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VitaStim Anaerobic


A potent blend of vitamins and metals essential to the success of methanogenic bacteria. Bacteria need proper nutrition to function, especially in environments where they are stressed as a result of plant design, incoming food, or chemical stresses. VitaStim Anaerobic infuses bacterial cells with 13 essential vitamins, and 6 metals critical to the success of pure anaerobic bacteria such as methanogenic bacteria. As bacteria are energized with VitaStim, it will improve their metabolism, growth, reproduction and overall health. In addition, VitaStim contains a biological stimulant that increases cell metabolism in aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. Most importantly, VitaStim Anaerobic harnesses the power of existing biological populations to yield higher productivity. Industrial and commercial wastewater treatment plants mainly focus on Macronutrient deficiencies but are often notably deficient in micronutrients, which play a key role in biological cell development and function. With this in mind, the formulations for VitaStim are developed, and since biological needs vary from plant to plant, VitaStim is custom formulated to meet the needs of your bacteria.

Turns an unpredictable influent into a predictable effluent. This Illinois Cheese plant had incoming loads extremes that caused regular violations in effluent BOD’s. Two weeks after adding VitaStim dairy formulation they noticed improvements and after 6 weeks they could document regular, sustained benefits.

Custom Formulations:

VitaStim 2200 for grease VitaStim 5000 for WWTP’s VitaStim Anerobic Treatment

Stimulates biological activity. A Midwestern industrial wastewater treatment plant regularly receives low levels of toxicity. VitaStim industrial formulation improves biological activity, limits filaments, improves settling and has reduced the levels of foaming.

Anaerobic Digestion - VitaStim Anaerobic treatment protects particular methanogenic bacteria and provides them with critical elements necessary for metabolism. Used in municipal and industrial anaerobic digesters with excellent success.

VitaStim Anaerobic  
VitaStim Anaerobic  

Custom Formulations: Anaerobic Digestion - VitaStim Anaerobic Bacteria need proper nutrition to function, especially in environments where t...