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PARTY’S CORE PRINCIPLES I am a member of the Progressive Liberal Party because I believe in its core values, published in the Nassau Daily Tribune on Monday, October 26, 1953. These principles include: Ensuring that all Bahamians have the maximum opportunity to participate in the economic and social development of The Bahamas. Dedication to the service of all Bahamians and not to a privileged few. Sustainable Family Development.


The fundamental right of workers to collective bargaining and the right of the employers to a good day’s work. Government is the servant of the people and not the people the servant of the Government.

Provision of quality education to Bahamians by proper investment to facilitate social and economic mobility, increase productivity and produce a better citizen, with equal opportunities for boys and girls. Equality of political rights for men and women. The fundamental right of all Bahamians to life, to work, to vote, to worship as he/ she sees fit, to take part in the administration of government, equal protection of the law, peaceful assembly, freedom of speech, religion and of the press. Commitment to democratic practice and honest political activity.

These core principles of the Progressive Liberal Party are more relevant today than ever before. Milton Taylor, William Cartwright, Cyril Stevenson, Milo Butler, Clarence Bain, Doris Johnson, Lynden Pindling, Cecil Wallace Whitfield, Arthur Hanna, Arthur Foulkes and many others fought for these principles. I have committed myself to advancing the realization of the Party’s core principles of spiritual values, Bahamian sovereignty, ownership, security and fair play for all. ALFRED ALFREDM. M.SEARS SEARS| PAGE | PAGE2 2


I respectfully ask for your vote in the 2017 General Elections. I will build upon the achievements of the 10 years that I served as your Member of Parliament. I will represent you diligently in the House of Assembly and within the framework of the national platform of the Progressive Liberal Party. As your Member of Parliament of Fort Charlotte, I pledge to implement the following:

10POINTPLAN Weekly Office Hours


I will be available to constituents and hold weekly office hours from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. every Thursday to meet with and address the concerns of residents of the Fort Charlotte community. I will also sponsor and host quarterly community meetings to address wider community and national matters, to receive the ideas and concerns of the residents, present speakers and technical experts on matters of community and national importance.

Construct additional Community Centres/Parks


in the Fort Charlotte community especially in greater Chippingham in partnership with Urban Renewal, Churches, businesses and civic organizations, to provide skills development, educational, recreational and cultural programmes and spaces for the community, such as computer, numeracy and literacy classes for adults, after-school classes for students, summer camp program and other activities. ALFRED M. SEARS | PAGE 3



Sponsor The Monthly Fort Charlotte Community Seminars To:

private partnerships, to promote product development of marketable merchandise utilizing locally available raw materials; to utilize, in partnership with the Government, the Agricultural Experimental Farm to promote community vegetable garden, cultivation of native plants and flower, hydroponics, composting and animal husbandry.

(a) Address certain health issues prevalent among residents, such as high blood pressure and diabetes; provide free blood pressure and sugar readings, dental hygiene and care, breast and prostate cancer, tips on healthier eating and the importance of (d) Address legal concerns by resexercise; and issues related to idents by offering free legal aid teenage pregnancy and STDs. clinics. (b) Establish Community Watches through the community, in part- (e) Conduct regular workshops on entrepreneurship, innovation and nership with Urban Renewal to how to start a business and how address crime concerns by offerto turn hobbies and dreams into ing safety and security informathriving enterprises. tion protecting your home and property upkeep (keeping bush(f) Promote recycling programme es down, proper lighting, buddy within Fort Charlotte to turn garsystem – call a family member, bage and waste into entrepreneighbor or friend before arriving neurial opportunities. home, especially when it is dark). (c) Establish community empower- (g) Provide mental health counselment projects, through public/ ing services for the community.


4. Establish the Fort Charlotte Big Brother/Big Sister Mentorship Program, in partnerships with the churches, businesses and civic organizations, to: (a) Recruit responsible adults in the Fort Charlotte community to serve as long-term mentors, advisers, guidance counsellors and life coaches for the youth in Fort Charlotte, with emphasis on respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, caring, good citizenship and career preparation.

5. Launch the Fort Charlotte Senior Citizens Oral History Project, in partnership with the Fort Charlotte Senior Citizens Association, as follows:

(b) Invite parents in the community to enroll their children in the mentorship program. (c) Conduct monthly group lecture meetings on goal setting, conflict resolution and community service. (d) Provide annual scholarships to deserving students in Fort Charlotte to attend the University of The Bahamas and BTVI.

(a) Launch the Fort Charlotte monthly newsletter and/or online Community Magazine to highlight aspects of community life, connect community members and promote community events and participation. (b) Recruit volunteer writers to interview and record and document the life experience and contribution of senior members of the Fort Charlotte community to be published in the Fort Charlotte community newsletter to document and preserve the community history and educate younger members and recognize community builders.



Promote Formation Of Junkanoo Cooperatives


in Fort Charlotte for the yearround production of Junkanoo crafts and performance tours to showcase the design, construction, decorating, musical, dance and theatrical artistic skills and talents within the Fort Charlotte community and create a permanent stream of revenue for Junkanoo artisans and performers.

Promote Junkanoo World Museum


as a model of Bahamian cultural entrepreneurship that deepens Bahamian identity, improve the tourism product and generate revenue from a community based cultural industry within Fort Charlotte.


Relaunch Annual Fort Charlotte Arts & Crafts Festival

to showcase the crafts, arts and talent within the Fort Charlotte community and bring the community together in a cultural celebration of the creative imagination of the community.



Sponsor In Partnership With Fort Charlotte Urban Renewal,

churches, civic organizations and churches, Fort Charlotte Summer Camp for youngsters within the Fort Charlotte community.

10. Sponsor Annual Sports Tournaments

in basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball, chess, etc.



CHRISTIAN VALUES Alfred Michael Sears, was born on the 13th of January 1953 through Wilkinson Street off West Street in Nassau. Alfred is the eldest of eleven children of Winifred Sears, a humble, hard working woman of substance who dedicated her life to raising her children. Alfred was christened at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Church in Nassau. He participated in church activities as an altar server where he acquired a deep respect for fundamental Christian values.


Alfred, like many boys, experienced challenges while growing up. He was convicted by the Juvenile Court on three occasions and confined to the Boys Industrial School twice (now Simpson Penn Centre). It was while as a resident of the Boys Industrial School, Alfred set his heart and mind to make something positive of his life in order to help his mother and contribute to his community and country. With the support of his mother, grandmother and grandfather, Mervin and Myrtis Wilkinson, the encouragement of Dr. Timothy McCartney, Fr. Brendan Fraser, Fr. Pat Holmes, Mr. Audley Kemp, some of the overseers at the Boys Industrial School (Mr. Leroy Archer, Mr. Bosfield, Mrs. Winifred McKenzie and Mr. Lloyd Quant), volunteer drama

teacher Jennifer Marquis Lawrence and a group of missionary sisters from Bethel Baptist Church (Sisters Pearl Pinder, Carmel Johnson, Cleo Williams and Thelma Pinder), Alfred was able to realize his dream by working hard to prepare for high school. This was one small step for Alfred, but a giant leap for a young boy with bright ambitions. From this, Alfred learned the value of making the best of an opportunity and the important role that elders play in a community in helping young people mature and find their path in life. His life experience demonstrates that God grants everyone a second chance, that we should never give up on our children or adults and that the redemptive power of the human spirit can triumph over difficulties.



Alfred succeeded in entering St. Augustine’s College but was confronted with numerous challenges as a result of his delayed academic career and the fact that he was approximately three years older than most of his classmates. However, he persevered in pursuit of his dreams. Assisted and mentored by concerned teachers such as Sister Barbara Doyle, Mr. Wellington Pratt, Fr. Achatz Elias, O.S.B., Mr. Winston Carter and Mr. Vincent Ferguson, Alfred eventually excelled both academically and in extra-curricular activities. He graduated from St. Augustine’s College in 1972 and received the merit award in Modern History.


After his time at the Reform School, Alfred joined the Youth with The Truth led at that time by Pastor Wenith Davis. In 1970, while attending St. Augustine’s College, Alfred founded the Interdenominational Christian Youth Association (“ICYA”) with other young people, namely, Danny Price, Althea Glass and Donald Newton. Rev. Basil Johnson, a mentor and friend, acted as spiritual advisor. The ICYA organized successful summer school programmes for children in Grants Town, St. Agnes and Bains Town communities. It was at an ICYA function in the summer of 1973 that Alfred met his future wife, Marion Bethel, who served as coordinator of the ICYA Summer School Programme for youngsters in Grants, Bain Town and St. Agnes communities. During this period, Alfred attended Bethel Baptist Church where he became an active member of the Junior Choir, a Sunday School Teacher and a youth leader advocating basic human values and concern for others. ALFRED M. SEARS | PAGE 9 ALFRED M. SEARS | PAGE 9



In 1974, Alfred left The Bahamas, with scholarships from City Market and RoyWest, to pursue undergraduate studies at Columbia University in New York and graduated from Columbia College in 1977 with a B.A. in Political Science. During this period, Alfred was elected and served as the President of the Bahamian Students Association of New York from 1974 until 1977. Alfred was also one of the founders of the Caribbean Students Association at Columbia University Realizing that he required further preparation to achieve the goals he had set for himself, Alfred pursued graduate studies at the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, where, in 1978, he earned a Master’s Degree in International Affairs in International Law, as well as a Certificate in African Affairs (1981). In 1978, Alfred began his doctoral studies in International Relations at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University. In 1984, he was awarded the M. Phil Degree.

In 1984, Alfred attended New York Law School and was awarded a Juris Doctor Degree in Law in 1987. In 1988, Alfred was admitted to practice law at the Bars of New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. In 1991, he was awarded the Certificate of Legal Education from the Norman Manley School of Law, University of the West Indies, Jamaica. In 1991, Alfred was admitted to practice law in The Bahamas and in Jamaica in 1992.


In 1978, Alfred was appointed a lecturer on Caribbean Politics and International Relations at Hunter College, City University of New York and received tenure in 1984. While at Hunter College, Alfred organized study abroad programmes and took students to Barbados, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, in 1980 and to the West African countries of Nigeria, Senegal and the Gambia in 1982.


He was also admitted to the Bars of Jamaica and The Bahamas. Alfred began his legal career as a Court Attorney with Mr. Justice Seymour Schwartz, Civil Court of Manhattan, New York. He worked with Mr. Berthan Macaulay, Queen’s Counsel, in Kingston, Jamaica and Gibson & Co. in Nassau, Bahamas.


Alfred married Marion Bethel, a poet and attorney, in 1988. He is the father of three children, Adelaja, Ife and Nia. In 1990, Alfred returned home to raise a family with Marion. Alfred founded the law firm of Sears & Co. in 1992 from which he practiced law here in The Bahamas, in partnership with his wife Marion. Alfred conducts an active practice in commercial, constitutional and labour litigation. From 1998 to 2001, he served as Honorary Secretary of the Bahamas Bar Association. From 1994 to 2002, Alfred taught Labour Law, Business Law and Hospitality Law as an adjunct lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Florida International University and Nova Southeastern University.


In 2002 Alfred was elected as the Member of Parliament for the Fort Charlotte constituency. He was appointed as Attorney General and Minister of Education, Science & Technology in May 2002. Alfred was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Fort Charlotte in 2007. Alfred led the transition of the College of The Bahamas to the University of The Bahamas, as Chairman of the Council of the College of The Bahamas from 2012 to 2016. ALFRED M. SEARS | PAGE 11 M. SEARS | PAGE 11 ALFRED


As the Member of Parliament for Fort Charlotte, Alfred was able to deliver the following promises that he had made to the people of Fort Charlotte in 2002, including the following: 1. Held weekly office hours to meet with and address the problems of the residents of the Fort Charlotte community. 2. Established the Fort Charlotte Community Centre, Boyd Road, offering the following programmes: • Daily After School Programme • Remedial Classes • BGCSE Classes • Summer School Programme • Adult Computer Classes • Legal Aid Clinic • Medical Clinic • Straw-work Craft Workshops • Community Band • Job placement programme for constituents. This assisted hundreds of residents of Fort Charlotte in finding employment in both the private and public sectors.

The success of these community outreach programmes was made possible through the contribution of the many volunteer teachers, lawyers, nurses, facilitators, contractors, businesspersons, residents and parents who volunteered their time, talents, and resources during 2002 to 2012. Alfred is especially grateful for the coordinating leadership provided at different times by Pedro Rolle, Andrea Jenoure, Donna Moxey, Andrew Edwards, Henry Dean, Ephraim Jones, Debbie Basden, Sandra Sarjudas, Christina Johnson, Annie Sands-Moultrie, Peter Campbell, Grier Cartwright, Tamika Black, Andrew Hunter, Olga Wilchombe, Monique Cooper, Angela Rolle (deceased), Myrtis Munroe, Nurse Miriam Simmons, Shirl Deveaux, Kayla Green-Smith, Andrew Richardson, Rev. Dr. Philip Stubbs of St. Michael’s Methodist Church, Mr. Springer and the Fort Charlotte Urban Renewal Programme. 3. Re-engineering of the Chippingham Drainage Canal, creation of retaining pond at Perpall Tract to solve drainage problem which had been causing hardship to the communities



of Chippingham, St. Albans Drive and Perpall Tract for over 30 years. 4. Construction of a new $10 million state of the art primary school for T.G. Glover Primary School in Fort Charlotte for the students, fachad to be temporarily relocated to Albury Sayles Primary School during the demolition of the old structurally unsound school and the construction of the new school. 5. Successfully lobbied for the establishment of the Urban Renewal Programme in Fort Charlotte. 6. Sponsored for 10 years the Annual Fort Charlotte Arts & Crafts Festival which showcased the crafts and arts being produced and the performing artists in Fort Charlotte. 7. Successfully lobbied for the construction of the Ardastra Gardens Subdivision on Columbus Avenue, Chippingham, to homes for the residents of Fort Charlotte.

As Attorney General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, from May 2002 to February 2006, Alfred was able to achieve, amongst other things, the following: 1.

hamas removed from the Monitoring List of the Financial Action Task (FATF).

2. Responsible for conduct of Commission of Enquiry for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the Lorequin in 2005. 3. Responsible for conduct of National Commission on Legal Aid under the Chairmanship of Rev. Dr. William Thompson to study and propose a national system of legal assistance for indigent persons. 4. Served as Chairman of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) from 2002 to 2003, led CFATF to call for a Global Forum under the United Nations on anti-money laundering and succeeded in having Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines removed from the List of the FATF. 5. Consolidated the statutory laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in 2005. 6. Led work in enacting anti-terrorism laws in The Bahamas in 2005. 7. Strengthened international cooperation with the United States, European Union, Caribbean, African, Asian and Latin American countries in anti-money launterrorism. 8.


Magistrate Courts Complex on Nassau Street to accommodate all Magistrates Courts in New Providence. Protection Act to protect witnesses and jurors in order to better secure the administration of justice in The Bahamas.




As Minister of Education, the following achievements, amongst other things, were realized under my ministerial period: 1. Implemented the Extended Learning Programme to eradicate social promotion and provide individualized remedial instruction for low performing students in Mathematics and Reading during a four (4) week period during the summer. 2. Negotiated the first Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Bahamas Union of Teachers. 3. Launched initiative to evolve the College of The Bahamas into the University of The Bahamas. 4. Established the Education Leadership Institute, in partnership with the College of the Bahamas, for Principals, Vice Principals, and Senior Masters/ Mistresses in public school system.

5. Established National Commission on Special Education and introduced Teachers’ Aides in special classes and preschools, appointed additional special education technical education officers, instituted a school register to track at-risk children from birth to adulthood and introduced a school census to determine the prevalence of special needs students throughout the education system in The Bahamas. 6. Negotiated a $23 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank for a transformation programme to enhance the curriculum in the areas of special education, preschool education, technical & vocational education and computer information technology in the public school system. 7. Expanded preschool education in The Bahamas by building over 33 new preschool units as attachments to primary schools in New Providence, Andros, Long Island and Eleuthera increasing the number of preschools in the public school system by over 100%.


8. Reintroduced the National Scholarship Programme; established the Education Committee to administer the Guaranteed Student Loan Programme; enacted and established the Guaranteed Loan Authority; enacted the Early Education Act to regulate daycare centres and preschools. 9. Established the Minister’s Book Club to promote general literacy, showcase Bahamian and other writers and encourage Bahamians to write more books.

10. Established The Bahamas Learning Channel, in partnership with Cable Bahamas Ltd., to expand Distance Education in The Bahamas. 11. Undertook massive upgrade of physical facilities of schools on every island and cay of the archipelago spending over $70 million over the past five years extending and repairing schools and establishing 519 new classrooms.

COME SHARE THE VISION I, Alfred M. Sears, assure you that, given my background, experience and commitment I will complete and fully implement the 2017 Fort Charlotte 10 Point Plan within the fiveyear term, working with all of the residents of Fort Charlotte irrespective of party affiliation.



Boyd Road | 242-356-5180 Website: Email:



Boyd Road | 242-325-6323 Email: ALFRED 15 ALFRED M. M. SEARS SEARS || PAGE PAGE 15



A Platform for Fort Charlotte  
A Platform for Fort Charlotte  

Alfred Sears, The PLP candidate for Fort Charlotte releases his platform for the constituency as an MP for the next term in Parliament.