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Perfectly tiled -Kanupriya Swami

I have been doing a lot of research on houses and the tiling used for houses. And trust me, by now, I can write a book. I have gone through an enormous amount of apartment brochures and articles and builder prospects. Everywhere, trust me, everywhere vitrified tiles have been used. Not familiar with them? Let me educate you a little. Vitrified tiles are tiles that consist of clay along with small amounts of silica, quartz and feldspar. All these ingredients when cooked inside a kiln, melt and form a glass substrate throughout the tile making it stronger and smoother. These tiles have fewer pores on the surface than ceramic tiles. These tiles are used most commonly by builders, architects, interior designers and consumers due to its strength, strain resistance and water resistance. These vitrified tiles resist scratches and discoloration thereby can be used for flooring and decor. Being machine made products, vitrified tiles have a greater consistency in sizes, shades and thickness in comparison to the variable sizes and shades of natural materials like stone, cement tiles ,marble and so on. Since these tiles need hardly any setting time, they are quick to use when laid unlike cement, mosaic or marble stones which require at least 8 to 76 hour setting before being polished. Vitrified tiles being already pre - polished do not require polishing on site, which is generally considered an extremely messy affair as well as time consuming .Consisting of such characteristics and versatility in applications these tiles are well preferred for the flooring of large banquet halls to the dado of a small bathroom. These vitrified tiles are available in a variety of colors and sizes depending on the consumers' specific needs and requirements. Marble floors have gotten dirty and no amount of scrubbing, cleaning or polishing has been able to save these tiles from getting dull, Also carpeted floors aren't the most wisest decisions due to the weather conditions. Vitrified tiles overcome these disadvantages of marble and carpeted flooring by providing endless number of choices and variety in terms of color, textures, designs and shine of the tiles.

Summary: The above article talks of vitrified tiles. These tiles have been lately used for all the upcoming projects all over India. Vitrified tiles are also made from clay, but they have additional ingredients, like silica, quartz, and feldspar. When these ingredients cook inside a kiln, they melt and form a glass substrate throughout the tile. This glass addition makes vitrified tiles very strong and smooth, with far fewer pores in their surfaces than ceramic tiles. The old marble floors had gotten dirty; no amount of scrubbing, cleaning and polishing could have brought life to their dullness. The latest fad is vitrified tiles, while marble has taken a backseat, carpeted floors was not a choice since the weather always doesn’t permit that. Many things need consideration before zeroing in on the color, texture and shine of the tiles, as so

many textures, colors and designs are available. Space crunch is a reality we live with, so to lend your rooms a spacious look you can choose light colors. Family lounge and first room in the house can be done with shiny tiles adorning Italian marble finish, a timeless color that would go with any decor in those rooms.

About the author: I come from Delhi, presently residing in Pune for my graduation. I’m like your normal college student. I am an avid reader and has keen interest in vitrified tiles. I cannot put a book down once I start. I love to write. I have worked for various firms as a content writer by now and am experienced in this field. I like to dance. I love to travel. Not to mention, like any other young adult, I’m a great fan of food and hog whenever I get the chance to. All said and done, you might not look at me twice in a crowd, but I aim at making you wanting to finish reading my article once you start.

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