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South Santee Aquaculture, Inc.

South Santee Aquaculture, Inc. • Company Overview: – Three Divisions…. • Commercial Pond Management • AlgaeControl.US • Swimming RockFish Farms

Commercial Pond Management • Serving the SC Coast from Beaufort to Little River • 20 Years in Business • 41 Commercial and Industrial Clients • Providing Initial Pond Treatments and Monthly Pond Maintenance • Kasco Marine Authorized Fountain and Aerator Service Center for SC, NC, GA, and TN

Commercial Pond Management • Environmentally Friendly Practices

Commercial Pond Management • Environmentally Friendly Practices

Commercial Pond Management • Environmentally Friendly Practices – Alternative Non-Copper Algae Control Methods: • Aeration/Bio-Augmentation for Nutrient Reduction and Sludge Removal • Ultrasound • BioSafe GreenClean Pro (Sodium Percarbonate) • Pond Logs (Applied Polymer Acryamide Polymer Flocculant and Phosphate Removal)

– EarthTec (Safer Copper Algae Control) – Aquascaping includes: • Floating Wetlands • Wetland Carpets • Border/Embankment Plants

Commercial Pond Management • Environmentally Friendly Practices – Water Testing and Algae Identification – Tilapia Stocking for Duckweed Control – Non-Chemical Methods When Possible • Physical and Mechanical Weed Removal • High Temperature Weed Scalding

– Licensed CAT-5 Aquatic Herbicide Applicators

• Master Distributor of Sonic Solutions Ultrasonic Algae Control Devices • 42 Dealers in 38 States • Ultrasound is Effective on Approximately 95% of Algal Species • Largest Unit Can Cover 6 Acres of Water • Current applications range from small koi ponds up to a 541 acre lake

• Unit Controls Biofilm Initial Formation • Works in Swimming Pools, Water Gardens, Fountains, Tanks • Various Unit Sizes to Cover up to 215 meters from Device

Swimming RockFish Farms • Currently Stocking Tilapia, Striped/Hybrid Bass, Largemouth Bass, Bream, Black Sea Bass • SC Sustainable Food Fish Initiative • Live Fish and Shrimp Supplied to Restaurants • Supplying Bait to Tackle Shops along the SC Coast – Mud Minnows, Fiddler Crabs, Shrimp

South Santee Aquaculture, Inc. Overview  

Summary of South Santee Aquaculture's products, services, and enviornmentally friendly pond management practices.

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