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February 2014 volume 23 Number 4 ISSN 08018075

TESDA’s video-making contest to brand tech-voc graduates By Robert E. Roperos Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)-Caraga Regional Director Dr. Florencio F. Sunico, Jr. said the nationwide Tatak TESDA video-making contest is promoting and branding graduates in the technical and vocational courses. In a recent interview with a local broadcaster here, Dir. Sunico said with TESDA’s advisory to extend the submission of entries to the said competition, this will give more time to prospect contestants who will qualify with the standards set by the agency. Dir. Sunico explained the first ever video-making contest is a venue to promote the success stories of tech-voc graduates who are now doing well in their chosen fields especially in the aspect of improving their economic status. The official added there are more Filipinos who are graduates of technical-vocational courses who are now successful in their chosen careers both here and abroad. The competition is a way of sharing their success stories to

others who wish to enroll in techvoc courses especially the youths. Sunico further stressed that to date, Caraga Region has already five entries in the individual category, and one entry in the school category and are now posted in the official Facebook account of TESDA-Caraga. “All these entries were already posted in the official Facebook account of TESDACaraga and link or URL of these videos are also sent to the Screening Committee of the competition through email,” Sunico said. The TESDA chief of the region also enjoined the public to LIKE the videos/entries of the region as this plays significant role in proclaiming one of the special awards. “Those videos that can get 1,500 or more FB Likes will be given a scholarship slot through the Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP) by TESDA so this can help in providing free tech-voc education to the participants and their relatives/friends as this is transferrable according to the choice of the contestant,” Dir.

Sunico explained. Top ten entries from the Individual Category shall receive P10,000 for the refinement of their videos. For Best in Video (Cinematography) category, the graduate will receive P25,000 and a trophy while winner in the TVI will receive P250,000 worth of TWSP scholarship and trophy. Same prizes will be given to winners under the Best in Story (Screenplay) category. A graduate who wins the People’s Choice Award will receive P50,000 and a trophy while the TVI receives P500,000 worth of TWSP scholarship and a trophy. Grand winner in the graduate category receives P100,000 and a trophy while in the TVI category, the grand winner receives P1 million worth of TWSP scholarship and a trophy. Participants/finalists can win only one of the first three categories and the Grand Winner Award. The award and utilization of the TWSP slots by the graduate and the TVI shall be subject to and in accordance to the existing

guidelines of TESDA. Interested participants may contact the nearest TESDA provincial offices for details. (TESDA-Caraga)

TESDA-Caraga undergo fire safety, evacuation drill By Robert E. Roperos

BUTUAN CITY, Dec. 16 – To ensure safety and preparedness of TESDA-Caraga personnel in case fire The official further said the chemical chain breaks out, the Regional Office of Technical Educareaction serves as binder of the three elements to fulltion and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)develop the fire. “It is an additional factor that caused Caraga underwent fire safety uninhibited chemical and evacuation drill. chain reaction which TESDA-Caraga Recould be suppressed gional Director Dr. Florencio F. with the use of chemical Sunico said aside from the need agents or fire extinguishfor conducting such activity in er,” Gonzales said. compliance with Republic Act Moreover, 9514, otherwise known as the Gonzales presented five Revised Fire Code of the Philipstages of fire. He said pines of 2008, all sectors in the during the incipient/igsociety must be aware of the nition stage, there is no things-to-do in case of fire. visible smoke or flame Dir. Sunico added yet. This describes the though this is only basic, the period when the four activity can raise the level of Personnel from Finance and Administrative Division (FASD) elements of the fire tetpreparations toward safety rahedron come together of TESDA-Caraga headed by Emma de Villa (right) are shown of building occupants which here demonstrating a fire evacuation on the stairs during the and combustion begins. Fire Safety and Evacuation Drill held recently at Balibrea Bldg., should be properly planned, Under the smolPili Drive, Butuan City. The building houses TESDA-Caraga achieving a zero casualty dering stage or growth, Regional Office. (RER, TESDA-Caraga in case of fire – may it be there is already smoke human-made or natural. but there is no flame yet. During the lecture, SFO3 Rogelio Gonzales He explained growth is shortly after ignition where a of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) of this city fire plume begins to form above the burning fuel. “As discussed the basic terminologies for the participants the plume develops, it begins to draw or entrain air to understand the more complex topics. He said fire is from the surrounding space into the column,” Gonzaa chemical reaction known as combustion or a rapid les said. oxidation of a combustible materials accompanied by The third stage is the flame or flashover. In a release of energy in a form of heat and light. this stage, Gonzales said the actual fire exists and heat SFO3 Gonzales added among the sources of ignition builds up. are: friction due to mechanical heat; chemical heat; The heat or full-developed is the fourth stage. heated surface; open flames such as bonfires, care“This occurs when all combustible materials are less smoking, embers, candles, stove; and electrical involved in the fire,” Gonzales explained. According energy caused by overloaded circuits, short circuits, to Gonzales, the final stage is called the decay stage. old wiring, and arching. Here, he said as the fire consumes the available fuel, 2

alfshemtes the turtle tracks

February 2014

the rate of heat released begins to decline. In a related development, SFO1 Devorah Llanos explained the classes of fire. She said the people should know these classes so that they can find means to control or put the fire out in case it is already fullydeveloped. According to Llanos, the Class A fire involves ordinary combustible such as wood, paper, cloth, plastic and rubber. Class B fires involve flammable and combustible liquids, and greases such as gasoline, oils, alcohol, propane and cooking oils. Class C fires involve energized electrical equipment, which eliminates the use of water-based agents to put them out. Class D fires involve combustible metals and alloys such as magnesium, sodium, lithium and potassium. Class E fires involve high voltage electric installation and bulk of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). In addition, Llanos said Class K fire is a new classification of fire as of 1998 and involve fires in combustible cooking fuels such as vegetable or animal oils and fats. Highlighting the activity is the conduct of an evacuation drill where TESDA personnel are required to vacate the building as soon as possible by using either the stairs or the Fire Exit. After which, fire extinguishing follows at the TESDA-Caraga grounds where all personnel are required to turn off an LPG tank which was ignited with a flame.

Juvy Re単os, TESDA-Caraga Accountant IV said the drill is a good opportunity for all employees to know basic fire safety and evacuation such that most of the employees were able to conquer their fear on leaked LPG tank.

the deepest sins against human is to believe things withoutevidence - Confucius

February 2014

alfshemtes the turtle tracks



alfshemtes the turtle tracks

February 2014

Turtle tracks  

TESDA'S video-making contest(for complab purpose only}

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