؤسسة‬ ‫االدارة العامة للمشتريات‬ ‫الدور الثالث – إدارة املناقصات‬ 178: ‫ب رقم‬.‫ ص‬/ 009671329050 :‫ فاكس‬/ 009671329026 : ‫تلفون‬ . ‫ دوالر أمريكي) الترد‬500( ‫وثيقة املناقصة ميكن احلصول عليها مقابل رسوم مببلغ وقدرة‬ . ‫م‬21/8/2013 ‫آخر يوم لبيع وثيقة املناقصة هو تاريخ‬ ‫ رقم‬,‫تقدم العطاءات في مظاريف مغلقة ومختومة بالشمع االحمر إلى العنوان احملدد أعاله مكتوب عليها عنوان وإسم املشروع‬ -: ‫ إسم مقدم العطاء مصحوب ًا بالوثائق التالية‬,‫املناقصة‬ ‫) دوالر أمريكي للمجموعة األولى صالح ملدة‬1,500,000( ‫ضمان بنكي بحسب النموذج املرفق في الوثيقة مببلغ مقطوع وقدرة‬


. ‫ يوم من تاريخ فتح املظاريف أو شيك مقبول الدفع‬180 ‫) دوالر أمريكي للمجموعة الثانية صالح ملدة‬2,400,000( ‫ضمان بنكي بحسب النموذج املرفق في الوثيقة مببلغ مقطوع وقدرة‬


. ‫ يوم من تاريخ فتح املظاريف أو شيك مقبول الدفع‬180 . ‫صورة من الضمانة البنكية يجب أن ترفق مع النسخ املقدمة من العطاء‬


. ‫صورة من شهادة التسجيل والتصنيف سارية املفعول‬


‫ البطاقة الضريبية‬+ ‫صورة من شهادة ضريبة املبيعات‬


. ‫ البطاقة الزكوية‬+ ‫صورة من البطاقة التأمينية‬


. ‫صورة من ترخيص مزاولة املهنة‬


‫تستثنى الشركات األجنبية من تقدمي الشهائد والبطائق املشار إليها أعاله ومطلوب فقط تقدمي وثائق األهلية الصادرة من بلد‬ . ‫املنشأ للشركات األجنبية‬ . ‫م‬26/8/2013 ‫آخر موعد إلسالم العطاءات وفتح املظاريف هو الساعة احلادية عشر ظهر ًا املوافق‬ ‫) يوم عمل‬22( ‫ميكن للراغبني في املشاركة اإلطالع على وثائق املناقصة أثناء ساعات الدوام الرسمي في العنوان املذكور أعاله خالل‬ .( ‫من تاريخ االعالن أو االطالع عليها عبر املوقع االليكتروني للمؤسسة‬

MEDIA BRIEFING YEMEN SEIZES NEW SHIP CARRYING WEAPONS Saba net - 08.07.2013 Armed forces managed on Saturday to seize a ship off Yemen’s coast carrying weapons, the Supreme Security Committee said Sunday. The ship was intercepted as entering the Yemeni territorial waters near Zoqar Island in the Red Sea and was carrying arms, an official source at the committee said.

The seized weapons were planned to reach its destination inside the country after being unloaded in an island of the Hunish Archipelago via small boats and then to the Yemeni coasts, he added. “Investigation is still ongoing with the ship’s crew,” the source said, stressing the

ONE INJURED IN CLASHES BETWEEN POPULAR COMMITTEES’ FIGHTERS IN LAWDAR Al - Oula - 10.07.2013 Clashes between popular committee’s fighters in alCood checkpoint, Lawdar, Abyan province resulted in injuring at least one person. A local source told al-Oula that al-Cood checkpoint which belongs to popular committees’ fighters asked four persons onboard a car to show their IDs and papers of ownership of the car and did not allow them to pass without providing these papers. The source said that the four persons were also popular committee fighter who didn’t carry their IDs with them and that they were forces to drive the vehicle by force resulting in


WEAPONRY STORAGE FACILITY BLAST ROCKS EXPLOSION RAIDAN OILFIELD, MARIB PROVINCE IN SA’ADAH Al - Oula - 08.07.2013 PROVINCE An explosion in a weaponry storage facility belonging to KILLS FIVE, Raidan oilfield security in INJURES TEN the Safer district, Marib province

Al - Yemen al - Youm 11.07.2013 - Five persons were killed and ten injured, Wednesday, after a gas tanker exploded in Sa’adah province.

Supreme Security Committee would announce the investigation’s findings to the public when completed. He expressed the Committee’s gratitude for the Yemeni-

Turkish security cooperation that has led to intercepting the ship.

The armed forces have seized many arm shipments during the last two years.


Al - Share’ - 08.07.2013 - A man named Nabeel Ahmed was killed Sunday dawn in Taiz city by a gang that broke into his house and killed him in front of his wife and kids. Local sources told al-Share’ that unknown gunmen broke into Nabeel’s house which

is located in al-Naseerah area, Sal’lah district Taiz city. According to local eyewitnesses the gunmen arrived at 4 a.m. to the area and broke into Nabeel’s house while firing into the air and at anyone who tries to approach the house.


Saturday - July 13, 2013 Vol. XVI - Issue 55

A tribal source told al-Yemen al-Youm that two medium gas tankers were involved in a rollover accident resulting in a huge blast that led to the burning of four vehicles that were passing in the highway in Maran area. Locals managed to suppress the spread of fire by surrounding it while the reasons behind the accident are yet to be known.


Al - Share’ - 10.07.2013 - A Saudi border guard was killed along with two Yemeni smugglers and another injured while three others were arrested on Monday dawn during a hot pursuit and clashes that lasted for two hours between a group of smugglers and Saudi border guards near alMawsem area, overlooking Meidi area. Local sources said that a Saudi patrol arrived to the clashes area immediately and evacuated the dead Saudi border guard on an ambulance and took the bodies of the Yemeni smugglers on a pickup truck.


rocked the area with no casualties reported.

A media source in Marib province told al-Oula preliminary results of the blast that took place at 8 p.m. suggest an electric short circuit. The source pointed that the storage facility which contained light and medium weaponry was completely burnt and that no security guards were harmed in the blast.


Al - Yemen al - Youm 08.07.2013 - Four persons were injured including two women after security forces attempted to prevent a civil disobedience witnessed by Aden province on Sunday that continued from morning to afternoon. A security source told alYemen al-Youm that Crater district witnessed confronta-

tions between Southern Hirak (Movement) partisans and security forces. The source said that Young men tried to disarm a security staffer as he was firing his assault rifle in the air prompting the security man to shoot into the ground injuring two 11 and 19 year old boys while two women were injured in the clashes.


Saba net - 10.07.2013 Legal Affairs Minister Mohammed al-Mekhlafi discussed on Tuesday with the UN Secretary General envoy to Yemen Jamal Binomar the results and recommendations of the first phase of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC). The two officials reviewed the draft law of transitional justice and national reconciliation, which would be implemented in the coming days by the ministry according to the national dialogue’s recommendations. The meeting also dealt with the significance of removing all difficulties impeding the political process and undermining the transitional period legitimacy based on the Gulf initiative. Binomar urged all parties to provide insights and perceptions to the national dialogue conference in order to success the second phase of the conference. He also stressed the importance to take all measures by the government, including the ratification of agreements that prevent the recurrence of human rights’ violations.


Mareb Press - 08.07.2013 - Two persons were killed Sunday night after armed tribal clashes between alKhareejah tribe from Mocha district and al-Anaberah tribe from Dhubab district.

Akhbar al - Youm 08.07.2013 - A Youngman was killed in downtown Hodeidah due to clashes between gunmen in al-Dahmiah neighborhood.

According to local sources armed clashes broke out between both tribes due to a land dispute between Dhubab and Mocha districts resulting in the deaths of two tribesmen from both sides.

Security sources and eyewitnesses said that Hassan al-Shamiri, 17, was killed as he was passing by the area while two other passersby were injured.

The sources added that tension has risen in the area and that both sides are rallying gunmen for further clashes.

Separately, one person was killed and others were injured in al-Meghlaf district in clashes over a land dispute.



‫أجمل التهاني وأطيب‬ / ‫التبريكات نزفها لألخ‬

‫يا�شر اأحمد امل�شرافه‬

‫بمناسبة ارتزاقه المولود البكر‬ ‫عمار‬

،‫فألف مبروووك‬ :‫المهنؤون‬

،‫كافة موظفي بنك اليمن الدولي‬ ، ‫وكافة األهل واألصدقاء‬

Mareb Press - 11.07.2013 Tribal gunmen kidnapped on Wednesday two officers and a soldier from the military and seized 60 oil tankers in Habab area, Sirwah district 80 km east of Sana’a. Sources pointed that the gunmen demand to be

recruited in the oil companies operating in Marib province and that there are tribal efforts to persuade the gunmen into releasing the military men and oil tankers and open the way for oil tankers in return of taking their demands to the authorities.

SECURITY OFFICIAL SURVIVES ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT IN AL-BAIDHA’A, BODYGUARD KILLED Akhbar al - Youm - 11.07.2013 - Gunmen believed to belong to al-Qaeda attacked on Wednesday a car that was transporting a security official in al-Baidha’a province central Yemen, killing a bodyguard. Security sources said that gunmen opened fire at the vehicle that was transporting Makairas district security manager Col. Mohammed al-Haimi as he was passing by Marzoqain area heading to al-Baidha’a city capital of al-Baidha’a province. Security apparatuses have started investigations into the incident to reveal the identity of the attackers and pursue them.




Saturday - July 13, 2013 Vol. XVI - Issue 55



O Allah draw me closer to you in Ramadan, and draw me away from your wrath and indignation. Help me read your verses, with your mercy, O Most Merciful.


Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims all over the world. Millions of Muslims around the world will be fasting during the day, asking for forgiveness and reward from their God for good deeds. This month which is created by Allah is an occasion during which Muslims get their faith renewed as well as energy and spirituality recreated for the rest of the year. So, on this great occasion, we earnestly implore to Allah the Merciful and the most Compassionate to show us the right path in order to do good deeds and to illuminate our lives with faith. As a matter of fact, Ramadan in Islam is considered the month where extra effort needs to be exerted. One doesn’t spend fasting time by sleeping the whole day, but rather to feel the sufferings of less privileged ones and to be grateful to God for what is given him. Work needs to continue as normal in Ramadan, and more time should be allocated for worshiping God. Most of the combats between Muslims and Infidels in the early stages of Islam took place in Ramadan. Muslims fighters would fight while fasting without complaining about it and rather achieving great victories. This is why we should go on with our lives doing our work normally. We can even exert more effort and achieve work more efficiently when we are fasting because of the spiritual conditions we would enjoy when knowing that we are obeying God. In Islam, a great importance is given to Ramadan because it is a month of fasting, prayer, compassion, Zakat and reciting Holy Qur’an. Fasting is one of the best ways for penance where we shall make an appeal to God’s forgiveness for our wrongs committed knowingly or unknowingly. It further teaches us the virtue of self-

control. By controlling our hunger and thirst for several hours, we learn how not to be drifted by the physical desires. Controlling physical desires is the surest way to scale the greatest height of spirituality. In fact, by enduring the effect of hunger and thirst for such a long time, we come to realize the misery of the poor who stay in hunger for days and thus we sympathize with those who are in need. In other words, fasting is an obligation for Muslims in order to make rich Muslims feel the suffering of their poor brothers. This is the true spirit of Ramadan that we should understand and act upon. Therefore, Ramadan is by all means considered as a significant Islamic month for us all. We must keep its virtues in our mind and reflect upon them in all our thoughts and deeds. Finally, it is particularly worthy to remember our Syrian brothers who are suffering from ravages of unjust war. Least what we should do towards them is to invoke Allah to give mercy on the martyrs, immediate recovery for the wounded and freedom for their detainees. In addition, we must request God to save their homeland, free from any invaders and colonizers. At the same time, we should give advice to our brothers, Egyptian people, to heal the communal rift that the enemies of Egypt are trying their best to make bigger. They have to press the gap by means of adhering to democratic principles where no party or community is excluded from participation in drawing the future of a new Egypt.

KEEPING RAMADAN FAST DURING SUMMER HEAT ADDS TO CHALLENGE FASTING IN RAMADAN, A CHALLENGE DURING THE HEAT Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan, which, because Islam uses a solar calendar, does not fall at exactly the same time every year. The fact that in recent years Ramadan has fallen during the longest and hottest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere adds to the challenge of observing the fast in a healthy manner, experts admit. “We can always accommodate if we need to but it is going to be difficult this year for many people, at least in this part of the world,” says Dr. Aasim Padela, a practicing Muslim and an emergency room physician at the University of Chicago Hospital. Observing the Ramadan fast is easier when the month falls in the winter, at a time when the span from dawn till sunset may be as short as eight hours and the risk of dehydration is lower. This year, though, Ramadan begins shortly after the summer solstice, when days are at their longest. Depending on the location and how they interpret the Qur’an, Muslims may have started the month of fasting as of Monday or started Tuesday or Wednesday. A religious leader with the Islamic Foundation of Toronto says for people who follow the guidance of the Crescent Committee -- which believes the new moon that signifies the start of Ramadan should be spotted, not scientifically calculated -- the first day of fasting was likely to be Wednesday, July 10. Imam (the term is the equivalent of pastor or rabbi in other faiths) Yusuf Badat explains that in the Qur’an, Muslims are exhorted to fast during daylight hours to remind themselves of the plight of the poor and to develop self-discipline. “The idea or the principle is very simple, that if a person can control and curb their hunger and their thirst for a certain amount of hours ... then this is a sign that they can also curb and abstain from all sorts of sin such as

lying, cheating, harming others, etc.,” Badat says. “When I feel the pain of hunger, I remember those who don’t have food. And that motivates me. That’s a trigger for me to help those who are suffering wherever they may be across the globe.” Using a day late last week to show how long the fast will last in the early days of this year’s Ramadan, Badat notes that dawn was at 3:20 a.m. and sunset was at 9:02 p.m. -- almost 18 hours during which no food, drink or oral medication could be consumed by those who fast. Not all Muslims will fast. The Qur’an exempts pregnant women and nursing mothers and people who are sick. As well, children who haven’t reached puberty don’t fast, though Badat says some families will encourage children approaching puberty too fast for part of the day to get into the habit. Adults who have temporary health problems can make up days by fasting later, when their health permits them to do so. And those who are too frail or too unwell to fast at all can compensate by paying what’s called “fidah” or compensation, Badat says -- the

WITH FASTING Here comes Ramadan, for one’s life to be meaningful, try to stop with yourself at some important stations. These stations go as follows: - Let your objective this Ramadan be that you abstain from all that is prohibited for you by Allah. So do not

cheat or lie or backbite others’ properties or gaze at what Allah has prohibited. . Abstaining from food, drink.. . Keeping your ears, eyes, tongue, hands, and feet, and all other bodily organs free from sins. . Avoiding occupying your

equivalent of about $10 a day to help feed the poor. Because the fast includes anything consumed orally, even down to medication, people with health conditions should consult with their doctors and their religious leaders to decide whether they can safely fast, says Padela, who himself will observe Ramadan. Lots of studies have been done to look at whether fasting is safe for people with different conditions, he says, pointing to diabetes as one where concerns have been raised. “There are some people who have good diabetic control, who are on some medicines that can be taken during that time period,” Padela says. Others, in whom the disease is not well controlled, might not be able to fast. “There’s a very granular level discussion that needs to occur at the level of what the patient’s circumstances are, what their illness is, what their comorbidities (existing conditions) are and what their body, their physiology can tolerate and not tolerate,” he says. Those who are fasting adjust their days to consume calories and imbibe fluids when they can. Brunch may take

heart with unworthy concerns and worldly thoughts, and upholding nothing in your heart but Allah the Almighty. - Be keen on finishing reading the whole Qur’an at least once during the month of Ramadan. Recite at least one of its 30 parts every day. What if you are not that good at reading the Qur’an? You should not despair or be disappointed, for there is still a chance for you to gain reward from Allah. This can be achieved by

place at 2:30 a.m., Badat says. And people may nap after work as they wait for the sun to go down. In Muslim countries, society may adjust to a different schedule during Ramadan. Even in North America, Muslims plan ahead, Badat says. Some will talk with their employers about working reduced hours or rearranging their work hours. If no accommodation can be made and a person cannot safely fast during a hot day -- say a construction worker toiling under a beating summer sun -that day or those days can be made up later. The Qur’an makes it clear people are not to make themselves ill by fasting, Badat says. “When we’re living in a part of the world where we’re considered a minority, it can be challenging but it’s not impossible.” Dr. Michael Finkelstein of Toronto Public Health says people who are observing the Ramadan fast need to make sure they drink enough fluids during the hours when the sun is down, and need to keep dehydration in mind. “July is a pretty hot month here. So they need to be aware of the early signs and symptoms of dehydration,” says Finkelstein, who is an associate medical officer of health for Toronto. “Things like dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches, intense tiredness, dry mouths and obviously the color of their urine can get quite dark -- those are indications that their fluid balance is in trouble.” He also suggests deferring outdoor tasks, if possible. “So if there are things that need to be done that don’t have to be done during the middle of the day, try to move those two times during the day when it’s cooler -- early evening or early in the day so that you can avoid stressing your body at the height of the heat of the day, basically.”

listening directly to one who has better recitation, listening to a recording, or listening to a radio station. Spending your time listening to Qur’an recitation is also good and rewarding. - With Supplication -With Ties of Kinship -With Standing in the Night in Prayer - Let us pool our efforts and resources to feeding the homeless. and Let us

ensure that we offer Zakat ul Fitr ahead of Eid prayers so that the poor and the needy can make use of it in an appropriate manner. - be extra-generous and donate our money to worthy causes. - mend your relations with everyone regardless of the mistakes on the part of others . Let us ensure that we will not hurt anyone and control our anger in all situations.

TOP 10 HEALTH BENEFITS OF DATES FATWAS RAMADAN Question: A traveler breaks his fast during his journey and when he reaches his place of residence, does he refrain (from eating) or is there no objection to eating, and what is the evidence? Answer: Breaking of the fast (i.e. eating) during the journey is a rukhsah (concession) which Allah has made for creating ease for His Servants. So if the reason for the concession falls away, then the concession falls away along with it. So whoever arrives at his town from his journey in the day must refrain (from eating) in order to fall under the generality of His Statement, the Exalted: So whoever of you witnesses the month (of Ramadan) then he should fast. Soorah al Baqarah (2) aayah 185 And with Allah is the tawfeeq. And may peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and his Companions.

Dates can provide lot of health benefits. Dates are high in iron content and fluorine. Dates are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Consuming dates regularly can help to lower cholesterol and keep many health disorders away. Read on to know more about the top 10 benefits of consuming dates. The health benefits of dates are innumerable. It is, in fact, a dry fruit that is sweet in taste and is rich in minerals and vitamins. The cultivation of dates can be traced back many years in history. Have a quick look at top 10 health benefits of dates. Health Benefits of Consuming Dates Dates are free from cholesterol and contain very low fat. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are a rich source of protein, dietary fiber and rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5 along with vitamin A1 and C. It helps improve the digestive system as it contains soluble and insoluble fibers and different kinds of amino acids.

Dates are great energy boosters as they contain natural sugars like glucose, sucrose and fructose. To get more advantage add dates to milk and make it a very nutritious snack. Dates are very low in calories and are extremely suitable for health conscious people. Dates are rich in potassium and reduced in sodium. This helps regulate a healthy nervous system. Researchers have revealed the fact that potassium intake up to a certain extent can reduce risk of stroke. Dates also help in lowering of the LDL cholesterol. Dates have high iron content and are very useful in treating anemia. The patients can eat many dates for better advantages. Dates also have fluorine that slows down the process of tooth decay. It helps people suffering from constipation. Soak dates overnight and take it along with water to have added advantage. It helps increase one’s sexual stamina. Soak one handful of dates in goat’s milk overnight. In the

morning grind the dates in the milk and add honey and cardamom powder and drink it. Dates help in weight gain and are beneficial for those who suffer from over slimming problem. Dates are excellent for alcoholic intoxication. Cures abdominal cancer. The best thing is that it does not have any side effect on the body and is completely natural as well as it works better than medicine. It also helps in improving eye sight and helps in curing night blindness as well.


Saturday - July 13, 2013 Vol. XVI - Issue 55



ARIES Some of you have recently been disappointed in a love affair. However, the individual concerned takes you by surprise today by writing to you admitting his/her love for you in no uncertain terms. He/ she is also likely to ask a very firm long-time commitment from you. Those in ongoing relationships enjoy closer ties and deeper bonds.

LEO By all accounts most of you seem to be benefiting from a spiritual maturity you have achieved. Those of you in business with partners are likely to gain monetary profits today. On the home front, your emotional partnership also flourishes, with your spouse/mate and you forging deeper bonds.

SAGITTARIUS You are riding high today with harmony making you feel extremely positive about life. An enterprise undertaken by you has been successfully completed, bringing you rich financial gains. Students/ youngsters are all set to paint the town red this evening in the company of sweetheart and friends.

TAURUS If there is someone in your environment who has been annoying you in some way, today there is likely to be a confrontation with him. Be calm when you speak with him. It is quite likely that he is not aware of the problem he is causing you.

VIRGO Someone emotionally close to you may give you some good advice concerning a business matter. If your spouse/sweetheart has been away from home, he/she will be making plans to return, and this cheers you up considerably. Health is good, and cash inflow is excellent.

CAPRICORN More public acclaim is on the cards for you today. It would be wise to make few plans for this evening, as they are likely to be changed. The changes will be of a positive nature. A telephone call brings you good news.

GEMINI Ups and downs in your personal relationships are on the cards today. Your sweetheart/spouse and you may have arguments over the most trivial matters. It is best to take a few deep breaths and think before you speak today. Have an early night.

LIBRA There is someone of the same sex, either a close friend or a sibling, who will stand by you during a difficult time today. Family problems will recede into the background. Stability in business is very much on the cards for you.

PISCES You may feel under the weather and expect loved ones to surround you and take extra care of your needs. You may be disappointed, and indulge in a few temper tantrums. Do not over-react and get your facts right before flying accusations at love ones.

CANCER If you and your current partner have had ongoing conflicts, then at some point today you will have to face the truth about your relationship. Decisions will need to be taken, and you are likely to confide in a parent (possibly a mother), and in close friends. Some of you may plan on going your separate way.

SCORPIO Someone makes offensive remarks about you in your hearing. This angers you. Be careful of what you say, as angry word can bring about discord and conflict. There may be some temporary delay in getting back money that is due to you.

AQUARIUS You take time out to console a pal having personal problems and are likely to spend the day in his/her company indulging in mutual interests and fancies. Home life is peaceful as you resolve tension by open communication and grace.

welcome Ramadan

CROSSWORD PUZZLE Across 1. Aussie rugby union player who scored 64 Test tries (7) 7. ..........Hunt, world motor racing champion in 1976 (5) 8. Peter.........., ex-Leeds United and Scotland footballer (7) 9. North Yorkshire racecourse (6) 11. Allan........., men’s 100 metres Olympic gold medallist in 1980 (5) 13. Princess who is Patron of the Scottish Rugby Union (4) 14. World snooker champion in 1991 (7) 15. The,........., a nickname for Aberdeen FC (4) 16. ...........Ponting, ex-Australia cricket captain (5) 17. Paul........., retired Arsenal and Middlesbrough striker (6) 21. Biarritz, Gloucester and England full back or wing (7) 22. England’s World Cup winning goalkeeper (5) 23. Munster and Ireland flanker who retired in 2011 (7)


Down 2. A golfer’s dream (1,4,2,3) 3. Mike........., Wales and Lions scrum half (8) 4. Element of the triple jump (4) 5. Men’s singles champion at Wimbledon in 1987 (4) 6. Australian spinner who made his Test debut against England in 2011 (4) 9. In 1986 he became the youngest-ever world heavyweight boxing champion (5) 10. Sri Lanka wicket-keeper and batsman (10) 12. Famous Scottish golf course (5) 13. Ron..........., who managed WBA, Manchester United and Sheffield Wednesday (8) 18. ..........Zaragoza, Spanish football club (4) 19. Classic race for fillies run at Epsom (4) 20. Only goalscorer in the 2008 FA Cup final (4)

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MAHA ZAIN, YEMENI MISS ARAB USA PAGEANT CONTESTANT Miss Arab-USA pageant contestant, Maha Zain said that she is participating in the beauty pageant to raise the name of Yemen.


Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Amat al-Razzaq Hommad, said that early marriages lead to the deaths of hundreds of young girls who are married off under the age of 18, annually. Hommad called civil society organizations and the media to concert efforts in order to raise awareness and reduce early marriages among Yemeni females.

“Yemen is my country and I’m proud of it,” said Zain. She also explained that the most important thing that made her participate in the competition is the need to raise the name of Yemen and provide correct Information about Yemen and not the false information gained by the West regarding Yemen and the Arabs in general.

Zain criticized the Yemeni media for the lack of attention to her participation in the beauty pageant despite the Egyptian and GCC press attention as she represents Yemen and the Arab Women in this pageant. Maha Zain is a Yemeni from Hadhramout, born to an Egyptian mother in Saudi Arabia where she lived before moving to the United States where she was chosen among 20 Arab women in the Miss


Arab-USA pageant. Maha Zain explained that the advantages of this pageant include caring for women’s mental and personal skills away from superficial and bodily aspects in respect and accordance with customs and traditions. The most important goal of this pageant is that it seeks to qualify Arab women and choose a


winner in accordance with certain standards and requirements so that she becomes an asset to the society. The goals also include preparing the winner to seek support for women, charity and whatever is beneficial to the community and provide a positive image of Arab women in the USA and around the whole world.

Hommad stressed on the importance of issuing a national legislation to reduce early marriages and said that this phenomenon will always be subject to personal views unless there is a legislation that regulates it. The minister said during a ceremony held on the occasion of the World Population Day that this ceremony is an annual tradition to remind of the issue of population and address all health, psychological and social risks. She noted that in each year the organizers

focus on a distinctive population slogan. Hommad stressed the importance of continuing to establish such events that promote community awareness.

The reduction of early marriage act was hindered in the House of Representatives due to the stances of some MPs who rejected the act.


The Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture in Taiz ended on Thursday July 11, setup process and preparations for the reception of nights of repentance and forgiveness (Ramadan nights) through a series of events and Ramadan evenings.

tivities concerning children like cultural contests, as al-Saeed officials promised that this year’s events will be exceptional.


Hemmat Shabab Youth Foundation (Initiative) launched Thursday, July 11, in Sana’a an Iftar (Fast Break) campaign under the slogan (Your tongue is your faith’s title). More than 30 young men distributed Iftar on traffic policemen and motorists in more than 20 intersections and roundabouts in more than eight zones in the capital secretariat.

According to Mohammed Murad Mutahar, President of the Foundation, the campaign which is planned to be attended by 300 volunteers distributed according to the working areas, targets the distribution of Iftar for more than 40 thousand fasters during the holy month of Ramadan in the capital, including traffic policemen, security personnel and workers in the streets. He added that the campaign is not intended only for Iftar, but also aims to promote a number of humanitarian concepts,

including restraint of one’s self and tongue in the month of fasting and dealing in a good way with others.

The launching of the second Iftar campaign was attended by a number of Hemmat Shabab Foundation leaders and a number of businessmen including Abdullah Basheer, CEO of CAC Insurance, Zakariah al-Aghbari representing Mobil oils, representatives from the Shamlan bottled mineral water company and a number of media outlets’ representatives.

The second Iftar campaign comes within a range of activities planned by Hemmat Shabab Foundation during the holy month of Ramadan in the year 2013, including the Ramadan campaign to feed poor families under the slogan “Our vim is bestowal, perfection and construction” and the campaign of the Ideal neighborhood project contest under the slogan “We build our Tomorrow with perfection”

Socotra Press Tel: 01 - 505 430

Mohammed Saif No’aman alMaqtari al-Saeed’s library manager pointed out that Ramadan Events will start from the sixth of Ramadan until the 26th of it, and will involve the participation of a number of professors, intellectuals and writers. The events will start from 9 pm to 12 pm, in addition to ac-

SATURDAY - JULY 13, 2013 VOL. XVI - ISSUE 55  

yemen observer

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